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When should I stop giving my baby a bedtime bottle?

When should I stop giving my baby a bedtime bottle?

How to Night Wean: Bottle fed and Breastfed Baby

Over 2,000 students fought for the title of Cup 1 champion

Family benefit 2018 - everything that every parent should know about him

Family benefit 2018 is a benefit paid by the state, whose task is to partially cover the expenses incurred by parents for the maintenance of the child or children. The benefit is paid in monthly installments. Benefit period for which the benefit is granted, It currently runs from November 1 to October 31, 2018.
What is the amount of benefit and supplements to it, who can apply for family allowance in 2018, what is the current income criterion? and what if it is slightly exceeded?

Who can apply for family allowance in 2018?

The following persons are entitled to family allowance, together with related allowances:

  • parents of the child,
  • one of the parents of the child,
  • the actual guardian who oversees the child,
  • child's legal guardian,
  • a person continuing education (i.e. an adult child whose parents are dead or whose court has obliged to pay maintenance for him).

Income criterion - how much can you earn to be able to apply for family allowance 2018?

The main condition for granting child benefit is the income criterion. This means that the institution deciding whether to grant the benefit takes into account income per family member. How to calculate it?

The easiest way is to sum up the income achieved by all people living in one household, and then divide it by the number of people. If the obtained result will be less than or equal to PLN 674 per person This means that we have the right to receive child benefit. Parents in whose household he lives a child with a valid disability certificate, they will in turn retain the right to unemployment benefit income equal to or lower than PLN 764.

Attention! Family benefit 2018 is related to the principle "PLN for PLN". This means that if your family slightly exceeds the current income threshold, they will not automatically be deprived of their entitlement to benefits. Her benefit will only be reduced by the amount by which the current income threshold has been exceeded.

Family allowance 2018 and its amount (without supplements)

In the current benefit period, which began on November 1, 2017, the amount of family benefit currently in force depends on the age of the child. And so, in 2018, parents will receive a benefit of:

  • 95 PLN - for a child up to 5 years old,
  • 124 PLN - for a child who is at least 5 years old but is not yet 18 years old,
  • 135 PLN - for a child aged 18 to 24 (continuing education).

Supplements to child benefit

The amounts listed above are not everything when it comes to family allowance 2018. For the allowance there are so-called additives, whose presence means that the amount paid every month is much higher. What supplements to child benefit can we count on in 2018?

  • Childbirth supplement;
  • Childcare allowance when taking parental leave;
  • Supplement for raising a child alone;
  • Supplement for raising a child in a large family;
  • Supplement for the rehabilitation and education of a disabled child;
  • Supplement for the start of the school year (for children learning);
  • Supplement for taking up education by a child outside his place of residence.

Where and when can I apply for family allowance in 2018?

We can apply for family allowance 2018 both via the Internet and in person, at the city or commune office of our place of residence. The application may be submitted at any time, but not earlier than on the day the child is born or the day the child is taken care of or adopted.
The benefit, if the application is approved, will be paid from the month in which the complete application was submitted and will be paid until October 31, 2018 After this period has expired, the application will have to be re-submitted so that you can retain the right to child benefit in the next benefit period.

The green chair for babies

Could it have been hot?

Could it have been hot?

Your baby's diaper may have an unpleasant smell and your baby's tummy may be tedious. Vizeletfertхzйs бllhat the hбttйrben.

Why does my baby's nappy smell so bad even if it's just pee?
Infantile urinary tract infections may be the first sign of urinary incontinence. The baby is also tedious, tedious, less likely to breastfeed, but these symptoms are really common when the infection reaches the kidneys. At this point, we are talking about inflammation of the pelvic floor (pyelonephritis), which is also characterized by high fever.
It can be a serious illness, especially if it is not recognized in time. If there is no other cause for inflammation below 39 years of age, renal pelvic inflammation should be considered. Immediate urine testing is very important in these cases and, if suspected, antibiotics are prescribed. Fortunately, this occurs less frequently, and bacteria, which can be detected in the urine by proper testing but do not cause symptoms, often stick to the mucous membranes of the urinary tract. If the immune system keeps them so tight, we talk about asymptomatic bacteriuria.

Felfбzбs csecsemхkorban

feltйtlenьl not have to deal with, however, still ellenхrizni. These bacteria are mostly derived from their own intestinal tract (such as Escherichia coli). They may enter the urinary tract from below, through the lymphatic drainage (an infectious lobe), or through the blood or lymphatic flow. Urine infection before the age of one is more common in boys and then more often in girls. During pregnancy and after the baby is born, ultrasound tests are also used to exclude kidney abnormalities, but this is always repeated after inflammation of the kidneys, with other tests.
There may be anomalies that predispose to urinary tract infections, some of which can be treated if necessary, says our expert, dr. Gyöngy Sándor pediatric nephrology specialist in the Urine Tracing Program.

+1. kйrdйs the gyermeknefrolуgushoz

How vegyьnk urine pelenkбs babбtуl? It is important that the urine to be examined is not contaminated with bacteria on the skin under the diaper (buttocks, eyelids, blemishes). Wash this area with a suitable disinfectant solution, the easiest to wipe off with a cotton swab disinfectant.
In a sterile cup, we put "lesipis" on the baby, removing the baby's diaper - the smaller the baby, the more it pee. If this does not work, a disposable urine collection bag should be affixed once it has been properly rinsed - this should be seen in pediatric clinics. It is important that you do everything as you can, as it can result in a slightly false test result.

Baby Room Tips

Although the surface of disposable diapers is always dry, its capacity is high, you need to change your diaper frequently. In the heat, goiters in diapers enclosed in diapers rapidly multiply, which can lead to infection.

Record your dismissal for being pregnant. Reality or fiction?

Surely more than one woman this outrageous situation sounds quite familiar. After spending time in a company, he finally decided to start a family, but pregnancy seems to be a 'roadblock' to your career, and they end up firing her.

Even if it was a recreation (it has not yet been proven that it is a real situation), this video shows thousands of real cases that end up being filed without further ado in court. Pay attention to what happens when a woman breaks the news of her recent pregnancy to her boss. In this recording you will see how she is fired for being pregnant.

The video lasts just over three minutes. It shows us the moment when a pregnant woman records the conversation with her boss, shortly after having given him the news of his condition. Before recording, she says:

- 'I just told you I'm pregnant and I feel like you're going to fire me. So I'm making this video to record the firing. '

At that moment the recording begins. Your boss tells you the following:

- 'I have nothing against children or any exhibition of family, but as we told you since we hired you, this job takes a lot of time. We cannot wait for you to give birth, to take maternity leave ... we cannot, because you already know here how the job (work) is moving. Look, I'm very happy that you are going to be a mother, I congratulate you, but if what you were interested in was fulfilling yourself as a woman, what you should have thought was to marry someone to support you and you would have all the children that God will send you if you are Catholic or whatever religion you practice ... You don't serve us like that unfortunately...'

At that moment she interrupts and asks:

- 'Am I not serving you this way unfortunately?

His boss answers:

-'Not because...How long will you have to miss? You are going to have a child who will surely get sick who will surely have to go to school ... and this job, as you knew it, takes a lot of time, and demands that you be involved in all the projects that you you will be coordinating 100%. And when we offered you this job, We made it very clear what the conditions were like. And I wish you the best in this new stage of your life in which you are going to be a mother, but unfortunately you are going to serve us as a worker, not as a mother. I wish you and your husband the best in this new stage of your life. '

- 'Yes, I'm a single mother' - she clarifies.

- 'Well, whoever it is, right? ... that for me is totally irrelevant - continues his boss - Right now what I ask is that you come and talk to my secretary. I am not the father, what is my fault? Why am I going to have to take responsibility for things that I am totally alien to? Don't take it the wrong way, but please come talk to my secretary. And you already have your check ready. He is going to ask you to sign some documents. And again I reiterate that I wish you the best in this stage of your life?

- 'And just like that?' She says.

- 'Right now a check'- he says-' They are going to pay you about 2000 pesos right now. I did not have the obligation to pay you anything because as I told you since we hired you, you have to be 100% here. We can't share you with your son. '

The video has gone viral, and whether it is a real case or a recreation, it has served to speak again about discrimination against women at work. Only in Mexico, place where this alleged case of dismissal due to pregnancy occurs, about 2000 women report a job dismissal per year after announcing a pregnancy.

In many countries the protection of pregnancy forces an employer to reinstate the pregnant woman and declare her dismissal void If you cannot prove that you fired her for reasons beyond her state of pregnancy. However, in many cases, this situation occurs more frequently than usual, and unfortunately the woman ends up losing her position without further ado.

A video that also reminds that not only during pregnancy, but after him, in many cases the first question a woman of childbearing age receives during a job interview is: Do you have children? Do you think you have them? Question that of course, they do not ask a man.

You can read more articles similar to Record your dismissal for being pregnant. Reality or fiction?, in the category of Relationship on site.

How to put money aside for your child. Really useful tips that will help you save

A study by an investment company revealed that one third of Romanians who save money - 29% - do it for their children, a figure that puts us above the European average, 25% and below the world average, 34% . Regardless of the small amount, it is certain that the money can prove very useful for our children at some point and can guarantee us quieter nights.

Americans have a popular saying that "a saved money is a won money." In other words, every lion we set aside for our little ones is a win. We can start saving from the first or first year of life, by putting a certain amount of money, smaller, or higher, depending on the expenses.

The most advantageous and at the best way to put money aside for children is the savings accounts. Some banks have very advantageous deposit offers and even products specially designed for parents who are thinking about the future of children. This deposit, made on behalf of your child, can be fed at any time using the card and Internet Banking service and has no administration fee. In addition, you get an annual interest on it and you also get a bonus if you do not make withdrawals during the year.

How we can save money for the future of children

A first piece of advice that the specialists give us is the one related to a well-established objective from the beginning. It often happens that we spend money to solve various problems or because this month we did not calculate the money correctly. This type of behavior leads to wasting money, which is why we should set a very clear goal in mind, which will prevent us from making extractions without a really good reason.

Once the goal is set, impose a monthly amount to set aside and transfer it to the account as soon as you have taken the salary. This way you know for sure that you are saving money and do not feel the lack of them from month to month. If you deposit the money on the salary day, you will make all the calculations with the monthly expenses without putting those at the account, so you have the guarantee that a small sum is stored in your small deposit.

Another tip that the specialists give us is the increase of the amount deposited monthly with each salary increase. The income of your family will most likely increase in the coming years, which is why the amounts saved should be higher. In the first month after the salary increase, the amount increased and set aside, so you will not feel the lack of money, because before you did not have them.

For what we should save

We often think that an important moment is worth the expense. Many parents give their children a car at the age of 18, for example. It is a gift highly appreciated by teenagers, but it should not be a financial goal for our economies.

The destination of the savings should be an investment, in turn. Studies are often the motivation behind economies. As parents, we think that our little ones might want to study at the top universities in the world, whose fee can be quite piperada. With the help of the savings made over the years, he will be able to train professionally in a high performance academic environment.

Another good idea is to invest in a studio or apartment. If you reach a nice amount before the small one moves, a long-term investment is the purchase of an apartment. You can use it after going to college, and if you do not choose the city in which you bought the apartment, you can rent it. However, real estate investments must be carefully calculated, because it may happen that the apartment bought with a price this year will be several times cheaper after several years, as it happened in the period before the economic crisis.

The destination of the money is ultimately your choice, but it is important to have the opportunity to help your child when he or she needs more consistent financial support. Investing in the future of our children is always one of the things we have to gain from things that are not measured in money and numbers, invaluable.

Do you save money for your child? What caused you to set aside money for him?

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