Cardboard worm. Children's recycling crafts

Cardboard worm. Children's recycling crafts

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Pregnancy with clear egg (without embryo)

Pregnant Baby: Lilla

Pregnant Baby: Lilla
I bring it up alone

Peaceful home, family warmth, tranquility, love, security. You can give it to your kids, even if you're left alone. Not easy, but possible.

I bring it up alone

I remember those nights when my parents quarreled me. I know what it means to lie in the darkness behind the closed door, one by one, clutching my favorite handkerchief, fully served. I remember trying to make myself smaller, so that they wouldn't get together and start yelling at me if they came in. Emlйkszem, mikйnt formбlуdtak noise йs the fйnyek fenyegetх rйmekkй this feszьltsйgtхl kцzegben pregnant. Even though I made my cover safe, it did not help me overcome the fear. I wanted to hang out with somebody, hang on to something, but I was alone in the world…
Talбn these йlmйnyek kйsztettek to be the sajбt vбlбsom sorбn all my efforts, my child nхhessen bйkйben up. To be able to keep up the mess. It could be either way.

The hardest moments

The vбlбs vбlsбgos idejйben if you are very upset, bбtran kйrd the nagyszьlхk or barбtnхid segнtsйgйt! After meeting room storms, the granny should lay her baby down, because she will probably fall asleep more easily. If you are anesthetized, try to leave your thoughts out of the nursery. This can be helped by focusing on the anesthetic's music or the rhythm of your own mood during anesthesia. If your child's father is provocatively in the small presence, you might not respond! Make it so big when the little one isn't with you. So you are smarter, even if you are the bruised one! You don't have to hide your sadness or your tears before your child, because that's part of life, but try to avoid theatrical upheavals, big scenesbecause it upsets you.
Don't use a little to get revenge on your father! Attуl to elvбltatok, father of the infant, ugyanъgy remain йs mother, mindkettхtцknek have to learn to respect mбsikban this role. If Dad is untrustworthy, you need to explain to your child that he cannot count. In such a case, it is better to learn it first, however painful it may be. If they talk about it, try to stay focused. Always express yourself in a language appropriate to your child's age.

Father's days

If the ratio of jу exfйrjjel, megbнzhatу, йs biztonsбgban nбla know the child, a deal could korlбtlan lбthatбsban. This can help you to establish a good relationship between you and you and you will have a good time. You may also find it time-consuming, fortnightly, as you can track and predict events much more.
Introduce Father's Days Like a Job! If you are enthusiastic, he will be happy too. Give him the other day that Dad will take him or visit him so he can wake up his heart. And when you get home, don't expect him to immediately change to your rhythm. Give him time! Let him find his place in the apartment, among his own things. If you hang around, put it in your arms, circle it and stroke your head. In this case, there is a disturbance in the soul, and only he can resolve it.
So patient even when you're upset or anxious. It is important that you do so, but do not overload it with extra tasks or programs!

From the difficulty

And when you're out of your life in a difficult time, focus on the dual microcosm!
  • The relatively kцvethetх daily routine, keep the ismerхs йs ismйtlхdх esemйnyekkel can reasonably kicsikйd biztonsбgйrzetйt. Even before you bathe in the bath, the afternoons and the duluths or playgrounds become familiar and enjoyable wherever you know it. Have fun in the evening, or any time of the day.
  • Create rituals for the holidays and everyday life! During the holidays, you can write a letter to Homepage or a Easter bunny or decorate the apartment together! They could make gifts for birthdays together. If you feel that you are a full member, you will be proud.
  • Organize programs with families where dad and mom are! Нgy will lбtni kьlцnbцzх the roles and bбr nyilvбn this is not the pуtolja sajбt mintбkat, mйgiscsak tцbb than nothing.
  • Meet your friends or call your friends! You do the same thing, it goes for him as well. Go rolling around alone to feel you're a small team. Let there be gnarly winks or secrets you can't know about.


If you are at home, try not to drown in the household, but also spend valuable time with it! Draw, play, talk! If necessary, it may also be a flowering program or a tea making.
If you find him guilty, play with stuff! Children often play a role in relieving tension. When you speak, it is easier to relax during the evening baths or before bedtime and tell you what to do with your heart. If you have any questions, always answer honestly! It learns how to trust you. Most things can be explained in his language. If you are raising multiple children alone, make time for each one!
Just because you are two now does not mean that it will remain so forever. But in the meantime, it's important to live a full life of value!

Hemangioma (red spots) in the newborn

Hemangioma (red spots) in the newborn
Games for children: the puzzle

Playing with puzzles is an activity that brings many benefits for children. Puzzles are a game that requires children to look closely at the tile they have chosen and be able to analyze it to find other pieces that have similarities with that drawing, shape, color, etc., thus improving their ability to observe , analysis, concentration and attention.

In addition, playing with a puzzle also exercises their visual memory, since they must have a previous outline of what the puzzle was like and remember where they have to place each piece.

Along with concentration and memory, the puzzle also helps the child to work on fine motor skills of the fingers through manipulating the pieces and pinching movements. Building a puzzle requires logic and patience. It can be played both alone and with several people, with friends or family. In addition, it does not have a language since it is about reconstructing an image.

Assembling a puzzle is not just a matter of joining pieces one to the other to form a figure or a drawing. It is a game that stimulates, apart from concentration, observation, your spatial intelligence and to keep your interest awake to reach the end. After 5 years is the ideal time to start building puzzles.

Puzzles grow with children. The more pieces the puzzle has, the more difficult it will be for the child to assemble it. Generally, you start by joining the pieces at the corners, then the edges, and then the center. It is a good activity for parents to reach out to their children.

Any photograph or image can be used to make a puzzle. A good idea is to take pictures of objects or rooms in the house, food, toys,… things that are meaningful to the child. The younger the child, the fewer pieces the puzzle should have. The number of pieces varies depending on the age and ability of each child.

Source consulted
- Loli Speech Therapist. Education on the net.

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Milk does not increase snot in children

Traditionally, milk and dairy products have been associated with excess mucus and phlegm production. It is a belief that has been maintained for generations and that, especially in childhood and when the child chains one respiratory process with another, it can seriously affect their proper nutrition. But, What is true about that? Does milk increase snot in children?

Eliminating milk and milk products from the child's diet - without medical indication - highlights the need to provide their micronutrients through other sources. Milk naturally provides, among other things, high-quality protein, calcium and vitamin D.

Calcium is better absorbed in the presence of lactose, milk sugar, vitamin D - which favors the intestinal absorption of calcium and its reabsorption at the renal level - and a certain proportion of calcium and phosphorus, or whatever the same, lmaximum absorption of calcium is achieved from milk and dairy products, making them ideal during childhood and adolescence, helping to strengthen bones and their constant growth.

An even greater health risk involves eliminating milk completely from an infant's diet, offer more watery formula milk or limit breastfeeding feeds and / or change them for water, infusions or juices.

The reasons for, erroneously, attributing to dairy the quality of increasing snot in children, when there is no scientific evidence that can prove their relationship is more myth than reality.

Nevertheless, constant mucus or a stuffy nose can be one of the symptoms of a milk allergy. Although it is not the most frequent symptom (gastrointestinal symptoms, diarrhea and stomach cramps are much more frequent), it is better to rule out that this is the case when a correlation is observed between the density of the mucus and the intake of milk.

Milk has also been attributed a negative effect on respiratory symptoms caused by asthma. In the event that the child suffers from this disease and his symptoms worsen, it may also be advisable to rule out a milk protein allergy, since, again, although it is not the main symptom, they may be intrinsically related.

The most recent studies, carried out in several countries, show that neither milk nor dairy products increase nasal congestion. However, the fact that this belief, which attributes a negative effect on mucus to the consumption of milk and dairy products, is so widespread, makes it very difficult to achieve reliable results. The adults who observe the child participating in the study are directly influenced by their own beliefs and this influences their observations.

As the experts recommend, the most important thing during an infectious process that runs with mucus, is to offer fluids, mainly water, although milk is equally suitable if desired, at least until scientific evidence shows otherwise.

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3 Tricks to Try when Your Baby Refuses Milk

'Good morning' is a very popular song among the smallest. It is the song with which the day begins in many nursery schools, nurseries or nurseries. Sing and dance with your child these lively, positive and educational melodies, to start the day with a good mood and a lot of energy. Also, in this case, the song is performed by our beloved Ragged Bear.

Edition: Lola Doménech

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The ideal time to have another child

When is the ideal time to have another child? There comes a time when parents find themselves in the dilemma of having one more child and wonder: when is the ideal time to have another child? Then another question arises: Ideal for whom?

Usually, The question arises because the parents fear that the child will not accept another brother or sister, or that the close relationship that one has with the first-born is broken and he feels displaced, or that feelings of rivalry arise between them.

Doctor Brazelton, believes that in effect, no first-born, male or female, wants the interference of someone else, so he suggests that parents are the ones who decide for themselves when is the ideal time to have another baby.

So that the only child learn to share and accept your new baby brother, parents can, depending on the age of the older child, assign tasks for the benefit of the baby: feeding him, bringing diapers, helping to hold him, choosing clothes and helping to dress him.

Regarding rivalry between siblings, it must be taken into account that this is normal and inevitable, sometimes it is said that in rivalry children learn about others and about themselves, as well as to take care of each other.

Therefore, far from worrying about protecting a child from feelings of rivalryThe ideal is to teach him to feel responsible for the well-being of his brother and family; All of this stems from knowing how to share with a brother, reminding him that one of the most beautiful learning opportunities is learning to live with others.

It is necessary to remind parents that it is impossible to treat children fairly Since each child is a different personality, therefore they need to be seen in a different way. Therefore, there should be no feelings of guilt in the parents regarding the difference in feelings towards the children and they should not have a problem with it either.

Although it can be exhausting having to accommodate each one, the important thing is to speak openly about the differences, but without making judgments about them to favor the situation and what in the long run will provide a better knowledge of themselves.

According to Doctor Brazelton, children who have received parental support, although in different ways, have better opportunities. If parents value the individuality of each child and then communicate their notion of what their particular qualities are, they will be supporting each one. As these forces are explained to them, children will be able to understand and value them.

Claudia Lou Meda. Contributor to our site
Clinical Psychologist
School Counselor

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If you are expecting a baby, the flu can be especially dangerous for you. Let's take a break from the mid-life beliefs to decide whether to vaccinate yourself or to skip it.

I have heard that you should not receive an influenza vaccine.

On the contrary! According to the guidelines of the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control, women who are pregnant are among the first to be immunized against the New Flu. According to international data, 7 to 10 percent of new influenza patients in hospital need a second-to-third pregnant mother. According to World Health Organization data, they are at tenfold the risk of needing intensive care. In Hungary, five women were treated in intensive care units at the end of November and two died in early December. They didn't get the vaccine. At the same time, it has not happened that domestic vaccine has had a serious side effect in recent decades, apart from some leather. Neither of these two risks can be compared.

My childbirth and my home doctor have dropped off the H1N1 vaccine, and I found it unnecessary.

. Does your doctor have the responsibility of denying you a vaccine that can save up to two lives and is recommended by every professional forum? It is the responsibility of every parent to inform his or her expectant mothers about the risks of the flu and the possibility of vaccination. If you are not vaccinated, your personal risk far outweighs the need for protection.

She is worried that the vaccine may infect the fetus.

This is an unfounded concern! The virus in the vaccine is not infectious. However, if your mother is vaccinated, the antibodies that produce this effect will be protected after the baby is born, so you may want to give yourself the vaccine twice. If you are vaccinated during breastfeeding, the antibodies will also appear in breast milk and will provide some protection for the baby. If you are planning a kid in the near future, the best thing you can do is to pre-vaccinate yourself.

I'm healthy, why is this for me?

It would be a mistake if you were to make it yourself. A new influenza virus, such as H1N1, is very likely to infect the majority of people sooner or later, since no one has a defense against it. In addition, international and domestic data show that, in the case of a new virus, not only common risk groups, but also healthy healthy people are affected. Vaccination is a simple way to protect yourself and the lives of those around you. You don't know how serious the disease would be.

So I know I can be sorry for that vaccine.

This vaccine is no different in manufacturing technology and ingredients from the home-made flu vaccine that has been used reliably for years, at most, in that it protects against another strain of the virus. No serious illness or sin associated with vaccination has occurred so far in the use of the vaccine. Serious events occurring in non-vaccinated patients are much more likely to develop.

In recent months I have had flu, so I don't need to be vaccinated.

If an antibody test confirms that you are actually defending against the very current flu virus, it is unnecessary. However, if you can't make sure of it, you don't want to do it if you are vaccinating yourself for safety.
What should I do if my doctor doesn't want to give us the free vaccine? Neither your home doctor nor your concubine may refuse vaccination. If you do so, you will be in violation of current professional recommendations and may file a complaint with the BNTSZ, which will provide professional oversight. On the BNTSZ website, you can check out the locations of the vaccines, including some that provide free vaccines to those who qualify.

Our specialist, Prof. dr. Michael Miklos points out:

Of course, I would recommend flu vaccination to all quests, and the College of Vocational Education, the World Health Organization, and the European Law Society also explicitly recommend it. There is no bad vaccine that is worse than the disease you are protecting against. In the case of small children, this is even more true because of the increased risk.

Don't ask when the next baby is coming

Whoever is the first to know knows almost the first question from acquaintances: "when will the next one come?" kйrdйs. Unthinkingly and unreasonably.

Now I'm just focusing on that. How big is this?

Dear friends and relatives, you have forgotten this request! Especially when poor moms were born recently. Let's listen to a mother who is graciously explaining why it is a bad idea to feel in the future…

I'm watching her, she's cool

- 35 ounces of fatigue - and 3 ounces of pushing - I put my son on my chest after all - says a mom on The Bumb Portal. "Before I was born, I heard countless stories about movie moments," he continues, "when you first see your child. But somehow I missed it. Less than 24 hours after I was struggling with breastfeeding, one of the babies gave birth to me. " ? The day after we left the borough, another nurse yelled after me the unexpected sentence: "See you next baby!" the request has met me more than once, and now I'm not talking about cheating and friends, but wild strangers on the ring, at the birthday jury or at the jubilee. , then boom - they ask the question. "And are you planning your second one?" In short? No.But more? I'm pregnant with severe asthma mnak kцszцnhetхen itself was rйmбlom. Hбromszor hцrghurutom was below the 9 hуnap, which ended the third time asztmбs serious attack. I went to the ultrasound weekly to make sure the baby was okay. As I was out of breath, giving birth was a terrible hell. In practice, I was not able to take in enough fresh air to effectively expel. And then there's the tiny detail that I'm not even born 40 years of age. But the truth is: I don't want to take the risk of a complication. The other reason is: I want to take part in the life of my child as much as possible. After all, that child must be brought up. Others may have suffered much greater affliction and motherhood, but I'm not that loose. I'm already trying to bring a child to life on a healthy, healthy basis. And what if your "innocent" question causes you to heal deep wounds? What if I rejected it as an example? What if I went through so many complications that I couldn't get pregnant anymore? What if this one-child flask program lasted for months, made lots of money and was easy? Not to mention, what if we just don't want more kids? Everyone has the right to give birth to a child without having to give an explanation for his decision. Motherhood isn't something for me if I don't have at least two kids. But the truth is, I love being a mother. I like to feel a bunch of fingers on my face. I like to laugh, giggle, and run in the room on the legs of the little loop. I like to see the happy smile on your face. So, dear alien mom of the playground, the request, which seems completely innocent, should not have been put on the property. Instead of worrying about it, and then remembering that I will be sorry if I don't give birth, what if we concentrated on playing with our children, and enjoying it,
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