The youngest Zumba teacher

The youngest Zumba teacher

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Flower first names: Daisy

In English, day's eye refers to our daisy ... a cute name for your little flower? His birthday: November 16th.


In English, day's eye refers to our daisy ... It is mostly found in English and Dutch countries. Original, is it a cute name for your little flower? His party : November 16th.
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Gestational diabetes: do you need a blood clot?

Earache is common throughout childhood. Provided you use the right antibiotic, it is easy to treat and does not talk about it anymore. The advice on otitis of Dr. Martine François, ENT pediatrician at Robert Debré hospital in Paris.

What are the symptoms suggestive of acute otitis?

  • Otitis is manifested by ear pain, often associated with significant fever (38.5-39 ° C). Sometimes the child is grumpy, lack of appetite. He cries at night.
  • With each new infection, the same symptoms will recur. This allows moms to quickly identify the nature of the disease. When they come for consultation, they immediately announce that their child has an ear.

At what age are children most vulnerable to otitis?

  • A survey shows that this disease affects babies under 2 years, but also older children. It is not uncommon to have an ear at 5 years old!
  • 55% of patients are boys. Over time, children become immunized, often through vaccination. But local immunization is also important: the middle ear must be in contact with many bacteria before developing a defense system.

Can we prevent earache?

  • In general, otitis follows a cold, but not always. It is difficult to predict whether a rhino-pharyngitis will degenerate or not in earache.
  • On the other hand, some favoring factors are well known. The majority of otitis media candidates are community-conserved babies who have not had prolonged breastfeeding (more than 3 months). The cold also promotes the occurrence of ear infections. It is therefore strongly advised to protect small ears during the winter.

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What do parents think about?

Just as you arrive home with your little, well, jerky baggage, it also changes what you are changing. Whoever thinks of having a party, 8 ounces of sleeping sound much more attractive! And what are you up to?

"7 in the evening, the end of a crowded day. I come home to a quiet, bright home. I'm ready to do the washing, my clothes are neatly folded in my closet. and then watch the latest episode of my favorite show "- HaelyWhat do exhausted parents dream about?
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"I just take the kids to school in the morning and it is not their music that gives birth but what I want to listen to. I can sing out loud and nobody asks for anything, such as who would win, a crocodile or a light one" - Samantha"It's morning, the sun is shining through the window. My boyfriend shows up, fresh coffee in his hand and some sliced ​​fruit in his hand. I have to drink my coffee and relax. Nobody wants anything from me and I don't have to run anywhere "- Lauren"It's evening. We pour a glass of wine for my wife and myself. The kids line up in front of me and say, hey, daddy, we had dinner, we got after us, we got cold, and we went to dinner tomorrow. ! " - Zach"My husband managed to lay the kids down, and now we're finally on the couch. We've selected a good little movie. And we're able to make sure none of us sleeps over!" - Bruce"Saturday morning. My head is terribly tired, and I just want my mom to babusgass like her old. My mom just shows up! Not only did she bring me some real homemade delicacies, but she would give the kid a full day." Renee"My kids come up with a new game: they want to be my servant all day. Anything, please do it right away. Make my favorite snacks, bring me the remote, massage my foot ..." - Brad"Something is disturbing you in the Force, and my child is about seven o'clock in the evening, and now I have to go to bed right now. I'm going to be in big trouble if I stay up. I have to lie down on my sleeping day also on the next day "- Bruce(Via)Also worth reading:
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Milk with rice

Most children love this simple dessert, made from few, but very tasty ingredients.


Preparation time

35 minutes




300 g of rice

200 g old

1.5 l milk

1 peak of salt


vanilla essence

Method of preparation

Wash the rice, then boil it with a cup of water. Boil everything well, until the water evaporates.

Add the rice aside from the heat and bring the milk to a boil, adding salt and sugar.

After the milk has started to boil, add the rice and continue to boil. Stir constantly, so that the rice cooker does not catch.

Flavor the dessert with vanilla essence.

Serve the rice with milk in individual bowls, with cinnamon on top or plain.

Serve this preparation after leaving it to cool, about 20 minutes.

The type of kitchen


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What do I want for Children's Day? I'll tell you

In this teacher's final hair, the whole family is slowly flushed out. In the evening, the children, as soon as they lay their heads on the pillow, are asleep, and as I stroke their bucks, I think about putting together a to-do list for the next day.

Jesus, this is getting longer and longer each day. And then you jump in on the weekend children's day will! It just missed me! What should we give the children as we salute them? I don't want to buy a toy, I never bought it for this great day, but somehow I just had to celebrate a child's day. They are also enthusiastic and deliciously made and graced me on Mother's Day. As I caress the little whispering heads I wonder what they want for their child's day. Or, as a rule, every day of the year. My dear little sons, I wish you a hell of a breath kйk waters, lakes, seas, streams where you can play forever, splash with your dad and mother, where you can whip out water pistols and fish with your friends, and build gravel bridges. zцld fields and forests where you can run around, sleep on wood, make bunkers, study crab-bugs, make friends and bacon, and have fun with bacon.

Have a Happy Children's Day!

I want you red ball, lots of fun, funny friends, flushed faces, shiny eyes and time, lots and lots of time to play. I wish you a lot aranylу apricots in the mom's garden, which we always eat to dip into the flower and bite into the sunny, succulent apricot. I wish your mom could still see you as you plant and garden the sweet fruit in your garden. I want you crunchy fehйr the snow that you can make a hummingbird, a puppy, and a hummingbird on which you can lightly roll each other up and sway after a whirlwind. black letters that are magical stories. Fairy tales that comfort, laugh, help, and handcuff you. Never run out of books! I wish you all the colors, wonders and charms of the world! And not only do you embrace them, but also make your own color, the unrepeatable and irresistible color that would be poorer in the world. every day would be Children's Day.The author's blog, The Whole Heart Magazine, can be viewed here.Check out these:
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  • Are children cruel?

    Do you remember what the Tambor bunny says to Bambi? "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say it." We could now apply the advice more times! ... Children often have no qualms about making firewood from the fallen tree.

    When one of my children hears us reprimand his brother, he does not hesitate to add fuel to the fire, adding something against him. My husband always tells them that it doesn't matter what we tell him, they always have to defend or support his brother.

    It is said that children are cruel, but it depends on us if they are not. The other day my son told me, smiling, that a friend of his called Moby Dick (the name of the whale that gives name to Melville's novel) to a cook from his school who is obese. It is clear that it was an expression that he learned from an adult and made his own.

    Many times, it is the older ones who negatively influence our children! The fact is that I felt terrible when he told me about it, and I took the opportunity to teach my children to understand, not to judge and to put ourselves in the shoes of others, asking them if they would like to be insulted like that.

    Is not easy teach children not to criticize and to be kind and respectful to others (be they old, young, young or old) because we ourselves, many times, are not. The family is the germ of love and understanding, and in a loving family climate, value judgments have no place.

    As the child grows, he will learn and extend the love lived at home to other areas. We should continue to learn and correct ourselves throughout life, be cautious in our judgments, and always be kind. It would be great if we could reach out to others with a mind clear of prejudice and with a heart full of kindness. Criticisms, rumors, falsehoods should be put into the drawer of oblivion as in this brief, although inspiring story that my father-in-law sent me.

    The young disciple of a wise philosopher comes home and says:
    -Master, a friend was speaking ill of you ...
    Wait! the philosopher interrupts him. Did you put through the three bars what you are going to tell me?
    -The three bars? Asked his disciple.
    Yes. The first is the truth. Are you sure what you want to tell me is absolutely true?
    -Do not. I heard him comment to some neighbors.
    At least you will have put him through the second gate, which is goodness. What you want to tell me, is it good for someone?
    -No, not really. Unlike...
    Ah, well! The last gate is necessity. Is it necessary to let me know what worries you so much?
    -To tell the truth, no. Then ... -said the wise man smiling-, if it is not true, neither good nor necessary, let's bury it in oblivion.

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