The first Mamici bike parade, on Saturday in Bucharest

The first Mamici bike parade, on Saturday in Bucharest

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The disadvantages of breastfeeding

The disadvantages of breastfeeding include a number of inconveniences and restrictions or personal or medical discomforts that overwhelm you and put you in thoughts. Although the benefits and benefits of breastfeeding are more numerous, there are a number of aspects of this process that can make you give up the idea of ​​breastfeeding!

Breast problems

One discomfort that could cause you to give up breastfeeding is the pain in the breasts (especially when I give you the first teeth) or cracking the nipples. More complex problems such as breast engorgement or mastitis that require medical treatment may also occur. You may need to milk your own breasts and manually disengage the galactophageal ducts if they become blocked with milk clots. Although these problems are temporary and do not prohibit your breastfeeding, many moms prefer not to breastfeed because of these drawbacks.
Also, it is not very pleasant to feel your breasts flowing in the most unexpected moments and all your clothes are stained. As a woman, you can consider these little accidents to be embarrassing and sexually unattractive. Almost every time the baby cries, you receive a telepathic signal, and your breasts begin to produce and secrete milk. If you find it too embarrassing or uncomfortable, you could give up breast feeding. However, you should know that there are several ways in which you can mitigate these accidents or mitigate their effects.

Food restrictions

Breastfeeding can be likened to the task from the nutritional point of view. As during pregnancy you could not eat anything because it could affect the fetus, nor did breastfeeding leave your hand free on any preparation.
You should avoid foods that may affect your lactation, which may damage the taste of milk, or which may cause digestive problems for your baby. However, compared to pregnancy, during this period you are allowed to taste some foods as long as you are cautious. For example, you can taste alcohol or coffee or onion or garlic, but in limited quantities and over long distances from a breastfeeding session.
Some moms, more delusional in the yarn, prefer to give up breastfeeding to not worry about these causes.

Hormonal instability

Specialists claim that breastfeeding helps release hormones that give you a good mood. But there are situations in which hormonal imbalances occur that could "play" with your emotions and mood. You could experience sudden changes from laughter to crying, from hysteria to calm and so on.
And this emotional or hormonal instability is a disadvantage that you can take into account when you want to give up breastfeeding.

The inopportune character

This disadvantage is somewhat debatable. On the one hand, breastfeeding gets rid of tons of bottles, sterilizers, nipples and boxes of milk powder that fill your house and empty your pocket. On the other hand, it is not very comfortable to be away from home and you cannot breastfeed when you want or need to find an intimate and protected location where you can breastfeed to keep milk and give it to the baby later. In addition, you must have a milk pump and storage bags at hand, as well as a refrigerator or refrigerator to keep it at the right temperature. It could be too much for you or overwhelming and this could make you give up.

Exclusion of the tactician

Breastfeeding is an exclusive activity between the mother and the baby. The father is excluded from the process of feeding the child, and the relationship between him and the baby could suffer. But if this is the reason why you want to give up, find out that you can use the milk pump and put the milk in a bottle to let your daddy feed and relate to it from time to time.

Loss of libido

Although this is not a scientifically proven fact, statistics show a lower sexual desire for breastfeeding women than for breast-feeding babies.
Hormonal changes may also have their mark on the libido, but experts believe the effect is a purely psychological one. Most women no longer feel attractive when they breastfeed and see their breasts from a different perspective, not at all sexual.

But breastfeeding remains the most recommended and effective method of feeding the baby. As far as you can, you should overcome these disadvantages to ensure the best nutrition for the baby, at least for 6 months. You should stop breastfeeding only if these disadvantages severely affect your quality of life or pose medical problems that could pose a health risk.

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Second birthday gift - what should you choose? Choosing a gift is not an easy sentence that often spends many people's nights of sleep. We have a problem with gifts in preparation for celebrating the birthday of adults, let alone when we have to choose a present for a small child that has higher requirements! The huge selection of toys, books, blocks and children's accessories available in stores does not make decision making easier, on the contrary, it complicates it even more. Each of us would like his gift for the second birthday to both please the toddler and support his development.

What is worth buying a child for his second birthday? Below are some proven toy suggestions that will definitely bring a smile to every two-year-old's face, and by the way his parents will also like it.

Two-year-old and his preferences

A two-year-old is a child who not only understands a lot and composes his first statements, but also a toddler who already has own preferences and preferences. Although there is no rule, boys at this age are usually happy to play with blocks, take off with toy cars and put together puzzles. Girls, in turn, look after dolls, prepare meals for stuffed animals, and eagerly imitate adults when doing housework.

The gift for the child's second birthday should therefore be chosen so that the toddler not only willingly reaches for it, but also that it naturally supports the development of the small child.

Ask your parents for advice before you buy a gift!

A little easier task when choosing a gift for a child is his parents. After all, they know their child best and know what toys will make her particularly happy.

If we were invited to celebrate the second birthday of our friends' child together, it is worth asking the jubilee's parents about his favorite activities beforehand. The toddler's parents will best advise us on what toys would be appreciated by their children and tell them what to avoid. It may also turn out that we have already chosen a super toy ... but the child already has it, or its purchase was planned by his parents or grandparents. Such a conversation will not only make it easier for us to choose a gift, but will also avoid a "duplicate" gift.

A gift for the second birthday - what to consider when choosing it?

When choosing a gift for a child, we should focus primarily on good quality toys. They should be made of solid and durable materials so that they withstand intense fun and serve the recipient as long as possible. A good choice will be e.g. popular wooden toys, cloth dolls for hugging and metal cars.

A gift for a two-year-old should also be suited to the child's age. Such a gift will be adapted not only to the child's intellectual abilities and level of development, but above all safe for everyday play. A toy for two years old it should not have small parts that are easily torn off and can be swallowed by the child as a consequence.

Gifts for a two-year-old - several suggestions

Regardless of whether we are parents of a two-year-old or if we were invited to celebrate his second birthday, there are several interesting toy suggestions that will not only interest the child, but will also appeal to his parents. So what should you consider when choosing a gift for your child's second birthday? Let's see!

The first puzzle for a two-year-old

The first puzzle is a great gift idea for a two-year-old. Many toddlers love to arrange colorful pictures with their favorite characters from fairy tales and have fun at the same time. Of course, the puzzle chosen by us should be adjusted to the child's age. For a two-year-old, a simple puzzle set of several elements will be perfect, which the toddler will have to put in the right places. Puzzle is a great proposition for a birthday toy that not only amuses, but also develops children's imagination, supports its manual skills and allows you to spend time interestingly. It will be a great gift that will appeal to both boys and girls.

Blocks for building the first constructions

A good idea for a gift supporting a child's development are also blocks. We can choose from traditional blocks from which the toddler can build his first constructions, as well as more advanced branded blocks, e.g. Lego Duplo, which will also be suitable for two-year-olds. When choosing blocks for a child, let's put on good quality products that will be durable and will not be damaged after several uses. It is also worth paying attention to the quality of selected blocks. Good blocks for children should be free of sharp edges and carefully made.

Interactive toys for two years old

Purchasing an interactive toy for your child is also a good idea. Small children are happy to play with toys that speak, shine and make sounds, such a gift will certainly appeal to anyone interested in the world of two-year-olds. Among them, we can choose, e.g. a tablet, smartphone or children's computer that will teach a child the first letters, how to imitate animals and numbers. An interesting gift will also be an interactive pet, which will certainly immediately become a toddler's best friend. The interactive toy should obviously be adapted to the child's age, so for a two-year-old we should choose products marked with + 24m.

Educational books for a small child

Books are items that can not be missing in any children's room. They teach the child new words, develop his imagination and sensitivity and allow the toddler to get to know the world around him better. Reading books together is also the perfect time to spend time with your child, relax and have fun reading funny stories. Educational books are a great idea for a gift that both children and their parents will like. However, before we buy a specific item, be sure that our birthday boy does not already have it in his library.

False myths of infant feeding: after milk, nothing you throw

False myths of infant feeding: after milk, nothing you throw

"After the milk, take nothing" It is a typical saying of the popular proverb that makes reference to that, after taking a glass of milk, nothing else should be ingested. What is true in this saying? Is it not convenient to drink anything after milk? We dismantle this false myth of infant feeding.

The truth is that, if we drink a glass of milk, as if it were our stomach, and we add a jet of orange juice, the acidity of the juice (its pH) causes the milk to cut.

This is probably the discovery that tremendously alarmed our grandmothers, who popularized the well-known saying. However, if we do it in reverse, the result is the same, so, using that same common sense, the milk should not be taken after the juice, or better yet, milk and juice should not be mixed since if they are mixed , the milk is cut off.

What completely dismantles this theory is that the pH of the stomach is even lower than that of orange juice, that is, upon arrival in the stomach, the milk is cut off yes or yes, regardless of what is consumed before or after. Stomach acids or gastric juices, composed of a good amount of hydrochloric acid, will act on milk just as they do on other foods to facilitate its digestion.

What actually happens when the milk is cut off? Milk is a substance that curiously contains a balance of three systems, first it is an emulsion of fat in water, second, it contains soluble substances in the aqueous phase of that emulsion, such as lactose and some minerals and third, it contains solid particles of very small size that do not settle but are in suspension. These particles are the casein micelles and their dispersion in milk is known as a colloidal suspension.

Casein is the main protein in milk –around 80% of total proteins- and it is found in suspension under normal conditions, when the pH is the natural one of milk, around 6.6. When the pH drops below 4.6, the caseins precipitate, that is, they separate from the serum. The serum or supernatant will contain the rest of the proteins dissolved in the new aqueous phase, while the caseins will be at the bottom, in solid form.

What danger is cut milk? None. While the taste will certainly be particular, acidic, and the texture may be unpleasant, cut milk is the initial process in the production of many highly valued dairy products, including yogurts and cheeses, in which caseins precipitate. to separate the serum.

It should be remembered that as mammals, the first food we eat is breast milk, which is already cut when it reaches the stomach, so we are used to this cut milk. This natural process has nothing to do with the contamination of milk and the separation of whey and proteins due to excessive and uncontrolled microbial growth, in which case its consumption should be avoided.

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Disney names: Anna

Disney names: Anna

Disney names: Anna

Anna (The Snow Queen)

Elsa's younger sister in the Snow Queen ... Anna has no magical powers, but a great sense of family and an optimistic and intrepid character that pleases us. Derived from Anne, Anna comes from the Hebrew "Hannah" meaning "grace". His birthday: July 26th.

Therefore, to live a healthier household

Experts say people who live in stable relationships eat better, take more targeted medications, and visit their doctor more patiently if they are sick.

Therefore, to live a healthier household

Researchers at Yokohama University have been researching Type 2 diabetic people and found that those who live in a household are thinner than their Singles. Households have a lower rate of self - diabetes due to diabetes. metabolic syndrome, high blood pressure disease and obesity. You can also say that an overweight is healthier than a male, as similar preferences do not apply to married women. The test is based on weight height, body mass index and body weight. The numbers speak for themselves:
They live in the household They were 50% lower in currency compared to individuals. Total body fat was also lower (18.9 kg and 23.5 kg, respectively). Metabolic syndrome occurred at a 58% lower rate among domestic males. For women this was not detectable at this level. Based on these, the lack of serious risk factor in this disease group. Social support treatment is an essential part of training patients for caring. Comparable results have been found in a previous study by Aston Medical School and experts from the University of East England. It has been shown that in the event of a heart attack, there is a 14% increase in survival in the household. Spousal relationship can be the most basic form of social support.Related articles in Marriage:
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  • Marital partnership or marriage?

Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

Derived from Pierrick. From the Greek "petros", stone, rock, Pierrick is the Celtic form of Peter. His birthday: June 29th.

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Apple cakes with cinnamon

Apple cakes with cinnamon

Cinnamon apple pie is one of the preserves that you are not allowed to miss from the room with goodies for the cold season. It is prepared simply, and its enticing perfume attracts the whole family around the table!

Preparation time

65 min.




2.4 kg apples, clean of the bark and without stumps

400 ml of water

1.5 kg old

1 spoon cinnamon

Method of preparation

Mix the sugar with water in a large pot and bring to a boil, about 20 minutes, until a syrup forms. Cut the apple cubes and add them to the pot with syrup.

Leave the ingredients to boil, over low heat, for 50 minutes, stirring occasionally, so that the sweetness does not stick to the bottom of the pot.

5 minutes before the end, add cinnamon. The candy is hot poured into clean jars, which seal tightly.

Today, creation workshop at home! Our DIY idea? Nice paintings in fabric to make with your children. An idea proposed by Marie Gervais, author of "Let's free the creativity of our children". It's up to you to play with your budding artists!

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A DIY idea proposed by Marie Gervais on her website Education-creative

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