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Doll 5

Doll 5

The cute baby Kokeshi ... all round cute. A DIY idea from Julie Kokeshi magazine (Milan Presse) Find lots of ideas on kokeshi-leclub.com

The cute baby Kokeshi ... all round cute.

A DIY idea from Julie Kokeshi magazine (Milan Presse)

Find lots of ideas on kokeshi-leclub.com

Testicular ectopia: a small incident of course

Testicular ectopia: a small incident of course

Testicular ectopia, about 5% of the mums of little boys hear about it during the first health check of their baby. This anomaly rectifies most often of itself ... sometimes it is necessary to help it!

What is testicular ectopia?

  • In the boy, the testicle is made during the embryonic life, next to the kidney, in the abdomen. Throughout the fetal development, it descends to exit the abdominal cavity (through the inguinal canal) and come to be placed in the corresponding purse. As it descends, the inguinal canal closes by sticking its walls.
  • Normally, at birth, each testicle is lowered ... but it happens that one of them (or both) stops "en route". In 90% of the cases in the inguinal canal (higher or lower), sometimes in the abdomen: it is the most complex case, because it is not detectable with the palpation and can make doubt its existence.

When is this anomaly detected?

  • Check that the testicles are well down is part of the balance sheet performed by the pediatrician at the maternity ward. If he finds that one of them is out of place, he will tell you, but there is no urgency to intervene: barely 1% of little boys still have this problem at home. the age of 1 year.
  • On the other hand, if the pediatrician diagnoses an inguinal hernia (the testicle has not descended, the inguinal canal has not closed and the intestine is engaged inside), he will consider an operation.

When can a definitive diagnosis be made?

60% of the ectopias touch the right side.

  • All babies diagnosed with testicular ectopia at birth are re-examined one year later to see how the situation has changed. The diagnosis is clinical: the doctor palpates the purses to check if the testicle has come down. If he is still misplaced, but the doctor feels it on palpation, he will reassure you immediately. It is a testicle "elevator": the inguinal canal has closed well, but leaves enough room for the testicle to rise slightly in its lower part (what happens when the child is agitated or worried). There is ... only to wait: the testicle will take place alone at puberty.
  • On the other hand, if it is still high enough in the canal or seems to have remained in the abdomen, the doctor will refer you to a surgeon.

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Why giving birth to girls hurts less

Why giving birth to girls hurts less

What is the Haller venous network for in pregnant women?

One of the areas where changes occur earlier in pregnancy is in the breasts. In fact, many women, especially those who have already had other babies, suspect that they are pregnant as a result of these changes.

But what changes take place? Is it true that it increases breast volume in pregnant women? Does it have something to do with Haller venous network?

Pregnancy hormones play a very important role in these variations: estrogens, progesterone and prolactin will be responsible for the increased sensitivity of the breast skin, the sensation of 'tingling' or the increase in tension on the skin. Here are some of the changes you will notice in your chest if you are pregnant:

- The nipple and areola they darken as will other areas of the woman's body, such as the linea alba (the middle line that runs through the woman's abdomen) or sometimes the face. Later, the areolas will increase in size, and the size and quantity of the sebaceous glands that are in charge of keeping your skin hydrated will increase. Montgomery glands

- There are also an increase in size, variable in each woman and the texture of the breast changes. Sometimes the increase in size is so high that it produces stretch marks on the skin of the chest. As these changes occur, the veins of the chest can be observed through the skin, more markedly, it is the so-called Haller venous network

Many pregnant women are able to see it with the naked eye: Haller's venous network is made up of those small blood vessels that run through the breast and end in the nipple. During pregnancy it increases its thickness. That is why they are seen as much wider greenish or bluish veins, especially after 7 months of gestation. It has no greater use than ensuring proper blood circulation.

It is advisable for the woman to wear a suitable bra for the change in size that occurs during pregnancy, so that the breasts do not sag excessively, as well as keeping the skin properly hydrated, in order to prevent as much as possible , stretch marks.

In the third trimester of pregnancy, the woman's breasts can begin to secrete colostrum, essential for feeding her baby.

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Can you be born up to 70 years old?

Can you be born up to 70 years old?

In India, it is estimated that there are 20,000 fertility clinics, including those with artificial insemination without age limits. A 70-year-old woman can do the same thing to have a baby.

Can you be born up to 70 years old?The Indian Rajo Devi Lohan 79 years old and has a 9 year old baby. She did not become pregnant during the 56 years of her marriage, eventually becoming a child of a flask, at the age of 70. In the meantime, the artificial fertilization industry is booming: according to some estimates, there are 20,000 fertility clinics in the country. The flask procedure has been around for 40 years, but in many countries it is limited to lighten annually, eg. In Germany, between 25 and 40 years, in Austria, the menopause is the time limit for intervention. In India, however, almost everything is possible because not all clinics adhere to the recommendation of the local Council of Medical Research, which does not recommend interventions over 50 years. A 70-year-old woman has another egg, but she has lost weight medicalonline.hu under the banner of Private Banking.
  • An Italian woman was born 56 years old
  • Baby over 50 - first career, then family?
  • We're not young, can we have children?
Scented Sachet II - Crafts

The house smells good lately! And this is not due to a new cleaning product, but to a scented bag that can be worked manually by children. What do you think if we take a brushstroke of perfumed smell to the cupboards in the house? If you feel like it, I invite you to prepare some small scented bags, to hang from the hangers or from the central bar of the cabinets. These bags, which we will give the format of a T-shirt, are called sachet.

This is our new proposal for crafts. The preparation is simple, the material is inexpensive and the result is very good. You can hang the sachet in the wardrobe of children, parents, or give it to a family member or friend. It is a good gift for Mother's Day or Father's Day, for example. They are sure to love receiving this scented gift. It does not take long, but it is better not to leave until tomorrow what can be done today, so let's get to work!

5- When the shirts are dry, it is convenient to fill them with the petals and leaves of the scented flowers.

6- With the wire, you have to make a small hanger to hang the shirt.

7- Now it only remains to insert the hanger in the neck of the shirt to hang it in the closet. Good work!

Craft made by Alejandra Peña and Clara Zevallos - Spain


Bath for children

Bath for children

How to Make Funny Halloween Party Invitations |

Making invitations for the Halloween party is the first step in organizing such an event. The way they are made and the details of the party are written or written are very important, as it gives the guests a first impression about the event. Here are some ideas for handmade the most cute, funny, but also scary Halloween party invitations to make with your child!

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