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In the revolutionary calendar, we found Raisin or Currant. They have never "pushed" as first names, but others yes. Plum, Apple, Cherry ... some of the fruit names are only worn by a handful of children, but that's what could really appeal to you!

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First names of chewable fruits (15 photos)

First names: Clementine


Latin clementia, "kindness, clemency". This name comes from the citrus fruit created in 1902 by a learned botanist named Father Clément. It is the actress Clémentine Célarié who made her success. His party : March 21 with Clemence or October 5 with Fleur.
More info about Clémentine

Fruit names: Apple


... or Apple in French. Latin pomum, the fruit, it refers to the goddess Pomona, goddess of the Fruits in the Roman mythology. This is the name of the daughter of Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin ... and it is far from being a forbidden name! His party : October 5th with Fleur.

Given names: Cassis


Sometimes used as diminutive for the name Cassandra, here is an original idea. Unlike Currant, this name was not in the revolutionary calendar, but was able to make a place ... we understand! His party : October 5th with Fleur.

First names fruits: Tamara


A sweet name that comes from Hebrew thamar, The date. It's a name that we find in the Eastern countries, but also in England, the United States and Spanish-speaking countries. This is the name of the singer Shy'm, Tamara Marthe of her real name. His party : May, the 1st.
More On Tamara

Given names: Myrtille

Greek murtosmyrtle, this name is best known as Myrtle. In ancient Greece, this little sweet black berry, was the symbol of victory ... a good idea for your future fighter? His party : October 5th with Fleur.

Fruit names: Plum


A nice name for the apple of your eyes! Latin prunumPlum, like other fruit names, has been used as a given name since 1993, when it was accepted for registration. You can also think of Prunelle ... as the editor of Gaston Lagaffe! His party : October 5th with Fleur.

Given names: Olivia


Much less rare than other names "fruits", Olivia is a much more attractive variant of Olive, first name used in France and England until the twentieth century. We all remember Popeye's wife! Olivia has more charm, like the singer Olivia Ruiz, one of the celebrities to wear it. His party : March 5th.
More On Olivia

Given names: Amanda


Nothing to do with almond ... it's a derivative of Amandine, from Latin amandus, which means who deserves to be loved. It's up to you to see if this name deserves it! His party : July 9th.

First names fruits: Cherry


Greek kerasio, designating the fruit of the cherry tree, here is a gourmet name that you can also use in its Anglo-Saxon form Cherry. His party : July 7 (19 Messidor in the Republican calendar).

Fruit names: Raspberry


They are not numerous, less than a hundred in France, but they exist since 2000. His party : with Fleur on October 5th, like many names of fruits or flowers, or why not with Françoise on March 9th?

Fruit names: Coco


Nobody forgets Coco Chanel, born Gabrielle! Coco is one of the first names from "brands" to appear. In the last century, it was also used as diminutive of Claude, so why not choose the same date of celebrationJune 6th?

Fruit names: Ena


Ena is the name of the almond fruit in Irish. A good idea that makes you crack? His party : June 25th.

Given names: Hazel

Hazel means hazelnut in English. This is the name of one of Julia Roberts' twins, Hazel Patricia. His party : with Fleur on October 5th.

Given names: Livie

... or Livia, here is another derivative of Olive that could seduce you. It's a name that goes up. His party : March 5th.

Fruit names: Vanilla


The fruit of vanilla has become a name since the 1990s. It remains original and could melt ... His party : October 5th with Fleur.

What is diarrhoea?

Diarrhoea is large, runny, frequent or watery poo. It's common in children.

Diarrhoea can be:

  • short term - it usually passes in a day or two and lasts no more than two weeks
  • persistent - it lasts 2-4 weeks
  • chronic - it lasts longer than four weeks.

Symptoms of diarrhoea

If your child has diarrhoea, he'll have large, runny, frequent or watery poo. The colour of the poo might vary from brown to green, and you might notice bits of partially broken down food in the poo. The smell can be very nasty.

Other symptoms that might come with diarrhoea include stomach pain or cramps, bloating, nausea, vomiting or fever.

Diarrhoea might lead to dehydration, which can be a serious problem.

Does your child need to see a doctor about diarrhoea?

If your child is under three months old and has diarrhoea, always see your GP.

It's also a good idea to see your GP if your child:

  • has chronic diarrhoea
  • has blood in her poo
  • is losing weight.

Take your child to a hospital emergency department straight away if he has diarrhoea and:

  • he shows signs of dehydration - that is, if he isn't passing urine, is pale and thin, has sunken eyes, cold hands and cold feet, is drowsy or is very cranky
  • he can't keep fluids down and has severe stomach pain or stomach pain that won't go away
  • you're worried that he's very unwell.

You know your child best, so trust your instincts if your child doesn't seem well. Signs that your child has a serious illness that requires urgent medical attention include severe pain, drowsiness, pale or blue skin, dehydration, troubled breathing, seizures and reduced responsiveness.

Tests for diarrhoea

If the diarrhoea is caused by a specific virus, bacteria or parasite, a test of your child's poo will show what the problem is.

If the diarrhoea is chronic, your doctor might order some blood and poo tests to look for other underlying causes.

Treatment for diarrhoea

The most important thing is to make sure that your child has enough to drink.

Give your child small amounts to drink often - for example, a few mouthfuls every 15 minutes. It's best to use an oral rehydration fluid like Gastrolyte®, Hydralyte™, Pedialyte® or Repalyte®. You can buy these fluids over the counter from a pharmacy. These products might come as premade liquid, powder or icy poles for freezing. Make sure that you make up the liquid carefully according to the instructions on the packet.

If you can't get oral rehydration solution, you can use diluted lemonade, cordial or fruit juice. Use one part of lemonade or juice to four parts of water. Full-strength lemonade, cordial or fruit juice might make the diarrhoea worse, so don't give these to your child.

If you have a young breastfed baby, keep breastfeeding but feed more often. You can give your child extra oral rehydration solution between feeds. If your baby is bottle fed, give her oral rehydration fluid for the first 24 hours only and then reintroduce full-strength formula in smaller more frequent feeds. You can still offer extra oral rehydration fluids between feeds.

Your child might refuse food to start with. If your child is hungry, you can give him whatever he feels like eating. Don't stop food for more than 24 hours.

Additional treatments
If your child is very dehydrated or can't keep any oral fluids down, she might need fluids to be given directly into a vein through a drip or through a tube that goes up her nose and into her stomach. In this case, she'll have to go into hospital.

If your child is older and the GP thinks your child's diarrhoea is caused by temporary lactose intolerance following gastroenteritis, the GP might suggest your child swaps to a lactose-free milk until the diarrhoea improves.

If you're breastfeeding a baby with this kind of diarrhoea, it's OK to continue to breastfeed. For formula-fed babies, your doctor will advise you about which formula to choose.

Don't treat your child with antidiarrhoeal medications. There's no evidence to show that these treatments work. Your child probably doesn't need antibiotics either, but your doctor will tell you about the best treatment options for your child.

Preventing diarrhoea

If your child has had gastroenteritis and diarrhoea, you can help prevent the spread of this infection by making sure everyone in the family washes their hands regularly and doesn't share drink bottles, cups or food utensils.

It's best to keep your child away from other children and school or child care until he's had no diarrhoea for at least 24 hours.

Causes of diarrhoea

The most common cause of short-term diarrhoea in children is gastroenteritis or 'gastro'. Your child might also get diarrhoea if she's been taking medications like antibiotics for another illness. Sometimes but not often, short-term diarrhoea is a sign of a more serious illness like appendicitis.

Sometimes following a bout of gastro, your child might get persistent diarrhoea caused by a type of temporary lactose intolerance.

Chronic diarrhoea might be caused by:

  • types of lactose intolerance
  • parasitic infections like Giardia
  • coeliac disease
  • food intolerances
  • irritable bowel syndrome
  • other less common conditions like inflammatory bowel disease.

Some toddlers with chronic diarrhoea might be drinking too much fruit juice. But we don't know what causes diarrhoea in many toddlers. This is called toddlers diarrhoea.

How to fasten a cloth diaper

Some cloth diapers come with built-in snaps or tabs to secure the diaper on your baby. Other types of cloth diapers, like prefolds or flats, require you to fasten the diaper with diaper pins or a fastener as demonstrated below.

(Sometimes a cloth diaper can be used without fastening it directly, by tucking it into a cover and fastening that. But fastening the diaper itself helps protect the cover from becoming soiled, especially by breastfed newborn babies, who tend to have runny poop.)

1. First follow our steps for removing the dirty diaper and putting a clean one in place.

2. Pull the back corners of the diaper around your baby's waist and lay them over the front of the diaper.

3. If using a T-shaped fastener (like a Snappi), hook the two top ends of the fastener to the left and right flaps, then hook the bottom end to the bottom center of the diaper's front. See the packaging for complete directions.

4. For a two-pronged fastener (like the Boingo), hook one on each side of the diaper. See the packaging for complete directions.

5. If using pins, place two or three fingers under the diaper fabric to avoid accidentally pricking your baby when fastening the diaper.

Insert the pin so it points away from your baby's belly button and slowly push it into the fabric. When you feel the pressure of the pin against your fingers, change the angle of the pin and start pushing it out of the fabric. (Quick tip: If you stick the pin points in a bar of soap first, they'll be easier to push through the diaper.)

6. See how to finish the diaper change.

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  • Talk to other parents about cloth diapering
  • Video: My worst diaper-changing moment
  • Infant potty training: What it is and how to do it

HOW TO: Properly Put on a Cloth Diaper All-in-one TUTORIAL

A dad, it's never full of love!

A dad, it's never full of love!

Card with 3D Christmas tree. Christmas pop up postcard

You can do many activities at home with children with very little time and money, and without leaving home this Christmas. We suggest you make Christmas cards to congratulate your friends and family in an original and personalized way.

In We teach you to make a very curious and surprising Christmas postcard with the children. An original Christmas postcard with a pop-up effect, the kind that opens it to a large, very beautiful fir tree!


  • Christmas wrapping paper
  • Glue stick
  • Black marker
  • Star shaped stickers
  • Snowflake figure punch
  • Red, white, green, and yellow cardstock sheets
  • Pencil
  • Rule
  • Pair of scissors

Do you want to learn how to do this card with your children? We tell you the material that you will need and then the step by step of its preparation, with photos.

1. Start by choosing a gift wrap with Christmas motifs of your liking, and cut out a rectangle 27 cm long by 19 cm wide; Next, glue the rectangle of paper onto a red folio-size card. This will be the layer of the card.

2. Punch snowflake shapes on the white card. Flip the previous cardboard and glue the snowflakes forming a frame.

3. On the green card, cut out a rectangle 27 cm long by 19 cm wide and draw a vertical line in the middle. From this line draw the Christmas tree. For this you need to make 15 marks of 1cm on the center line. Start marking them from the bottom. Then draw a horizontal line 2 cm from the bottom edge with a length of 15 cm. Make sure you draw the line centered.

The next step is to join its ends with the last mark you painted on the vertical line; this way you will obtain the drawing of an equilateral triangle.

And finally, draw 12 horizontal lines inside the triangle using the marks you made at the beginning. It has to be like the one in this photo.

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4. Fold the green card in half leaving the lines out and cut all the horizontal lines with the scissors.

Re-stretch the green card and glue it centered on the red card, covering
the snowflakes slightly, but watch out! Do not put glue on the inside of the
equilateral rectangle that shapes the fir tree; This is essential to achieve the
pop up effect!

Close the card slightly and begin to fold the strips that have formed on the
green cardboard, some in and some out.

5. Go over the trunk of the Christmas tree with the black marker, and decorate with a yellow cardboard star and stickers.

And so you get an original Christmas card with a fir tree that has a pop effect!
up like this!

3D Christmas Card Making IdeasDIYChristmas Tree MakingPop up Card EasyChristmas Decoration Ideas

In the 9th month of pregnancy, in 96% of the cases the baby is already positioned in so-called cephalic presentation, upside down. But 4% of babies do not turn around and keep their heads up. They come into the world by the seat by presenting themselves by the feet or the buttocks.

A presentation in headquarters, what is it?

  • It is during the last trimester of pregnancy that your baby is positioned upside down to prepare for the birth. This is the rule in 96% of cases.

But 4% of the babies do not turn and remain positioned the head up, in presentation said by the seat of which one distinguishes 2 types:

  • the complete seat when it's the baby's feet coming out first
  • the seat completed when the baby comes into the world by first presenting his buttocks.

Solutions to help the baby turn around?

Even if your baby is upside down, there are ways to help him turn around:

  • At first, thanks to an obstetric maneuver called external version, perfectly mastered, your obstetrician will encourage your baby to change position, to switch with gentle pressure or massage.
  • Your baby's heart rate will be monitored during manipulation, which is mostly under ultrasound control, to check the position of the placenta and umbilical cord.
  • This maneuver will not be painful for your baby or for you. It works every other time and in case of failure a new attempt can be renewed.

There are other ways to help your baby turn around:

  • The practice of the "Indian Bridge", a postural method that consists of lying on your back and elevating your buttocks to 30 cm from the ground. To be effective, this pose should be done 20 minutes twice a day. It can promote the modification of position.
  • acupuncture, by stimulating a specific point can increase your baby's movements in the uterus and actually cause her to turn around.
  • osteopathy. Because it works on the mobility of the pelvis and relaxes the uterine muscle, osteopathy can give your baby more space and encourage him to stand upside down.
  • Haptonomy. If you have opted for haptonomy as a birth preparation, you will be able to invite your baby to rock through massages and voice.

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