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Play one thing: diversity makes a difference!

Play one thing: diversity makes a difference!

Playhouse - the magic empire of our children, which is simply incapable of getting tired, because what is here is not at home, and there is no shortage of new friends and playmates.

Certainly, even in our time, neither today nor the playgrounds had faith or ash. In the meantime, however, fortunately for you, mushrooms are multiplying by the increasingly demanding opportunities for small children. It is our time, energy, child's control, and of course, our wallet sets the coolest playbook for our eyes during the weekend. Let's see a few across Pest County, it's worth it in late May, as we, as adults, are shopping and having huge litters to keep our babies a whole newborn baby. At the Premier Outlet the world's first Playmobil playground opens on May 28, the Apropolis. At Children's Day Opening, with aprons, princesses, and many, many surprises and attentiveness, we look forward to the apropos of Buda. Sure, eyes won't stay on the go when we visit the gigantic playhouse. And even though my seedling is almost self-immersed in the huge playhouse, I am also caught in some quiet envy, and secretly I try to try everything more than 2000 square meters, where more than seven meters with high gang slides, 45 degrees trampolines, spiral, winding and kamikaze slides, extraordinary ball seas, toddlers and sweaters, more ballast arenas and nice little ones.Minipolis is great for older children. The first Hungarian kid-town looks back on a year ago. According to its slogan, every child in Minipolis can grow up a little. In Minipolis, they create a real, life-like environment tailored to the size of their little ones, the nipples can try out "adult" things that are unintelligible to them, Like shopping, refueling, or even the world of medical prescriptions. In such a role-playing role, children can try responsible professions such as petrol stations, bankers and doctors. This place offers a really meaningful relaxation and an unforgettable experience for the little ones! Let's go back to the Star Playhouse in the Buda Green Guide! Located in a truly modern luxury villa in Buda, Star Playhouse is waiting for little ones with two-story, hyper-super games. The Star Jбtszуhбz azйrt csalбdkцzpontъ also because of the little ones amнg jбtйkok kцzцtt хrjцngenek animбtorokkal the mother at the same web link йpьletben magбnak fodrбszt, beauticians, boutiques or akбr doctor is.A Kцlyцkvadon Jбtszуhбz the Eastern Pбlyaudvarhoz kцzel, Erzsйbetvбrosban, kцzel vбrja children nйgyzetmйteren 1700 in fact, here adults can go all out! In the Puppy Quad We also get to know living animals, fish, fish and rodents, age and weight limit. One of the main attractions for the whole family is to try and find a lover's mouth "eagle crocodile" in the mouth and then swim in the back or get huge on the trampolines, or lose in the labyrinth. And the trickiest ones can get to the top of a meter high bunk wall or fall down the hall with the help of a skylight. In this playhouse, parents also expect a gym, so no one wants to go home from here. Tarzan Park awaits the little ones with 13 so-called play islands, with the most up-to-date and best developer on each island, which has a wide range of outdoor exercise equipment that is age-appropriate for children. Tarzan Park it unequivocally teaches our children love of movement, sport. In the open air, children are able to learn the skills and abilities that promote a love of movement and a healthy lifestyle.
Mattress for a child's bed: which one to choose?
Why a poorly prepared bottle can kill a baby

One level scoop of powdered milk for every 30 ml of water. If they are 60 ml of water, two shallow scoops. Sounds easy right? They are the universal indications when preparing a bottle. However, not all parents respect them. A lot, they decide to prepare the bottle 'by eye'.

The danger comes when, in addition to altering the proportions of formula milk and water, certain foods that the baby cannot eat are introduced ahead of time. In that case, your health is put at risk.

A couple originally from Mali, but living in Barcelona (Spain) had their daughter before their time. She was born premature and everything went well in the hospital. At home, they began to feed her with breast milk, but after a few months they decided to switch to artificial feeding. The couple chose to prepare the artificial milk bottles in their own way. They altered the proportions of milk powder and water, adding more scoops of milk and less water. It also occurred to them to introduce other types of food: rice, cereals, cocoa, oil and salt.

The little girl's body was not prepared to receive this type of food. The altered ratio of milk and water caused him severe dehydration. The result: the girl's parents went with her to the emergency room. There he was diagnosed with severe hypernatremic dehydration, with kidney failure and a metabolic disorder that has led to severe mental retardation.

It seems incredible that a bottle can cause so much damage, but in some countries it is much worse. A bottle can kill a baby. In some third world countries, bottles are prepared with undrinkable and contaminated water that causes fatal diarrhea in newborns and even death.

The instructions when preparing a bottle are universal:

1. Wash your hands very well. Sterilize well the nipple and the bottle

2. Heats drinking water, if possible mineral water (not from the tap), weak mineralization. Take care that it doesn't get too hot. The correct temperature is 37ºC.

3. Add a level scoop of prepared milk for every 30 ml of water. Keep in mind that there are milk for a certain age of the baby. Remember that it is better to add the water first and then the powdered milk.

4. Not yet cereals ahead of time. Do not add any kind of seasoning (no salt, no sugar or honey ... nothing!)

5. Close the bottle and shake well.

After each use, clean the bottle and nipple very well so that no traces of milk remain. Don't save any leftover bottle your baby left for later.

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What do you know about your child's dentists?

The order of appearance

The order of appearance
• the first are the lower incisors;
• at 6 - 8 months the central incisors appear;
• at 8 - 12 months the lateral incisors appear;
• at 12 - 16 months the first molar appears;
• 16 - 20 months the canine appears;
• The molar appears 20 to 30 months.
The eruption of the teeth is accompanied by phenomena grouped in the dyspeptic syndrome, namely:
• local pain;
• sialoree (abundant salivation);
• abdominal colic;
• mild diarrhea;
• slightly increased temperature.
Loss of milk teeth
• central incisors at 6 - 7 years;
• the first molar at 10 years;
• canines and molar II at 11 - 12 years.
The fall is made by resorption of the root, the tooth being trapped only in the gum.

The final teeth (32) appear through the resorption of a bone septum that separates them from the milk teeth.
Mode of appearance
• the first molar at 6 - 7 years old, on an empty place, it is most frequent caries;
• the central incisor at 8 years;
• lateral incisor at 8 - 9 years;
• 1st premolar at 9 - 11 years;
• the dog at 11 - 13 years old;
• molar at 14 years;
• the mind table at 18 - 25 years old or never.
Signs of caries
• hot / cold lightning pain when hitting / pressing the tooth;
• continuous nighttime pain;
• inflammation of the serum from the pulp cavity called the pupita, in this case the pain is intense due to the increase of pressure in that space.
Caries should be treated quickly in the case of milk teeth because it can be transmitted to the final teeth.

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It's hard to believe, but baby is slowly becoming a small child. Where did the first year go? It was a glance! The baby has changed a great deal since her birth and many more changes in the near future!

By the time you reach the age of 1, a lot of things happen to him. And afterwards more!

As the baby's first birthday approaches, you can count on more and more gemstones in your development. These are waiting for you before breaking down your birthday cake:


Most Babies Do First Steps Between 9-12 Months He learns to come by 14-15 months. Like all parents, you are very much looking forward to getting started. But it's important to know that if you don't have a baby in one place, your job is much harder. The end of the time when you can safely leave it in the middle of the bed while you're up. You will stone it, even when looking homo erectus style. But, of course, it will be easier in some respects, if you can already sleep, you can come to the peak: you don't have to carry it everywhere. Perhaps your week will be the worst of thousands.


The baby communicates with you by the end of the day (at the age of five months), the "bath" and the use of similar bars. It's very funny to see and hear your speech evolve, you see, she will say, Mom soon! A poor baby speaks his first words by the age of 1, but don't worry if yours doesn't. Dolls' gemstones move at very wide intervals, especially when talking. If you have any questions or concerns, talk to your pediatrician.

Цnбllу evйs

You may have more food on the ground and on the baby's face than in your mouth, but it's still very adorable when you eat it alone. It is true that you can eat indiscriminately, but still you need to pay attention to security even when eating. Cut the food for your little snack to prevent it from drowning. You will need to look at the introduction of certain foods (eg, honey, egg white, cow's milk, seeds). The popular nutrition guide is BLW (baby led weaning), which consists of selecting the baby's mouth from the mouth and choosing what he likes at his fingertips. He gets to know the tastes and dishes at his own pace and needs. It gives you greater autonomy and less stress than the traditional method. You can read more about BLW here ...

Breastfeeding and weaning

WHO recommends breastfeeding until the age of two and exclusive breastfeeding for the first 6 months of your life. However, many still divorce their baby before the age of 1 year. If you decide to divorce even though, you should not switch to cow's milk, as it is advised that the baby be replaced by cow's milk before the age of 3.


Sometime after their first birthday, babies begin to leave for Easter. Бltalбban They are between the ages of 15-18 months for one-off sleep, but it can happen sooner. Changing can be difficult for mothers, but look at the good side: if you sleep less during the day, you can sleep more at night.


When your little one starts out, make sure you have a baby safe home. Go from room to room and from baby level to that look at things from their perspective. What's wrong with getting him there? How can you hurt yourself? Of course, there is no baby-safe home that looks beyond the careful eyes of mothers, so the baby still needs close supervision. A few tips: get rid of poisonous flowers, unpack demountable or dangerous items from your shelves, hang up corner protectors, and secure a safety plug and a baby-safe staircase.


The baby learns that the hand can be used to do something like finger sucking or mother's hair croaking. Even before the first year is completed, you will be able to thumb the show off with the help of the thumb of the show, picking up the games from the ground. Meals and playtime are great opportunities to give it a boost: praise it if you use your little fingers wisely.


As the first birthday approaches, more and more worth it from the world around him, from the words he heard. When, for example, the ringing bells, the sound direction looks. When the dog first takes it, it giggles and applauds in pride. And a few days ago, he was covering the fire, right? Isn't it interesting to see how baby is part of everyday life?


In the beginning, he did to the baby what he wanted. You may not be able to install it in your car or in a taxi car. Now his personality is changing, and so is he shows you what he wants to do, what do you like. She might start dancing when she sings a song she likes in the squad, or wailing when you take your money out of her mouth. Well, at least you know how to stay with him.

Separation anxiety

A completely normal part of the baby's development is separation anxiety. Eight months early in the neighborhood many babies are stressed, anxiously killedif your mother is out of the hospital (she moves to another place for a moment). Separation anxiety can last up to two years. For both of you, this is a difficult time. If you are looking for more details on baby development, then follow the changes from month to month in our Baby Development service.
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Khan has forbidden the continuation of gene editing

Khan has forbidden the continuation of gene editing

The Chinese Deputy Minister of Science and Technology says it is unacceptable to continue experimenting with genetically engineered dolls.

Khan has forbidden the continuation of gene editingHo Chienkuj science recently announced the birth of the world's first genetically engineered twin pair. The twin pair has introduced a "molecular grade" called CRISPR / Cas9 to modify the CCR5 gene to make the body more resistant to HIV infection - Researchers say disputes will settle the application. Gene editing is not considered a safe procedure at the moment, and concerns have been heard by the Chinese government, as they ordered the medical team to immediately stop research and further Nanping, Deputy Minister of Science and Technology of China, spoke on state television that he was firmly opposed to the experiment. He called it illegal and unacceptable and announced that we would investigate the case. "The experiment surpassed the moral and ethical threshold," said Nanping.Ho Chienkuj indicated that he would work with power in everything. Scientists are calling for stricter regulation.
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