Ehdan Pyar Hunde Na. Deepi Maan. Top punjabi song. Priya Audio

Ehdan Pyar Hunde Na. Deepi Maan. Top punjabi song. Priya Audio

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Old clothes. Recipe to take advantage of the remains of the stew

The Cooked It is a dish that is always well received, but very generous portions are usually prepared and it is not uncommon for there to be remains of it at the end of the meal. We teach you a very traditional way to take advantage of them.

This recipe for 'old clothes' consists of taking the remains of the stew and turning them into a totally different dish, with a few simple ingredients you will get an inexpensive meal and teach your children good values regarding their diet.

  • Chickpeas
  • Meat
  • Blood sausage
  • Chorizo
  • Potatoes
  • Carrots
  • 100 ml. stew broth
  • 125 gr. of onion
  • 1 teaspoon rosemary
  • 2 teaspoons of sweet paprika

1. Chop the onion into more or less large pieces as we prefer. The proportions of onion and spices are indicative, it will depend on how abundant the leftovers of the stew are and personal taste, so do not hesitate to vary the quantities if you wish.

2. Heat a drizzle of oil in a frying pan over medium heat. Sauté the onion for a few minutes, until it begins to be transparent. Turn off the heat and add the paprika and rosemary, stirring so that they do not burn and it is well mixed.

3. Add the leftover ingredients from the stew (chickpeas, vegetables and meat) and sprinkle with a little broth.

4. Let it cook for about ten or fifteen minutes, try to correct the salt and serve.

Here are other recipes with leftovers, a recycling menu.

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Making a Pair of 18th Century Clocked Stockings

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International Festival of Animation Theater, Bucharest November 13-23, 2014

High levels of oxytocin contribute to the reinforcement of bonding between mother and children, couples, friends, and co-workers. In recent years, it has come to light that it has a significant role in the father's choice.

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Oxytocin that is released during childbirth, postpartum disturbance, and oxytocin released during lactation significantly influences the mother's senses, state of mind, and helps the mother to become happy with her. But wonder what happens to the fatherhow will a male dad become a male? Because of the baby! But let's see the details! Gordon and his staff In a fascinating study, researchers report on the role of oxytocin levels in human parenting, based on the first longitudinal data collection. 160 first-born babies (80 pairs) were examined twice, after the first child was born, at six weeks and six months, to monitor and observe parental oxytocin levels.

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The test three showed significant results. At no time did the father's oxytocin level differ from that of the mother. So, despite the fact that oxytocin release is stimulated by birth and breast milk secretion, other aspects of parenting seem to stimulate oxytocin release one of the authors, dr. Ruth Feldman the result emphasizes the importance of allowing for father-infant interactions immediately after childbirth, and to select for a neuromuscular formation of adhesion in people.

Dad's mother's oxytocin level

Neurons have also been found to correlate with males and oxytocin levels in excess. Because oxytocin levels are extremely stable in humans, this result suggests that certain mechanisms, possibly social or hormonal, interactively regulate oxytocin levels in pairs. Oxytocin levels were higher in mothers who behaved more gently, such as looking at their babies, expressing their love more often, and repeatedly touching their children. The fathers increased the levels of oxytocin in the body, if the baby was aroused, if it was cared for, the little one discovered the environment, and if the object was, "he said. Father in body different parenting behaviors can be correlated, despite the fact that oxytocin levels are in agreement between the pairs to some extent. These differences may reflect the cultural role of the expectations, but they may also signal the different brain effects of oxytocin between men and women. " Dr. John Krystal, editor of the journal Biological Psychiatry.Watch a video from Peter Peter's Street in Kourhaz, Budapest, to apply early "hair contact" after dressing. Instead of mother, father can welcome the newborn.
- Kids get a lot out of fatherhood
- This is how oxytocin affects men
- Daddy's baby

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