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Walking during pregnancy: debunking myths

Many are the articles written about the benefits of walking during pregnancy. In fact, when a woman asks the specialist about what sport is recommended to do during pregnancy, it is often recommended that she walk.

However, I frequently meet women in the consultation or in childbirth classes, who tell me that walking does not feel very well, or that they have pain in the pubis, it bothers the lower back, it may be that have sciatica; and even so they continue to walk a lot, because they have recommended it, or have read it. There are even women, who are really 'touched' and cannot walk and feel guilty.

The benefits of physical exercise are well known, and of course walking is one of them, since it is a low-impact exercise on joints and pelvic floor, and it is also aerobic. The advantages that we will find are many:

- Increases self-esteem by minimizing depression and anxiety.

- Helps maintain an adequate rate of weight gain.

- Improves cardiovascular and muscular condition.

- Promotes postural correction.

- Reduces digestive discomfort.

- Reduces discomfort related to pregnancy: increased weight and volume, reduced coordination, apathy.

- Increases psychological well-being.

- Recovery after delivery is faster.

- Recovery of the weight before pregnancy is accelerated.

- Increase your energy and well-being levels.

- It enhances sleep quality.

- Serves as training for childbirth.

To notice its benefits, we usually recommend practicing it with a frequency of 3-4 times a week about 40-60 minutes; In this way we will achieve an increase in resistance, cardiovascular and respiratory capacity; but they do not work specifically on changes in the pregnant woman's body. In other words, these exercises are good for everyone, and not only during pregnancy.

We have to understand that although pregnancy is not a disease, a woman's body will change drastically in just 9 months:

- High weight gain (9-12 kg recommended, some more).

- Change in the center of gravity due to the increase in the abdomen.

- Increased lumbar lordosis (lower back).

- Decreased respiratory capacity, anemia in some cases.

- Joint instability, relaxin (a hormone that permeates the joints so that on the day of delivery the pelvis can have a greater range of motion) permeates all the woman's joints; making it prone to diastasis of the pubic symphysis, which is greatly aggravated if we walk.

All these changes make walking not the optimal exercise during pregnancy; and if the slightest discomfort appears, change to other aerobic exercises that provide the same benefits such as: swimming, elliptical, exercise bike.

In recent times, exercises have been incorporated that specifically target the pelvic floor, making the woman aware of the muscles that compose it, teach her to move, maintain the posture. These new disciplines incorporated in the prenatal period, will try to alleviate the discomfort secondary to the body changes of the pregnant woman (low back pain, constipation, insominus, joint pain ...), that is to say, it is a much more global and more specific work; It can be combined with the aerobic exercise mentioned above.

I am referring to prenatal Pilates, yoga for pregnant women, belly dance, aqua-gym, always coordinated by a midwife; or qualified professional for the management of the changes and peculiarities of a pregnant woman, trimester by trimester.

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Expecting Two Babies: Twins or Twins?

Will they be identical as two drops of water or similar? Babies that grow together in the womb, in the same pregnancy can be twins or twins. While twins are identical and the result of a monozygotic pregnancy where the zygote divides in two and gives rise to two very similar beings, the twins only look like brothers, they can be of different sex and are the result of two embryos different that coincide in time.

Getting an answer to this question is important. The truth is that it is not only about satisfying the curiosity of future parents, it can be important for medical reasons.

- Single placenta: It is estimated that 15 percent of twins share a single placenta during pregnancy. The shared placenta can give rise to a special risk, the so-called twin transfusion syndrome, a dangerous condition, in which one of the twins 'donates' fluids to his brother, who tends to grow faster than the 'donor' brother. If not treated properly, this disease can be fatal for both babies.

However, if signs of this condition appear and the syndrome is detected early, there is a treatment that can prevent complications and keep babies healthy.

- Genetic disease: Determining if they are identical or fraternal is also important when the genetic load carries a hereditary disease. In the case of identical twins, if one suffers a genetic disease, the other will also suffer from it or vice versa, since it is also possible that neither inherits the disease. While if it is twins, it is possible that only one of the two inherits it.

To know the condition and sex of babies with complete certainty, it is necessary to obtain a DNA sample from each one. The high reliability of DNA analysis offers excellent results, but to obtain it, the future mother has to undergo different prenatal tests such as amniocentesis or chorionic villus sampling or chorion biopsy, which are invasive for the mother.

There is another alternative, transvaginal ultrasound, which has no risks for pregnancy. This test, which consists of the introduction of a device through the vagina, between weeks 9 and 14 gestation, can determine with 98 percent confidence and reliability whether babies share a single placenta. The reliability index drops to 90 percent if the test is performed during the second trimester of pregnancy, because the volume and size of the babies can prevent the correct visualization of the placenta.

The latest ultrasound advances that have incorporated more sophisticated techniques for Doppler and 3D and 4D imaging have positioned ultrasound as one of the most reliable and least risky prenatal tests for mother and baby. Thanks to these advances, between the week 18 and 20, it is possible to visualize the sex of babies, as long as they are positioned so that the genitals can be seen. If the ultrasound clearly shows that you are expecting a boy and a girl, it is clear that they are twins.

Doubts are usually more frequent in the case of twins, because although identical twins are always of the same sex, twins can also have the same sex. On the other hand, if the babies share a single placenta, they are identical twins. If there are two placentas, the babies can be fraternal twins or twins. All twins and 20 to 30 percent of twins have separate placentas.

Marisol New.

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Among other things, it alleviates the symptoms of diarrhea, prevents infections in the diarrhea, and helps memory. Now, cranberry is a fun effect on the body.

Blueberry is the new super food

It looks like the cranberry is the newest super: slows down aging, protects against heart disease and Alzheimer's, and also helps you get better at night, and also helps you stay cool.Slows down aging - High antioxidant levels, like most other fruits and vegetables, slow down aging with the help of cranberries.Protect against cancer - Components that protect against cancer in the cranberry also slow down the growth of existing tumors.It alleviates the unpleasant symptoms of diarrhea - Cranberries have been used by the Swedes to prevent diarrhea in children, and some ingredients also kill E. coli.Our ability to concentrate and our memory improves - The ingredient called anthocyanin, which gives the color of our fruit to life, protects certain neurons in the brain.It prevents infections in the body - A recently identified ingredient in the fruit is here to help.The risk of heart disease is also diminishing - Cranberry helps to prevent the accumulation of "bad cholesterol", LDL, which can also prevent heart disease.Our vision in the dark improves - The purple-colored fruit of ours has a good effect on our eyes as well.It is recommended to consume during pregnancy Rich in folic acid, vitamin C and calcium, the fruit also protects the health of the fetus.It also benefits digestion - It is also useful in cases of constipation due to its high fiber content.
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Meaning of the name Teclo. Name for boys

Are you pregnant and looking for the ideal name for your baby? Our name finder has thousands of names for boys to help you in this important choice. We highlight the name in the dictionary of meaning of names: Teclo.

Male form of Tecla. It comes from the Greek.

The etymology of the name is doubtful, it is believed derived from a Greek name that means "grace of god".

September 23


  • Lucius Tarquinius the Proud, King of Rome (534 BC-509 BC)

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Hearing is a very important sense that often gets dull in children. This usually happens due to numerous infections, recurrent runny nose, cough. The consequence of this in the youngest can be periodic deterioration of hearing and accompanying other symptoms. The baby will not tell us that his ear is blocked, he will communicate differently - through crying and irritability. However, a preschooler may already complain about a blocked ear. Sometimes he describes ailments as "snaps", "tinnitus" or a feeling of something bothering in the ear.

How to unclog the ear? When will an appointment with an ENT specialist be necessary? Read!

Plugged ear - cause of runny nose

A problem with a blocked ear or ears is often a consequence of inflammation of the nasal mucosa, which spreads to the eustachian tube. Inflammation reduces the flow of air and sounds, which results in dulling of hearing.

Most often, the symptoms of a blocked ear disappear with runny nose when the swelling in the nasal mucosa decreases. This process can be accelerated by using inhalations, cleaning the child's nose several times a day using saline spray. Nasal decongestants may also be used for up to several days. Unfortunately, they cannot be used for more than a week, because they can lead to permanent damage.

With a blocked ear, doctors do not recommend blowing a runny nose forcefully, as this can aggravate the problem.

What to do if the problem persists?

A small child may have a runny nose for up to two weeks. However, if after the end of the problem with a clogged ear does not pass or the toddler complains from time to time about discomfort in the ears, you should visit an ENT specialist. There is a risk that the swollen Eustachian tube will block access to the ear, which will result in the collection of secretions. During this time, inflammation of the ear may develop, which, apart from the feeling of clogging, will not be associated with pain symptoms. With this in mind, you should not underestimate the problem, only in the absence of symptoms of obstructed ear make an appointment with the child for an appointment with an ENT specialist.

Your doctor may order a medicine that reduces the inflammation of your eustachian tube. In some situations, unfortunately, it is necessary to cut the eardrum. It is important not to underestimate the problems and explain all doubts to a specialist, so as not to lead to more serious problems, including hearing loss.

A problem with a plugged ear can be caused by:

  • chronic runny nose
  • chronic sinusitis,
  • overgrown migdale closing the mouth of the eustachian tube.

Often clogged ear and allergy

A recurring problem with blocked ears may be a sign of hay fever. In this situation, dealing with the cause will also remove the consequences in the form of discomfort in the ears. It is worth paying attention to the following symptoms:

  • runny nose that lasts for many days and does not go away,
  • stuffy nose
  • itchy nose, throat, ears, eyes
  • cough,
  • sore throat,
  • hoarse voice
  • blue skin under the eyes,
  • mouth breathing
  • frequent wake-up calls in the noses,
  • irritability,
  • runoff of secretions along the back wall of the throat.

Clogged ear - in the mountains, on an airplane, while riding an elevator

Problems with ear clogs often occur when the pressure changes, for example in the mountains, when traveling by elevator or when traveling by plane.

Fortunately, there are simple methods that deal with the problem. The easiest way is to reach for candies or chewing gum. Suction or chewing will allow the pressure to equalize. Some also recommend drinking water in small sips. Thanks to this discomfort passes very quickly.

Clogged ear due to earwax

Sometimes the reason for discomfort is earwax, which often after cleaning the ear with a cotton bud is pushed deeper and more difficult to remove. That is why ENT specialists do not recommend this method of care. If the cause is earwax, the ear often speaks after a bath, after a visit to the pool, when the water entering it leads to a swelling of earwax.

How to deal with earwax clogged ear? In the pharmacy you will find special ear cleansing drops dedicated to young children, reaching for them, you can get very quick results.

Home remedies for a blocked ear

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