Seborrheic dermatitis in infants and children

Seborrheic dermatitis in infants and children

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Awesome Video: Grabs the Little Baby by the Wind

Awesome Video: Grabs the Little Baby by the Wind

On a Russian site, a video on the wind picking up a 4-year-old baby girl from Ohio is spreading on the community pages. The baby just came home to open the door, but the wind is strong enough to swallow it with the door.

Little Madison was picked up by the wind

Miutбn Brittany Gardner parked in front of their Ohio house, a 4-year-old baby girl, Madison it starts over your door. Marr opens it, though the stormy wind proves to be stronger… - the shocking moments were captured by a security camera. You can also watch the video on The Telepgraph. A bit morbid, but it's funny that in the back of the Frank Sinatra's Come Fly With Me (Come talk to me) címы's song is born. No one can say that the baby's mother has no sense of humor. He also shared the video on the Internet. You can see how strong the wind is when Madison steps up the steps leading to the front door, but no one would think it would be a problem to grab the door handle. The good luck is that the baby is clinging cleverly as the wind flips it along with the door.You can watch the video here:More funny videos:
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What is amniocentesis test?
Labor induction, myths and reality

You went through a 40-week marathon waiting for this moment, and he finally arrived! The birth plan is written, the maternity bag is ready, you feel your tummy moving and you are sure that from minute to minute, you will feel your first contraction.

Wait ... but nothing happens, not even the baby moves. Do not worry. Your baby will let you know when he is ready to come to the world, the fact that delay is not a cause for concern, there are many babies who like to keep their parents in suspense.

However, if the date set for birth has already passed and you want to help the baby come to the world faster, we present some alternative methods you can use to induce labor, but it is very important that before trying these methods to talk to your doctor about them.

Beaver oil

From the beaver butter you get the famous "castor oil", which is used to induce labor since the time of the Egyptians, but it is not known exactly how it works. The best explanation is that it acts as a powerful laxative, and when it stimulates bowel movements, along with it the uterus is stimulated.

It is possible that the first immediate effect may be nausea, followed by massive dehydration and diarrhea. Therefore, castor oil is not very indicated, although it remains in history as an alternative to drug-induced labor.

Sex and labor

Sex for labor induction should work through three mechanisms, namely: firstly movement can help stimulate the uterus, secondly sex activates the secretion of ocitocin, the hormone that stimulates the contraction of the uterus, and last but not least, sperm contains a high concentration of hormones called prostaglandins, which help smooth the cervix, which is ready for dilation when labor begins.

Is sex safe for work?

Sex is completely safe until the water breaks. Once this happens, if you have sexual intercourse, they increase the risk of infection.

You should also avoid sexual contact if you have vaginal bleeding or placenta below inserted, which increases the risk of developing placenta previa.

Often, men do not consider sex with their partners comfortably pregnant, but you should not worry because the baby does not know what is happening and will not be endangered.

Does sex help activate labor?

So far, there are not enough studies to provide sufficient evidence that sex would help activate labor, but it will definitely take your mind off it.

Indeed, the sex positions that you could take in pregnancy are more limited, but the best position is the one where the belly feels most comfortable.

Pineapple and labor

Pineapple contains the enzyme called bromelain, a proteolytic enzyme that helps smooth the cervix and activates labor. Each pineapple contains a small amount of bromelain, so you should consume at least seven fruits to have any effect.

There is a real controversy regarding the role played by bromelain in prostaglandins, which helps to smooth the cervix and thus to activate labor.

Many current studies suggest that bromelain inhibits prostaglandin activity, while others support the exact opposite of this theory. Like castor oil, large quantities of pineapple will stimulate bowel movements and thus contract the uterus. It is important that the pineapple is fresh, the preserved one does not contain bromelain due to preservatives.

Herbal therapy through labor

Labor and homeopathy

Herbal remedies use many substances with great potential to treat the body. Pulsatilla and Caulophyllum are two of the most common homeopathic remedies to stimulate labor.

Natural remedies are safe, studies have shown that there were no problems with their use. The worst thing that can happen is to have no effect. Many patients have found herbal remedies useful, but there is no clear evidence of them, as it could be an alternative to the medication prescribed by doctors.

Blue and black cohosh plants

Blue cohosh (caulophyllum thalictroides) and black cohosh (cimicifuga racemosus) are herbal extracts that should not be used prematurely in pregnancy, but are often used to induce labor by midwives.

There are no relevant studies on these plants to indicate the safety of their use. It is best to seek the advice of your doctor before using them. There are two studies that show that these factors can contribute to congenital malformations, so it is advisable to take great care.

Medicinal herbs are much stronger than homeopathic remedies, so it is strongly recommended to use them only under the supervision of the doctor. In any case, given the question marks regarding them, it is best to avoid them.

Curry seasoning and labor

Researchers say there are spices that could induce labor. So far, of course, there are only theories, but they are supposed to stimulate bowel movements and thus the uterus, which helps the labor.

Spicy spices can cause burns, and if you are not used to them, they can irritate your stomach.

Labor and acupuncture

Acupuncture involves the introduction of fine needles at the level of certain points on the body. According to traditional Chinese philosophy, they stimulate the energy in the body to maintain the balance and healing balance. Studies are limited, but have shown that acupuncture is safe for both mother and baby now.

Red raspberry leaves and labium

Raspberry leaves can be found in the form of tea or tablets. Often, these leaves are mentioned as a good way to induce labor, but this is just a myth.

It is very important not to use the raspberry leaves until the last three months of pregnancy due to their stimulant effect on the uterus.

An Australian study has shown that these leaves speed up the second stage of labor and can thus reduce the risk of birth with the help of forceps.

If you want to use raspberry leaves, first of all, you should seek the advice of your doctor.

Tea is not difficult to prepare. If you want to prepare your muscles for birth, start with one cup of tea per day or one tablet, and then increase the number of cups to a maximum of 4 cups or tablets. Raspberry tea and tablets can be found in pharmacies or breweries.

Working and walking

Why could the movement during the walks activate the work? The explanation seems to be that the pressure due to the head of your baby presses the cervix, which stimulates the release of oxytocin, which would help activate labor.

It is safe for the task to walk, but be careful not to stretch. Work can be very tiring and you do not want to lose all your energy before you start.

There is so far no evidence that walking can help start labor, but if your baby is still located up in the pelvis, walking might encourage him to take a better position, which would activate labor.

The following are other methods, some of them bizarre, about which other moms say they have been helpful, but there is no scientific evidence to support them:

  • balloon swelling - the theory would be that by balloon swelling, abdominal pressure would increase, influencing labor activation;
  • a romantic movie for a good part of crying;
  • wearing the best shoes;
  • jumping on the ball.

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A mother's tricks to get her baby to eat

There are parents who have tried everything to get their baby to eat: sing, tell a story, dance, bring him colorful toys ... But babies' attention is fleeting and in the end, despair always comes. When giving our son a bowl of fruit puree that should be eaten in three minutes goes up to three-quarters of an hour, we can say yes, we have a problem.

But babies also have a weakness. Each one, a different one. There are babies who are hypnotized by a soap bubble. Others let the minutes pass by crumpling a piece of paper. And many, yes, many, who do not take their eyes off their mobile if what they see is their favorite song. Finding what entertains our child while eating can be our salvation.

Many babies have a predilection for mobile phones. They grab it, they suck it and if they discover that this little gadget hides surprising and colorful pictures and catchy rhythmic songs, they won't want anything else.

A mother with problems giving fruit to her baby, came to the conclusion that the mobile would be her lifeline. The only way for your son to eat was to leave him his cell phone. But being very small, the smartphone ended up at the bottom of the plate of mash or stamped on the floor.

The solution came from the ingenuity in a moment of desperation. The mother devised them to capture her daughter's attention without having to leave her mobile. How did he keep looking at her face all the time while giving her the fruit porridge? Very simple: tying the mobile to the forehead. Simple and effective.

However, from there comes the dilemma: Is this mother doing well? Is it really necessary to get to use the mobile for the baby to eat? In the end, your child eats quickly, not knowing that he is eating. He is only aware of the drawings, and opens his mouth automatically, as a reflex action. Are you missing out on enjoying food? No matter how long it takes us, no matter how many bodies coated in fruit puree we have to wash, no matter how many crying and tantrums ... perhaps the best tool for the baby to learn to eat is our time.

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Each family has its own story about how children are named. Now she's telling her about her.

As we are expecting our first child, we are repeatedly apologizing utуnйvkцnyvet, and then we chose the baby boy and girl name we like best. When we learned that we were going to have a baby, we only had to choose from that name. To many Pannis, formally Ann, we wanted to name our baby because it is of biblical origin (the name of the mother of Virgin Mary) and its meaning is God's grace. Finally, in the last few months, we have decided that we will call our newborn Dory.

When we learned that we were expecting a new baby and would have a baby, we revisited the cookbook, but it went down to three. lбnynevet we couldn't add anything new. Among the chosen ones, Anna was the most beloved of us, but at that time we did not stick to the intended version. Somehow, when I was uncertain, I was thinking a lot about choosing a good name for our baby. The final decision was made by our daughter Dory.
So it was 18 months later when I started reading the names one evening looking at the calendar, expecting that I would like one of them, and not even seriously thinking about asking my baby to ask Anna to call her? I didn't expect an answer because before we didn't tell our daughter Durri she was going to be a brother and it still seemed like she wasn't listening, just playing there. He couldn't talk much at that time either. However, as I asked the question, he looked at me and left his games and quickly jumped up and ran to me, then pointed at my stomach.
I was very shocked by what I saw and from that point on I was not interested we chose a new name, since all three of us have chosen this. After that, whenever I asked Dyr where Anna was or told me she was going to give birth to a little brother, she came to me and pointed or kissed me. Our baby was very much looking forward to the arrival of her little sister, who was born on May 31, 2012 and is named Anna. Fortunately, we have a lot of love for each other's little girls, they love each other very much, Durya uvya, she is as gentle as she can be with her baby. I hope you always have good brothers and sisters like you now.
Sarkady-Filбk Йva
This is how babies born in November are: creative and sensitive

Dangers of hormone treatment

Dangers of hormone treatment

There are several alternatives to hormone therapy used at the same time, the adverse effects of which cannot be confined to one or the other agent, but must be discussed in their entirety about the potential dangers of therapy.

Ovarian Stimulus Syndrome

Rarely, hormone supplements used in the treatment of oesophageal rarities may lead to ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome, which causes the body to overreact to hormones and to continue to do so. This increases the risk of multiple pregnancies.
Hormonal activity is greatly increased in ovaries, but this should be distinguished from simple ovarian enlargement. Ovarian Stimulus Syndrome is a syndrome of varying degrees of severity and with more severe consequences. One of the measurable signs of the syndrome is excessively high estrogen levels. For this reason, the size and number of developing follicles or follicles are regularly monitored by ultrasound during hormone treatments, as well as blood tests to check the amount of estrogen. The other major symptom group is created because the fluids leave the coat and accumulate in the body. The folyadйk felhalmozуdhat the hasьregben the mellьregben, possibly szнvburokban, then nehйzlйgzйst, egyйb lйgzйsi elйgtelensйget okozу kуrkйpeket, testtцmeg-nцvekedйst the vйrmennyisйg csцkkenйsйt the vйr besыrыsцdйsйt, urine mennyisйgйnek csцkkenйsйt, electrolyte disturbances egyensъly and vйrrцgkйpzхdйst cause.

Ovarian Stimulation Syndrome Can Also Cause Blood Vessel Training

Ovarian Stimulus Syndrome can quickly become a serious medical emergency in a matter of days. Especially after hCG treatment, and for 7-10 days after treatment, it is strongest, so the patient is observed for at least two weeks.
If overstimulation occurs, stop hormone treatment and advise the patient to avoid marriage or to provide appropriate mechanical protection to avoid becoming pregnant. This is important because of the high cost of multiple pregnancies. In addition, ovarian pacing syndrome may be more severe and more obese in the event of pregnancy. Higher rates of polycystic ovarian disease occur.

More pregnancy

The most common cause of artificial insemination is multiple pregnancies. This may be good news for those who want a baby early on, but can be a very dangerous condition. Excessive pregnancy, especially when it can cause multiple maternal abnormalities and lead to complications during childbirth. If you get too many embryos, you will have a worse chance of surviving and the risk of premature birth will increase. In such a case, it is possible to eliminate one or more embryos and thus improve the chances of the other. To keep a few embryos, it is up to the parents to decide fully, and it is possible to freeze the remaining embryos for any subsequent implantation.
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In vitro fertilization


Pregnancy loss

Pregnancy due to artificial insemination procedures has a higher potential for abortion or abortion than if the embryo was conceived spontaneously.

I'm getting a heavy pregnancy

Artificial insemination also slightly increases the risk of uterine pregnancy. In addition, patients with a history of multiple sclerosis have an increased risk of uterine pregnancy.

Cancer of the genital organs

Theoretically, the incidence of both yeast and malignant hormone-dependent tumors in the ovaries and other reproductive organs may theoretically increase in women undergoing multiple drug treatments. To date, such a relationship has only been demonstrated in patients who have received a large amount of clomiphene treatment. Increased risk is probably due to temporarily high levels of hormones.

Birth defects

When using artificial insemination techniques, the risk of congenital malformations may be higher than that of spontaneous conception. The presumed causes are multiple pregnancies and differences in parental characteristics, such as age or sperm characteristics.


Women who are severely depressed, either self-deceived or have a history of haemorrhage, may be at increased risk of impaired hematology during hormone treatment. In fact, increasing levels of female sex hormones during treatment can lead to a slight thinning of the blood, which contributes to the formation of blood. Before starting treatment, this risk should also be considered, as well as the fact that pregnancy itself increases the risk of hematopoiesis.
Although many babies want a baby, it is advisable to carefully consider the dangers that treatment may cause because they can be avoided with proper caution or additional therapy before causing more severe disease.

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