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Ideal for your schoolboy, this set consists of a snack box, an integrated bottle and a handle for easy transport. Perfect to take a snack in the garden with friends. Spel, € 8.99, for sale at

Ideal for your schoolboy, this set consists of a snack box, an integrated bottle and a handle for easy transport. Perfect to take a snack in the garden with friends.
Spel, € 8.99, for sale at www.cdiscount.com.

The friendship of the cat and the mouse. Children's poetry about friends

The best friend is the one who loves us disinterestedly and wishes good for us. He is not always who parents expect, he may not be the most popular in school or the one who gets the best grades, he will simply be the one who best understands and values ​​us, that person with whom we feel so comfortable that time seems to run when we are with him .

This is the lesson that the poem transmits to us The friendship of the cat and the mouse, a nursery rhyme about friends that you can read with your child to explain to him that even if others intend to separate you from your best friend, hWe must fight for friendship as long as it is positive and true.

Friends are invaluable for children and adults, they will be the ones with us when we are sad and in the funniest moments. Teaching children to cultivate friendship will be essential during childhood. This short poem about friendship helps us do it.

A good-natured cat

she was a friend of a mouse,

to play every day

they were in a corner.

I took him for a walk

happy between the ears,

and around his friends

They started with the complaints.

You are a cat and a mouse

you shouldn't be together »,

and the two animals

they listened with disgust.

«Why do you want to play together?

you are a mouse and a cat »,

every moment of the day,

they all nagged at them.

Tired the two friends

one day they all said,

to leave them alone

with their friendship and their games.

And without paying attention to anyone

the kitten and the mouse,

as always they were cited

to play in the corner.

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THE DOVE and THE ANT Story. Kids Short Story

Eggs casserole with charolais and spinach

A recipe of eggs casserole revisited with goat cheese and spinach to feast with the family at brunch or dinner.


  • For 8 ramekins:
  • 1 Charolais or Mâconnais goat cheese
  • 8 fresh eggs
  • 20 cl of whipping cream
  • 500 g fresh spinach
  • 1 knob of butter
  • salt
  • pepper


Rape and wash the spinach leaves. Drain them. cook them in a frying pan with the butter on fairly high heat. Add salt and pepper.
Divide the spinach leaves in an ovenproof ramekin. Break one egg into each ramekin and spread the cream. Cut the goat cheese into quarters and arrange the pieces in the ramekins.
Cover the ramekins with aluminum foil. bake for 20 minutes in a preheated oven at 140 ° C. Cocotte eggs are ready when the white has just coagulated.

Early detection of childhood enuresis

Early detection of childhood enuresis

The impact bed-wetting has on a child's life can be disastrous, considering factors such as lack of control over urine, it can lead you to completely close in on yourself.

Shame, lack of knowledge, guidance, or support can lead to the child walks away completely from others. For this reason, prevention in this sense would save children and their families a lot of headaches. Early detection of childhood enuresisis necessary for possible eeviatr psychological sequelae in the child.

how can? detect enuresis In the kids? Experts believe there should be routine urination checks of the kids. Parents should be on the lookout for any change of habit or usual for children's urine. The child who begins to wet himself and the bed should be watched. Sometimes it can be due to a specific situation, such as having nightmares, anxiety about something, etc. Other times, it can become a continuous situation And this is when parents should take precautions to prevent the habit from turning into enuresis.

After all, bed-wetting is not silly or a whim. It is a pathology that affects 8 out of 10 children, and what rit seriously affects your social life in the form of school failure and problems in social and family relationships, forcing them to give up part of their childhood.The embarrassment of peeing in bed It makes them not go to excursions, to camps or, simply, not to stay to play or sleep at their friends' houses.

In the opinion of specialists, all this could be avoided and controlled with early detection of childhood enuresis, in medical consultation, among which the inclusion of the question about whether the child suffers enuresis in children's health programs has stood out. The usual treatment is based on pharmacological and psychosocial measures, among which motivation, alarm devices, bladder training exercises, and therapeutic diets stand out.

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My daughter asks me to read the same story to her over and over again

My daughter asks me to read the same story to her over and over again

'Another time, another time ...', that's what my little girl said when I told her a story or put on a song that she liked. That happened with her favorite children's movies, with the books that she always carried under her arm, with the songs that made her dance until she fell to the ground ...

At first, this thing of repeating and repeating over and over again each little thing worried her father and I a little, but over time we have realized that it was positively stimulating for her language and vocabulary.

What do you know what I'm talking about? Surely your child is awakened by the same excitement and enthusiasm to listen to a story or song that he likes over and over again. Chatting with other mothers, I realized that in their homes it is also very common, especially with younger children.

In addition to promoting language and promoting children's vocabulary, repetition also exercises their memory. I remember that my daughter knew many dialogues from the stories I told her by heart. And the same with movies.

This is how children are, this is how they learn to say the first words or speak another language ... with repetition! A study conducted by the British University of Sussex reveals that repeating the same story over and over again is very positive for children's learning.

The research exposed two groups of 3-year-olds to learning two new words. Each of the new words were made up words to designate an unknown object. During a week, one of the groups of children heard three different stories with these words and the other group only one story several times with the same new words. After the week, it was noted that children who had heard only one story remembered the new words better than children who had heard three different stories.

The first time a child hears a story, he is concerned with understanding the story; the second, perceives the details and the description, and so on. So the next time your child asks you to read a story over and over again, even if it seems boring, think about the benefits that this represents for his language.

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Banana Split is one of the fastest desserts, which can be prepared even in collaboration with your little one.

Preparation time

Ten minutes




2 bananas

8 cups ice cream (of choice)

100 g shaved chocolate

100 g fresh fruit (strawberries, raspberries, kiwi etc)

chocolate topping

whipped cream

Method of preparation

Clean the banana peel, then cut them in half, lengthwise.

Place the fruit on two different plates. Put on each half of banana 2 cups of ice cream and cover everything with the other half of banana. Put the other two ice cream cups on top.

Cover the dessert with chocolate topping, then decorate it with fruit and whipped cream. Chocolate flakes are sprinkled over the whipped cream.


You can replace the chocolate topping with the caramel topping.

The type of kitchen


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22 signs that warn you that a child might have ADHD

22 signs that warn you that a child might have ADHD

Many parents come to the consultation concerned about the difficulties and problems that their children present in some areas, mainly at school and at home. From school they usually warn that the child is very restless, it is difficult for him to attend in class, it is difficult for them to accept the rules, he does not finish the tasks, he is very impulsive in his behaviors, behavior problems may even appear (they get angry, they fight, they answer wrong in class ....) Could it be that the child could have ADHD?

It must be clear that to establish that a child has a Attention Deficit and / or Hyperactivity Disorder, The diagnosis must be made by the appropriate professionals, who will perform the appropriate tests, and confirm or rule out ADHD. However, there are some signs that can warn you of the presence of the disorder.

ADHD is one of the disorders that can affect school-age children and that affects their academic, social and family life. An adequate diagnosis is essential to confirm or rule out this disorder and carry out the appropriate therapeutic intervention.

Not all children who are restless and move have this disorder, but there are some signs that can make us ADHD. It must occur in two or more areas of the child's life (family and school, for example). Here are some of them

1. Difficulties paying attention to day-to-day tasks that do not have high stimulation value (in the classroom they are easily distracted, in conversations they get lost because they do not pay attention to what is said ...)

2. They are careless and tend to lose things (diaries, clothes, school supplies ...).

3. They don't seem to listen.

4. They seem to be in their world and tend to wander.

5. They make careless mistakes, that is, 'because they don't notice'.

6. It costs them finish tasks and activities, something that also happens in their games.

7. It is difficult for them to internalize routines and habitual tasks.

8. They usually make noises with their mouths, tap their feet ...

9. Has inappropriate behaviors for the context in which they are (getting up in class, climbing on tables, climbing and running, etc.).

10. They can't seem to wait. They find it hard to wait their turn, both in conversations and in games or other activities. They answer questions ahead of time and demand speed in their demands.

11. They interrupt others' conversations or games with other children.

12. They seem to act first and then think.

13. They can get frustrated easily, get angry or are very explosive in their reactions.

14. It seems that they cannot be still for long, sitting for example.

These characteristics make it difficult and interfere with the day-to-day life of children and their families, giving rise to problems that they do not know how to deal with. In addition to these signs, there are problems and difficulties in learning and in the classroom.

15. Difficulties and reading problems and the writing.

16. Irregular handwriting, poor organization on the paper, their jobs messy ...

17. They make careless mistakes, for example, in basic operations they forget what they are carrying, they misplace the figures, they skip steps, they forget data in solving problems, etc.

18. In class they are restless, more aware of their classmates and their surroundings than of the teacher's explanations.

19. They do not write tasks on the agenda.

20. It seems that they don't accept the rules.

21. Sometimes they have behavior problems in the classroom.

22. They have bad relationships with their peers.

These signs or signals can alert us to the presence of an attention deficit and / or hyperactivity disorder. They do not have to occur all or in the same intensity, but the presence of some of them can make us suspicious and we should go to the appropriate professionals to assess these difficulties in the child. Only in this way can an accurate diagnosis of ADHD be made so that, from that moment, certain guidelines are established to help the child.

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Downward Facing Dog. Yoga exercise for kids

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