The benefits of reading aloud

The benefits of reading aloud

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Do-it-yourself: the grassman

Do-it-yourself: the grassman

Potting soil, a stocking and some seeds ... That's what you need to make a man with grass hair. It's your turn !

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Being a little baby does not detract from the delicious snacks. But what about the exceptions? Pregorexia - that is, a pregnancy disorder during pregnancy - is not a urban legend.

Those who are dieting during pregnancy

Familiar eating disorders such as anorexia or bulimia do not get our heads up, but the concept of pregorexia (which is an amalgamation of the English words pregnant and anorexia) is still ringing in the air. Pregorexic pregnant mothers do not have a new life for their growing tummy, embarrassed plus they don't try to endure the consciousness of losing control over their bodies, so they do everything in their power to stop the natural curling process - even though they will be on a strict diet. However, this is not only his own, but baby baby health "I knew a little baby who only lived on yogurt for days, even though it was terribly dangerous," he says. dr. Fehér Gabriella pszicholуgus. "Pregnant women should consume more quality calories, these are small in size is not enough nutrition, and it does not develop properly, "he explains." In addition, so-called uterine hunger leaves a lasting trace in the fetal nervous system, so malnourished babies are overwhelmed by the need. "

Bululkodу mother-child relationships

But what can be found in the background of pregorexia? The environment often exerts an unnoticeable pressure on the baby, just thinking of the "exemplary" of the stars that awaken them, which creates unrealistic expectations. One week after birth, celebrities look back to their old-fashioned ways that new moms feel like they need to get rid of their lives as soon as possible. Йppen ezйrt referred true mйrfцldkхkйnt hercegnхt Catherine, who one day azutбn to йletet given trуnцrцkцs kisfiбnak, kуrhбzi kцntцsben бllt the fotуsok elй, йs bьszkйn vбllalta termйszetesen domborodу hasбt.Цnmagбban sztбrvilбg pйldбi of course, do not lead pregorexiбhoz, but inherently unstable, befolyбsolhatу maternity gondolkodбsбra they can be extremely harmful. For women who are not completely unknown to them Exercise and body disorders"Hormone-related overturning due to fatigue can also cause mental problems and minor behaviors in healthy women, not to mention those who are prone to bodily dysfunction," the expert says. "The second most common cause of pregorexia is a bad mother-child relationship. "If a prospective mother felt childish, her mother denied it, her adulthood may have problems accepting her feminine, round tummy," he adds.

Watch for the signs!

Unfortunately, it is difficult to unequivocally recognize malformations during pregnancy, as they are largely consistent with the common symptoms of pregnancy: inequality, vomiting, loss of appetite. The megбllнthatatlanul nцvekvх belly megtйvesztheti the kьlsх szemlйlхt but kцzeli barбtok, csalбdtagok йszrevehetik the aprу signs. "The testkйpzavaros kismamбk - egйszsйges tбrsaikkal ellentйtben - not bьszkйk pocakjukra, inkбbb distorted lбtjбk, ezйrt prуbбljбk to hide round idomaikat bх ruhбkkal" - magyarбzza dr. Fehér Gabriella. "Moms with coping disorders find it normal to fight 'dementia' and if they are exposed to wrong doing, often being abused," pregorexia, with the help of a specialist Therefore, the doctor advises that expectant mothers predisposed to body disorders and those with eating disorders should consult a psychologist as soon as they become pregnant so that they can accept less easily. "If your mother was troubled by her childhood and feels that her relationship with her mother has not been resolved to this day, it is still worthwhile to note these precautions with the help of a pre-pregnancy professional."

Instead of quantity, quality

Our grandmothers, and even our mother-in-law, also, say that they have to eat instead of two during their prayer, but this view has been upset. The baby's energy needs with only 15 percent it grows during the months of pregnancy, which means more than 300 extra calories a day. Of course, these values ​​are only guiding - in the case of low-weight pregnant women, even though women with a slight excess may have fewer. "The kiegyensъlyozott rich tбpanyagokban tбplбlkozбs not only the baby egйszsйges fejlхdйsйt segнti elх but hozzбjбrul the physical and mental egyensъlyodhoz, йs segнt felkйszнteni your body to szoptatбs idхszakбra. The vбltozatos, sokfйle nyersanyagbуl kialakнtott йtrend all important tбpanyagot biztosнt megfelelх arбnyban the organization szбmбra. In addition, regularity is important, the mother should eat small quantities five or five times a day, preferably at the same time, "advises the expert. While pregnant, don't put it in the fire calorie service. "If the mother egйszsйges not kьzd terhessйgi diabetes, toxйmiбval or йtelallergiбval, nothing szьksйg diйtбra Bбrmit can eat, but termйszetesen only mйrtйkkel the tъlevйs kцnnyen elkerьlhetх if calm kцrnyezetben, йtkezьnk rohanбs nйlkьl, йs kцzben mбs elfoglaltsбg -.. Pйldбul televнziу, olvasбs - don't distract us. "
- Baby baby - where does it lead?
- Don't do this during pregnancy!
- That's why baby's got to eat healthy
Name Ludovic - Meaning and origin

Origin of first name:

French, Germanic

Meaning of the name:

From germain hold "famous", and wig, "fight".
This name is a variation of Louis.


French footballer Ludovic Butelle, French triathlete Ludovic Chorgnon, French professional footballer Ludovic Baal, French actor Ludovic Baude, Polish international footballer Ludovic Obraniak, French cyclist Ludovic Turpin, French international footballer Ludovic Giuly, French rugby players Ludovic Loustea and Ludovic Mercier, the French cartoonist and illustrator Ludovic Debeurme or the director Ludovic Lagarde.

The Ludovic are celebrated in honor of Saint Louis. Better known under the name of Saint Louis, Louis IX or "the Prudhomme" was considered a saint during his lifetime. He ascended the throne at the age of 13 and died of the plague during a crusade during which he had the mission to save the Holy Places from the Moslem influence. St. Louis was renowned for his piety and sense of justice.

His character :

Ludovic is full of determination and ambition. Despite the obstacles, he is always at the end of his business. Fun adventurer, Ludovic appreciates travel and unexpected. He flees at all costs monotony and is constantly in search of discoveries. His dynamism and curiosity are added to his incessant need for novelties. Sociable and endearing, Ludovic is in good company. He is also appreciated by his helpful and dedicated side.


Ludwig, Ludovico, Ludvig, Ludwik, Lodovico, Ludowick, Ludovick, Ludowic.

His party :

The Ludovic are celebrated on October 9th.

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Little Brown Bear wants to dress alone

Little Brown Bear wants to dress alone

Today, Little Brown Bear is invited to a friend's house. He will be out soon, but he is not quite ready ... and as he decided to dress by himself, it is not won!

All the videos Little Brown Bear

Find Little Brown Bear in the children's magazines Popi and Pomme d'Api!

Production : Bayard Youth Animation
Montage: Bayard Youth Animation
Production : Bayard Youth Animation

Mama and me water contest

Mama and me water contest Dear Parents,

a few days ago we celebrated Father's Day. And since we have no doubt that Dads are as important in the life of a child as we are, we invite you to a competition inspired by the last holiday. write: What does paternity give you? Send your reply to the address [email protected] until July 10, 2012 and enjoy the awards funded by the "Mama i ja" spring water. Don't forget to include your address details: name, surname and address!

We will choose three people who will receive:
1) Set 1: towel, T-shirts, cup and sticker
2) Set 2: towel, cup and sticker
3) Set 3: cup and sticker

Car sticker, which informs that a toddler is riding in the car
Shirts - cotton set for mom and baby, great for warm summer days
Porcelain Mug just right for hot and cold drinks
Baby towel with hood - works well after a bath.

We invite you to have fun together!

Detailed regulations available here.

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Chic version "Kelly"

Chic version "Kelly"

Made of water-repellent cotton and polyester, it features a changing mat, an insulated lunch bag, an anti-bacterial pacifier bag and a dirty laundry bag. Stockholm bag: 84,90 € (Béaba). Where to find it?

Made of water-repellent cotton and polyester, it features a changing mat, an insulated lunch bag, an anti-bacterial pacifier bag and a dirty laundry bag.
Stockholm bag: 84,90 € (Béaba).

Where to find it?

Gluten-free diet for children and babies with celiac disease

The gluten-free diet should be started after an intestinal biopsy has been performed and it is demonstrated that there is, without doubt, the gluten intolerance. The gluten-free diet must be strictly followed throughout life, eliminating any product that contains gluten.

Gluten is a group of proteins present in some cereals, especially in wheat. The latter is related to other grain cereals such as rye, barley and oats, because these grains also have some gluten in their composition.

We give you a gluten-free diet for children and babies with celiac disease.

When a child with celiac disease eats foods that contain the gluten proteins, your immune system responds by damaging the small intestine. Specifically, the small finger-like projections that line the small intestine, called intestinal villi, are destroyed.

Normally, nutrients from food are absorbed through these villi to be carried into the bloodstream. When these villi disappear, the person poorly absorbs the nutrients and, therefore, will suffer malnutritionregardless of the amount of food eaten.

Most people digest gluten easily. However, a small part of the population is gluten intolerant, what is more commonly known as celiac disease. The gliadin seems to be the protein that presents the greatest problem in celiac disease or gluten intolerance.

Antibodies against gliadin are commonly found in the immune complexes associated with this disease. Because it is the immune system of the body itself that causes the damage, celiac disease is considered an autoimmune disorder.

However, it is also classified as a malabsorption disease, since the nutrients are not absorbed. Celiac disease is a genetic disease, which means that it is passed down within a family. In some cases, the disease is caused or becomes active for the first time after surgery, pregnancy, childbirth, a viral infection or severe emotional stress.

Between the prohibited foods for celiac children is it so:

Bread, wheat, oats, barley, rye, triticale and / or derived products such as starch, flour, breads, pasta, buns, cakes, cakes, cookies, biscuits, pasta, wheat semolina, milks and malted beverages, and beverages distilled or fermented from cereals (beer, whiskey, barley water, some liqueurs, etc).

  1. Fresh meat and organ meats, serrano ham, cooked ham of extra quality
  2. Fish and seafood (fresh and frozen without batter)
  3. Eggs
  4. Milk and derivatives
  5. Gluten-free cereals (rice and corn)
  6. Legumes, tubers, fruits, vegetables, vegetables
  7. Edible fat, sugar, honey, oils, butters
  8. Coffee, infusions, soft drinks, all kinds of wines and sparkling drinks
  9. Nuts, salt, wine vinegar, spices.

Switching to a gluten-free diet requires a adaptation period. Children must make this commitment throughout their lives to be healthy.

1. When acquiring manufactured products, you should always check its ingredients. As a general rule, all bulk products, those made by hand, and those that are not labeled or do not carry the list of their ingredients should be eliminated from the diet. Handling food will become a habit for celiac children.

2. In restaurants, Caution must be exercised with what is consumed. In school canteens there are already menus specially prepared for children with celiac disease.

3. At home, it is advisable to remove the wheat flours and normal breadcrumbs and substitute them with gluten-free ingredients to coat or prepare thick sauces. When in doubt, avoid consuming products suspected of containing gluten.

We propose a menu of gluten-free recipes for celiac children.

You can read more articles similar to Gluten-free diet for children and babies with celiac disease, in the category of Allergies and intolerances on site.

To seek in her imagination pleasant representations ... a technique which works well on the bobos of the pregnancy. The explanations of Lise Bartoli, psychologist and hypnotherapist.

1. Soothe your nausea with the palette of tastes

  • Nausea and vomiting are common in pregnant women. They can be calmed by positive visualization exercises.
  • It takes time to get into Zen mode, sitting comfortably, sitting or lying down and taking care not to be bothered by external demands.
  • Think of smells, tastes: the smell of mint, that of an orange that you peel, the taste of fresh toothpaste on your teeth. Choose the one that is the most enjoyable. Ask your subconscious to let it spread to replace the unpleasant taste of nausea.
  • Your unconscious mind will remember that good taste and put it in your mouth whenever you ask for it with positive visualization. Regular practice of this exercise increases their effectiveness. Do it whenever you need it.

2. Relieve your heartburn with the painkiller patch

  • Gastric lift is frequent, especially in the third trimester of pregnancy. They are often a source of poor sleep and fatigue.
  • To appease them, imagine that you make a pain patch. Personalize its shape, its color and associate it with a feeling of freshness. Your patch is ready. Relax and put this patch where you need it. Visualize the fresh air you breathe. Feel the cold that the patch diffuses into your body to remove the burning sensations.
  • Your unconscious mind will remember this pain patch and will not hesitate to use it whenever you request it with positive visualization. Regular practice of this exercise increases its effectiveness. Do it whenever you need it.

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