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Fausta: origin and meaning of the name for girl Fausta

Our name finder has thousands of baby names to help you choose a beautiful name for your baby. You will find in this article everything about the name Fausta.

This name has spread widely thanks to literature, which has made mythical the story of a royal personage, Johannes Faust, a German humanist and magician of the early 16th century. In this case the origin is in the German voice faust: "fist".

It comes from faustus: "happy"

November 28


  • Flavia Máxima Fausta, daughter of the Roman Emperor Maximiano (293-326)

Drawing of the name Fausta coloring page printable game

Fausta: pictures of the names coloring page printable game

Drawing of the name Fausta coloring page printable game

Drawing with the name Fausta coloring page printable game

Drawings of names. Fausta name to color and print

Can - Buket Dereoğlu about parenting

Can - Buket Dereoğlu about parenting

What are you doing now?
We started to make a program called “Sabah Kahvesi“ in STV. Together with Can's father Özgür Özgülgün, we portray the sketches of the program.

What are the topics of sketches on?
We deal with issues such as problems in the family, divorce events and severe incompatibility. After the sketch is over, the experts examine the characters' right and wrong behavior. Apart from that, I will start playing in the “Sudan Causes” series which will be broadcasted on TRT shortly.

It must be interesting to work with your ex-wife on the same schedule.
We are very good friends with Ozgur. We are colleagues in the first place, so our environments and environments are always the same. Above all, we have a child. We haven't had an eventual divorce. It was something we decided to sit and talk about. We work very well together, no problem. We just finished our marriage and we continue our lives as friends.

How did you explain this process to Can?
Of course, I consulted a psychiatrist. The advice he gave me was to say everything as it was, but neither was it going into too much detail nor storing things. We explained the decision we made to Can in this direction and stated that the issue had absolutely nothing to do with him. We said nothing would change in her life, only her father would have a separate house.

What was his reaction?
It was perfectly normal, we had no problems.

Can you now have certain days of the week, and certain days of your father?
No, we didn't make a distinction with such precise lines, we're hanging out. Sometimes he stays with his father for three days, sometimes for five days. Sometimes he doesn't go for a week. Or free income. We didn't put time constraints on ourselves, it's much better. It is wrong to turn this into a fight because both parents have the right to that child. In addition, every fight and tension between the mother and father is reflected in the child. They seem to understand everything so well, no matter how much they don't understand it anyway, there's no point in hiding anything from them.

He's six, isn't he?
Yeah. As my son grows up, so does the warm relationship and sharing between us.

Can looks like a very social child.
Yes, it is. Can and his father go for a trip every weekend. Can's cousins ​​go to the cinema or theater. So there is definitely an activity going on. I spend a lot of time with my son. We share many things both at home and outdoors Can Can is an easy child. He didn't upset me when I was a baby, neither did he when I was a kid.

Do you think you will have troubled days when you start school?
I do not think so. They raise children very well in their preschool. They are gradually preparing everything for the first year by teaching everything and it does not seem to fall from the roof like in our time. He's already started learning numbers and letters. It's important for me to learn a few languages.

Has he had a babysitter since Can's baby?
Yes, twenty-five nannies came to our house within two and a half years after Can was born and left. Our current sister Aygül has been with us for three years now and has become a member of our family. Especially after the divorce from Özgür, Aygül became the mother of the house, and I was her father. So I left everything about the house to the order of Aygül in line with the directives I gave. I'm happy to look at Can as his own child, which is a great comfort for a working mother.

Did you work during your pregnancy?
I only worked for the first three months. I was very nauseous and bleeding. That's why I spent the remaining six months at home. I can't tell you how bored I am. It was strange for me to sit at home because I was accustomed to working from an early age. The weight of pregnancy also caused a downward spiral.

How much weight did you gain?
I gained 22 pounds. I've been walking in Ozgur's slippers in the last months. I spent my pregnancy with only one dress and pants from my anger. I never wanted to shop. I thought I was going to get rid of my weight immediately after giving birth, but I saw it wasn't.

How soon did you give it?
In five or six months, I'm back. I think breastfeeding is very helpful.

How long did you breastfeed?
I breastfed for sixteen months. After six months, we started to eat additional food and food, but I kept breastfeeding, and Can didn't want to quit.

How did you give birth?
Epidural caesarean section.

Did you choose?
Yeah, it was hard to push for hours. I'm sweet, I didn't want to extend the pain.

Has your wife gone into labor?
Yeah, he did. I gave birth to music. After Can was born Ozgur took the baby and left. I stayed there alone, she forgot me. (Laughing) Then I fell in love with Can the moment they gave it to my lap.

Can you look like you or your father?
We can say it's my synthesis with his father. He has a lot of things that look alike to us. He's a lot like me. You can never force a thing, even if it is a changing mood, and so am I. His favorite food is pasta, so do I. Our mimics look like me, too.

He's got a playful parent, does he have that talent? Did you observe it?
But I don't want him to be an actor. Even though I love acting, I prefer him to engage in a profession that can afford him financially because he is a man. I would like him to choose a profession that is more suited to a family structure, acting is not a profession suitable for marriage.

Acting isn't family-friendly?
No, it's not… Acting is a very bumpy, no-watch profession. I know I came home at five in the morning.

Would you consider marrying again?
Sure, I don't think why. I have no idea whatsoever, no candidate, but I'm not against marriage.

How did she react when she realized she had a famous mother and father?
He was jealous of the child playing my son in the series calling me "Mother" when he was shooting the series "Pulsar." He even said, "Are you with that family when you're not home?" So one day I took him to the set to explain this. However, I was able to explain how I have a profession.

What kind of mother are you?
I'm a prescriptive mother, but I'm also comfortable. I am very prescient about sleeping time, lessons, and that the toy day should be only one day a week and not buy a toy for a certain price. Other than that, I am very happy to have a child like Can. The most beautiful thing I've ever done and what I'm going to do from now on is Can.

How much is the price limit on the toy?
20 liras. If he likes and wants a more expensive toy, we don't buy toys for a few weeks. It may sound unfair, but I think it's important.

Interview Müge Serçek
Photo of Eda Aydın

Furnish your nursery with a little money for the long haul

It's best to believe that your baby will grow faster and have more and more needs by buying the first furniture. It is economical to have your first furniture up until school or later.

Kids are women, you don't think how fast. When the first rocker and basketball posters came up to our baby's bed, so it didn't feel like we were furnishing a baby-smelling baby room. If you do not want to change the furniture often, paint or munch on it is worth thinking about the baby's early disappearance when you are little. The frothy, frilly, teddy bear environment may be a good fit for the newborn, but a few months later, the little circular motion is desperate for it. All lace phases can be omitted. It is best to start with furniture that will grow with the child. The baby should preferably be able to function with a slight change of sleep after a few more years. A diaper closet or play rack can be made when you no longer need the original function. For the same reason, it is good to have a high desk and high chair in the nursery when you are in high school. Adjust the height so that the child's back can remain straight while drawing and his entire foot resting on the ground.
It is not advisable for furniture and accessories to be very multi-patterned. It's just a nice thing while it's empty, but as the kid puts it, and our live color toys, books, clothes, and pictures appear, we're going to be very disturbed.

Ovnбllу ovisok

Most kids want to be alone by the age of two. But what can you do with an average height of just one meter. The light switch, water tap, toilet hood will certainly not reach the four-year-old. At first you will also be in trouble with the handle. So you have the known nut: Mother, help me! And mom is reluctant to leave the tap-priest again and again. He might ask the bigger kid who, in a harsh "all over" scenario, excludes further aid expenses for hurrying "dedуs."
How can we prevent this unfortunate state? Let's look at the construction, home improvement work from a child's perspective. Design light switches at waist height. This way, you can avoid the evening "I'm not going to sweatshirt, it's dark !!!" beginning to believe.
Washing, drinking, and fruit washing can be successful even in pre-school age. To this end, we prepare the bathroom with a wide, non-slip shower base and a childrens tray in front of the bathroom sink.
Of course, the question may arise: is it not a particular problem if the ovis can oscillate. Doesn't kid-friendly home furnishings mean that the little one will constantly paddle around and switch on the lights. We can prevent this kind of "malice" by teaching the child in time what to do. Of course, this requires patience, determination, and consistency.

Children's room: space for the child

Furnishers think it is ideal to design a child with about six square meters, either when the apartment is built or when choosing a nursery. From age one through adolescence, the child's age is higher than that of an adult. From the age of eleven, he uses his room for relaxed play and reading. Execute your need for action outside the house, crammed into a "band". However, ovis, a young school age, still likes to jump in her room, skateboarding, and hanging out.
The size of your home made a lot of decisions. If we manage the place wisely, we find that some elephants are a tool that will make our child move. What goes anywhere is a place for a sponge mattress, a place for tufts, wrinkles, and then mortals. The big mattress can be an evening of tranquility: here you can join your family to the evening fairytale, here you can sleep from time to time with a friend, and the mattress changes into a big thing.
If the door is wide or the crossbeam is strong, it is also possible to install a rocking or swinging inside the house. There may be a ribbed wall on the wall and a rain chute can lead down. Recently, more and more ball-in-the-room ball types are available, from the small ball to the huge kangaroo ball. It is often used for therapeutic purposes, and many inventors give the name of their inventor. (The lower neighbor, on the other hand, has a demographic point.) You can also mount a paddle board or darts board on one of the walls, which will almost certainly erase the tiles from the continuous calculator.
If there is little room in the nursery, you can buy a raised bed, under which you can set up a playpen or study area. The folding bed can still work, but it stays open from adolescence, because "why fold it if we get into bed again in the evening"?

Two kids - two rooms?

Most of the family lives with two children. Usually the question arises: whether to live indoors or together. Just because we have space, I don't have to set up two nurseries. Kids love to sleep in a room, or even sleep together. One-bedroom sleeping arrangements can also be a solution to some sleep problems, as children feel more secure together. A separate statue is needed when the age is high, or when the children have a very different temperament, and the livelier disturbs the calmer. Almost every child in their teens needs a "private space".
If there is no room for an outside statue, we can offer a bucket to him, at least. In a room with two children, great care must be taken to buy space-saving furniture and take advantage of the height of the space. Significant headroom can also create a loft gallery, but we can solve the problem with a classic bunk bed or a raised bed. If two kids want a realm outside, you can use a shelf system, a wardrobe, or the bed itself. If you have a better wardrobe in the middle of the room, it has a really ugly back. This can be done with pockets of textiles, posters, shelves or drawings.

How to enjoy Carnival with children

When I think of Carnival, words like fantasy, imagination and joy always come to mind. In my house, my brothers, my parents and I have always dressed up during Carnival time.

Perhaps that is why I have always thought that this popular party is a good occasion to become a character we admire or simply like. My daughter, when she was little, also loved to dress up.

The fact of having the opportunity to dress up and thus dress up as a favorite character makes children enjoy an intense and fun experience. They have a great time both in the choice of costumeas in its preparation and subsequent use. If you have not yet had the opportunity to test this experience with your child, I suggest you do so. You'll see how everyone will enjoy it.

What should be taken into account when preparing for Carnival? It is not necessary to give much thought to the subject. There is nothing to worry about, it is not as difficult as it seems at first glance. Here are some suggestions for organizing a carnival party with children:

- The first thing you should think about is the place where you are going to have a Carnival party. Whether in the living room, in the garage, or in a park or outdoor garden. Having decided that, it's time to think about which friends of your son are going to invite. You can, if you want, create the invitations manually, even if you are few. Ask your child to draw the invitations on poster board. The more colors you use, the prettier the invitations will be.

- Made the invitations, now is the time of the decoration. It does not require much expense. You can, with some sheets of crepe paper of various colors, make simple ornaments such as garlands, etc. In addition, you can decorate the environment with streamers, confetti and balloons of many colors.

- For the party to be successful, what the children are going to eat is very important. But don't mess around. A few sandwiches, snacks and some typical carnival sweets are enough.

- And now is the time of the costumes. You can ask your child to ask his friends to come dressed up. Costumes for girls, boys and babies, there are them to get bored. Ideas are not lacking, of course, in the imagination of children. It is also important that children can wear makeup, depending on the costume they are wearing.

- In a Carnival party you cannot miss games as well as other activities for children. Dancing and singing are what they ask the most. Then they can have a pageant or costume parade, or karaoke. Well, I wish you luck. You will already tell us how you usually enjoy Carnival with your children.

You can read more articles similar to How to enjoy Carnival with children, in the category of Carnival on site.

Brazilian Carnival for Kids

What to do if you are afraid of the dark?

Especially at the age of three to one, it is common for a small child to be in the dark. Sometimes nightmares start to affect a scary movie, and sometimes you can't figure out the reason. Tips To Prevent Currency Fear From Darkness.

- We can deal with that We'll tell you interesting stories about the dark, nightlife, and arrool, why we sleep in the dark.
- Explain the reason for switching between day and night. Let's tell him that in the summer we have long days and short nights, but the situation is just the opposite. You can also illustrate that some parts of our Earth are dark for months with the help of a removable white globe.
- Leaving the nursery door open will make noise, lights, and sleep more quiet. It is possible that with the difficulties of laying down, you may express that you want to be more close to your mom. Especially at the beginning of the ovi ride, this kind of thing arises. If you are not in distress, allow her parents to sleep in the immediate vicinity. Of course, if you are on your father's bed all night, it is better that you fall asleep in your baby's bed too. Do not insist that your child sleep in the dark! Energy saving light bulbs can be twisted into the baby lamp and can burn all night long. Let's give the child a special, lighted, plastic figure. If the lamp is lit, it will "saturate" itself and radiate bright green light under the blanket in full darkness. There are miracles that can only be seen in the dark.

Almost every child is in the dark at some point in their lives

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Make some rabbit ears. Costume accessories

Make some rabbit ears. Costume accessories

Veronique Name - Meaning and Origin

Veronique Name - Meaning and Origin

Origin of first name:

French, Greeks

Meaning of the name:

Phenomena of Greek, "to bring, to bring", and nikè, "victory".
In Greek mythology, Nikè was the personification of victory and one of the nicknames of Athena, the goddess of war. Saint Veronica wiped the face of Christ ascending the path of Calvary.
The Véronique are celebrated on February 4th.
Its derivatives: Veronica, Berenice, Bunny, Ronnie.

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MiniMini + Meme competition For the second time, we invite you to take part in a competition in which you can win prizes funded by the MiniMini + TV channel. This time the theme of the game are proverbs. The competition task is ...

  • Creating a short statement (story, story, anecdote, joke, poem, etc.) (maximum 2000 characters with spaces), which will contain ALL the following proverbs:
  1. Silence like poppy seeds
  2. No pain, no gain.
  3. What too much is not healthy.
  4. Who asks not stray
  5. Not difficult for one who wants it.

Replies can be sent to [email protected] (necessarily with the note MiniMini) until April 10, 2013. Don't forget to provide your contact details!

We will distinguish in the competition three most interesting statements. The authors of each will receive awards funded by MiniMini +:

  • Meme soft toy and a book about the MiniMini fish ("MiniMini fish + and rescue operation").

Detailed rules of the competition can be found here.

Meme and proverbs

program for children, Poland 2012
Issue: from September 2, every Sunday at 18:35

"The one who laughs, the last one laughs", "The lie has short legs", "If the goat did not jump, it would not break the legs" - the meaning of these and many other proverbs children will learn thanks to the new, educational production of their own MiniMini + channel

The host of the program is the owner of the lost property office, Mr. Emil, and the plush, somewhat unruly goat Meme. Mr. Emil loves proverbs, Meme loves riddles, and proverbs are like riddles! Meme goat doesn't know them very much yet, but he wants to learn them all. The heroes are visited by children from a nearby kindergarten, who willingly join in the fun and discover a metaphorical interpretation of well-known Polish proverbs.

The program has been divided into two parts. The first presents a humorous situation in which the proverb is used. The second, using animations and examples from everyday life, explains its meaning. The series is aimed at children aged 4 - 6 years. Small viewers will learn proverbs, enrich their language and learn how proverbs can help in everyday life.

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