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Waking up with eyes glued to cold

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Diabetes in children: first symptoms and prevention

Diabetes in children: first symptoms and prevention Diabetes in children type 1 develops insidiously and is rarely diagnosed at an early stage. It often goes unnoticed until it brings symptoms that can no longer be ignored. Although it has been known for centuries, it still has many secrets. One thing is for sure: diabetes in children is being diagnosed more and more often, in the last 25 years, the number of children who fell ill has increased fourfold. The incidence rate is constantly increasing, and research to answer the question - who is most at risk, how to prevent type 1 diabetes, and how to best treat it - is ongoing.

Diabetes in children type 1 - chronic autoimmune disease

Diabetes in children can develop in two forms - as type 1 diabetes (most often) and as type 2 diabetes (less often, resulting from poor diet, obesity, neglect).

Type 1 diabetes is autoimmune disease genetically determined, as a result of which the cells of the immune system attack the pancreas, destroying insulin-producing beta cells. Unfortunately, without this hormone, carbohydrates cannot be converted into energy, which is why a sick person needs to get insulin from outside, monitoring the need for it, taking into account the amount and type of meal consumed.

Unlike type 2 diabetes, nand the development of type 1 diabetes is not affected by lifestyle. However, it has been proven that by regulating external factors, the disease can be delayed and slowed down.

Will your child get type 1 diabetes? The role of autoantibodies

Scientists have found after testing 13,000 children from Colorado, Finland and Germany that the risk of developing type 1 diabetes is greater in children with specific genes, or actually autoantibodies. If your child has two of them, it is usually a matter of time before you get diabetes.

In other words the disease is genetichowever, environmental factors decide if and when the disease will become active.

Type 1 diabetes in 43% of cases is diagnosed in children up to 5 years of age, in 70% of cases up to 10 years of age, in 84% after 15 years of age. It has also been shown that type 1 diabetes develops statistically faster in girls than boys.

Diabetes in children symptoms

When observing a child, it is worth paying attention to all the symptoms that were not there before,

  • very frequent urination,
  • peeing more than once during the night
  • thirst, drinking another drink again and again,
  • wetting - especially if it hasn't happened before,
  • tiredness, daytime sleepiness,
  • fatigue especially after a carbohydrate-rich meal,
  • reluctance to walk for longer,
  • weight loss,
  • constipation,
  • recurrent infections
  • bad breath,
  • lack of appetite or uncontrollable hunger
  • irritability, aggression,
  • very dry skin on elbows, knees,
  • stomach ache, nausea.

Ways to prevent diabetes in children

Although doctors and scientists do not yet know the method of preventing the development of type 1 diabetes, there are no known methods of action that will 100% block the risk of developing the disease, but we still know about delaying the onset of symptoms.

According to specialists, it can be helpful:

  • long breast feeding
  • giving vitamin D to a child,
  • proper nutrition of children in the first year of life: scientists from the University of Colorado in Aurora published their conclusions in "JAMA Pediatrics". They report that too early (before the fourth month of life) and too late (in the sixth month of life! Or later) diet expansion increases the development of the disease in people genetically predisposed to diabetes by 97 and 202 percent, respectively. Equally important, breastfeeding while extending your diet significantly reduces your risk of developing diabetes. Conclusions? According to the researchers, the safest time to introduce new ingredients into a child's diet is between 4 and 5 months of age, of course in combination with breastfeeding. Due to the child's age, of course, the suggested portions should be small,
  • controlling the weight of the child - researchers from the Norwegian Institute of Public Health in Oslo have found that children who are born small and gain weight very quickly in the first year of life are more likely to develop diabetes than slower-growing peers,
  • skillful coping with stress - high stress, traumatic survival increases the risk of developing diabetes in children by three times (which can be read in the journal Diabetologia)
  • infection avoidance, good treatment - the factor that can initiate the development of the disease is infection.

The development of type 1 diabetes is more likely if complications occur during labor. Complications increase the risk of getting as much as 93%.

In addition, the risk increases if the baby is born prematurely, the mother of the child has diabetes herself.

Smoking is a negative factor, as is the high weight of a woman If the expectant mother in pregnancy (already in the first trimester) is obese, her child's risk of developing diabetes increases dramatically.

Teaching children to care for the environment and respect for nature is a primary value.

Enjoying the benefits of an excursion in the forest can harm those who live in it. With this fable we can teach our children the importance of not leaving traces of our passage in nature.

A fable for children learn to respect nature.

The crab apple, the one at the top of the hill, dressed in the colors of autumn: gold, yellow and orange. On the ground, at the foot of the old tree, the carpet of leaves was formed that each year was different, but always spectacular.

Many animals came to see him, such as the mountain beavers, who never missed it. In total there were fifteen. Everyone was very happy on the excursion. They sang and ate treats that they had brought from their burrows. But they were too relaxed.

When the beaver Mina finished her bag of bark, he tossed it nonchalantly and it ended up on the bank of the stream. The current passed with force and dragged the bag.

Later, the beaver Lapicero built a kite out of plastic and some sticks and set it to fly. He watched it for a long time, but then it got caught in some branches. As his friends continued with the walk, Lapicero did not stop to retrieve it.

Other beavers, threw the papers of the treats and leftovers of the food in some bushes.

When they stopped to rest, Cartabón, who was the leader of the group, proposed to make some cabins and without asking anyone's permission, they began to gnaw on the tree of the teacher Lechuza.

The teacher went out to see what happened.

- High or tall! This is my house, it can't be cut down!

And then she saw with fright how the hiking beavers had left the forest.

- What a horror! - What is that bag floating in the river doing?

- And the kite? Is it going to stay there?

- What about the garbage?

The fifteen beavers they asked for forgiveness to the teacher and they began to collect everything.

She told them:

- We love that you come to see the apple tree, but you must respect the forest, taking care of the plants and animals that live here. It is important keep it clean so that it remains healthy and beautiful. So next year you can enjoy it again!

The mountaineers said goodbye assuring that they had learned their lesson.

Moral: Take care of nature and enjoy its beauty

Find out if your child has understood the teachings of the fable with these simple reading comprehension questions.

- How many beavers were hiking?

- What garbage did they leave in the forest?

- Who got mad? why?

- What did the beavers do then?

- Do you think what they did is okay?

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Cycles Song and Story, for educators about cycles in nature - by Remy Rodden

6 in 1

In the fight with anemia, he wins lactoferin

In the fight with anemia, he wins lactoferin

Lactoferin is the main protein in breast milk, and the largest amount of lactoferin is found in colostrum. In newborns, lactoferin is involved in the intestinal absorption of iron. Due to this substance, breastfed babies better assimilate iron compared to formula-fed infants.

The positive properties of lactoferin are maintained for adults who can benefit from its qualities to correct anemia, but also from other roles it plays in the human body: it supports cell proliferation and differentiation, has antibacterial, antiviral and antiparasitic effect. Many of these functions appear to be unrelated to the property of lactoferin to regulate iron metabolism, but in fact they are closely linked.

How is the iron in our body?

The total amount of iron in the human body is very small: around 4 grams. However, iron is essential for health, being the main component of hemoglobin, but it is also part of other cells such as myoglobins, muscle cells and cytochrome proteins, which are vital for cell function.

In the case of a typical adult, the amount of iron in the body is divided as follows: around 2.72 grams in blood (hemoglobin), 0.12 grams is in myoglobins, 1 gram is stored in the liver and spleen, 0.003 grams find in transferin and 0.0035 grams in cytochrome.

Iron is an extremely reactive element in the body, in perpetual dynamics, which is why it passes very quickly from one molecule to another. Reactivity is a quality that transforms it into an ideal element of oxygen transport through the body, but equally transforms it into a danger, if it is excessive.

Iron comes in two forms in the body, ferrous iron and ferric iron. Ferrous iron is more active and available for use, while ferrous iron tends to be a form of storage. Excessive oxidation caused by free radicals, for example, transforms iron into its happy form, and it does not function as an oxygen carrier.

The tendency of the body to store and reuse iron shows that this element is very important and is not very easy to assimilate. An example of iron reuse in the body is hemoglobin. This is a complex molecule, which has an iron atom in the center, which gives the blood red color. After the blood produces red cells, they are put into the bloodstream for about 120 days. Then they are destroyed because they are too old to fulfill their role. For this reason, almost 1% of the red blood cells are destroyed every day, and 25 mg of iron is released from hemoglobin.

Therefore, iron is conserved and reused by the body, it is not removed from the body like other metals, through the urine. The only way in which iron is eliminated from the body is bleeding, otherwise even when it is excess, it is transformed into deposits located in the liver, spleen, cells (including the skin) and hair.

Iron deficiency people are pale, irritable and easily tired. Other symptoms include hypertension, dizziness, blurred thinking, muscle weakness, palpitations, low immunity, restless legs syndrome, dry skin, ringing in the ears and hair loss.

But neither is excess iron in the body desirable. In this situation, there are a lot of imbalances that cause enlargement of the liver, cirrhosis, diabetes, hypogonadism, joint degradation, skin pigmentation and increased risk of liver and colon cancer. Excess iron is toxic to cells and produces oxidative reactions that stimulate cancer.

Iron is naturally present in certain foods: beef, chicken, seafood, chicken liver, shellfish and turkey are among the most consistent sources of iron. Research indicates that iron and vitamin C are more easily absorbed into the body. But, nevertheless, only diet can not restore the low iron level, specific to anemia. In these cases it is necessary to support with dietary supplements, in addition to careful diet.

Although they can be difficult to tolerate by some people because they cause gastrointestinal intolerance, constipation and dizziness, iron and vitamin C are effective in correcting this health problem. The alternative to iron supplements, which does not present the risk of gastrointestinal intolerability, is lactoferin. This has a superior effect in the correction of anemia because it improves the absorption of iron from food and its transport where it is needed, in the body.

A study published in 2009 compared the effect of lactoferin with that of iron supplements, respectively, with ferrous sulphate, on a sample of pregnant women suffering from anemia. 100 pregnant women were included in the study, and half of them received lactoferin 2 times daily, and the other half received 520 mg of ferrous sulphate once a day, ie a dose of 100 mg of iron. After 30 days of treatment, both groups showed increased levels of ferric seritin, hemoglobin and iron, but the group receiving ferrous sulphate reported bowel problems such as abdominal pain and constipation.

Another benefit of lactoferin is the fact that it balances the iron level in people who exercise or exercise intensely and who can manifest symptoms of anemia, even if they do not suffer from this condition.

Lactoferin, ideal for those who do not assimilate iron

The concomitant administration of iron and lactoferin may be the ideal solution for people who have difficulty absorbing iron from food, but also from dietary supplements. Diseases such as anemia require iron supplementation in the diet, but there are also situations where supplementation is needed to prevent anemia. In this situation are pregnant women, women with heavy menstruation, blood donors and people who have suffered bleeding.

Among the beneficiaries of lactoferin supplementation are persons who have gastric bypass, who have undergone bariatric surgery.

For all these categories of people, lactoferin offers additional related benefits, as it supports immunity to fight bacterial and viral infections, decreases inflammation, and improves the overall state of the body.

These benefits are explained by the property of lactoferin to bind iron and interact with target cells and molecules, influencing both immune system cells and inflammatory cells. Lactoferin supports the processes of proliferation, differentiation and activation of immune cells and also stimulates the immune response. On the other hand it acts as an anti-inflammatory factor. Due to antimicrobial activity and the ability to bind components of the bacterial wall or their receptors, it can prevent the spread of inflammation and tissue damage.

Due to its unique antimicrobial, immunomodulatory and antineoplastic properties, lactoferin has a particularly important role in current medical practice.

Secom® offers Lactoferrin 250mg, which helps regulate iron metabolism and modulate the immune system. The Lactoferrin product is obtained by cold processing (lyophilization) to maintain maximum properties and bioavailability. Lactoferrin from Secom® supports normal iron metabolism because lactoferin is a "siderophilic" substance, which captures excess iron ions from tissues, determining: reducing abnormal cell development, stimulating the synthesis of red blood cells in the bone marrow (providing the necessary iron ions), reducing the action of viruses, bacteria, fungi, parasites and the recurrence of infections, restoring the intestinal mucosa and reducing the development of pathogenic microorganisms at the digestive level, reducing the digestive and osteoarticular inflammation, restoring and stabilizing the bone mass (it binds the free iron from the synovial fluid of the joints), and differentiation of osteoblasts that build bone tissue.

Also, Lactoferrin 250mg contributes to reducing oxidative stress, modulating the immune system, restoring the body to convalescent states and intense physical exertion: it helps to restore the tissues due to the high content of amino acids arginine, glycine, proline, leucine, valine and to reduce the symptoms in digestive allergic reactions because it reduces the permeability of the digestive tract.

By choosing Secom® you have the certainty that you have opted for the most effective natural solutions for health.

Tutti frutti game. How to play with a pencil and paper with children

The simplest games are the ones that are most successful among children of all ages. Surely you know this popular game that is known as Tutti Frutti. It is also Known for Stop, Ceasefire, Quiet pencil, Mercadito, Basta, Auto pencil, Russian salad... and by many more names.

This game helps children to think, improve and increase their vocabulary and concentration. Although there are more elaborate versions in the form of a board game, the truth is that to play Tutti Frutti, you only need a pencil and paper.

Recommended age
From 8 years

2 or more

How to play
A table is made on a sheet of paper. The names of the chosen categories are written in the columns (name, object, brand, food, clothing, flowers, countries, means of transport, colors, etc.), in the rows the letters of the alphabet are written, which can be chosen by lottery or considering an alphabetical order.

When the signal is given, each player will have to find a word that begins with the chosen letter from each of the categories. The first person to finish gives the signal to 'stop the pencil' or 'stop' and the other players stop writing.

Each non-repeated word is worth 10 points, and 5 points for each word repeated by several players. It can be established that if the word has been repeated a certain number of times it is only worth 3 points, depending on the number of players.

Games are not only fun but they are also educational and instructive tools. This game of STOP, Ceasefire, or whatever it is called, motivates children.

1. To think fast

2. To work under pressure

3. To test your wits

4. To increase your concentration

5. To discover new words

6. To increase your vocabulary

7. To increase your knowledge

8. To practice writing

Playing with a pencil and paper with children is always a good alternative and resource to pass the time, for example in the waiting rooms of the doctor, the dentist or some other consultation, on a train or plane trip, in the lunch or dinner in a restaurant, and on many other occasions.

They are perfect games for those moments when we have nothing at hand to distract children. Therefore, we propose some games with paper and pencilApart from the Stop, so that they can entertain themselves with the children and have a fun time with them. To do this, you will only need a blank sheet of paper and pencils.

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Summer Fun - Mango Tutti Frutti Ice Cream. HOME MADE. KIDS FAVORITE. Mee Nus Kitchen

Name Douglas - Meaning and origin

Name Douglas - Meaning and origin
If the storm is frequent

In the life of most families, the moment comes when the first child is pregnant, the third is followed. It is possible that the stork can visit you every year, and even surprise you with more than one baby at a time.

It is difficult to decide if there is an ideal age between brothers and sisters, and if so, what it would be. The overwhelming majority of pediatricians, obstetricians, nurses, psychologists refer to the age of two-three as an ideal condition, since the baby, the larger child, has a new mother, because there are mothers who want to get back to work as soon as possible, and there are beautiful women who just start a family in their thirties and who just keep a little bit of age. Sometimes, however, it is just a matter of chance that siblings are born low, because even today, few mothers trust in the effectiveness of breastfeeding.

If the storm is frequent

If the older child is two or three years old, then we are dealing with a very small human who speaks, maybe even cleans, goes alone, tricycles. With a child this size, there is no serious guessing how to go about helping the family when the newborn arrives. In the event that you get tired of the bigger one, the Brother's Bike is a great solution. A great advantage of a built-in fraternity is that it is always on hand and does not take up space during transportation, but it can only be used when the smaller child can be placed in a as a type that can be attached to an axle.Where, however, one or two trunks of undergrowth will be a serious puppy or nove, you need to think about how to get to your daily walk, shop, playground program with a newborn baby and a little baby. Although not for a long time, but surely, babies born with a very small age will need a sibling or tandem stroller. There are models where children sit side by side, and other types are placed side by side.For side by side models they provide the children with a fully equipped, adjustable floor. This is a handy twin bean that can be used from birth and has the great advantage of seeing each other for children and to look at freely, without overlooking the smallest detail of the other. However, the lying surfaces are narrower than the thumbnails for each bedroom model It is also harder to turn or get on a vehicle. Great for making contact with babies if they can be turned against each other in their car. However, they are more robust, lighter and have more space than their athletic counterparts. With baby carriages, the newborn can always be placed on a perfectly horizontal section, and the larger child can be chosen in more gear. Of course, it is important to have a sun dome, raincoat, five precise safety belts, and possibly armrests with adjustable legs. And a large shopping cart on the underside of the car makes it easy for moms to work. These can be mounted securely on the body either with the adapter mounted on the body or without it in the car or sports section.You can buy it for children born with age strollers designed for twins well, but vice versa, because most of the cabins are not tilted below 150 degrees, so a couple of week olds are not perfect. Well, if you can use the car on the water, you can simply move the baby into the stroller or back into the car without having to move the baby directly. for twin and twin cars generally have a larger hole (moving about 9-18 kg) than their baby-sized counterparts, but the dimensions are much wider, so you have to take extra time to lift or take your car with you. family and children, under heavy stress, so it is useful to choose a good quality, time-consuming and durable piece. Unlike a sister car, which can only be used for months at most, up to a year (except for the one-man model). Being a short-term, temporary investment, besides offering baby shops, it's a good idea to run second-hand ads, saving you a lot of money.They may also be interested in:
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  • Day of Saint Silvano, February 6. Names for boys

    Silvano is a name for a boy of Latin origin whose meaning is related to the jungle and nature in general. It clearly alludes to the Roman god of the forests, Silvano, so it can be an ideal name for your child.

    In addition, its use is not very frequent, so it is a plus of originality without falling into extravagance. He celebrates his name day on February 6, which is the day of San Silvano.

    The name Silvano presupposes a strong and even powerful character, due to its connection with the land. He is an emotional personality with pure feelings, so we are talking about a person who values ​​loyalty above all and who can be trusted blindly. Silvano is also a person of resources and who does not lack the courage to face problems.

    Your son's name belongs to the same family as Silvestre, Silverio and Silvio and has several female names like Silvia and Silvana. It is a very frequent name in Italy since it finds its origin in Roman mythology itself, Silvano being one of the few autochthonous gods that were not assimilated from Greek culture, since everything indicates that it is a god of Etruscan origin .

    Thus, the name Silvano can take different forms, the best known being that of Silvio, with which the controversial Italian politician Silvio Berlusconi immediately comes to mind. Another Silvio that we know well is the Cuban singer-songwriter Silvio Rodríguez from whom we cannot forget emotional songs such as the mythical “Ojalá”.

    Another form of your son's name is Silas, who we remember for being one of the protagonists of the best seller “The da Vinci code”. The filmmaker Silvano Agosti also comes from Italy, with several interesting works, among which the film “De amor se vive” stands out.

    To know the origin and meaning of other names that celebrate their saint in the month of January, consult our calendar of the names of saints in January. You will find all the curiosities related to the name and date of your birthday.

    And besides, we have the most complete guide to baby names for boys and girls. Here you will find all the baby names arranged alphabetically to know their origin and meaning.

    Laura Sanchez. Editor of our site

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