Baby's first kicks

Baby's first kicks

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Celebration costumes for girls: DIY projects for your princess!
Dora and the Lost City of Gold

Animal balloons for parties. Balloon twisting snake

Animal balloons for parties. Balloon twisting snake

Learn to make a funny snake to play with the children. Decorative balloons for parties and children's birthday. Party decorations with balloon figures. Fun games for children. our site proposes, with this video, to make a snake using balloon twisting or working with balloons.

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Meaning of the name Norman. Name for boys

German boy names: The most popular German names for baby boys. German boy names pronunciation

Cat mask. Carnival Crafts

Carnival is a very fun time for children. They love to dress up and go out to enjoy the most cheerful and lively party of the year with their friends. We propose you a craft of cat mask for your costume.

With this nice mask that suggests, your child will have an almost complete costume. You just have to find black clothes and make a tail with a piece of fabric that you do not need. A good solution to make a fancy and cheap costume.

  • Black card
  • White cardboard
  • Pink cardstock
  • Pair of scissors
  • Glue
  • Pencil
  • Brush
  • Elastic rubber

1. Cut out the template for the cat's mask. Don't forget to trim the inside of the eyes. You can download the template HERE

2. Mark the outline of the mask on a black card with the help of a pencil. Cut out the silhouette.

3. Cut out the inner elements of the mask: the nose, the nose and the ears.

4. Mark the silhouettes. First place the nose on white cardboard, and on the pink cardboard the nose and the inside of the ears, and cut everything out.

5. Glue the ears and nose onto the black card to match the silhouette. Put your nose in the center of the nose.

6. Make two holes with the help of an awl in the sides of the mask. Pass the rubber band through one of them and tie several knots in the back. Do the same with the other end, so it can be attached.

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How to talk to your preschooler about a layoff

How to talk to your preschooler about a layoff

Liver paste, recipe recommended for babies 7-8 months, healthy and tasty.


  • 3 birds' figs
  • a yolk of egg
  • a piece of butter
  • milk
  • 1. Boil the figs and the egg, put in the blender with the butter (only the egg yolk);
    2. Add milk until it becomes a creamy composition.

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    Dhihng "ifjъsбg"

    It is common for parents of two- and three-year-old children to label their child's behavior as "hysterical" or "dehydration."

    Let's learn how to handle the histOthers do not cuddle with the little "will" who wants to do everything alone, without help, and every move he makes ends meet. There are kids who at this age are almost capable of getting dehydration and the parents just see because they don't understand what's wrong right now. To better understand the "hysterics" of 2-3 year olds, we need to go back in time. To the age when a baby is slowly discovering his or her own body and the ability to move parts of the body by itself. This kind will be pleased to discover and practically practicing that skill, the "I do it" attitude, I control myself.

    Development of body mass

    Infants develop a kind of inner sketch of their own body and movement. This body formula will be the basis for the personality, and it will feed on self-confidence, willpower and the relationship to one's body. The parent will be delighted to admire the way your baby looks, turn around, start licking, and then stand up and take the first steps. The little one, seeing his parenting, feels that every movement, every manifestation is right and unwanted.The development of that person's personality also begins with the child practice some kind of activity, which brings joy to her parents - and to herself as well. It is important for the parent to show his / her happiness and approval, and sometimes the child will make some kind of spanking for the sake of his / her personality. She, as she is, is an acceptable, loving girl. If the parent is impatient, impatient, critical, then the child feels that what he or she is doing is not good for the parent. He rejects himself and suffers from a loss of confidence in the bud. A parent somewhere in his or her soul must always, at every age, approve of his or her child's whimsical aspirations, his or her willpower, as his or her identity and personality develop.

    Where's the border?

    Of course, limits must be set! They need to be helped to recognize where the borders are. It is also very important that parents clearly, clearly and consistently tell their little ones what kind of behavior they receive and what behavior does not. If the child is aware of the parent's insecurity, inconsistency, he or she is also insecure. If you are allowed to remove the chocolate from the shelf one time in the shop and not to touch anything the next time, if one day you are anxious to put on your shoes and not let it go, you will not know what we want We are not the same. There are parents who have more than anything "inside" and some who are more self-controlled in their own lives. Consider what rules we really mean. Do you want your child to decide which chocolate you want to take off the shelf today and then you can always buy one or rather insist on never wasting anything when you buy it. At this age (2-3 yrs) it is very important, the consistency. After all, he had learned so much that he was just about to keep them in order so that he could make a living in the world. He will stick to the familiar things and situations he knows, and will not tolerate variety. He always wants to drink a cup and get dehydration if he does not. The parents sometimes do not even understand what is wrong, as the matter is of little importance. In such cases, it is not worth discussing with him, give the bear a glass. If you are not in trouble, let her save her little habits.

    Don't be frustrated!

    If your child is already 2 years old, you can come to grips with objects to play with, then you want to do a lot of things and more. However, it is not always possible to realize your intentions - or you may not always be able to do so. You do not put up the table because it is too small, it cannot push the trolley because it is too weak, it cannot open the door because And the boundaries of honesty are still limiting their actions. This is when people - and not just children - live with tension. This is the tension of psychology frusztrбciуnak we all know this sentiment when we are in a plug and we are in a hurry or want to repair an item, but even after more than one lap, we fail. We're a little annoyed, but we accept the situation. We realize that here are the limits of what we can do. The child is not yet capable of doing this, and does not have the strength to accept this tension. In this case, the inertia distresses you, leading to a regression.The child produces behaviors that are already overdeveloped. He throws himself on the floor, yells, toads, but, his lips are pounding. This parent simply calls it "hysterics." Dhroham expresses the child's despair that he has no credible acting message. He responded to his own inertia, his inability to achieve what he was aiming for. They suffer and we suffer. The inertia is multiplied by what we parents feel when we are confronted with a dumb, gullible child. In this case, it is very important for the parent to understand, what is really happening. If dehydration developed because of he couldn't do somethingthat he thought was going to work, let's try to help him. Not only does this reduce tension, but we also prove to him that he is able to regulate his body as he wishes, he is not completely served by sensing inertia. Not to say that, you see, it has failed! You can't put your shoes on alone, you can throw the ball into the goal, you want to, or you can push the stroller alone. It's just oil on the fire. The kid will find that he knows nothing and will become even more desperate. Let's give him some time to try himselfand help him. Without practice, you will not gain anything.

    Love it babusgat

    If dehydration is already overwhelming, and you may not even remember what it is that has been chosen, it is more effective to distract it. Let's show him something that is interesting, new, or something that he usually pursues outside. If that doesn't work, pick it up and take it to the site. You'll be surprised and silenced. One important thing: how does the parent react to the child's faith? If you have a hard time, you feel powerless, feel cool, the child will also note it.If the child sees that his mother is almost toying with the baby, yelling, or beating the child, not only will he be saddened, but he will learn how to behave. The parent is not able to calm himself and therefore cannot be able to soothe the child. They excite each other, because after a while the child screams because his mother's frightened reaction your consciousness, you may be kinder to your child, who might interpret this kindness as a hysterical "reward". That is, he wrote the "balhé" to him because he is compensated later by the baby. In this case, unfortunately, hysterical behavior is reinforced because it maintains the parent's atoning behavior. Even if we lose our heads, we should not try to reconcile our child, but to explain to himthat we were not easy in this situation and that we were not behaving correctly. neither he nor us. It was bad for both of us. Let's talk about trying our closest to be smarter. Don't apologize, we'll only give him one tool that he can't even regret. learn this pattern, it will hate this. However, if you come across with patience, attention, meaningful explanations, he will also strive to be like us. Let's give you an example, let's help him with this!Related articles from the Hacker era:
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    Kumiko the Treasure Hunter


    Kumiko (Rinko Kikuchi) is a 29-year-old office worker. She hates her job and despises her boss. She can't relate to her former friends, her workmates or her mother. The only 'friend' she seems to have is her pet rabbit. After finding a video of the movie Fargo hidden in a cave off the coast of Tokyo, Kumiko becomes obsessed with finding the money that one of the characters buries by a fence in a snowy field in Minnesota. Despite the fact that it's only a scene in a movie, Kumiko believes that the money is real, that it's still there, and that she's destined to find it.

    Kumiko leaves her job and sets out for Minnesota, hopeful, determined and completely unprepared for what she'll find. Along the way she meets a few strangers who simultaneously try to help her and also steer her away from her dream of getting to Fargo. Ultimately alone and by sheer force of will, she finds her way to the fence from the movie and there discovers something far more important and powerful than money.


    Although it's never openly discussed, Kumiko appears to be suffering from severe depression and social anxiety. The theme of mental illness runs throughout the movie.


    There is some violence in Kumiko the Treasure Hunter. For example:

    • Scenes from the movie Fargo are included in this movie. They show a man sitting in his car, rifling through a case of money. He's covered in blood from a wound on his neck. He's shown later, still bloody, burying the case in the snow.
    • Kumiko believes she sees the case of money frozen beneath a lake. She begins to hack at the ice with a stick and later her hands. By the time she breaks through the surface and discovers that it's only a large piece of wood, her hands are completely cut up and blood is all over the ice and water.

    Content that may disturb children

    Under 5
    In addition to the violent scenes mentioned above, Kumiko the Treasure Hunter has some scenes that could scare or disturb children under five years. For example:

    • Kumiko looks like a big, shadowy blob as she stands in the middle of an ice field wrapped in a blanket. There is extremely loud, dramatic music, which adds to the scariness of the scene.
    • As Kumiko wanders through a forest at night, still draped in a blanket, her face looks distorted in the glow of a flashlight. There is suspenseful music and she starts to look scary and frostbitten as she staggers through the shadowy forest.

    From 5-8
    In addition to the violent scenes and scary visual images mentioned above, there are some scenes in Kumiko the Treasure Hunter that could scare or disturb children aged 5-8 years.

    These scenes include one sequence in which Kumiko decides to set her rabbit free. She takes him to a park and tells him to go and be free as she has to leave to do important things. The rabbit doesn't go so she yells and screams at him to leave. He doesn't. She then takes him to the subway, and it looks as if she has changed her mind and is bringing him home. But she leaves him on the train and rushes out through the train doors just before the train leaves the station. The rabbit is shown on a seat pricking his ears looking startled and apprehensive as the train races away. Kumiko is crying. Some sensitive children might be distressed by this.

    From 8-13
    Some younger children in this age group might be disturbed by some of the scenes mentioned above.

    Over 13
    Nothing of concern

    Sexual references

    Kumiko the Treasure Hunter has some sexual references. For example:

    • Kumiko's boss asks her if she is a homosexual.
    • A local sheriff explains to Kumiko that a statue used to be anatomically correct, but someone shot off the statue's privates with a 12-gauge shotgun.

    Alcohol, drugs and other substances

    Nothing of concern

    Nudity and sexual activity

    Kumiko the Treasure Hunter has some mild sexual activity. For example, Kumiko kisses the sheriff after he says that he'll help her. He pulls back and tells her that he has a wife and two children and that he's only doing his job. Kumiko runs away.

    Product placement

    The following products are displayed or used in this movie: the book Shogun and the movie Fargo.

    Coarse language

    There is some coarse language in Kumiko the Treasure Hunter.

    Ideas to discuss with your children

    Kumiko the Treasure Hunter is a slow-paced look at one woman's life. The first half of the movie is in Japanese with English subtitles. The movie is intended for a mature audience, and it might appeal to anyone with an interest in Japan or the Japanese language. It might also appeal to people who are interested in cinematography rather than plot or storyline. It generally lacks interest for viewers under the age of 15 years.

    Values in this movie that you could reinforce with your children include determination, dedication, persistence and the ability to believe in yourself despite everyone telling you that you're wrong or that what you want is impossible.

    This movie could also give you the chance to talk with your children about real-life issues like the following:

    • Dishonesty and lack of responsibility: Kumiko is often late for work and generally looks and acts as if she's miserable and uninterested. She spits in the boss's tea, puts his dry cleaning in a rubbish bin and uses the company credit card for her personal spending, yet no consequences are ever shown. She's told only that work isn't happy with her.
    • Survival in extreme conditions: Kumiko wanders alone in the wilderness during a Minnesota winter with nothing but a blanket over a jacket to protect her from the elements. She sleeps outside one night and awakens refreshed in the morning. This is both dangerous and unrealistic. In real life the more likely outcome would be death.

    The game Crystal Mystery Emerald of Sentosphère

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