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If you are looking for children's poems about animals and more specifically that talk about dogs, we suggest that you read Rabosa with your children, a nursery rhyme poetry that tells the story of a dog who takes care of a shepherd's sheep so that they do not get separated or lost.

A very sweet poem that tells a little story in verse and is a great way to introduce children to the wonderful world of poetry. And the thing is, the reading that children may like is not only in prose, there are also verses that can touch their hearts.

Rabosa is a dog

who takes good care of the flock,

helps the pastor

They have been together for many years.

Meet the little sheep,

their names, spots, sizes,

take care that they do not separate,

let no one hurt them.

Gladys, Nube, Lucero,

Copito, Genaro, Blanca,

knows all their names

and by their names he calls them.

He sees them graze in the meadow,

watch around him,

to the little lambs

pay more attention to them.

Rabosa wags his tail,

run from here to there,

the shepherd and the sheep

happy they see her jump.

Reading is a very important learning but so is understanding what is read, understanding the meaning of the text. To help our children to achieve this we can practice with short readings like these children's poems about animals. We can ask them questions about the text to see if they have understood it, try these:

- What was the dog's name?

- What animals does the dog take care of?

- Do you remember some of the names of the animals he cares for?

You can read more articles similar to Rabosa. Children's poems about animals, in the category of Poems on site.

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When will I get pregnant? - this question ... is the answer

Pets - Possible danger to newborns?

A very controversial topic is whether or not to keep pets if you have young children or if pets are a danger to newborns.

Specialists believe that, although there are some risks, pets and very young children can live very well together if parents follow a few simple rules.

Read below for tips on how to avoid unpleasant incidents between pets and children.

If you are going to bring your new born baby home for the first time and have a pet, you must remember that you must first prepare the dog / cat etc for the baby's arrival.

Allow the animal to enter the child's room before the baby comes home. Your pet must smell the toys and objects that will belong to the baby.

Before you get home with your little one, ask someone to bring a baby blanket from the hospital home and put it in the next baby room. This will help your pet get used to the smell of the baby.

When you bring the baby home let someone else take it in their arms. Since you are missing a few days to give birth, your pet must see that you are okay.

When you think the animal is ready, get acquainted with your baby, but with great care and under close supervision.

Make sure your pets are healthy and regularly taken to the veterinarian for vaccination and routine checks. If you want to be super cautious, you can take the dog to a special trainer before bringing the baby home.

Some pets can be dangerous to the newborn baby. Reptiles, rodents, amphibians, monkeys, small birds and exotic animals are not recommended as pets for families with very young children.

The most friendly and recommended pets for families with a newborn are cats, dogs and rabbits.

Certain breeds of dogs can be a potential danger to the little ones (like the Pit Bull or Rottweiler breed) because they have aggressive behavior. The breeds most friendly to children are Labrador and Golden Retreiver.

Supervise each time carefully how your pet reacts around the child.

Do not allow the animal to enter the baby's room while it is sleeping.

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Veronique Name - Meaning and Origin

Origin of first name:

French, Greeks

Meaning of the name:

Phenomena of Greek, "to bring, to bring", and nikè, "victory".
In Greek mythology, Nikè was the personification of victory and one of the nicknames of Athena, the goddess of war. Saint Veronica wiped the face of Christ ascending the path of Calvary.
The Véronique are celebrated on February 4th.
Its derivatives: Veronica, Berenice, Bunny, Ronnie.

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