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Name Ronan - Meaning and origin

Name Ronan - Meaning and origin

Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

Irish ronan, "young seal".
This Irish name became popular in France in the 1970s when Celtic-sounding names began to be fashionable. Saint Ronan was an Irish bishop, a friend of Saint Patrick, who settled in Brittany in a town that now bears his name, Locronan.
The Ronans are celebrated on June 1st.
Its derivatives: Renan, Renné, Reunan.

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Roller skates for children enable active recreation in the fresh air. They have the advantage of being easy to carry, taking anywhere with them. All you need is a small backpack. This makes them much more practical equipment than a bicycle. Not only because of that. Rollers allow you to burn significantly more calories, which is why they are recommended for kids at the bone. In addition, they are already suitable for four-year-olds, and even younger children - if we decide on roller skates. How to choose the best roller skates for children?

Before you buy roller skates for children ...

To make the rollerblading adventure unforgettable, in a positive sense, you should ensure that your child is equipped with good equipment. It doesn't have to be the most expensive, but it has several features that affect it driving comfort and safety.

The main feature is right fit. Buying skates exaggeratedly is a bad idea, because we risk injury and thus significantly reduce driving safety. In addition, you need to be guided not so much as the size of shoes, but the length of the child's foot. The size of shoes varies considerably, and measuring the length of the foot allows you to get a specific value that should be taken into account when shopping.

Before you set off on your first ride, you must teach your child rollerblading at home. Just 5-10 minutes of walking attempts, learning to maintain balance. During this time, it is worth teaching the child the correct posture, i.e. the position of the V-shaped legs - the heels close together and the toes tilted outwards. It is also the right time to show how to bend, get up and turn.

Something else is also crucial - teaching your child how to skate safely. You must be aware of that it is much easier to accelerate than to brake safely. Pay attention to the braking technique using the brake, and when the child acquires practice - also by placing the feet properly and twisting. In addition, explain how to fall and get up safely.

It is worth remembering to make your child aware that they do not remove their helmet and pads when using the rollers. This is important because the learner is particularly vulnerable to falls. Appropriate equipment with protectors will minimize the possible consequences of falling to the ground.

Is this the right time for roller skates?

Skates for children are recommended for children from the age of four, due to the development of motor skills and the ability to maintain balance. It is during this period that the child can show appropriate reflexes, the ability to assess the situation and distance. This does not mean, however, that younger children are not able to skate. Individual characteristics are of great importance.

In general, dynamic kids, energetic, who like active sport, find their best in roller skating. Not only braking but maintaining balance can be a problem for beginner skaters. That's why they are on the market roller-skates that allow for variable positioning of the wheels. At the beginning, for greater stability you can set two wheels at the back and one at the front, and then, when the child gets more skill - move the wheels in one line, which will create classic rollers.

What to look for when watching children's skates?

Skates for children are bought for several seasons. This is the equipment he has adjustable length in the range of 3-5 sizes, that's why it's worth paying attention to its quality.

Rollers should be comfortable. Well profiled and have such mechanisms of fit to the foot that will guarantee stability. The foot must not move while driving. Roller skates for children are divided into those with a soft and hard shoe, the first ones are better because they provide better ventilation of the foot. Unfortunately, their disadvantage is that they hold the foot worse, that's why plastic stable housings are the most desirable for children.

Rollers we measure in a standing position, with slightly bent knees. NIt is important to pay attention that the shank does not compress the child.

It is very important material from which the wheels are made. The best material is PU - rubber (as most people think) and in fact polyurethane with an admixture of rubber, it guarantees a quiet ride and less bumps on the road. In addition, PU wheels are more durable and allow you to achieve higher speed. Unfortunately, the most common in children's roller skates are wheels made of PVC, which are hard, which makes the road bumps and loud more. Another solution is PUC - a mixture of artificial materials.

When deciding on rollers, you should also choose protectors that you put on before putting on the rollers, finally putting the protectors on your wrists with which it is difficult to fasten the rollers.

Have a nice ride! :)

Baby's head: what can surprise

Baby's head: what can surprise View the slideshow

You do not get tired of admiring your baby, but his head feels weird? Flattened, deformed, imperfect, almost bald, full of crusts of milk ... you wonder about its small imperfections and its fragility.

Head of baby: what can surprise (9 photos)

His head has an imperfect shape

During delivery, your baby's head has been under a lot of pressure. It may appear distorted, sugar loaf or even carrier of a blood-serum bump.
Do not be alarmed. This hump, soft to the touch, is not painful. It is formed during contractions when the cervix is ​​not yet fully dilated.
In a few days, everything will be back to normal. And your baby will find a pretty round skull.

His head is almost bald

Your baby is not alone in this case. Most newborns are born with a simple down on the top of the skull, usually black. This first shoot falls after a few months and gives way to thicker, lighter and smoother hair. Bald or not, there is nothing to predict what your child's hair will look like in the years to come. You can sometimes see bald patches on the back of your neck. This early baldness results from too much friction on the mattress. When your baby will lift his head and put on his stomach, the hair will grow back.

His head is bent to one side

In late pregnancy, your baby has trouble moving in the womb. He then places his head always on the same side. This is the beginning of a torticollis that you will find at birth.

Head bent to one side: what do I do?

The best treatment is gentle physiotherapy. Consult your doctor who will tell you the exercises to offer regularly.
Who says left torticollis says stimulation on the right and vice versa. If your infant's head is tilted to the left, place toys and mobiles on the right side of the bed.
When you change it, move to its right.
If you install it in a recliner, focus on the right side to talk to him and play it.

His head is flattened

Like all savvy moms, you put your baby on your back. However, this repeated daily posture can cause a slight flattening of the skull.
Without questioning this sleeping mode, of course, simple tips can prevent this deformity: alternate the position of the head, turn it to one side then the other, to prevent your baby from developing a side preferential. Then, as soon as your child opens the eye, propose him the position on the belly: it releases the support on the posterior part of the head and allows the acquisition of a better tone of the body.

His head is very flattened

If the deformity is very pronounced the doctors advise to put the baby on the opposite side to the flattened side, with the help of a wedge-baby.
Other instructions: Orient the bed in such a way that the light arrives on the opposite side of the deformation, arrange its familiar toys according to the same principle. This will help your baby turn his head by himself!

His head is covered with scabs of milk

No worries. Two out of three babies wear these scabs on the upper face, eyebrows or scalp, from the first week of life and sometimes up to 3 years.
This is due to maternal hormones, which, in late pregnancy, flood your newborn and are responsible for these excess sebum and the proliferation of fungi on his skin.

Crusts of milk: what do I do?

In prevention, brush your baby's hair every day with a soft brush.
Use a mild shampoo and gently massage her scalp. If scabs of milk appear, do not try to remove them.
Apply 2% salicylate Vaseline to soften. After a few hours, they will easily peel off with the brush.
Then a shampoo will make them disappear completely.
Be sure to dry your baby's head.
There are also homeopathic solutions, think about it!

More tips here

Baby's head: fragile attention!

We can never say it enough. You must never shake a baby. Too heavy, weakly supported by the muscles of the neck, his head remains vulnerable. In a jolt, she swings violently back and forth. Inside, the blood vessels can tear and the brain can hit the cranial box causing hemorrhage and then the formation of a hematoma. So, maximum sweetness ...

Isabelle Gravillon /

Baby sex: having a preference is natural

You plan to have a baby or have just learned about your pregnancy, and already you imagine a face, a character that corresponds to a girl or a boy. Normal: a child is a human being ... he is necessarily sexed.

For some women, girl or boy, whatever ... whatever! You can declare that you do not care. And yet, the features under which you imagine it are probably leaning swing on one side or another. Or perhaps you are, on the contrary, those who absolutely want a girl ... or a boy. Why such a strong desire?

"I am" able "to make a boy!"

  • Studies show that a large majority of women who are expecting their first child say at the beginning of their pregnancy: "I think I'm going to have a boy." Just an intuition that, without being revealing, is not neutral! Nicole Guédeney, a child psychiatrist, wonders if this desire for a son does not correspond to a need to feel "complete": a woman who carries a boy in her womb has both sexes at the same time.
  • These future mothers may also experience a kind of unconscious anguish about their total dependence on being a baby with their own mother. They think that with a boy, the risk is less of having a fusional relationship. A son will bring them a larger opening to the outside.
  • To desire a boy, it can also be to want to prove that one is "capable", to make a boy: a being different from oneself.
  • For still others, the boy remains valued because it is he who will transmit the name.

"I want a girl!"

  • Women today have a much better image of themselves in society. They have as much chance of succeeding professionally ... and succeeding - in short - their lives as men. Today, one can dream for his daughter of an enviable destiny.
  • This is probably part of the reason why more and more women say they want girls. Especially since the idea, ingrained, that a girl is closer to her mother than a boy is far from being an idea. It suffices, says Monique Bydlowski, psychoanalyst, to see how pregnancy and childbirth are the occasion for bringing together the young mother and her own mother. To have a daughter is filiation, it is as if some cho-circulated "from belly to belly".
  • Nicole Guédeney, for her part, has a very close feeling: a woman who absolutely desires a girl is a woman who has had a strong relationship with her mother. That's not to say that she got on very well with her, but their love affair was intense enough that she felt both the ability and the desire to pass on all the necessary a girl.

"I do not want to ..."

  • Absolutely refusing a sex is part of a personal story. Far from expressing a rejection, this refusal is a message of love for the baby to come. It is to protect your baby that you express your preference.
  • If you do not want a boy, you certainly have very legitimate reasons. Maybe related to your way of being proud and happy (or not) to be a woman? Little girl, did you feel like a "failed" boy or did your parents seem to prefer your brothers? They have "abused" you, as do boys and girls often do? You may also fear that you will give birth to this little boy, feel an unconscious fear of being aggressive with him. But this same situation may very well have the exact opposite effect and make you want to have a boy to find you in this little boy ...

"Why am I so determined?"

  • The die is cast. You are pregnant and do not yet know the sex of your future baby, but the mere idea of ​​having a boy is unbearable. Why ? Ask yourself the question. If you can not understand this imperative need to have a daughter, a psychotherapist can help you see clearly. Because when your baby is born, if it's a boy, you have to adapt!

Isabelle Gravillon

And you, do you have a preference? Our survey

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