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It starts with typical symptoms such as sneezing, runny nose, and after a few days, a mild frostbite develops into a mild cold. If you have asthma, you should pay more attention to prevention, early symptoms and treatment.

Dr. Potecz Gyцrgyi lung pain, a general practitioner at the Buda Allergy Center, told me what steps can be taken to control the symptoms of asthma.

Sensitive breaths

Asthma is a chronic disease that is associated with permanent inflammation of the airways. As a result, the mucous membrane that overflows the airways responds more sensitively to non-asthma than to different external influences. Even if a healthy person's body is not heavily worn, if it is high in air, staying in a smokescreen, or exposed to high concentrations of pollen outdoors, it can also expose asthmatic patients to these external effects. This also happens when germs (viruses, bacteria) get into the airways. The sensitive, inflammatory mucosa is harmless and more responsive to intruders.Ntha bears the body of asthma

Cough or asthma?

The most common symptom is that, following the initial signs of Nettle, patients begin to develop severe coughing, which can be caused by a transmissible infection, but may be a sign of worsening asthma. "To help resolve this, I recommend that patients use the peak flow rate, also known as peak-flow-meter, on a regular basis," says dr. Potecz Gyцrgyi. "With this tool, we can accurately measure the extent to which a pulmonary artery is obstructed." The patient seeks out the actions for the given values ​​from the asthma action plan and follows the instructions there. If you take your medication as described, you can prevent asthma from becoming severe. An asthma action plan should be available to all diagnosed asthma patients, but if you are unsure, seek medical advice from your physician or use the opportunity provided by telemedicine so that you may have asthma as much as possible.

When to go to a doctor?

  • In the case of children, if almost no hesitation occurs, it is mainly at night.
  • If you have a coughing call coming up.
  • If symptoms persist for more than a week.
  • If your asthma acuity plan says so.

How to prevent it?

In the autumn-winter period, you should do well-known steps to prevent frequent airborne infections: thorough washing and avoiding cluttered areas can help. Do not visit our sick acquaintances, but also warn the children not to drink like a glass, because it is easy to transfer diseases. Asthma can also reduce the risk of more severe heart disease with influenza vaccination. Asthma requires continuous treatment, and the dose prescribed by the attending physician should be taken regularly. The ъn. maintenance treatment is very important because it is the only way to ensure that the inflammation of the airways is maintained. With well-controlled asthma, you also have a lower risk of developing asthma as a result of mental illness. If you feel that your asthma symptoms are occurring with your current treatment, you should seek medical attention if you need to change your treatment.Forrбs: Buda Allergy Center Also worth reading:
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  • Believe me about asthma
  • Asthma attack in children
Benefits of dominoes for children

Board games offer children many advantages. In the case of dominoes, in addition to offering moments of fun, it also provides many benefits not only cognitively but also emotionally.

Dominoes, being a simple game, makes it accessible to adults and adults, in addition to being small in size, it can be easily transported and can be practiced anywhere. These are some of the benefits of dominoes for children.

This ancient game of Chinese origin, has multiple variants since not only children can play with the usual white tiles with black dots, but we can also find their variants with geometric figures, with colors, with letters or with drawings, among other adaptations.

1- One of the advantages of dominoes for children are the playful moments that allow them to keep adults and children, being an ideal game to practice as a family.

2.- Dominoes favor concentration and memory to think about the strategy to follow based on the pieces that the opponents place.

3.- Improve the mathematical knowledge by having to count the points on the cards as well as the number sequences.

4.- It favors interpersonal skills and socialization as it is a game played between several players.

5.- Helps control children's emotions both when they win and when they lose, in addition to encourage your patience waiting their turn to play.

6.- Children playing dominoes improve your visual perception by looking at the moves of the chips.

7.- Children develop logic and problem solving skills.

8.- The practice of dominoes improves psychomotor skills of children by having to correctly position the tiles during the game.

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Rube Goldberg easy examples

Gavin Meaning - Origin and Names

Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

Welsh gwalch, "hawk".
Gavin is from Gawain, who was one of the Knights of the Round Table, nephew of King Arthur. This name is today a huge success in Ireland and Scotland, and continues to be awarded regularly in other English-speaking countries.
His derivatives: Gauvain, Gaven, Gawen.

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These are the best apps to help you save

These are the best apps to help you save

Many of us are unfortunately saddened by the problem of relocating. But it is also often the case that it is difficult to raise money for a major expense because we have not done enough.

These are the best apps to help you save (Photo: iStock) The good news is that there are some free apps that make saving easier. Among these, we recommend some.


Koin, a Hungarian developer application can be used on any smart device, but it also has a web version. In the application, we can record our regular income and any additional revenue. Categories can be set - for example, for home, overhead, repainting, kitchen paint, clothes, dressing, etc. - Based on our own money-making habits, we can spend how much we spend on a monthly basis, but you can see it by week. Our expenses can be regular and temporary, and can be tracked in forints and hundreds of times how much we spend. The app helps you can also see how much of your remaining balance you can skip to next month with your cold balance.

Money Lover

We can use the Money Lover app in English, which also has predefined categories to track your spending. In the application, we can set a specific saving amount, and even save for many future plans. The most useful feature of the application is that we can record a specific event, for example, a trip or a multi-business billing process, and we can track your costs here and there.


You can also use Spende on smart devices or on the website. A really simple and clean spooler app that works with features like Koin or Money Lover. Here, too, there are pre-installed categories where you can add one-off and regular editions to see what you spend too much on. You can also upload individual expenses, such as blocks, hashtags, and notes to help you find and manage your expenses. And if you want to keep track of all these on graphs, this will be our application.

Pocket Expense

If you are looking for a simple application to slap, since you just need to select a category and then enter the amount you spend, Pocket Expense is our application. With this app, we can see in just a few months what categories we spend regularly on, This will help you find out where it's worth spending a little bit.


The latest Hungarian application, WSTLSS, is only available in a testable version for the time being, we can register for it until launch - write to Index.hu. This application is really something for those who are looking for impulse, and sometimes they are translating themselves with certain products. In fact, WSTLSS says that if we succeed in not buying what we wanted, we can bring it up, set it up in a category - something that the application confetti, with some laudatory words, let us be proud of. The advantage of the app is that we can see a specific amount at the end of the month, which we managed to save by not doing so much impulse loss.Related links:

Gabriela Mistral was one of the most important Chilean poets and the first Ibero-American woman to receive a Nobel Prize; he won the literature award in 1945. Among his most famous verses we can find some short poems that can be shared with children, and that they will enjoy very much. An example of these poems with great musicality is thisDoña Primavera, perfect for children to read and learn about the flower season.

Doña Primavera

you saw that it is beautiful,

dress in lemon tree

and in blossoming orange.

Wear for sandals

some wide leaves,

and by caravans

some red fuchsias.

Go out to find her

down those roads.

She goes crazy with suns

and crazy with trills!

Doña Primavera

of fruitful breath,

laughs at all

the sorrows of the world ...

Do not believe whoever speaks

of mean lives.

How are you going to run into them

among the jasmine?

How will you find them

next to the sources

of golden mirrors

and burning songs?

From the sick land

in the brown crevices,

light rose bushes

of red pirouettes.

She puts on her lace,

light up your veggies,

on the sad stone

of the graves ...

Doña Primavera

of glorious hands,

do that for life

spill roses:

Roses of joy,

roses of forgiveness,

roses of affection,

and of exultation.

It is impossible to read this poetry and not catch the beauty and joy that spring always brings us. But, in addition to awakening our spring spirit, we can use this short poem to propose different activities to children. Below you will find several exercises or games that are based on reading the verses. To be useful and attractive to your child, you must adapt them to their age and knowledge.

1. Some reading comprehension questions
With the questions that you will find below, you will be able to test if your child has understood the message that this poem wants to convey and if he has paid attention to what you were reading.

  • Do you remember any of the natural elements that are mentioned in the poem?
  • According to poetry, is spring a sad or happy season?
  • What kind of flower is mentioned in the last stanza?

2. The word detective!
We propose a game with which your child can review what he has learned in language class. Throughout the text, you should find an example of the following:

  • A noun
  • An adjective
  • One word in the plural and another in the singular
  • An infinitive verb
  • An exclamatory phrase
  • A flat word and a sharp one
  • A monosyllable
  • A hiatus

3. Memorize and dedicate this poem to spring
One of the great benefits of poetry is that it helps improve children's memory. You can learn this poetry and later go out into the country to recite it and, in some way, dedicate it to the springtime nature that surrounds you.

4. ¿How does this poem make you feel?
In general, spring is often associated with an emotional state of joy. However, it is possible that each child interprets and feels this season of the year in a different way (for example, a child who has a lot of spring allergy may not be able to associate it with happiness, but a child whose birthday is celebrated on these days, yes I could consider it the happiest season of the year).

Therefore, a very interesting exercise that we can do with children is to ask them how this poetry makes you feel. Happy? Sad? Surprised? Fearfully? In addition to expressing it orally, we can encourage them to draw a drawing (it can be abstract) that represents the emotions they feel with the poem. We can also provide them with different musical works or songs for them to select the one that best expresses how they feel.

5. Find out more about spring
This poem encourages curiosity and invites children to learn more about spring. For this reason, below we propose some lines that you can investigate by consulting in books or on the Internet.

  • Does spring start on the same day in all countries? Why are some in spring and others in fall? And when they are in fall, we are in spring?
  • What is the rainbow and why does it come out so much in spring?
  • Listen to Vivaldi's work of 'The Four Seasons' and discuss what the one that corresponds to spring represents.
  • Observe and interpret Boticelli's painting entitled 'La Primavera'.

6. Spring, seen from the eyes of a child
Finally, we cannot miss the opportunity to ask the children to draw a picture to illustrate the poem. They can stick to what the poetry tells or they can let their imagination run wild and represent spring as they see it.

In addition to reading poetry, below we propose some activities that will surely help you to better savor each of the days of spring.

- Take nature walks. The countryside, the forest, the river, the mountain, the beach ... All the natural environments are beautiful in spring! Walking along its paths can be a very fun plan, as long as we do it with care and respect!

- Play natural treasures. Nature gives us different natural treasures every day. With this game you will be able to collect some of the ones you like the most: a very round stone that you find, a beautiful brown leaf ... You will realize that it is possible that some of the natural treasures you cannot take home , because you would be damaging nature. In those cases, you can take some photos of them.

- Taste fruits and vegetables in season. What are the seasonal fruits and vegetables in your region during spring? Do not hesitate to prepare delicious recipes with them.

- Dyeing flowers at home. Spring gives us many flowers. Have you ever done the experiment of dyeing them? It is fun!

And to finish, below we propose other educational resources that talk about spring to children. You are going to like them a lot!

Happy spring to all!

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Most children develop diarrhea chairs. Most of the time, however, diarrheal disease is not very serious and has a short duration. Diarrhea refers to high, soft or aqueous stools. Despite the fact that diarrhea is a common symptom and rarely endangers life, it is important to understand when to seek medical help. Dehydration occurs frequently in the case of diarrhea.

Both the frequency and the consistency of the seats vary from one child to another, depending on the diet or age. For infants, the normal number of daily stools varies between 3 and 10, breastfed infants have more stools per day compared to those fed powdered milk. Older infants and young children can have 1-2 seats per day. With age, the color and consistency of the child's seat changes. In the case of the older child, the color and consistency varies depending on the child's nutrition.

Important changes that need to be taken into account immediately are the aqueous mucus stools, the presence of blood in the stool, or the change in its black color.

Causes and symptoms of watery diarrhea in children

The most common cause of diarrhea is the infectious type. Other causes may include bacterial infections or may occur as a side effect of antibiotic administration.

Viral gastroenteritis, which can be frequently associated with nausea or vomiting, is one of the most common causes of diarrhea. Several viruses such as rotaviruses, Norwalk, enteroviruses, measles virus, parvoviruses, etc. can be discussed. Rotavirus usually produces aqueous, explosive diarrhea and occurs mainly in communities. Enteroviruses produce diarrhea especially in the summer months.

Viral infections start between 12 hours and 4 days after exposure and are remitted in 3-7 days. Symptoms may include vomiting, watery diarrhea, fever, inadequacy, abdominal cramps, etc.

Among the bacteria and parasites most commonly encountered in diarrhea and gastroenteritis, we mention: E-coli species, Giardia parasite, Salmonella enteritidis, Campylobacter.

Bacterial infections are sometimes difficult to differentiate from viral infections but can be recognized by persistent high fever and bloody (bloody) diarrhea.

Diarrhea associated with antibiotic treatment is of moderate severity and usually disappears after completion of therapy.

Parasitic infections are less common. Diarrhea from parasitic infections can be prolonged for longer periods of time.

In childhood, infectious diarrhea is a normal manifestation, but it can also be a symptom of some non-infectious diseases: lactose intolerance, food allergies, gastrointestinal tract diseases.

How do we treat watery diarrhea in children?

If there are no signs of dehydration, the diet of children does not require change and mothers can continue to breastfeed babies. In cases where the daily diet needs to be changed, the diet (depending on the age of the child) may contain:

Cow cheese;
Sweetened mint tea;
Bananas, apples (ripe);
Carrot clear soup;
Mucilage of rice.

It is used for oral rehydration therapy in case of dehydration. Oral rehydration solutions contain electrolytes and glucose.

As an aid, appropriate treatments can be used. Stoptrans med is a medical device intended for the symptomatic treatment of acute and chronic diarrhea in children (including newborns) and adults. Its active substance is called diosmectitis, it protects the digestive mucosa and prevents the loss of water and electrolytes. It absorbs and captures toxins, viruses, bacteria, favoring the elimination of pathogens that cause diarrhea.

Stoptrans med administration:

Children under 1 year: 1 envelope / day;
Children 1-2 years: 1-2 envelopes / day;
Children over 2 years: 2-3 envelopes / day;
Adults: 3 envelopes / day *.

* until the symptoms disappear.

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Spring wardrobe for pregnancy

Come, come spring ...!
Under the sign of this song and the exaggerated desire to come as soon as spring, the woman from me, as well as the representative of Faire Dodo Maternity, in particular, share with you the secrets of the wardrobe for this long awaited season.
Even if the time outside is right for us, the desire to come back to life, to see a lot of green and a lot of color we hope to overcome! As happened with the models' outfits - pregnant, presented for this spring!
The colorful clothes as early as spring should not be missing from our outfits this season - green grass and trees, pink and purple buds, red roses, clear blue sky, long-awaited yellow sun, all these vivid colors are part of any outfit. pregnancy, whether it is a day, office or evening and that, at the same time, brightens our face and enjoys the eyes of others around us!
• For a day outfit we can easily combine several colored pieces - but pay attention to the combinations! and we will have a cheerful outfit. potivita for walks, shopping etc.
• An office or evening outfit can be removed if you add a color spot - either a colored piece or an accessory in a bright color.
prints of all kinds - floral, geometric, make the outfits more feminine and attractive. A flower-power dress over some skinny jeans can be a choice for a successful appearance! The same dress can be worn without a doubt and in the summer with some flat sole sandals, for example!
As well as the blouses, the shirts made of fine materials and with these prints are variants both for a casual outfit, as well as for an office or evening, depending mostly on the combinations made!
One of the most important qualities of a pregnancy dress is to be versatile, quality also valid for a 'normal' piece.
Attention, so when buying something, we think of at least 5 combinations with which we can form different outfits: for example, the famous black dress worn and combined in different ways can result in a casual, office or evening outfit!
Jeans site of all kinds - skinny, flared, simple, cut, vintage etc, be it pants, skirt, dress, jacket, is the piece to be purchased first and foremost, not only this spring, but even more so now, when he returned to the force in all the outfit proposals, even the office ones - suitable with the office shirt and jacket!
We should not forget that jeans often remove us from many confusions and situations in which we have no inspiration, desire or desire to dress!
Messages t-shirts so dear and also special for this period: "Baby", "I am waiting for you", "It's a boy / girl", or funny drawings related to the birth of the baby in the womb, are a must-have for this wonderful period of sweet expectations. They can be combined with jeans, trousers or casual skirts and sports and we will definitely leave anonymity and smile around!
Because in the winter or autumn when the cold comes, we are not very keen dresses, skirts, spring and summer we must take revenge! So dresses are purchases and useful for all times of the day, but they increase our femininity and attractiveness and at the same time, we can wear them, without just and maybe, and after pregnancy!
Because the heat comes, and not only, the attention must be directed to us materials from which the clothes are made: as fine, natural, light, pleasant to the touch.
Do not forget:
1. Colored accessories - necklaces, scarves, tights, tights, bags, shoes can be the ace of the sleeve in an outfit!
2. Imagination and creativity they are essential!
3. Sport, dance, swimming, outdoor walks, more careful care after the long and boring winter, we change our tone, attitude, bring our smile on the face and spring in our souls!
DON'T forget and remember:
"Pregnancy changes the body, but not the desire to be female!"
Raluca Onescu
Make Dodo Maternity Romania

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