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His little car

Nowadays, it is hard to count, with a variety of strollers for parents to choose from. Their potential may be limited only by the imagination of the designers of the manufactured companies and the prices at the appropriate astronomical heights.

His little car

The йvek seventies szьlхi йs szьlцttei emlйkeznek mйg bizonyбra the hagyomбnyos, szнjas felfьggesztйses уriбsi mйly stroller, which was kaphatу csupбn nйhбny szнnben, йs the kevйsbй tehetхs csalбdok kцlcsцnцzхbхl also kivehettйk, to the idхre, amнg vнzszintes fekvхfelьletre was szьksйge the kisbabбnak. Then came the eighties, the handy, lightweight, two-wheeled baby strollers that are either pastel or cheerful.
For decades, the banners have disappeared, demanding baby shops have been opened instead, and webshops that have made shopping easier. In the meantime, the use of materials has changed a lot, and parents' needs have changed. Pleasure, but besides grace security is still key! Before giving birth to a baby, there are countless things that prospective parents need to acquire to help keep their children comfortable and comfortable, and to enjoy their comfort and safety. The seemingly endless list certainly has a stroller and baby carrier somewhere at the beginning, because if you have to wait a few days, weeks for the first walk, but a little bit of old-fashioned home.
There is a need for security for car hire or car hire. And if you need to get a baby carrier for your baby's first trip, you still have to decide whether you want a baby carriage or a baby carrier before you buy. If the answer is yes, then it is advisable to buy from the same manufacturer and buy one that can be combined with one another. In fact, many companies are offering their products in complete sets, so with one purchase - even at a bargain price - you can get everything for a comfortable walk, baby.
You can buy a crazy super baby for your baby in a specialty store where you can view, grab individual models, ask for advice on sale, and even try and fold, fold. This is a great way to practice baby strollers, close by.
Of course, it's worth noting that these featured models aren't going anywhere near the market, and if you lose this featured item, you should be e Collect it, check if your cover is dirty.
The simplest option is to get an unopened baby stroller, but it is also worth assembling it at home, making sure everything is in place and working properly before you put the small owner first. Keep the block and the bond papers carefully, as this is the only way to invalidate the warranty for 24 months, but only 12 months for the warranty.
If you are looking for a long ride with a big tummy tuck in the baby shop, you can also choose a web store that is easily accessible from anywhere in the country with the help of the internet and free shipping. Here you can get all the baby accessories you need, from bathers to moving to feeding. To do this, you have to register on the site and usually you need a valid bank card eg Visa, only a few shops will be able to pay later.
It is also possible to order from foreign webshops, but here - although the prices are locally lower and the choice may be higher in the country, it is important to consider the cost of shipping within the European Union as well we have selected products without an international warranty, and may have a problem with the service, as it will only be done at the point of purchase.
European eBay is also an increasingly popular source of procurement, where you can find both new and used products. To use this, you need some linguistic skills, sign up and pay with cheaper, lighter paypal (an essential part of eBay online auctions). . Here, too, the shipping costs are borne by the buyer.
We also have lots of web and print classified ads in Hungary. Thus, from almost new, possibly even boxed, blocks, to warranty pieces, used by many children, we can shop for many years in a wide palette. Before buying it is a good idea to personally inspect the selected sample and check the cover, water, wheels, wheels, accessories and collapsible mechanism.
Depending on the category, brand, equipment, quality, brand, price of the new store: 7-8 thousand forints to 200-250 thousand forints move. The same types can be obtained in barely-used conditions, often 20-30 percent cheaper if you are patiently browsing through classifieds and getting compatible accessories that are compatible with our stroller or baby carrier. It is worth hunting for out-of-date models and colors, as most manufacturers launch new collections every year, and last year's pieces are sold at a discounted price.
In the end, we have chosen from almost any source, the main thing being to buy a safe, timeless, baby, mommy piece.
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  • 5. Twisted ballerinas

    5. Twisted ballerinas

    A small twist on the top and here are simple ballerinas that do not miss relief. Presented in the March 2010 issue of, they are knitted in place jersey and fancy stitch, in a soft cotton and acrylic thread.

    Size: 3 months


    Phildar knitting yarn, "Cabotine" quality (55% cotton, 45% acrylic): 1 pel. collar. Heather.

    Aig. n ° and n ° 3,5. 2 ea. twisted. 2 buttons.

    Points used

    Garter stitch: tric. always at the end.

    Ribs 1/1: * 1 m. end., 1 m. approx. *

    Fancy stitch (on a multiple number of 6 + 1 + selvedges)

    1st rg: * 1 m. end., 2 m. ens. to the end., 1 Yard, 1 st. end., 1 thrown, 1 single overcast * 1 m. end.

    2nd rg and even rgs: approx.

    3rd rg: * 2 m. end., 1 simple overcast, 1 thrown, 2 m. end. * 1 m. end.

    5th rg: to the end.

    7th rg: * 1 m. end., 5 m. Crosswise (= put 2 sts on the cable with 1 pair of cables on the back, put the next piece on a cable tie in the front, work the next 2 sts at the end and then the dc. placed in front and finally the m. placed behind) * 1 m. end.

    9th rg: resume at 1st rg.


    A square 10 cm stitch, aig. No. 3.5 = 27 m. and 32 rows.


    For the sole, cast on 37 sts. # 3. Tric. in garter st in inc. from the 3rd rg, all 2 rgs 4 fs 4 m. : 1 m. at 1 m. from each end and 1 m. on each side of the 2 m. central = 53 m. For the turn of the foot, knit. 10 rows of fancy stitch, ea. No. 3,5 in comm. the 1st row by: 1 m. Lily, 2 m. end. then the 5th m.

    For the top of the foot, leave the first 23 yards, cont. only on the 7 m. centers: 6 sts in stocking st, 1 st in crossing 5 sts. central as for the fancy point then term. in jersey end. Simultaneously, tric. together at the end of each rg the last m. from above and the 1st of m. waiting on the sides 8 fs. It remains 15 m. waiting on each side. Cut the thread. Put all the m. on the same aig. then with the aig. n ° 3, tric. 2 rows of ribs 1/1 and rab.

    Close the heel and the sole.

    Creation: Juliette Liétar

    Cardboard racing car. Recycling crafts for kids

    Cars are undoubtedly one of the first toys that attract the attention of children. Those of all shapes, sizes and colors, but surely it had never occurred to you to make your own toy car.

    In addition to being able to make a custom toy this craft that we explain step by step in It will serve to explain to the children the importance of recycling, because it is made with rolls of paper.

    • 1 roll of paper
    • Pair of scissors
    • Glue
    • Pencil, marker and brush
    • Yellow paint
    • Number stickers
    • 4 bottle caps

    1. Paint a roll of paper with yellow paint and let it dry. Bend it to form a prism.

    2. Draw and cut a small square on one of the faces, it will be the pilot's seat.

    3. Glue on four corners and glue the caps to make the wheels.

    4. Decorate the car with marker pen and stickers.

    This craft has been made byLaura Platas, of Juice Animations.

    Pregnant alcohol predisposes the child to alcoholism

    A new study shows that mice exposed to alcohol when they are still in their mother's womb develop a preference for this substance and are more attracted to it in the first period of their lives, HealthDay reports.
    The researchers say that this observation provides an explanation for why some adolescents exposed to alcohol during pregnancy abuse alcohol.
    Beyond family history, exposing the fetus to alcohol predicts whether or not a person will abuse alcohol later in life. The sooner these children start drinking the more problems with alcohol will start earlier in life.
    The fetus syndrome betivimplifies a deep mental retardation, but also cranial-facial defects. There are also some subtle defects that result from exposure to alcohol in the uterus.
    The senses are among the first systems that develop and allow the baby to learn from the mother what is good to drink and eat by guiding herself after eating the mother during pregnancy.
    All this information is transmitted to the fetus during pregnancy or the baby during lactation. It seems that this mechanism of adaptation is to the advantage of the body in situations where it does not involve a substance that creates addiction.
    The new studies tested the hypothesis that alcohol exposure during pregnancy resulted in an altered sensory response to the substance that affects the child's later behavior.
    In the first study, the mice were exposed to alcohol in the womb by the mother's consumption. The result showed that girls developed a preference for alcoholic versus non-alcoholic substances in the first period of life, but not as adults.
    The second study followed a similar protocol: mice were exposed to alcohol during gestation.
    Compared with mice whose mothers did not consume alcohol, mice exposed prenatally to alcohol developed a pronounced preference for this substance. They responded to alcohol and smelled much better than mice who had not been exposed to alcohol.
    In both cases, if the mice had no experience with alcohol until maturity, they lost interest in this substance. In people the situation is different. Experts say that exposure to alcohol in adolescence can have serious consequences, respectively young people can become addicted to alcohol.
    Researchers' advice is that mothers should not drink during pregnancy and keep teens away from alcohol.
    Alina Sica
    December 17, 2007

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    His toys follow him everywhere

    His toys follow him everywhere

    "My 5-month-old baby likes to play in his recliner, when I moved him from one room to another, I went back and forth to get the toys, which I then sat next to ... fixed at the back of the deckchair a cloth pouch in which I slide all his favorite toys. "Karine (Chamalières)

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