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Bullying and Aggression in ECE

Major risks of contraceptive use

Major risks of contraceptive use

Studies show that about 150 million women worldwide are taking contraceptives. The use of contraceptives is the most convenient and reliable alternative for many when it comes to avoiding pregnancy. However, questions about the benefits and risks that may arise from this cause are very common.

In any case, before you start taking contraceptives, it is good to thoroughly research this topic to know exactly what risks you are exposed to and how these pills can change your life. Dr. Silviu Istoc, obstetrician-gynecologist tells us what are the most common side effects and the most important risks of using contraceptives.

Contraceptives cause weight gain

Many women associate weight gain with contraceptive use, but studies have shown that their effect on weight is small, if it occurs in women taking such pills.

"In fact, it is about fluid retention, which can create the sensation of increased volume, especially in the breasts, hips and thighs. Estrogens in birth control pills do not affect fat cells, the only effect on them is that they make them bigger, but no more, "says the gynecologist Dr. Silviu Istoc.

Contraceptives influence the occurrence of cancer

Scientific evidence suggests that using contraceptive pills for longer periods of time increases the risk of developing certain types of cancer, such as cervical cancer and liver cancer, but the results are not consistent. Most data show that contraceptive pills do not increase the overall risk of cancer.

"The birth control pill may lower the risk of other cancers, including ovarian and endometrial cancer. As for the risk of breast cancer, some very early studies have shown a connection between the use of the pill and breast cancer - most likely from the cause of the high dose of estrogen found in contraceptive pills in the past. But today's pills have a much lower estrogen dose, which does not affect the percentage of breast cancer risk, "says Dr. Silviu Istoc, obstetrician-gynecologist.

Contraceptives affect cholesterol levels

When we think about weight gain, we inevitably talk about cholesterol levels in the body, which is not exactly a correct and implicit association. Specialized research has shown that contraceptives are likely to influence cholesterol levels, but only in certain situations.

"Contraceptive pills can affect cholesterol levels, but this process depends on the type of contraceptive you take and what estrogen or progestogen concentration it contains. More estrogen contraceptive pills can have a slightly beneficial overall effect on blood lipid levels. Generally, however, the changes are not significant and do not affect the general health, "explains Dr. Silviu Istoc, obstetrician-gynecologist.

Contraceptive pills alter blood pressure

Regardless of the type of birth control you choose alone or with your gynecologist, if you have problems with your blood pressure, it is best to avoid this time of contraception.

"Contraceptives can easily raise your blood pressure. If you opt for such a method, it is advisable to monitor your blood pressure and its variations. If you already have high blood pressure, it is best to talk to your gynecologist and he will tell you if you should change the method of contraception or opt for another ", says the gynecologist Dr. Silviu Istoc.

The influence of contraceptives on women over 35 years

As we grow older, our body changes and different effects occur at its level, in the case of contraceptive use. Smoking together with the effects created by contraceptives can cause the appearance of cardiovascular diseases, so after 35 years it is good not to associate the two elements.

"If you are healthy and not smoking, you can continue to take birth control pills even after the age of 35. However, contraceptive pills are not recommended if you are 35 or older and accustomed to smoking because of In this case, you must quit smoking before continuing safely, using contraceptives ", completes the gynecologist Dr. Silviu Istoc.

The use of contraceptives causes emotional sensitivity

Most women suffer from excessive emotional sensitivity, even before taking contraception. But, as can be noticed by people who consume such pills, they also generally influence the emotional side of women.

"Contraceptive pills can increase emotional sensitivity, especially in those who suffer from it. It is not necessary that this symptom should occur in all contraceptive users. However, it is good to avoid antidepressants, because in combination with contraceptives, they can greatly affect the libido, "explains gynecologist Silviu Istoc.

Dr. Silviu Istoc is a specialist obstetrician-gynecologist at the Medicover Hospital, within the Department of Maternal-Fetal Medicine and Minimally Invasive Gynecological Surgery. More details can be read on and on the Facebook page: //

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The benefits of dance in child development

The benefits of dance in child development

Dancing is a form of physical activity and, like any other type of movement, has many benefits for both girls and boys. You notice the child's first talents since he was a baby and he funnyly moves his ass in his diaper. Whether you join your little boy when he grows up for sports dancing, ballet or modern dances, his development is only to be won!

It creates an excellent physical condition!

Dancing is one of the most fun forms of physical activity a child can do. It uses all the muscle groups constantly and balanced and helps to tone the muscles and a harmonious growth and modeling of the body of the child. Some forms of dance also offer grace in the child's movements.

In addition, during the dance important functions involved in the physical development of the child are formed and stimulated:

  • coordination;

  • force;

  • balance;

  • flexibility.

Help focus!

The children have problems with concentration, and the dances, through exercises and repetitions help them to listen to the instructions offered and to perform the movements in turn and with patience, improving their concentration.

It's a form of relaxation and fun!

Besides the physical and psychological benefits that dance has on the child, neither the factor of relaxation and good disposition is to be neglected. Children have a lot of fun with other children and have a lot of fun, and relaxation comes with the package. It has the role of reducing the anxiety level of the children, because the dance is, after all, a way of psychological discharge and communication of the experiences, through nonverbal language.

It helps them to develop their social skills!

Enrolling the child in a dance class means from the beginning its integration into a small community. The child can connect friends and learn how to socialize in groups. Interactions with other children are essential in the social development of the child.

They develop their self-confidence and self-esteem!

Dance has a positive emotional impact on children. They learn to cope with public exposure and social interactions and with each success or progress they build self-confidence.

It helps them become responsible!

Dancing does not mean in the end involvement and responsibility. They learn to adapt in groups, the feeling of belonging to the group and to respect its rules. Learn to listen, help their team when needed, encourage them, as well as the spirit of competition.

Improves their memory!

Dancing in organized groups involves a routine, pre-set dance steps and many other rules that put the child's memory to work. The little ones have to retain a set of movements in performing a dance, and through continuous repetitions, their memory is stimulated.

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Types Of Breastfeeding Babies: From Barracuda To Suckling

Breast-feeding babies can also be observed to differ in their way of eating, ie they are characterized by a different pattern. To what group does your baby belong?

THE barrakuda tнpusъ baba it instantly "connects" to the breast and gives it a strong, energetic heartbeat for 10 to 20 minutes, which can even be painful.A barracuda baby can also cause pain for the mother. An excited baby responds to the maternal breast condition with almost exasperated excitement, but this can result in not being able to get the nipple properly, losing his or her mouth easily, making it even thicker. You may need to be reassured several times during breastfeeding. This pattern may be characteristic of babies who have not yet "learned" proper breastfeeding techniques. It is important that you start feeding your baby just before you are hungry because it makes it harder for you to "watch".An excited baby is often not very effective THE baby of delayed type does not always indicate that she is hungry and does not show much interest in breastfeeding. You may already be "bored" by the day before. Let's be very patient with him and put as much breast on him as we can. We can also try different breastfeeding positions!The delayed baby should not be pushed Gentle babies love to cuddle or play with their nipples before they can really breastfeed. You may need for a longer period of breastfeeding, the urgency of nausea and nausea will only make you frustrated!The ginny baby loves to cook The бlomszuszйkIt is easy to fall asleep during breastfeeding: you can sleep for a few minutes after breastfeeding and then continue to eat when you are up again. This can lead to marathon breastfeeding! Be extra patient and flexible, try to plan today so that you can have enough time for breastfeeding!Freemasonry often gets sucked into breastfeeding Illustrations: Pau Padre(Via)
Sleep positions during pregnancy

Finding a comfortable sleeping position during pregnancy can be a challenge. In other words, you will have a more restless and more fragmented sleep and less chance to change the situation. Unfortunately, preferred sleep positions before pregnancy are not a viable option.

There are many reasons for this discomfort during sleep. But you have at hand some solutions for a quieter sleep and even some sleeping positions that will help you sleep better during pregnancy.

Why can't I sleep in my usual positions?

When you are pregnant, your body goes through a lot of changes. These changes are also the cause behind the problems of sleep.

Reasons include:

  • Increased volume of the abdomen;

  • Back pain;

  • Gastric burns;

  • insomnia;

  • Problems with breathing.

What is the best sleeping position?

The best sleeping position in pregnancy is on one side of the body. It is best to sleep on the left side.

Sleeping on the left side will increase the volume of blood and nutrients that reach the placenta and implicitly in the baby. Keep your feet bent at the knees and a pillow between your legs for added comfort. There are a lot of special pillows for sleeping in the trade and, according to the mothers, it really helps.

  • If your back hurts, sleep on the left side and place a pillow under your abdomen.

  • If you have gastric burns, lift the upper bed of the body with pillows.

  • Later in pregnancy you will have trouble breathing, so try to lie on one side and pillows at the back.

These suggestions may not seem very comfortable, especially if you're used to sleeping on your back or belly, but try them and see if it works for you. Keep in mind that you may not be in one position all night. Changing your position during sleep is normal, so don't worry.

What sleep positions should I avoid?

  • Sleeping on the back

It is not recommended, as it can cause back pain, digestive system problems, hemorrhoids, low blood pressure and decreased blood flow from the heart to the baby. This is because the abdomen presses on the large intestines and veins (aorta and vena cava).

Probably during the third quarter you will not face up anyway, because it is very uncomfortable. Even if you happen to spin on your back and your baby presses your lower vein, the discomfort will wake you up.

Also consider the doctor's recommendations, it may suggest that you put a pillow on your back so that you do not return to bed.

  • Sleeping on the belly

There is no problem with sleeping on the belly when you are in the first months of pregnancy, when the fetus is still very well protected. Later in the pregnancy, however, sleeping on the belly will no longer be comfortable. However, you will feel uncomfortable long before the time when you could hurt the baby stand on the belly, so do not worry.

What to do when I can't sleep?

There will be nights where you will not be able to sleep, whatever position you try. Instead of relying on one side, you better wake up and do something: read a book, watch TV or try anything else to keep you busy. At one point you will feel tired enough that you can sleep without problems.

If you can, sleep in short periods (between 30-60 minutes) during the day, to compensate for the nighttime insomnia. It will not last long and you will have to sleep according to the baby's schedule, so it would not be wrong to get used to sleeping when you seize the opportunity!

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Tyson is a name with multiple origins, which also means son of German in the language of Goethe. A surname in the beginning, Tyson is very popular as a first name in the United States, but is shy in France.

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How is the profession of the firefighter. Educational videos for kids

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