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Indian style chicken

Indian style chicken

You can count on the flavors of this dish to whet the appetite of your greedy! See the recipe.

You can count on the flavors of this dish to whet the appetite of your greedy!

See the recipe.

The time has come to make purees for your baby. Surely your pediatrician or nurse has already given you the guidelines for the progressive introduction of food, but even so, we are the ones who must lovingly make the menus for our little gourmet.

So, from mom to mom, we will give you a couple of simple recipes. Remember that, in principle, you should not worry that the ingredients are not very varied. During the first year, it is preferable not to introduce too many new flavors to prevent possible allergic reactions.

Chicken, turkey and rabbit are the first meats that we use in the introduction of meats in our babies' purees, since not all meats are suitable for the first baby food. We can incorporate it when the baby has accepted the vegetable porridge for a week without observing any alteration.

Recipe for mashed meat
To begin with, we must start with chicken meat, which is the best shredded, and has a mild flavor.

- 100 gr. chicken (removing the fat part)
- 50 gr. potatoes (potatoes must be old, new ones are more acidic and digest worse)
- 40 gr. carrot
- 40 gr. green beans or / and zucchini (peeled), chard, pumpkin (if our baby has a preference for sweet flavors)
- 1 teaspoon olive oil

Elaboration. It boils everything, except the oil, also introducing: 100 gr. of chicken. Beat well, pouring a drizzle of crude oil.

Fish puree recipe
White fish is very suitable for soft diets. If your child has diarrhea or gastroenteritis, you can offer him a puree made from white fish and rice, with potatoes or carrots.

- 100 grs. hake, sole, monkfish, etc. (from the 10th month or year, we can also use blue fish)
- 50 grs. of patatos
- 40 grs. carrot
- 40 grs. leek (remove the green parts that are more fibrous) and green beans or zucchini (peeled)
- 1 egg yolk (from the year the whole egg) at the end of cooking
- A few grains of rice (if you are not constipated)
- 10 grs. Of olive oil

Elaboration. We put everything together to boil, except the olive oil and the egg that we will poach at the end of cooking. The olive oil must be added cold and beaten well to obtain a homogeneous mixture.

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Baby Food. Carrot Potato Rice. Healthy baby food 6 to 12 months

It's probably just the construction dust from the project underway in our master bathroom, I think to myself. But then it starts to get worse – and, believe me, itchy palms is a feeling I've never had before. It's the strangest sensation.

So, I do what any sane 21st-century pregnant mom knows with all her heart she should probably NOT do: I turn to Dr. Google. Feeling sure there will be no logical answer to one of the most random Google queries I've ever conducted, I type "itchy palms and feet." And, what happens? Google finishes my search terms with "and pregnancy" before I can even think to let my Internet browser know I'm pregnant.

There it is in the Google search box: "itchy palms and feet and pregnancy." I hit Enter and it begins: Cholestasis of pregnancy. Pages and pages of results provide and define the scary details around this rare liver condition I've never once heard of that occurs in late pregnancy. I work in health care; I've already been pregnant numerous times; and I've had a lot of fertility issues throughout the years, so I assume I know pretty much every possible complication under the sun. But this was a new one for me. I try to calmly do my research until I see that "fetal demise or stillbirth" are potential complications. I've lost enough unborn children to know I am NOT letting this one go.

When I anxiously call my OB at 11 p.m., I feel crazy, but I'm quickly reassured that I did the right thing by calling. My and my baby's health far outweighs the discomfort of potential embarrassment.

The doctor asks me a bunch of questions, but feels pretty confident it's not cholestasis, since I've told him the itching isn't too severe. He says that in most cases, patients describe the feeling of cholestasis as making them want to take a steel brush and scratch their skin off to get the itching to stop (his words, not mine). Since my itching is pretty mild, we both decide it's probably not that, but he encourages me to come in the following day for some blood testing.

As it turned out, I did, in fact, have cholestasis of pregnancy. While they gave me the option to wait and keep a watch on my condition, my husband and I didn't hesitate to decide we were having this baby before anything could go wrong. Without any further complication, I was sent to the hospital for an induction, and my sweet baby boy was born the following day in perfect health. He weighed nearly nine pounds!

The takeaway? Google and WebMD are NOT always a bad idea. And when it comes to my health and the health of my children, I won't second-guess myself ever again if I feel like something is wrong. There are some symptoms you should never ignore. My son, who is now 5 and starting kindergarten, thanks me for listening to my body.

Opinions expressed by parent contributors are their own.

Do you spill blood when brushing your teeth?

Healthy gums are essential for maintaining the health of our teeth. This is one of the reasons why oral hygiene specialists recommend us not to compromise on our oral hygiene program.

Gingival bleeding is an early sign of gum problems, one of the main causes of tooth decay, so you should visit your dentist regularly.

What does a healthy gum look like?

A healthy, firm gum is part of the system that helps to solidly support the teeth. Healthy gums have a light pink color and do not bleed during brushing.

Firm and healthy gums are essential to provide our teeth with firm support over the years. If they are inflamed (the problem known as gingivitis), they can cause inflammation of the retaining wall of the tooth (parental disorder) and ultimately tooth loss.

Care solutions

It is advisable to visit the dentist right from the first sign of bleeding gums, to be offered daily care solutions.

An appropriate brushing technique and the use of an appropriate toothpaste helps to remove the bacterial plaque, one of the main causes of gingival bleeding.

One solution to help stop gingival bleeding and prevent it is to use Parodontax® toothpaste daily. The unique formula of Parodontax® toothpaste contains 70% specialized ingredients. The high proportion of specialized ingredients gives Parodontax® toothpaste an intense, specific taste.

At the beginning of using Parodontax® toothpaste, the taste you will feel will be a specific, intense one, but during the next two weeks, you will become familiar with it.

In addition, for complete oral hygiene, it is recommended to use mouth water daily. Mouth water Parodontax® Daily (chlorhexidine 0.06%) reduces bacterial plaque, helps prevent gingival bleeding, ensures durability of up to 12 hours.

Parodontax® recommends that you always talk to your dentist if you notice gingival bleeding and schedule a dental checkup periodically. Take care of the health of your gums!

Find out more about Parodontax at parodontax.ro.

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Difficult topic. However, very current. Not only in Poland, but all over the world. The story happened in the Dominican Republic, where the ban on abortion is very important and respected.

A teenage girl from the Dominican Republic who suffered from leukemia became pregnant. Doctors refused to undergo chemotherapy, which would be tantamount to a miscarriage. Recognizing her as an abortion, they decided not to use this method of treatment. Despite their mother's persistent pleas, they did not change their minds. The letters addressed to high-ranking people in government did not help either.

The case became so popular that the doctors finally decided to do chemotherapy. However, the patient after giving the drug did not give up. The teenager first miscarried, then died herself.

And now, in contrast, a story told by a cardiac surgeon from Zabrze, who recalled: "I had a transplant patient who had to be connected to life support equipment and brought a second who was in a critical condition and the only chance for him was connecting to the same equipment. What was I supposed to do? I took all the tests that were, I sat on them for an hour and decided to disconnect that one and connect the new one. And do you know what happened? They both live. But I had no certainty, I might as well have killed both (because the latter would have died without the apparatus and he would not have survived). "

The local medical officer turned to the foreign department and Novartis, who was responsible for procuring it, said they had done everything to get the vaccines, but the Danish company stopped providing the vaccine.

Is the rescheduling of BCG vaccinations resolved?

The issue of rescheduling BCG vaccines will be resolved and children will not be in trouble, ”said István Mikola, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Affairs, in charge of security policy and international co-operation.
István Mikola, among others, was asked about his assistance in the field of BCG vaccines, which had to be rescheduled by the National Veterinary Service due to a lack of vaccines. The Secretary of State replied that the National Chief Medical Officer and the person responsible for the procurement, Novartis Hungaria Ltd., had contacted them saying that they had done everything to obtain the vaccines, but the vaccine had been stopped.
The Danish manufacturer, the Statens Serum Institute, has informed Novartis Hungary that it will return vaccine delivery by September.
István Mikola said that the ministry could help them to reach out to countries that produce such a vaccine and contact them through the foreign representations.
It is taking time to collect the answers and it seems that the request will be resolved, he said. He added that children would not be harmed if they received the BCG vaccine a few weeks or a week later.
The head of the Maritime Department of the Office of the Chief Medical Officer in Budapest announced Friday that the BNTSZ is rescheduling BCG vaccines due to a global vaccine shortage.
This means that babies do not receive the vaccine against tuberculosis (TB) within the normal range of one week from birth, but as soon as the vaccine is available, Danny said. He added that the vaccine can be used effectively in children up to one year of age, and that the available vaccine is grouped so that vulnerable children receive the vaccine as soon as possible.

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Naomi: origin and meaning of the name for girl Naomi

Naomi: origin and meaning of the name for girl Naomi

Are you pregnant and looking for the ideal name for your baby? Our name finder has thousands of names for girls to help you in this important choice. We highlight the name in the dictionary of meaning of names: Naomi.

In the biblical accounts, Naomi is the wife of Elimelech. She is venerated as a saint in the Catholic tradition and in Spain the use of this name has spread since the 70s.

It comes from noam o no'omí: "joy, delight"

June 4th


  • Noemí Sanín, Colombian lawyer and diplomat (Noemí Sanín de Rubio; Medellín, 1949); Noemí Galera Nebot, director of Spanish musical castings (1967-); Noemí Huamán Peralta, Peruvian singer (1982-).

Drawings of the name Naomi coloring page printable game

Naomi: pictures of the names coloring page printable game

Naomi name coloring page printable game

Drawing with the name Naomi coloring page printable game

Drawings of names. Naomi name to color and print

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