Is formula feeding OK? 2 doctors weigh in on breastfeeding vs formula

Is formula feeding OK? 2 doctors weigh in on breastfeeding vs formula

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TSH Values: What Is The Ideal For Getting Pregnant?

10 weeks pregnant

You are in the 10th week of pregnancy, that is, in the middle of the third month of pregnancy. In a couple of weeks you will start the second trimester of pregnancy and all the discomfort you have suffered will subside: in most women, nausea, dizziness and vomiting are reduced at the end of the first trimester.

You no longer feel so tired and with that feeling of drowsiness, your belly begins to grow and it will soon be evident that you are ten weeks pregnant.

At 10 weeks pregnant, your uterus is getting bigger and bigger and it begins to grow in the abdominal cavity, being more evident that your belly is more bulky. Whoever does not know that you are pregnant may not appreciate the change, but for you it is clear that your appearance has changed and it is normal that you have to release the button on your pants because it presses you or wear more baggy clothes than usual. The bladder is compressed and this makes you want to urinate more often.

If you detect that you have got some on your face, legs or chest small red spotsYou should know that these are spider veins, produced by the dilation of blood capillaries. To avoid them, try to keep your legs up, do circular exercises with your feet, or walk every day for at least half an hour.

If you haven't changed your bra yet, it's probably time to do it now, in the 10th week of pregnancy. Look for one that does not oppress you, avoiding the hoops, preferably cotton fabric and, of course, choose one or two sizes larger than yours.

Your baby already has 8 weeks old, measures between 3 and 4 centimeters and weighs about 5 grams. His appearance is increasingly human, however the eyes are still widely separated and the eyelids are fused with the skin. The neck is longer, allowing your chin to separate from the body. The ossicles of the ear are also forming.

The limbs are longer and the elbow and knee joints can already be seen. Despite being very small, it has all its fingers and toes and at this moment, the nails begin to develop.

At week ten of gestation, the yolk sac is already independent, the intestine, which was located at the level of the umbilical cord, is gradually being placed in its position, in the abdomen and the umbilical cord can already be seen through an ultrasound.

If you are pregnant and asthmatic, consult your doctor about the possibility of continuing to use bronchodilators. In most cases, your doctor will prescribe medications that you can take as the disease itself can be more dangerous for the mother if left untreated than the side effects of the medication for the baby.

Many moms worry about the health of their baby, having fears and insecurities about the good condition of the baby is normal but worry. Most of the babies are born healthy and, if you take all the medical controls, they will be able to detect any anomalies in time. An excessive fear for your baby can cause you stress and this can reach your baby. Sharing your fears with your partner can help you, and you can even see your doctor if you can't calm down.

There is little left to end the first trimester of pregnancy. Little by little the discomfort of the first weeks will lessen, you will no longer feel so tired, the nausea will generally subside, as well as the feeling of dizziness and vomiting.

We give you some tips that you can follow now, from your tenth week of pregnancy and until the end of it, you can even continue with these healthy habits in your diet after pregnancy:

- Drink plenty of water, always carry a bottle to be well hydrated.

- Make 5 meals but little abundant.

- Chew food well, it will help you avoid gas.

- Take a day between 2 and 4 pieces of fruit, they will give you the contribution of vitamins you need. You can take fruits rich in fiber to guarantee intestinal transit since many pregnant women suffer from constipation.

- Calcium is a fundamental contribution throughout the entire pregnancy and also during lactation. Always and daily introduce dairy products, always pasteurized, into your diet.

- If you eat fish, it is preferable that you eat small species, the large ones feed on other fish and have more pollutants. When handling raw fish, remember to wash your hands thoroughly afterward.

Have you still not given the news of your pregnancy? Many women choose to wait until the 12th week of gestation as this is when the risk of miscarriage decreases. It is your choice when to communicate it, you can discuss it with your partner to decide the ideal situation. If you think that the 10th week of pregnancy is the right time, just go ahead and share your happiness with your family and friends.

As for work, if you work outside the home, sooner or later you will have to break the news in your company. Get it in writing for the record. Check your conditions regarding possible changes in your position, if you expose yourself to risks or changes of shifts.

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Body Changes at 10th Week of Pregnancy Part 3

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To visit - The Fair of Holy Emperors Constantin and Elena May 21, 2015

To visit - The Fair of Holy Emperors Constantin and Elena May 21, 2015

The National Museum of the Village "Dimitrie Gusti" organizes on Thursday, May 21, 2015, the Fair of Holy Emperors Constantine and Elena, celebrations from the register of the Christian calendar, occasion for meetings, negotiation, communication, as well as restoring the atmosphere of the former village.

In the popular tradition of the Holy Emperors Constantine and Elena the summer begins and the sowing of corn, oats and millet ends. On this day, the forest birds teach their chicks to fly. To prevent the destruction of the holdings and grapes by the birds of the sky was not worked on this day.

On this occasion the Village Museum invites you to the opening of the exhibition Icons. Neculai Pascu - Neamt. The retrospective, which will take place in Sura Bancu, at 14.00.

The exhibition brings together a collection of icons on wood, glass and Byzantine works of art made in mosaic having as religious themes the Mother of the Lord with Baby, Resurrection, Holy Cuvioasa Paraschiva etc., but also emblems of state and municipal authority and portraits of some personalities.

Participates with works Camelia Rosculet Pascu and Viorel Hutu, former students of the teacher.

The exhibition can be visited between May 21 and June 21, Sura Bancu, Transylvania area, Kiseleff Road no. 28.

We invite you to the Village Museum on this big holiday!

Fair program: 9.00 - 19.00

What else can you visit

Temporary exhibitions:

Yiddish Welt in Romania - a treasure trove found

Until June 3, 2015, Glod House, Maramures

Collaboration with the Federation of the Jewish Community in Romania - The Museum of Jewish History in Romania.

Wednesday - Sunday, 10am - 6pm

Femininity and decoration

Until July 15, 2015, Gheorghe Focsa Hall

Ethnography exhibition that capitalizes on the collections of the museum: ornaments, port, photographic documents, marking 79 years since the establishment of the Village Museum.

Wednesday - Sunday, 10am - 6pm

Aromanians from Korce area - History and current affairs in images

Until May 31, 2015, the Glass Hall

Photo exhibition

Wednesday - Sunday, 10.00 -18.00

Tags Festive fairs

We families start a new year full of hope. There are many illusions that we put on the table when a new 12-month cycle begins, which we hope will be better than the previous one. But, we already know that luck does not come alone, it must be accompanied by effort, work and perseverance so that things well done give their deserved fruits.

"Mom, that's how it is with grades," my son used to say the other day. This is the message that must be promoted in children from the earliest childhood because good results are not only seen in school grades, they are also noticed in friendship through the affection that your loved ones show you, it is perceived in family relationships with the good disposition and help that we give each other continuously, in relationships with colleagues ... and so on in many areas of life.

And it is that good things do not come without more, you have to feed them, you have to enrich them day by day, giving the best of yourself. During this week, in the minds and hearts of many children the magic of Christmas is still alive, and many strive to be more "good" these days than usual. The beginning of classes and the return to school marks the ideal setting and the perfect time to start putting those good resolutions into motion for the new year.

Starting the year well is very important. For children, small details such as being punctual, not answering, doing homework and studying without being asked by my parents, respecting the rules at home and at school or being tolerant with my siblings are great feats to achieve in order to be a better person. . Encouraging children to start the year with motivation is the mission of parents, if what we want is to educate our children in reality, that is, that each behavior has a real consequence that serves the children to direct and select the appropriate behaviors.

This attitude of parents and children allows the family to acquire a moral awareness of behavior that feeds illusions and hopes, something that should never be lost because it marks the threshold of happiness with which we wake up every morning. Let's fight so that our illusions, desires and hopes for the coming year remain alive throughout the year and do not decline. Let us feed the good purposes of our children, they are an essential part of education.

Marisol New.

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Day of Holy Happiness, March 7. Names for girls

Day of Holy Happiness, March 7. Names for girls

Happiness It is a name for a girl of Latin origin of obvious meaning. It is therefore a name with great connotations of well-being, abundance and good luck, ideal for your baby. Although it is not one of the most frequent names, its use is not outdated or extravagant, since the concept that represents its meaning is on everyone's mind. Celebrate your name day March 7th, which is the day of Santa Felicidad.

We can think of many reasons to call a baby Happiness: the precious meaning of the name, the elegance and positivity it conveys, the beautiful diminutives it allows ... But it is also a cool name to call your girl if she is born on March 7, especially if your family has a tradition of calling the baby according to the saint of the day it is born.

March 7 is the day that the saints dedicate to Holy Happiness. The story of this saint with such a beautiful name is linked to that of Perpetual Saint. Both, who celebrate their birthday on the same date in March, were two martyrs who died defending their Christian religion.

At that time (around the year 200) the emperor Septimius Severus had started a persecution against all those who professed Christianity, since they considered it a forbidden faith. It came to his ears that Perpetua and all her family, illustrious neighbors of Carthage, were Christian, so he ordered them to be arrested. Along with her, her slave Felicidad or Felícitas was also arrested under the accusation of being a Christian. Despite the torture, they refused to abandon their God. They were locked up in jail along with the rest of the Perpetua family and slaves, until they were beheaded.

It is said that Felicidad was pregnant when all this happened, which is why she is considered the patroness of pregnant women and mothers.

Happiness is a name that her saint celebrates on March 7. However, also the November 23 It is a special day for grandmothers, mothers and girls who are called that. And it is that there was another holy woman with this name who celebrates her name day this day.

Holy Happiness of Rome She is also a martyr for the Catholic Church who perished defending her faith. She was a matron from the nobility who lived in Rome around the year 100. She had 7 children (Jano, Felipe, Alejandro, Silvano, Vidal, Félix and Marcial) who were also tortured for their religion. When she was widowed, she dedicated herself to charity, caring for her children and prayer.

The name Felicity is known all over the world, being especially frequent in the Anglo-Saxon sphere in the variant of Felicity. Felicidad also presents numerous possibilities in Spanish, such as its diminutive Feli, Felicia or Feliciana. Nor can we forget its variants in masculine like Felix or Feliciano.

We meet several personalities named after your daughter, such as American actress Felicity Huffman, famous for her role as Lynette Sacavo on the series 'Desperate Housewives'. In the male variant of Felicidad, we have a worthy representative of your daughter's name in the figure of the acclaimed tennis player Feliciano López.

But this girl's name is especially attractive because of the importance that its meaning has for all humanity, not in vain, The pursuit of happiness it is the goal of all people.

We propose you a game! We will discover what number corresponds to all the girls named Happiness and what does this mean. To find out, we go to numerology and add the value of each of the letters that make up the name: F (6), E (5), L (3), I (9), C (3), I (9 ), D (4), A (1), D (4). If we add these numbers we have 44 and if we add it again we have that the number of Happiness is 8.

According to numerology, Felicidad is a very active girl, always looking for something new to do. Their curiosity about the unknown draws a lot of attention, to the point that they are sometimes a little reckless. If there is something that also stands out about his way of being, it is his great honesty and empathy.

Because of the meaning of her name, Felicidad arrives surrounded by good fortune, joy and optimism. Felicidad is a girl adored by all her friends for her sympathy and her open and friendly character. But in addition, Felicidad is characterized by her perseverance and capacity for effort, and she has a great sense of responsibility. For all this, he does not hesitate to commit himself and to provide his loved ones with the tranquility they need.

If you are thinking of calling your daughter Happiness because of the beautiful meaning it conveys, you might also like these other nicknames whose meaning is just as positive.

  • Alaia. In addition to sounding very beautiful, the meaning of Alaia could not be more precious: 'the one who is cheerful'. It is a name of Basque origin, that is, of a region in the north of Spain.
  • Joy. In English, Joy literally means 'joy'. In addition, being a word that is used on a daily basis, it can become a beautiful name for a girl, especially since it is short and direct.
  • Nara. This is a very original name that, as you may have already guessed, also means 'happiness'. It is a choice whose origin is Greek.
  • Naomi. Do you know a girl named Naomi? Of Hebrew origin, this name means 'one who transmits charm and joy'. It describes quite well what you are looking for for your daughter, right?

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