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He grew up in the wild but was not raised by animals

Carpet for a child's room - what to choose and whether it is necessary at all?

Many homes move away from carpets - because they collect dust, because they are a habitat of mites, because they do not work in an apartment where an allergic person lives. On the other hand, while there is no carpet in the living room, this element of the child's room performs a very important function: it protects against the effects of falls, makes the child warmer, gives an additional coziness effect. In addition, there are many rugs on the market that make it easier to play - you can use them as a kind of play mat, great protection against slipping, allow free play without slippers. For this reason, before we give up the carpet, it is worth thinking about it.

What rug for a child's room?

More important than the pattern or size of the rug is the material from which the rug was made.

What can we choose as parents?

  • woolen rug - wool is a highly valued material used for the production of carpets for centuries. It is in fact durable (more resistant to fire than synthetic products), guarantees adequate elasticity, excellent sound and thermal insulation. You can easily keep it clean, it is easy to clean. Unfortunately, it is also a strong allergen, which is why it does not work where the risk of allergies is higher (it is estimated that every second child is currently allergic).
  • acrylic rug - an alternative to a wool rug is the acrylic rug, which imitates wool perfectly, is very durable and resistant to dirt, and cheaper. The big advantage of acrylic is the fact that it is easy to clean, fibers, unlike wool, are not conducive to the development of fungi and microorganisms.
  • cotton rug - less common on the market. Its advantage is resistance to stains and fading. It is as good a choice as an acrylic rug, because it works great in an allergy room. Unfortunately, cotton rugs are quite thin - they do not look as nice as other types of rugs and they are quickly pilling. They can be selected for an infant's room - with a view to their early exchange.
  • polyester rug - works great in a small child's room, is not a source of allergens, cleans quickly. It does not absorb moisture and can be washed. Unfortunately, it is no longer so resistant to dents and wipes off fairly quickly.

What rug for an allergy sufferer?

For an allergy room, parents usually do not choose a rug or opt for a special product - with short pile, densely woven, from thermo-hardened, double-braided acrylic fiber. Such a rug is primarily comfortable to use, easy to clean and available in countless interesting designs.

Big or small?

In the child's room, you can plan a small rug in front of the crib or in the central part, however, when the child starts running, there is a risk that it will slip on it.

Therefore, large rugs and carpets covering most of the floor; or its whole, enjoy great popularity. They can be purchased in many colors and designs to suit the interests of the child.

What is bird flu?
Avian influenza usually occurs in birds or, more rarely, in pigs. The disease is caused by a virus and can be extremely serious in humans. There are 15 types of viruses that can cause it, the most aggressive being the H5N1 virus.
Places around the world where there have been bird flu cases are Indonesia, Vietnam and parts of Cambodia, China and Thailand. But cases have been reported in Europe.
The last epidemic was recorded in 1918 in Spain when 250 thousand people died. The virulent form of influenza manifested in humans is given by the H1N1 virus.
How does it manifest in humans?
Avian influenza can be transmitted to humans by ingesting unprepared meat from infected birds. It can also be taken by direct or indirect contact with animal droppings.
In February this year, 271 cases of bird flu in humans were reported, of which 165 were fatal. It is not yet known whether it can be transmitted from human to human. The most affected are those who grow or work with birds or those who live in poor conditions.
Particularly dangerous are the genetic mutations that can occur in the case of the recombination of the avian influenza virus with the human influenza virus. This is the possibility that the new hybrid formed can transmit humans and produce pandemics, but this theory is not yet proven.
What are the symptoms?
The symptoms of avian influenza can easily be confused with those of a simple cold: sore throat, muscular asthenia, headache, cough and fever. The evolution of the disease should be carefully observed and if the symptoms persist you should contact the doctor.
Risk to children
The cases registered so far show a higher incidence of the disease in children and adolescents. Avian influenza can cause respiratory, cardiovascular or liver dysfunction. Therefore, in people with immunosuppressed (with pre-existing chronic disease) the form of bird flu can be very severe.
Contact with birds
Certain hygiene rules must be observed "
Certain hygiene rules should be observed if outbreaks of avian influenza have been reported and contact with any bird should be avoided.
The treatment also exists in our country, and consists of a vaccine against bird flu (Tamiflu) which must be given 48 hours after the onset of symptoms. The purpose of this vaccine is to stop the worsening of the disease and prevent its spread in the community.
Black Delia

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Savory recipes for little cooks

Savory recipes for little cooks

Pizzas, savory pies, quiches, soups, gratins ... what if today you cook with your children? Here are our top chef salty version ideas to have fun and feast!

Cooking, kids love it! Put your hand in the dough and help you ... a fun and fun activity to share. Pizzas, salty pies, quiches, soups, gratins ... we have concocted ideas of savory recipes to make 4 hands with your apprentice cooks!

Our salty recipes ideas

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Cherry tomato clafoutis

Quiche Savoyard

Sandwich of the sea

Mashed pumpkins


Arcimboldo, mimosa way

Hamburgers of the ogres marinse

Ribbon of friendship

Salmon tartare

Chicken couscous

Spring Rolls


Fish soup

Provencal pie


Zucchini gratin

Spring salad

Cake with surimi


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Christmas tree with cardboard. Children's craft with recycled material

Christmas tree with cardboard. Children's craft with recycled material


I see you on the screen, baby!

Meaning of the name Otto. Name for boys

Meaning of the name Otto. Name for boys

Are you pregnant and looking for the ideal name for your baby? Our name finder has thousands of names for boys to help you in this important choice. We highlight the name in the dictionary of meaning of names: Otto.

German form of Otto, common in English-speaking countries.

It comes from od, audo: "wealth" that evolves into "property, owner"

January 16, July 2


  • Otto von Bismarck, German politician (1815-1898)
  • Otto Preminger, Austrian-born American film director (1906-1986)
  • Otto Rank, Austrian psychoanalyst (1884-1939)

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What makes our children so special

I believe that no parent should be convinced that their child is special. The feeling of love we feel for them is universal, and I am convinced that it is not due to a 'paternal blindness' that we inherit or develop with our offspring, but to the love that allows us to peer into the reality of our little ones through the desire to know his personality thoroughly.

We all agree that every human being is unique; Each of our children is unrepeatable, and we love each one in a unique way. Although we have several children, we never feel that we share love among all of us, so we have less for two or three than for one. The problem in our relationships with others is that they are always preceded by past experiences, previous impressions, prejudices or disinterest; This means that we do not know how to appreciate the uniqueness of each person many times, but this is not the case with our children.

I remember watching on television a program of married couples who had gone to China to adopt girls, and one of the mothers stated that when she saw her daughter, she had no doubt that that and no other was hers. I think what that mother felt was the loving approach to someone completely special and dependent on her, something that allows us to see parents what other people cannot see in a child: a wonderful and unique human being.

So yes, our children are special and we know how to see their beauty because we welcome them into our hearts. This makes us "fall in love" with them at different times in our lives, such as when we hug them after childbirth, or when we contemplate them asleep with the face of an angel, or when we see them engrossed playing in the park, or when they take comfort from a blow or fright in our arms, or when they give us a fanciful response from their world of intelligent innocence.

Love is not something that blinds us, on the contrary, it is what opens our eyes to see others as they are. Personally, I am not very in favor of the phrase 'whoever loves you accepts you as you are'; Rather, I think that whoever loves you loves you as you are, even though they want you to be better. So I find in the love of parents to children an authentic love, in which parents love their children as they are, while helping them to develop as people, and ultimately, to be happy. Surely we should apply the story to our relationships.

Patro Gabaldon. Editor of our site

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So why not fuck the baby's corner in the cityWhat to know about PKU (New Year's Eve Metabolism)?

So why not fuck the baby's corner in the cityWhat to know about PKU (New Year's Eve Metabolism)?

PKU, or neonatal metabolism, is a mandatory blood test for all neonates, enabling the detection of serious metabolic diseases. The corner is the color.

What you need to know about PKU?

In the first few days after birth, newborns are required to undergo compulsory examinations: a physical examination, an examination of the sense organs, a test of throat and developmental abnormalities.The PKU exam is 48-72 after birth. It comes from a blood sample taken out of the air.They metabolize PKU metabolic diseases that can cause serious health problems: phenylketonurea, hypothyroidism, and galactosemia. In the mid-80s, he underwent this metabolism, and since 1997, it is historically required. Early detection and treatment can prevent or the disease cannot be recognized yet. With screening, early detection is guaranteed, and treatment can begin at an early stage. Blood shedding is a delicate angle when a drop of blood is enough to pass a screening test. The color is safe and the baby is not endangered.If there is any problem with the result, they will suggest a second error. However, a repeated examination does not necessarily mean that the baby is suffering from a metabolic disease, the most common reason being that the first sample cannot be unambiguously concluded, for example because the baby is premature. But, of course, it can also mean that the baby has suspected metabolic disease.
  • Post-natal examinations
  • One of Szzzezerb
  • Don't let another kid out!

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