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Common causes of behavioral problems in children

Common causes of behavioral problems in children

Parents always see only what their children are doing, without thinking about what causes them to do those things, which is hidden behind their frequent behavioral problems. We call them naughty, spoiled, disobedient, heavenly, wicked, unprintable, but what is the true source of this way of behaving? Here are some sources that you might want to meditate on and try to "treat" the cause, not the effect!


Psychologists argue that behind many inappropriate behavioral reactions is the feeling of hunger. Sometimes parents have the impression that their little ones have to eat so many times or whenever they do it daily. But adults eat fewer times a day than children. Little ones quickly burn calories because of the increased activity level and need more meals, plus snacks.

Children scream, cry and become angry when they are hungry due to low blood sugar levels.


Fatigue gives the child an increased irritability, which also leads to a state of nervousness that ends in various rashes or inappropriate forms of behavior. They start crying, yelling and throwing things and even hitting people or making real hysteria crises in public.

Children need to have a stable sleep schedule, and if you know that lately he has been hit and unable to comply, try to understand his behavior and remedy the situation, not punish him for things he does not intentionally do. .

The need to be aware or obtain something

Frustrations are a common source of children's behavioral problems. Generally, children behave badly when they want to get something from someone or when they feel the need to be ignored. You're going to say that your little one wants your attention non-stop, right? Most likely, yes, but most of the time, children react aggressively or politically from a behavioral point of view when they feel unloved, deprived, neglected or disadvantaged (as when a younger brother appears and feels that he is older. beloved). Talk to your little one and ask him all the time why he is behaving like this, teaching him to express his feelings!


Another common cause or source of so-called naughty children is boredom. The lack of activities that will arouse their interest, neglect and neglect will lead to a state of boredom that will translate into unpolitical behavior.

These problems occur especially in the case of children who go with their parents to work, meetings or visits where they have no source of entertainment or maintenance. Keep in mind that a child is not able to sit still or in one place for a very long time, not even at the table. Therefore, you must always be prepared to provide him with a source of fun that will keep him busy and connected, be it a toy, a book or other children.

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Name Adamo - Meaning and origin

Origin of first name:

Hebrews, Originals, Rare

Meaning of the name:

Comes from Hebrew Adam meaning "man" or "humanity".


No famous Adamo yet, except in last name with the singer-songwriter Italian Salvatore

His character :

Adamo combines strength of character and great sensitivity. Very receptive, he feels the world around him with great acuteness. Adamo combines a need for independence and freedom with a deep sense of family and relationships. It puts people at ease by its natural tenderness. With him, one never gets bored so much he is unpredictable. With his practical and pragmatic spirit, he is quickly trusted. Adamo knows how to listen to others and give them the necessary attention.


Adam, Adao, Adenet ...

His party :

Saint Adam, of the order of Franciscans, is celebrated on June 17th.

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Such is life with a two-year-old

Such is life with a two-year-old

Is your child addicted to television?

We can never deny the functions of television that support education and enable us to be aware of the world we live in. The contradiction here is the situation that occurs in uncontrolled use.

There is no problem that the child is in the environment when the television is on during infancy. Even in the process of speaking, it would be helpful to encounter plenty of sounds. But this should not be perceived as the child should be placed in front of the television and left alone.

Children who are directed to watch television in order to have a comfortable meal, to have a quiet sitting, to keep them entertained develop the habit of watching television at later ages. Even though his family spends a lot of time in front of the television, the child takes his family as a model and habits are formed again. This in turn causes children to lose their ability to comment. Because television is a one-way, passive activity.Effects of television on child development:• The more children witness violence, the more they monitor violence, the more normal it becomes to them over time. They become insensitive to violence • Young children become imitators because they are in the learning stage. They try to implement the scenes of violence that they see on television. And in time, it acts on their behavior, their characters. We cannot ignore the effects of imitation on the learning stage. Television is harmless as long as you set up which programs your child will watch: • Research has shown that children cannot afford to make jigsaws and readings that require much attention after watching television for a long time. In other words, children's minds cannot 'actively learn. • • Children think what they see on TV are real and want to replace them. • Some of the subliminal stimuli used in advertising affect children's attitudes and behaviors • Watching television is a passive job that causes obesity in children • Today, children are faced with many sexual messages. Most of these messages come from television.ATTENTION: Television is a combination of audio and video affect children much easier and quicker. Of course there is. Educational programs that go through a certain censorship, some images about nature and environment that your child cannot encounter in daily life, all family members spend time together, Quality discussion programs provide detailed information on a topic, news and history programs, other peoples of children and to get to know their culture better.Television is the reconstruction of realityAykut Akova, Psychological Counselor and Pedagogue Ay Tell your children that TV is nothing more than 'reconstruction of the truth': directors, actors and actresses, cameramen, producers, etc., who watch them on TV (even documentaries and news). is a fact configured by. They may reflect their own viewpoints, prejudices and commercial concerns. Explain that everything that is not shown on TV (people, cultures, lifestyles) is equally important. ”What can be done?• Do not use television as a means of distraction • Do not feed your child in front of the television • Set the programs that your child will watch • Make television watching hours • Watch the television by talking to your child and discussing • Switch off the TV when you watch the program. Take time to read and play games • Do not keep the television on all day • Do not have a television in your child's bedroom • Support your child's hobbies and reunion • Do not use the television as a reward or punishment.
5 tips to store your fridge

No more anarchy! Better tidying up your refrigerator only has advantages. This is the best way to prevent foodborne infections, thus protecting the health of our family and reducing waste.

1. At the coldest: the most fragile products

  • A well-regulated refrigerator must maintain a temperature of 5 degrees C on the middle floor. Depending on the refrigerator models, the coldest zone (between 0 and 3 degrees C) is located on the lower floor, just above the crisper, or on the top floor. To find out, look at the manual (for the most recent models, this area can be identified by a triangular symbol on the wall.
  • It is here, in this coldest zone, that we have to store the most perishable and fragile products: meat, fresh fish, seafood, open dairy products, fresh fruit juice, products in progress defrosting.

2. In the middle, fresh area: eggs, dairy products, cold cuts

  • In the middle floors (between 4 and 6 degrees C), we will place yogurts, pasteurized cheeses and other dairy products, cold cuts, cooked products, leftovers in airtight boxes, pastries and all products with the mention " to keep cool after opening ".

3. In the sweetness of the crisper ... fruits and vegetables

  • This protected portion of the refrigerator maintains a temperature of 8 ° / 10 ° C. It is intended to receive fruits and vegetables that would be damaged by too cold temperatures: salads, for example. You can also put the cheese to finish refining.

4. In the door, a light refrigeration

  • The compartments in the door are the "warmest" parts of the refrigerator (8 ° / 12 ° C). We will store drinks, mustard, butter, eggs, olives, sauces. Beware of the products started (milk, fruit juice, soups ...), it is better to consume them within 48 hours.

5. And in the freezer ...

  • To freeze homemade food, you need a 4-star freezer ****. The washed and peeled fruits and vegetables can be placed in boiling water for 1 to 2 minutes to stabilize their color and vitamins. We can keep them for 1 year. Ice creams, cold cuts, fatty fish will be consumed within 3 months. Home cooked meals within 6 months.

Did you say DLC and DLUO?

The DLC or expiry date - or to consume before the ... - must be respected. Only yogurts kept cool at -6 ° C have a safety margin of one week, but not the white cheeses or desserts.
The best use date or date of use - or to consume preferably before the ... - can be exceeded without danger. But foods lose their vitamins, omega 3 and flavor over time.

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Odile Amblard

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Choosing a name for your baby is a complicated task. And is not for less; The name you choose will accompany you throughout your life and will be the one that you will always identify with and will even give you a certain personality. That is why it must be a considered and consensual decision between both parents. To help you decide we have compiled a list with names for boys inspired by the most revered saints in Mexico.

A simple name or a compound one, which is not too long or too strange but that at the same time has strength and inspires confidence and that also fits well with the surname. We help you find what to call your child!

Mexico is a very devout country, for hundreds of years faith has been practiced in all cultures and in all corners by those who inhabited the country, thus becoming one of the main axes of their culture. Here we propose a list of names for boys and girls Inspired by the Mexican saints so you can choose the one that has the most meaning for you.

1. Guadeloupe
This name is inspired by the deity Cihuacóatl, also called Tonantzin or venerated mother, worshiped on the hill of Tepeyac, the precise place where the Virgin of Guadalupe appeared, patron saint of Mexico whose festivity is celebrated on December 12. Guadalupe's name, Lupita in its abbreviation, also has its variant in Spanish. It comes from wad-al-hub, which means 'river of love'.

2. Atocha
Santo Niño de Atocha, a representation of the infant Jesus, is the patron of the miners and a symbol of the Zacatecas. Its meaning is 'adoration' and the children who bear this name often have a candid and very generous personality. His name day is December 25.

3. Martin
San Martín Caballero, his real name is Martín de Tours, born in Hungary. He is the patron saint of Acayucan, San Martín Texmelucan and Tixtla de Guerrero. It is prayed to in urgent needs, to attract good luck, work and money. The name Martín means 'he who is consecrated to Mars' and is celebrated on November 11.

4. Benito
This name for a boy comes from the deity Saint Benedict, who provides protection against evil temptations. Its meaning is 'the one whom God blesses' or directly 'blessed'. His name day is March 21.

5. Charbel
Saint Charbel is a hermit saint of Lebanese origin. In Mexico, more specifically in the church of San Agustín, it is highly revered by all believers. He is implored for serious illnesses and for work issues. This is a very special saint for those who appreciate and love religious beliefs. Its meaning is 'he who heals' and it is celebrated on the third Sunday of July.

6. Paschal
This name comes from the saint San Pascual Bailón, patron of cooks and cooks and of Eucharistic associations and congresses. It means 'the one who was born on Easter, relevant and sacred to Easter'. His name day is May 17.

7. Antonio
Saint Anthony of Padua, a saint considered miraculous and highly revered in many regions of the world. He is very loved, especially when it comes to asking for luck in love for oneself or for a relative since he is known as a 'matchmaker'. In its origins, it helped women to have a dowry and thus get married. The meaning of Antonio is 'one who faces his adversaries' or 'brave' and is celebrated every June 13.

8 Catarina
This cute name for a girl is inspired by the virgin Catarina de Juquila, invocation of the Virgin Mary. His sanctuary is located in Santa Catarina Juquila, Oaxaca. The meaning of Catarina (Catalina in its Spanish version) is 'immaculate and pure'. His party is December 8.

9. Candelaria
Virgen de la Candelaria, patron saint of Tlacotalpan, means 'independence, will, vitality and that transmits energy in adverse situations'. Its Spanish variant is Candela and its name day is celebrated in style by believers every February 2.

Read the list again slowly, this time aloud, and also give the last name your baby will carry. The name that most fills your heart with joy will be chosen. Congratulations on your baby!

You can read more articles similar to 9 cute names for boys of the most revered saints in Mexico, in the category of Saints - Biblicals on site.

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Being a Perfectionist Mother

Although we first met him as the wife of goalkeeper Rüştü Reçber, Işıl Reçber is a name that often makes his name known with his social responsibility projects and eye-catching style. We listened to her mother's adventures, her social responsibility projects and her style secrets.

You became a mother at a very young age, were you ready to be a mother?
I've been a madman for as long as I can remember. I have an unbelievable motherly side Yes, I married early, but I married the man I love. I wanted to love and raise my own baby… So I was absolutely ready for motherhood. I took on very serious responsibilities at a very young age, I grew up with my daughter. Now I'm experiencing the pros.

Have you had any difficulties?
When my daughter Tuvana was born, she was a very sensitive child, with almost no sleep patterns. We used to sit with Rustu until morning. Rustu was so upset that he would take Tuvana in her arms and fall asleep in a rocking chair. There were times when I thought, "What am I going to do?" Of course it was because I was inexperienced. But I have seen that all of this is a process hepsi After a certain time, all of them go away. I was worried again when I was pregnant with my son, but I was more experienced and I could easily handle everything.

Did you want to have a daughter or a son?
I wanted to have a daughter; I dress her, decorate her, I was thinking of combing her hair. But since it was the first child, it didn't matter if it was a boy or a girl. I feel lucky to have both my daughter and my son right now.

How much weight did you gain during your pregnancy?
I gained 12 pounds in my first pregnancy. When I was 1.80, my pregnancy was not very clear. I wore all my clothes before my pregnancy. When I was nine months pregnant, they thought I was four months old. I also gained 17 kilos when I was pregnant with my son, but Memo was born over four pounds. Four months after birth, more than 17 kilograms went away spontaneously. I've gone a lot below the weight I got pregnant. But I don't know if the third is the same!

When do you think of your third child?
Rustu has been wanting for a few years now. Maybe next year olabilir

How did you give birth?
Both have had a caesarean section. One was taking general anesthesia and the other was epidural. But he can say that if I give birth to 40 children, I will give birth to 40 epidural cesarean sections.

So why?
It is very comfortable because… You are also aware of everything because it is numbed down from your waist and they give your baby to your lap as soon as they are born. I can never give birth normally; I'm not that brave and strong. Therefore, I recommend epidural cesarean section to anyone who is afraid of normal birth.

Rustu Bey was born?
Yeah, he came in, he was on my head, and he was very supportive. He spoke to me, helped me get my head, grabbed my hands ...

Did you ever run after them with your plates so the kids could eat?
Never! We eat together at the table and eat at the clock.

Tuvana is now 13 years old nasıl How is your mother-daughter relationship, from time to time there are frictions?
I have never had a problem with Tuvana until today, and I hope that our mother-daughter relationship will continue in this way. Tuvana is my dearest friend Tu The person I enjoy chatting with, shopping and vacationing is Tuvana… My daughter and I share everything with each other. Some of my friends say that they have jealousy with their daughters, but we have never experienced anything like this. Tuvana is a mature, calm and sane child. I feel lucky.

How is your relationship with Mehmet Burak?
Boys and girls are very different from each other tabii Men are much more active and shy people can say that they are bored in the third minute of the conversation. Still trying to play with him as much as I can. We play games and have fun together.

The two brothers are seven years old. How are they?
Normally the older brother is jealous of the younger, but on the contrary, Memo is a more dominant character. He loves collecting all about it. That's why he sometimes pushes his sister. Fortunately, Tuvana is much more mature and knows how to handle her brother nicely.

How did you decide the names of Tuvana and Mehmet Burak?
Rustu wanted the name of Tuvana very much. We don't like classic names as a couple. The meaning of Tuvana; it's the first raindrop falling into heaven. Meaning we also liked it, so we put Tuvana. I've wanted to name Burak since I was a kid if I had a son. The name Mehmet is the name of both me and the father of Rustu. I think it's a beautiful name. So we named our son Mehmet Burak.

What kind of father is Rustu Bey?
A perfect father inanılmaz Incredibly sensitive, caring, responsible to his children… A really good father. For us, our children are more important than anything, the world aside they are. As children grow up, so does their social activities. Rüştü grows in many places that I cannot reach. As parents, we manage the whole program very well.

How did being a parent affect your husband and wife relationship?
Negatively did not affect at all. Sometimes even when the children go to grandmother or grandmother and we are alone with Rüştü at home, we say, olmasa What would we do if we didn't have children? Because the house feels so empty and quiet… We, as husband and wife, enjoy being with our children. After having children as husband and wife, we didn't look at each other just because we were parents. We never forget that we are lovers and wives.

Because you are presenting your style fabricated in Turkey's Vicrtori Beckham. What are your style secrets?
In fact, there is a feminine production, but I am also a rocker too… I think the style of a woman is literally sitting in her late 20s and early 30s. After this time, however, you understand what you want, whether you want it or not. I'm dressed like I came from. I never had the obsession to wear the most fashionable thing.

Interview Müge Serçek Biroğlu - Photo by Merve Ağazat

Is it safe for my baby if I snore during pregnancy?

Snoring may not be safe. It can have negative effects on your pregnancy and your baby if your snoring is chronic – meaning it occurs at least a few times a week.

Why? Because if you snore most nights, you're at risk for sleep apnea. Sleep apnea causes intermittent pauses in your breathing while you sleep. And when you stop breathing repeatedly, your body gets less oxygen.

Sleep apnea in pregnancy has been linked to a greater incidence of edema (swelling), daytime sleepiness, hypertension (high blood pressure), and hyperglycemia (high blood sugar). Women who snore frequently have a higher prevalence of cesarean delivery and of low-birth-weight babies. They may also be at higher risk for depression during pregnancy.

No differences in brain development or physical development have been found in infants of women with sleep apnea during pregnancy. But they did, in one study, have lower social development scores at 12 months of age than babies whose mothers didn't have sleep apnea while they were pregnant.

Snoring during pregnancy isn't uncommon. In fact, about 8 percent of pregnant women report snoring in the first trimester, and just over 21 percent snore in the third trimester.

Have a talk with your healthcare provider if your snoring is more than occasional. If your symptoms indicate a risk for sleep apnea, testing may be recommended. Testing often involves an overnight sleep study.

Treating sleep apnea during pregnancy could have a positive health benefit for both you and your baby. Treatment options include:

  • A continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) machine to help you breathe more easily while you're sleeping.
  • A mandibular advancement device, which moves your lower jaw forward while you sleep. This helps reduce closure in the back of the throat, the main cause of sleep apnea.
  • Training devices that reduce the severity of sleep apnea by helping you avoid certain sleep positions.

Is it Bad if My Baby Snores?

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