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Are you pregnant and looking for the ideal name for your baby? Our name finder has thousands of names for boys to help you in this important choice. We highlight the name in the dictionary of meaning of names: Vitorino.

Popular variant of Victorino, used in Castilla y León

Derived from the proper name Víctor plus the suffix -inus / -ina (from Latin)


  • Uriah, biblical character. Bathsheba's first husband killed by King David.

Vitorino name coloring pages printable game

Name Sharon - Meaning and origin

Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

From the Hebrew sharon, "flat country".
In the Bible, Sharon is the name of a plain bordering the Mediterranean. First adopted by the American Puritans in the 17th century, Sharon has been very popular in English-speaking countries since the beginning of the 20th century. In France, it appears in the civil registry in the 1990s.

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Whooping cough

Bacterial infection beginning with a cold and a mild cough, leaving room after a few days for fifths, sometimes accompanied by apnea.
In the baby, it can cause respiratory pauses. Since the baby is not protected by maternal antibodies, vaccination is recommended as soon as possible after 2 months.
Yet the bacteria continue to circulate and contaminate toddlers not yet vaccinated. The fault to the entourage, older children, parents, or babysitter who are former vaccinated who lost their protection for lack of subsequent reminders.

After contact with a carrier of whooping cough incubation of about 8 to 10 days and the disease is manifested by a little fever, a cold and especially a cough that does not cure but accentuates, causing fits.

The doctor will prescribe antibiotics, cough medicines and perhaps respiratory physio sessions.

Rolling Towers

Safety and usability are important aspects when choosing the first "transport equipment".

Rolling Towers

  • From the age of one year, it is great for use with a pedal-less plastic backpack and a small loader.
  • In the age of two, the small engine is the star. It's a real "jerk," and in the process of moving the stroller, Mom and baby are moving fast. It has the advantage of being made of plastic: lightweight, washable and usable in the room. At this age, little ones are bothered with winding.
  • We should not buy a three-wheeled bicycle or a small bicycle at the age of three unless the child is already on the way home, we do not need to carry one or two bicycles. They are made of some kind of metal, and so is the hole. Keep the wheels off the ground because the child will not learn to wheel sooner because the bicycle rolls under it. Set the saddle so low that you can climb it without climbing. The foot pedal under the saddle is easier to roll than the first round one.
    It is a small, four-wheel drive, with less fat, better than a traditional three-wheeler. Thick wheels roll better, not stuck in every small crack. The same goes for the scooter: the bigger, thicker, more robust bodybuilder can learn more safely, more easily, and the risk of accidents is lower than on the bike.
  • Roll and tepper

    When you first flail alone, you love to push the baby's chair, puffs, and bibs in front of you. Unfortunately, these are easily overturned, which is why backdrives, such as wheeled small locomotives and small cars, are better suited for this purpose. Clinging to the back, the little kid jumps in and pushes the foot forward. Some of them have a flip-flap and can be folded into it. They are not overly light, lightweight, low, and fulfill the needs of the very first "car". At the time of purchase, try to determine if the baby's foot is depicted on the wide body.
    In principle, a the youngest have a wheeled bunny and dwarf. However, the color, shape and texture of the material is quite insensitive, so it is better to buy a lightweight, quadricycle or wheelchair for the little one. The gurus want to move faster and more safely and quickly. With the smallest plastic small motor (no pedal) you can do it!
    As your height increases, the motor can come in larger size. These vehicles are light, too in the event of a rollover, the child does not feel very well. The real three-wheeler is more labile. It is heavy, made of metal, the foot gets stuck in the foot. It is only used when a toddler understands how to roll - he or she is better at pedaling before the age of three. The pedal mounted on the front wheels is completely redundant, and does not get the little kid out with his outstretched foot, so he cannot exert enough force to propel the ball.

    Footpegs: Small engine, Race bike

    As soon as the baby comes safely, we can buy him a plastic vehicle. It's best if you have a chance to try it out: in a playhouse, in a familiar kid, in a dress. We can see your inquiry and inquiries. We should always be at the level of development, not something you will fall into. Foot down each side on the ground, lightly lift it up, not too wide, as it will be difficult to carry the foot. It is superfluous, it just makes it into the foot, it cannot roll at this age.
    Two wide round or round rollers are less overturned than classic three-wheelers. If we go to a playground, a small engines: easy, we can beat you up if your baby gets bored. The home, garden offers more playability with the rear, back, flip-down car: it can be pushed and packed. Decide whether to use it indoors or outdoors: you can't roll it in with dirty wheels, just like with shoes when going inside. A multi-storey apartment, with stairs, has the risk of rolling.
    It is very popular to be a futуbicikli. There are wood, metal, plastic bikes - available in many places and in a large selection. A vehicle called "gymnastics" is a pedal bike that is essentially a pedal bike, which is a great way to improve children's balance. Transitions between a tricycle, a small engine and a normal pedal bike. The seedlings can be relocated with significantly less muscle work and easier movement than the latter. At low ages on a bicycle bike at racing age. (Of course, your child really wonders exactly when it is worth surprising him with a larynx.)
    Professionals recommend those who have grown a small engine (about 2-2.5 years old) but are still small for cycling. You will learn faster cycling without the use of a bicycle who uses a bicycle.

    Trabi, dummy, markolou

    Little moms can enjoy driving, if not as much as their dad, just settling on the ground.
  • We are climbing down a leafy picture book. Lightweight books are stacked on top of each other (about 20 centimeters high) and then folded down a slope that can be folded out for a length. We start the car from above, let us down the slope and watch how far it goes. Let's leave the next car ahead, will it be ahead of the previous one? Heavier matchboxes are more fun to play than lightweight Chinese or plastic cars.
  • We build roads, bridges, tunnels for cars, cubes, fleets, and hardcover books. Here and there we mark parking, gas stations, pedestrian areas. It is more imaginative with the games than with the plastic car elements.
  • Let's play the most basic transport situations: the little Duplo figure is pedestrian, cross-country, passes the green light, the cars stop because they are red now. Buy or make a traffic light for your games!
  • In the sandbox we can play "real" construction. Dump the sand, grab gravel, and tunnel.

  • Wheelbarrow, bunny motor

    As soon as the baby comes, With pleasure he pushes all kinds of wheeled fitness in front of him. He likes to get out of the stroller and walk with him persistently. Keep the car straight and in balance with the push bar, because the little one is not capable of doing so; Let's take the time to do this in our daily walk - you can't go, but he enjoys it. We can also buy him a stroller, but at the time of purchase we have to try to comfortably reach the pushchair and not easily roll over (strollers are very good for this purpose).
    Little boys have a wheelbarrow: they can push it and pack it in. The lightweight plastic is doing even better now and the size is round. And a "real" dumper offers plenty of gameplay. The baby is leaning forward in front of you, falling in love with one another, pushing the other foot forward, pulling it, carrying it, or even inside it. Even a small child can't drive a pedal vehicle, it just gets stuck in the foot.
  • Two or three round?
  • Accident-free taxiing!
  • Your favorite two-wheeler
  • What's up with the kids?
  • Funny Boat Recipe

    Funny Boat Recipe

    Boat on the water This boat is made with sandwich bread, a lettuce leaf, a cheese triangle, a slice of sausage, a slice of tomato and a slice of pepper.

    Boat on the water
    This boat is made with sandwich bread, a lettuce leaf, a cheese triangle, a slice of sausage, a slice of tomato and a slice of pepper.

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