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Do you want to bring Greek flavors to your kitchen? Try the tasty Greek pancakes, which are very easy to prepare, and their taste is delightful.

Preparation time

20 min




200 ml of olive oil

2 cups of hot water

1 kg of flour

1 cup of black olives without seeds

1 cup green olives without seeds

1 medium onion

maghiran chopped

salt and pepper

Method of preparation

In a large bowl mix the black and green olives with a tablespoon of chopped pomegranate, salt and pepper. Add flour and mix well, until you get a homogeneous dough.

While mixing the dough, gradually add the onion and warm water. After the composition is homogenized, heat a little olive oil in the pan and put in it a tablespoon of dough.

Allow the pancakes to brown on both sides for about 2 minutes.

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When a child stutters. When will it go by itself and when therapy is needed? Stuttering is one of the speech disordersthat can occur in both children and adults. Most often it results from stress, nervousness or emotional involvement. Stuttering in a child, however, is usually temporary and goes away after a while, when the child gains more confidence and learns how to praise properly. Sometimes, however, stuttering may require a visit to a speech therapist and appropriate therapy.
How to recognize if the stuttering will pass by itself or is it worth visiting a specialist?

What is stuttering and why does it appear?

We should first find out what stuttering actually is. This term is most common physiological speech disfluency. Physiological stuttering most often affects children of age from 2 to 3 years and passes by itself. A stuttering child often jams while speaking, repeats the same words or their syllables for a long time, and has trouble correctly saying the entire sentence.

When stuttering occurs at the very beginning of a child's speech development, there is usually nothing to worry about. It is a completely natural symptom of a child acquiring new skills. The toddler learns about the world, learns new words and phrases every day and needs time to memorize them and learn to use the acquired skills fluently in the speech process.

Stuttering in a small child is also associated with underdevelopment of his speech organs, which simply can't keep up with the pace of child's brain development. The child's thoughts flow faster, and his mouth and tongue are not able to position themselves so quickly. As a result, the child may get stuck and talk repeatedly

The child stutters - how to properly support the development of his speech?

When we notice that our comfort is stuttering, first of all let's not panic. In most cases, stuttering is physiological and will pass by itself as soon as our child's speech apparatus has matured. So we should encourage the child to speak, praise him for his progress and talk to him as much as possible. Thanks to this, the child will gain greater confidence and will be more willing to improve his speech. As a result, the stuttering will pass and our child will speak better and smoother.

However, we should avoid criticizing the child, constantly improving it, and even less mocking. A small person is in fact very sensitive, and our some comments may make him unwilling to talk. As a result, the child may close in on himself and stop talking. Stuttering, in turn, can become permanent and require treatment. It is also worth knowing that stuttering can also be caused by a stressful atmosphere at home, e.g. arguments between parents and lack of child's sense of security.

Therefore, if we only notice that our child stutters, let us show him our support and kindness and we always set a good example for him. We should also avoid exposing the child to stressful situations, let us give him a sense of security and love. Thanks to this, the toddler will be calmer and the development of his speech will be faster and more efficient.

The child stammers - when to visit a speech therapist?

In most situations stuttering is a transitional stage in the development of a child's speech and passes without the need for specialist intervention. Sometimes, however, the speech therapist's help is necessary for the child to get rid of the stuttering habit.

In a situation where stuttering is prolonged and we will also notice that our child during the conversation:

  • intensively shakes his arms,
  • clenches his fists and wipes his fingers,
  • frowns, closes his eyes and raises his eyebrows,
  • squeezes lips and breathes irregularly,
  • let's decide to visit a speech therapist.

This may be a sign of early childhood stuttering that requires therapy. Early childhood stuttering most often occurs in children under 7 years of age and is completely curable. However, it requires properly conducted therapy selected by a speech therapist.

The goal of the game: to reach first the finish line with small steps of ant or big no elephant.

Take a dice and prepare small red (elephant) and blue (ant) papers that you will pick from a bag.

Place the children on a starting line. A playmaker pulls the dice and draws a paper: for example a red 6 (six elephant pitch) or a blue 2 (2 no ant). Depending on the ad, the child whose turn it is runs.

The first to arrive has won.


Bones of saints. A traditional sweet for children

The bones of saint is a typically Spanish dessert and characteristic of the celebration of the Day of the Dead and dates close to All Saints' Day, along with the Buñuelos de viento and the Tres amigas chocolates. They are present in the shop windows and showcases of all pastry shops and are also made at home.

This exquisite and traditional dessert is made with almond paste (marzipan) as the main ingredient. They are white, elongated and cylindrical in shape. The bone of saint forms a canutillo, similar to that of a real bone with its marrow, which can be filled with sweet yolk or syrup.

For the marzipan and syrup:

  • 200 gr. of sugar
  • 150 gr. ground almond
  • 100 ml. of water
  • Icing sugar
  • 100 grs. of sugar
  • 4 egg yolks
  • 50 gr. of water.

1. Prepare a syrup with the water and sugar. Little by little add the almond until it forms a dough. Let cool.

2. On the other hand, we make another syrup with the water and sugar, and when it is ready, we add it little by little to the beaten egg yolks.

3. We introduce the mixture into the container where we have made the syrup and heat it in a water bath, preventing it from boiling because the pasta could be cut. Once it has thickened well, let it cool.

4. Take the marzipan and knead it with a rolling pin, sprinkling the entire surface with icing sugar so that the bones appear white.

5. We make square strips of the size that we consider most appropriate, but with sufficient dimensions to make the earrings with them. Each square strip is rolled onto a 1 cm stick. thick (it can be worth a pencil or chopsticks) and stick the dough with our fingers.

6. We will make sure to sprinkle each canutillo with the icing sugar to prevent the dough from sticking to the stick. Remove the dough from the stick and let it cool. Then it is filled with the yolk paste.

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Traditional Spanish sweets for All Saints Day

How to discover all the flavors to your baby?

How to discover all the flavors to your baby?

The time for food diversification has come: it's time to gently introduce baby to the pleasures of taste. But how to proceed?

Between 4 and 6 months: the ideal age to start

  • Today, the medical community agrees that the ideal time to begin diversification is between 4 months and 6 months. It should not be started before 4 months because, apart from milk, the baby's digestive system is not yet able to digest food properly. Moreover, starting it as early as this would increase the risk of developing a food allergy, just like starting it only after 6 months ...

One flavor after another ...

  • Baby must be gradually introduced to different flavors. Generally, it is recommended to start with vegetables rather than fruits. Why ? Because if you first introduce it to fruits, it's a safe bet that their sweet sweet taste pleases him a lot. To the point of not showing much enthusiasm to the discovery of vegetables ...
  • In short! To start, you can offer him a few spoonfuls of carrot puree for 3 days, the time he gets used to his taste. It is not dramatic if he does not want to eat, each baby evolves at his own pace. You can then try a mashed sweet potato and then 3 days after squash puree, etc. For now, the key is to give him time to fully discover each flavor by offering purees composed of a single vegetable (and then compotes containing a single fruit, at least 15 days after making him discover his first vegetable). Do not hesitate to seek advice from your pediatrician for successful baby dietary diversification.

Around 8-9 months: dare the mixture of flavors

  • At this stage of diversification, baby can begin to appreciate the mix. Make every effort to motivate him to eat and discover new flavors: opt for a fun little plate decorated with animals, think to vary the textures and the tastes within the same plate, try to make amusing presentations, etc. . If baby does not want to eat, do not hesitate to put some grated cheese or a little thyme to raise the taste: this can be enough to arouse his curiosity and his appetite. And if he really does not want to taste something, too bad! You can always try to offer him again in a few days ...

From 12 months old: real small dishes

  • You can offer meals in the form of simple recipes prepared for him (see our baby recipes) or small dishes ready: they are designed to make him discover new combinations of flavors every day, while being well balanced on the plan nutritional.

The place of milk

  • Even in full food diversification, milk remains an essential food for baby: he needs at least 500 ml of milk per day until the age of 3, if only to provide him with all the calcium necessary for his growth. Think of milk from the age of 6 months to 10-12 months and then to growth milk until the age of 3 years.

Diversification of baby: our file

How parental lack of sleep affects children

They say that when you have children you no longer sleep like you used to, and on many occasions it is true. Having a child is the most wonderful thing in the world, but it will also take away many hours of sleep, a few hours that if they are too many, can affect not only the physical and emotional health of the parents, but also that of the children.

Long sleepless nights, work schedules, when children get sick… there are many reasons that can make parents' lack of sleep a too common reality. But how does it affect the children?

- Most irritable parents: Tired parents may be more irritable in the face of any conflict No matter how small, the control of emotions can be a problem and it may even be that without realizing it, parents allow themselves to be overwhelmed by negative emotions without even being able to control them because of the daytime discomfort caused by lack of sleep. Without patience, apathy and anger will easily replace love and sweetness.

- There is no good tuning: Without a good quality of sleep it is more difficult to be in tune with the children, They are not given the attention they need and positive parenting can be forgotten by fatigue, especially when they need it most, which is often in stressful situations.

- Neglected children: For example, if a child is doing something that he should not, it is easier for a parent to yell at him out of fatigue to stop this bad behavior as soon as possible, even through fear and bullying, something that will affect development very negatively. emotional child. If a child does not stop still, it is easier to give him a tablet so that he is "still" for a while instead of giving him the attention he needs and spending quality play time with him, something that could make the child feel who is neglected by his parents or that they have other priorities than being for him.

- More punishments: When parents are sleep deprived, it is tempting to turn to scolding or anger, but these parenting methods, while providing immediate solutions, cause long-term damage to children's emotional health.

Parenting is difficult and even more so if there is sleep privacy in the middle. It is necessary to prioritize hours of sleep during the day when it has been deprived at night for whatever reason, but it is important to know that children need happy parents and not angry parents from lack of sleep.

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I wash a lot while taking care of the environment (X)

My mother with two children washes a lot. That's right, especially on the weekends, because there are so many other tasks on weekdays that the washing is left on most Sundays.

Luckily, we have so many clothes that I can fit in most if I wash once a week, of course, then all day long. A couple of weeks ago why, I was lucky that a lot of the chemicals that make our clothes clean and fragrant will all come back to nature sooner or later. And although I know a swallow doesn't do summer, so if I choose to do so now I'm more environmentally conscious, I don't change the world because I felt like I had to change it. It occurred to me that I was not so old when I was reading an article about some great products while browsing through a woman's website. At some point I just ran through that couple of lines, but now I found it again and read the information thoroughly.The Herbow Mosquito Ball had all these things written down here that I immediately felt like trying out.Truth be told, it wasn't really the environment that was the first thing that caught me, but that it was a real choice for sensitive skin people to use this product. Because I have been suffering from eczema for many years, I use a very bitter fragrance and all-purpose cleanser, so it was time for me not to do what I knew. If the dress wears long in all the artificial material that I wear from 10 to 12 ounces a day, it can also irritate my skin. Just then, I felt that Herbow products were invented for me, as there were numerous instances in the article where the glaring, eczema symptoms disappeared in a couple of weeks with the use of Herbow products. For the second half of the article, you just dropped it mosuddi is a special tree, native to the Himalayan leg. Its active ingredient is saponin, which starts to foam with water, and because of its excellent washing power, it easily dissolves everyday dirt. That is, no more environmentally friendly products could be found. Luckily, my teenage children rarely eat their clothes with chocolate ice cream, and they rarely jump on the dry side, skin and environmentally friendly blemishes are also available. And for a minute, I hesitate to try this product, even though it turns out that my clothes can still be fragrant if I make a little of Herbow's wash fragrances.After reading this article, I was not asked to buy a laundry detergent or laundry extract containing liquid laundry, stain remover, and laundry detergent at a nearby drugstore, that I do not burden the nature that has been gutted by chance. Find Herbow products in stores with a dm eco-household module,on the shelves of Eurofamily and brochures as well as in our webshop. 

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