The analyzes necessary for entering kindergarten - in the community

The analyzes necessary for entering kindergarten - in the community

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Our name finder has thousands of baby names to help you choose a beautiful name for your baby. You will find in this article everything about the name Evodia.

It owes its diffusion to various saints, among them the first bishop of Antioch, the son of Saint Theodot, and the bishop of Rouan.

Derived from euodos "easy way to travel, good way".

April 25, May 6, September 2, October 8


  • Evelyn Laye, British actress (1900-1996)
  • Evelyn Ashford, American athlete (1957)

Drawing of the name Evodia coloring page printable game

Evodia: pictures of the names coloring page printable game

Drawing of the name Evodia coloring page printable game

Drawing with the name Evodia coloring page printable game

Drawings of names. Evodia name to paint, color and print

12 Beautiful Bible Names for Girls with Hebrew Meaning

Name Svetlana - Meaning and origin

Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

Of Slavic origin, Svetlana comes from "sviet", the light, or "swieta", the saint. It's a very common name in Russia. Under this name of Slavic origin, in Greek "Photiné", the East venerates as martyr the Samaritan woman whose Gospel of John relates the dialogue with Jesus and the conversion. After the resurrection of Jesus, she will work to announce the news around her. She died as a martyr in Carthage around 65. Her birthday: March 20th.

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5 fears or frequent fears in young children

New pregnant sports

New pregnant sports
Flying with small children: Checklist of questions to ask your airline

You are pregnant? Here are the 14 early signs of pregnancy

Before the first clear signs of pregnancy appear, such as weight gain and belly contouring, in the first month, even before 30 days after conception, you can have a series of signs that give you an understanding that you will become a mom. .

Lack of menstruation is the sign that most women start to suspect a pregnancy, but there are many symptoms which may indicate a task even before the date when menstruation had to occur, even two weeks after the egg was fertilized. Many women are even misled by these signs because most of them meet before menstruation begins.

Here are the first ones signs and pregnancy symptoms:

1. Breast sensitivity

After the egg is fertilized, the body begins to secrete more progesterone, as well as the pregnancy hormone - gonadotropin, also known as hCG. These hormones cause several changes in the body, one of them being a high sensitivity of the breasts: the breasts swell, feel fuller and heavier and even the pain of reaching the nipples. At the same time, the tubercles of Montgomery, the sebaceous glands around the areola, become more prominent.

2. Cramps

The pains that you will feel in the abdomen resemble the menstrual cramps, but their cause is different, because they are caused by the implantation of the egg in the wall of the uterus, a process called nesting. The uterus contracts to prepare for all the changes that will occur in the next 9 months, so you will experience abdominal pain.

3. Vaginal bleeding (spotting)

Many women confuse these bleeding with the approach of menstruation, but in fact this is one of the first pregnancy symptoms: The fertilized egg enters the lining of the uterus. Not all women have this symptom, and for those with it, it may appear differently; it may be pink or brown leaks, or it may even be a more abundant bleeding, and may even be confused with menstruation.

4. Tiredness

Exhaustion and fatigue can occur very early during pregnancy, immediately after fertilization. This happens because of progesterone, but also because the body begins to develop the baby even after only 2 weeks since the egg was fertilized. You will experience this fatigue more during the first trimester of pregnancy, then your condition will return to normal.

5. Changing the color of the nipples

Increased progesterone levels also cause the activity of melanocytes (cells that produce melanin, the pigment responsible for skin coloration) so many pregnant women will notice a color change in the nipples. The skin of the nipples will turn dark from the first month of pregnancy.

6. The grilles

It is not about the morning stresses specific to the pregnancy that I have all heard. In the first month of task, you will experience a nausea caused by either strong odors, height or due to car trips. They are not as strong as those that appear in the second month, not all women face them, but they are quite disturbing.

7. Ballooning

Just a few weeks after conception, you will feel bloated. This is also a consequence of pregnancy-specific hormones, which greatly influence the digestion process. In fact, bloating also occurs during the period before menstruation due to progesterone levels and many women may be misled by this symptom.

8. Frequent urination

Among the first symptoms of pregnancy there is frequent urination! The whole body is preparing for the next 9 months when it will take care of the baby's development, including the kidneys, so you will notice that you will need it more often in the toilet from the first month of pregnancy. After the first month, things will return to normal from this point of view, but frequent urination will return to the end of pregnancy, when the baby will push the bladder.

9. Food cravings

Your body is tired and working at full capacity, so it will require certain foods, especially carbohydrates. They are more subtle cravings and not as out of the ordinary as the later ones during pregnancy.

10. Headaches

At the beginning of pregnancy you will experience medium intensity headaches. As the body gets used to the level of hormones in the body, these migraines will disappear.

11. Constipation

Hormones are also responsible for constipation. If the other symptoms are alleviated once the body adapts with the pregnancy, unfortunately the constipation will persist during the 9 months. However, you can introduce high fiber foods into your diet to counteract this symptom of pregnancy.

12. Disposition changes

As the day goes by, the level of hCG hormones in your body increases, you will feel more tired and irritated. All the other symptoms gathered in one place will give you a general state of illness, but also sudden mood swings.

13. Increased basal temperature

If you have been trying to get pregnant for a long time you are probably used to measuring your basal temperature every morning, as it usually indicates the time of ovulation. If TB does not decrease compared to that recorded during ovulation, you are very likely to become pregnant. You will find a thermometer for measuring the basal temperature in any pharmacy.

14. Exacerbated sense of smell

Even within the first 30 days of pregnancy, you will smell undetectable by the people around you. The smells that previously did not bother you with anything, now can cause nausea. In particular, pregnant women are sensitive to the smell of cooked food (for example fried onions), cigarette smoke, stronger perfumes.

Not all women, however, are bothered by the same odors, they are women who, during pregnancy, can no longer bear the scent of the perfume they used daily and the smell of soap.

What early pregnancy symptoms did you have? Were there any other signs that made you understand that you would become a mom? Tell us your experiences in the comments section below!

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Causes of caries in children

The causes of caries in children are about the same as those of adults. Dental caries are the most common dental condition among children. Their main causes are excessive consumption of sweets and incorrect oral hygiene. But there are other causes that underlie these problems!


In the oral cavity there are several types of oral bacteria, many of them harmless. Those responsible for the appearance of caries are lactobacilli or streptococci.
Dental cavities occur when bacteria found in the mouth cavity begin to attack the teeth. These bacteria gradually destroy the enamel, dentine and tooth cement giving rise to tooth decay (cavities, holes in the teeth). They end up destroying their teeth only because of poor oral hygiene because only then can they become infected and attack their teeth.

Poor power supply

Sweets (sugar products) are mainly responsible for the appearance of caries in children. Not sugar itself is responsible for the appearance of caries. When food scraps or sugar remain on the teeth and combine with naturally occurring bacteria in the mouth, they become dental plaque. Bacteria "nourish" with the sugar in the products that the child eats and produce acids that progressively grind the tooth enamel, advancing to the root.
In addition to sweets, there are other foods that, in the long run, attack the healthy tooth and give rise to caries: carbonated drinks, natural juices, foods high in carbohydrates and even some fruits or pastries.

Incorrect oral hygiene

Oral hygiene is the best method of preventing dental caries in children. It must be initiated and developed in the little ones since the eruption of the first tooth. For dental brushing to properly protect against tooth decay it should be done at least 2 times a day and the correct steps must be followed.
The use of dental floss is part of the oral hygiene routine in children and must be implemented in the children's habits. There are food scraps that cannot be removed with just the toothbrush. For these there is dental floss.

Lack of periodic checks at the dentist

Each child must go to the dentist annually. The density of visits varies depending on the dental problems each child faces. But even if your baby has a healthy tooth you should go to the dentist at least 1-2 times a year.
Caries do not show symptoms at first. The sooner they are discovered by the doctor, the less they cause damage to their teeth and are less painful.

Diseases and conditions of the dental cavity

There are very rare cases in which children suffer from diseases of the oral cavity that determine the appearance of cavities. However, if he suffers from Amelogenesis imperfecta (abnormal tooth enamel formation) or dry mouth syndrome (a condition where there is insufficient saliva) then there is a higher risk of developing decay than in other children. However, these can be kept in a safe place and prevented by regular dental checks.


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