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A Christmas in the woods. Christmas story

A Christmas in the woods. Christmas story

Change of time, it disturbs?


Peppa Pig: Festival of Fun is a collection of short animated movies including The Petting Farm, A Visit to the Zoo, Bird Spotting, Super Potato Movie, Pizza! Pizza!, Strawberries, Children's Festival, Muddy Festival, TV Land, Roman Day and Grandpa Pig's Birthday. These short movies are linked together by films featuring adiverse group of young children, who sing and dance and invite the members of the audience to join in with them. Children will love watching Peppa and George splash in muddy puddles, learn about animals at a petting farm and at the zoo, give Grandpa a fun birthday party and discover how television shows are made.


Fun; education; nature; families; handwashing; health


There is no violence in Peppa Pig: Festival of Fun, but there's one scene that features some slapstick comedy. This is when Potato Man is showing the children how he flies, and he crashes into the ceiling. Ms Rabbit must rescue him by helicopter, and she does this by placing a suction cap on his head and pulling him out through the roof.

Sexual references

There are no sexual references in Peppa Pig: Festival of Fun.

Alcohol, drugs and other substances

There's no use of substances in Peppa Pig: Festival of Fun.

Nudity and sexual activity

There's no nudity or sexual activity in Peppa Pig: Festival of Fun.

Product placement

No products are displayed or used in Peppa Pig: Festival of Fun. But it's worth being aware that there lots of Peppa Pig merchandise is marketed to children. This includes soft toys, apps, television programs and so on.

Coarse language

There's no coarse language in Peppa Pig: Festival of Fun.

Ideas to discuss with your children

Peppa Pig: Festival of Fun is a series of animated cartoons made specifically for very young children. It's fun and entertaining, and young children will enjoy joining in the dancing and movements with the children in the movie.

The recurrent messages from this movie are about the importance of handwashing and eating enough fruit and vegetables each day.

Values in this movie that you could reinforce with your children include creative play, politeness, friendliness and inclusiveness.

Sun protection of the baby in winter

Does your baby need protection?
Studies show that two or more cases of sunburn at an early age can increase the risk of skin cancer later. Even in winter, babies should not go outside without sunscreen because children's light skin can be burned in just 5 minutes of sun exposure. Therefore, babies need protection even on cold and cloudy days.
Fortunately, there are products that protect babies from harmful ultraviolet rays. You can soak the little boy in the sun only after you put a cap on him, dress him and apply protective cream on all the skin.
The most recommended baby caps are the ones that protect both the face and the neck. It's never too early to get your little one used to wearing a hat every time he goes out. However, a capsule is not enough to protect children under one year, they should be exposed directly to the sun as little as possible.
Sunglasses for children may seem like a luxury to you, but they protect the eyes of your child from the sun and children should be encouraged to wear them from the age of 6 months. Make sure they offer protection against ultraviolet rays. Glasses can cost quite a lot, but some pairs of poor quality may do more harm than good to your child's eyes.
Look for rubber-rimmed glasses so that your baby won't be disturbed behind the ear. In addition, the frames in this material slip harder.
Look for creams and sprays specially designed for babies, adult creams can irritate his skin. Choose one that has a sun protection factor of at least 15.
The safest sunscreen for children are those that do not contain chemicals and are prepared with zinc oxide or titanium dioxide (these ingredients block the sun). If your baby is 6 months old or older, apply sunscreen every time you leave the house.
Alina Sica

Names for siblings of known characters

Names for siblings of known characters

Our grandmothers they had no dilemmas. They cooked broth as God commanded. They chose a substantial chicken, which went to stump, then vegetables, everything in a big cauldron, at the end spices and homemade pasta. It tasted insanely and the tempting scent floated for a long time in all home rooms.

Nobody took shortcuts, because there was nothing and there was no point. Everyone knew what a good homemade broth meant.

Food was also celebrated. The broth was on Sunday, from the holiday, because the soup had to be boiled, a little over it ... Then eat it and eat it, being sure that a hot meal will protect against colds and give strength. For long. How is today

Today we have a situation much more complicated, because chickens are not so good, vegetables not so tasty, and at every turn - in the press, radio, television - smiling ladies and more often gentlemen, and even charming old ladies (!) argue that the soup can be tasty only "with grains of flavor ". It has to be modern. Better.

Effect? Every day it is funded for us specific brainwashing. Effect? Almost no one today wonders if it is healthy and whether it can be done otherwise. You have to go with the times!

The self-preservation instinct is also disappearing and many people simply "boast" of sophisticated cuisine, where synthetics, flavor enhancers, granules, powders and ... additives from the "E" category reign.

Hardly anyone even wonders if it is healthy "Coating" chops in stock broth, after all, it is known that it is tasty and convenient. You don't have to think about which spices to add. It is also simpler. Just pour the powder, pour water and we have a meat sauce. Why do it yourself, right?

Since "without glutamate" and "healthy, natural" we have available in a sachet. Who would care that in the same package there is a whole list of equally dangerous ingredients and that encouraging inscriptions that this product is "free" from something is just a marketing gimmick? It doesn't matter, it's important that it's tasty.

Recipe from one blog

There are such paradoxes that on every second culinary blog, the author recommends preparing the first soups for a child (!!) on broth cubes.

Recently, the internet has also received information about shocking recipe for "chops" made of broth cubes, exquisite mortadella carpaccio, sushi with canned ham ...

And it is not known whether to laugh or cry ...

This is the reality! Yes we eat!

The question comes to your lips: does it really make a difference to us, will we eat a frozen saucer reheated in the microwave, which is supposed to pretend to be pizza, or will we prepare a home-made pizza as healthy as possible at home?

Is there really no difference between a cube broth and a self-made broth?

Are our taste buds so spoiled that we can't eat differently? That we don't care anymore? And we pass this "lack of taste" gene to children?

Broth cubes cutlets - main course ...

Unfortunately, here you have to agree.

Scientists have long studied this phenomenon. We need to repeat certain activities for at least 21 days, so that we consider them a habit and that after we stop them, we start to miss them and strive for them. Otherwise - we have to try something 21 times to taste it. It is about new textures, textures, flavor combinations ...

Food producers are well aware of this principle. And with that in mind, they cheated our taste buds. Why?

It is very difficult to find on the market free from sugar or salt. We can find them everywhere - in bread, yogurt, milk, mayonnaise, ketchup. Not without a reason. Sugar and salt are addictive. The more we eat, the more sweet / salty we need to eat. Just do a small experiment and for a few days do not eat sweets and limit salt as much as possible. I guarantee you that after a long break you will have a problem to eat a candy bar that you ate before without noticing it. It will be too sweet for you. Don't you believe Check.

It is similar with spices, soups and sauces. Accustomed to all enhancers, we suddenly notice that the soup prepared "without grains of taste" is unpalatable. We have a problem with salt dosing. We add it to power, because we still "don't taste". And this happens for a reason. It is on hand for producers and large corporations - we eat more and worse.

At the same time, we become a kind of slave, because we don't like the "traditionally" seasoned dish.



Surviving 20 days with new kitchen habits.

How to cook without stock cubes?

It is worth starting with a radical step: throw away all broth cubes, vegeta spice mixtures, cooks, ready sauces, powdered soups. We have to get rid of everything and learn to cook again.

In the kitchen, it's worth having:

  • fresh herbs, e.g. in a pot,
  • dried vegetables,
  • onions,
  • Bay leaf,
  • allspice,
  • turmeric.

Most soups go on fried onion, garlic, chopped season on good olive oil or oil (e.g. coconut). Then add stewed vegetables, add water, add bay leaf, allspice, pepper, salt - your favorite spices.

The above recipe can be used to prepare homemade bouillon cubes. After frying onions, garlic and leeks, add vegetables - carrots, parsley, diced celery, allspice, bay leaf and cook until tender. Take out the herb and bay leaf, mix with a blender. After cooling, put in ice molds. When the cubes freeze, we take them out, wrap them in breakfast paper, put them in one container with a lid and store in the freezer.

And now I can write: bon appetit! :)

1 year of Change 123 Mustela Cream: the list of winners

1 year of Change 123 Mustela Cream: the list of winners

Many of you have participated in our contest with Mustela to win 1 year of Baby Change 123 Cream. Quickly see the list of winners!

Many of you have participated in our contest with Mustela to win 1 year of Baby Change 123 Cream. Quickly see the list of winners!

Marie-Renée A. (Saint Renan)

Martine B. (Varois-And-Chaignot)

Marco C. (Thunder)

Rebh K. (Coutiches)

Karine D. (The Neuville Du Bosc)

Dominique M. (Saint Michel In L'Herm)

Sandrine L. (Saint Manvieu Bocage)

Bertrand B. (Paris)

Aurelie M. (Strasbourg)

Céline B. (Labastidette)

Ida D A. (Quincieux)

Patrick D. (Carcassonne)

Jocelyne G. (Rouen)

Benedicte M. (Montreux Old)

Olivier L. (The Landreau)

Delphine B. (Smooth)

Christophe D. (Brest)

Nadine S. (Crecy Sur Serre)

Eric V. (Chatillon Guyotte)

Soraya M. (The Chatelet In Brie)

Stéphan N. (Nimes)

Chantal M. (Courcelles Les Montbeliard)

Catherine S. (Emerainville)

Aude M. (Evian Les Bains)

Giovanni G. (Mery Sur Oise)

Virginie C. (Saint Thuriau)

Genevieve R. (Reze)

Helene R. (Narbonne)

Sandrine R. (The Brede)

Vanessa M. (Herserange)

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