Meaning of the name Hermogio. Name for boys

Meaning of the name Hermogio. Name for boys

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Children's Month starts earlier at Baneasa Shopping City
For her first birthday, Łucja received colorful Ikea tableware from her aunt. I immediately thought that it was a great opportunity to start learning to eat independently. A few days earlier on breakfast television, in the cyclical program "Around the World" there was a conversation with Mother from Norway. There, as soon as the child is able to keep the cutlery on his own - he begins to eat alone. I wasn't that brave, but I decided to give it a try. Why do I risk it? Defeat? No. Top dirty floor and continuous cleaning. But which of us does not do this every day? Cutlery fell to the daughter immediately. She played with plates for a very long and energetic time, jug, cutlery, cups and mugs. The next day a two-year-old friend arrived, so we began using the tableware from the joint kinderbalu. I noticed that my daughter was amazing she quickly learned the art of operating with a spoon and a fork. So I decided to use this fact and switch to eating solid food on your own. She was doing very well. At first, she threw most of the food out of her plate and bowl. At the moment (and less than 2 months have passed) the food begins to "get out" of the plate only after Łucja is full and just starts playing with pieces of dinner. I am also very happy with her enthusiasm and great desire to use this tableware. She drinks efficiently and willingly from an open cup, uses cutlery, uses plates and cups. And although you often have to wash it almost entirely, the joy that independence gives her is worth repeated washing of the child, floor, chair and everything around ...

I encourage all parents to play in independence, to learn how to use tableware. Even if initially the child ate only crisps or pieces of wafers from the plate, this skill will be useful to him in a moment, during joint meals. Watching us - adults - will sooner start using cutlery efficiently, because every child wants to be like us.

An additional advantage of the child becoming independent in eating from his own cutlery is great convenience for parents. Until my daughter began to eat alone, my husband and I ate for a change. There was no question of a shared breakfast, which we eat simultaneously. One of us had to feed our daughter. Now we eat the three of us, we have a great time. We can talk, watch the development of our Lucia, admire her and be together. We are not afraid that something will break or the daughter will hurt herself with a sharp fork. Everything is plastic, rounded at the ends, safe. In addition, colorful, beautifully shaped and most importantly - you can wash in the dishwasher!

Łucja can now invite her guests with whom she can eat a meal from her tableware, on her table. So he has a piece of his world that does not differ from the world of adults ...

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Kahoni means the "kiss of the ocean" in Hawaiian.

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Name Laeticia - Meaning and origin
Broth cake, fasting

The broth cake is so fluffy and tasty that you hardly realize that you have a fast food preparation.


Preparation time

60 min.




For sheets

4 tablespoons oil

4 tablespoons old

2 tablespoons broth

1 teaspoon bicarbonate

18 tablespoons flour

For syrup

2 cups water

2 old baskets

For cream

200 g ground hazelnuts

1 jar of apricot jam

Method of preparation

Prepare first a dough of oil, sugar, broth and flour. Leave it to rest for 15 minutes, then divide it into 3 pieces, which you spread out as a sheet.

Bake the sheets one at a time, on the bottom of a tray.

During this time, prepare a syrup of 2 cups of water and 2 cups of sugar. Boil the sugar and water over low heat, until it becomes honey-like.

Syrup the leaves cooled with this syrup.

Once you have sprinkled the sheets, put the apricot jam mixed with the ground walnut.

Leave the cake to cool, with a weight on top.


You can prepare a cocoa glaze, oil, powdered sugar and water to spread over the cake.

You can use the essence of rum to flavor the syrup with which you spread the leaves.

The type of kitchen


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How do we maintain weight during pregnancy?

During pregnancy, all pregnancies get fat. The weight contribution during the 9 months of pregnancy should not exceed 11-15 kilograms. To keep yourself within normal limits it is important to take care of both nutrition and physical activity level during this period. Here are some tricks to keep your weight in check!

Watch out for calorie intake!

Do not get to eat all you want and what you do not want and in no case to believe that now, because you are pregnant, you have to eat a lot.

A pregnant woman should consume around 2200 - 2400 calories per day. The caloric intake only increases by 100 calories in the first quarter compared to what you normally eat, and in the following 2 by 250.

Drink lots of water!

Water is essential during pregnancy and is part of a healthy diet. You should drink at least 8 glasses of water or other (healthy) fluids every day. Water cuts your appetite and prevents you from eating more calories than you need, experts say.

Gradually reduce the sugar in the diet!

One of the most fattening ingredients in pregnancy is sugar. It can be found in a lot of products, not just in cakes or chocolate. Even bread or bakery products can contain sugar. Learn to reduce your appetite during pregnancy!

Gradually replace ice cream, chocolate and cakes with healthier alternatives to products: dark chocolate, fruit yogurt (homemade) frozen, desserts based on fruit, homemade cakes (you can control the amount of sugar in them) ).

Also, soft drinks or commercial juices contain industrial quantities of sugar. Avoid them and focus on healthy drinks: water, milk, lemonade, unsweetened teas, etc.

Don't forget to move, as much movement!

Eating is one of the strengths of maintaining weight during pregnancy, but sports are just as important. Before applying for a training program or enrolling in a sport, ask the doctor's consent.

If your doctor allows you, then it is best to go to a gym that has specialized instructors who know how to work with pregnant women.

If you do not plan to workout at the gym, then even simple walks or workout programs at home are great.

Avoid eating in the city!

No food from the restaurant compares to that made by you, in which you know exactly what to put in and using only healthy products and foods. In addition, if you eat more at home you are sure that the preparations do not contain dangerous foods for pregnancy, sugars or other dangerous food additives hidden.

Avoid getting into fast food and other restaurants that contain junk food. They are full of calories, they do not saturate you and they are extremely unhealthy.

Supply yourself with as many fruits and vegetables!

Fruits and vegetables should be in your attention at any table. It is recommended that all meals contain vegetables and turn to them when you feel the need to grill something.

It is not advisable to keep a healthy diet, but if you follow the maximum calorie count and eat fresh vegetables and fruits daily, at each meal, then you should not worry about getting fat or having health problems.

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Knight Satchel

What to do when a child's tooth breaks


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Back toothMolar tooth broke in half inside. What to do? - Dr. Ranjani Rao. Doctors Circle

What can a child have for breakfast who does not want to drink milk

What can a child have for breakfast who does not want to drink milk

Among the five meals that are recommended to be eaten daily, breakfast and mid-morning occupy a prominent role. Between them, two have to offer 25% of the daily caloric count. However, and despite the fact that the role of breakfast has a strong cultural role, 20% of school-age children openly admit that they do not eat breakfast, or do not do it properly.

On our site we tell you what we can give breakfast to a child who does not want to drink milk and ensure that the first meal of the day is complete and nutritious.

"My son does not get milk in the morning, what do I give him for breakfast?" This is a very common question among many parents, we help you solve it:

Why are there children who do not eat breakfast?

For reasons of haste (they do not have time, because they get up with "the hour hit"), or because liquid milk "does not enter". Let us remember that, in many latitudes, the classic children's breakfast is structured according to milk, accompanied or not by soluble cocoa. There are children who do not eat breakfast because they get bored of always having the same thing.

Does skipping breakfast have consequences on school learning?

So far, there is no solid evidence to support this claim, although it seems reasonable to think that the performance of attention is lower in a child who fasts for many hours. There is currently a clinical trial underway that is evaluating it in a large population sample, and in the not too distant future we will be able to know some conclusions in this regard.

What can we parents do so that our children have breakfast before going to school?

- If the reason is haste, we have to check our vital schedules. It is worth it that we put the child to bed a little earlier, so that he gets up early and can have breakfast with a minimum calm.

- If the reason is the child does not want to drink milk, we can offer him some other breakfast that does not include it, at least in that format.

- One or two pieces of fruit, always better whole than squeezed or blended. Let's ask our son for his preferences.

- Whole wheat bread with crushed tomato and extra virgin olive oil.

- Whole wheat croissant with a thin slice of turkey and a little fresh cheese.

- An omelette with one egg, with a little avocado.

- A natural yogurt with a handful of walnuts and a little honey (this modality can only be made by children over five years old).

- We can also have something that we have left over from dinner the day before for breakfast.

When can we encourage children to eat breakfast properly?

The ideal period is during the weekends and throughout the holidays. At those times the family is together, there is less rush, and the children can actively participate in preparing a good breakfast.

You can read more articles similar to What can a child have for breakfast who does not want to drink milk, in the Infant Nutrition On-Site category.

Cantinflas: what is oil


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