Recruitment of head of one of SOTE's early birth centers withdrawn

Recruitment of head of one of SOTE's early birth centers withdrawn

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Hypoglycaemia in children
Talk to your doctor about pregnancy

Right from the first visit to the doctor, try to find out as much about the pregnancy and about the changes your body will go through.

Write down in an agenda all the new symptoms that you present from one control to another. Notify your doctor whenever something new happens in your condition and ask him / her to answer all the problems that concern you. Make sure everything is normal. When something is not right for you, call a doctor immediately. As a future mom, you can afford to be a little exaggerated!

Don't get impatient if your pregnancy symptoms don't look like those of your friends. Each body feels this way or this event.

And another very important thing: trust your senses because they are sharper in the nine months of pregnancy.

Go to the doctor as often as possible. This way you will have the opportunity to see your baby and hear it at every stage of development.

The plan of doctor visits in pregnancy differs from country to country, but there are still some visits that correspond. The following is a general plan for doctor visits during pregnancy:

  • After the absence of menstruation and a positive pregnancy test, a first visit to the gynecologist is required.

  • Then, it is good to go to the doctor monthly for 26 to 27 weeks.

  • The first ultrasound will probably be done in week 6, 10 or 12, depending on your preferences and the doctor's.

  • The second ultrasound, the fetal morphology ultrasound, is done between weeks 19 and 24.

  • Between weeks 26 and 34, you will go to the doctor 2 or 3 times a month.

  • After week 36 of pregnancy, you will need weekly visits to the doctor and during this period you will also have the last ultrasound.

Here are some questions you should ask your doctor since your first visits:

  1. What analysis and procedures do you usually recommend during pregnancy?

  2. What books about pregnancy recommend you read?

  3. What do you recommend for normal pain during pregnancy?

  4. Recommend certain courses for pregnant women?

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Biking with a tummy?

Biking with a tummy?

Great idea! The cycling stimulates the circulation, providing ideal, cool physical activity all the way to childbirth. It is worth paying attention to for a while.

- Change the saddle to a more comfortable, wider one.
- Set the steering wheel so that you do not have to bend over while driving.
- Only snug your bike in closed shoes, slippers, sandals can snag lightly on the foot.
- Let's not forget the crash helmet. However, our balance may work less well, and it is especially important that the skull does not feel strong.
- Avoid rough roads. Fucking would not do the fetus good.

Theater courses and communication improvement for children and adolescents

Games for children: the puzzle

Playing with puzzles is an activity that brings many benefits for children. Puzzles are a game that requires children to look closely at the tile they have chosen and be able to analyze it to find other pieces that have similarities with that drawing, shape, color, etc., thus improving their ability to observe , analysis, concentration and attention.

In addition, playing with a puzzle also exercises their visual memory, since they must have a previous outline of what the puzzle was like and remember where they have to place each piece.

Along with concentration and memory, the puzzle also helps the child to work on fine motor skills of the fingers through manipulating the pieces and pinching movements. Building a puzzle requires logic and patience. It can be played both alone and with several people, with friends or family. In addition, it does not have a language since it is about reconstructing an image.

Assembling a puzzle is not just a matter of joining pieces one to the other to form a figure or a drawing. It is a game that stimulates, apart from concentration, observation, your spatial intelligence and to keep your interest awake to reach the end. After 5 years is the ideal time to start building puzzles.

Puzzles grow with children. The more pieces the puzzle has, the more difficult it will be for the child to assemble it. Generally, you start by joining the pieces at the corners, then the edges, and then the center. It is a good activity for parents to reach out to their children.

Any photograph or image can be used to make a puzzle. A good idea is to take pictures of objects or rooms in the house, food, toys,… things that are meaningful to the child. The younger the child, the fewer pieces the puzzle should have. The number of pieces varies depending on the age and ability of each child.

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