7 out of 10 Spanish grandparents take care of their grandchildren

7 out of 10 Spanish grandparents take care of their grandchildren

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Name Nina - Meaning and origin

Origin of first name:

Short, Spanish

Meaning of the name:

From Spanish "niňa", which means little girl. It can also be considered a diminutive of Anne. Born in Cappadocia (Turkey), St. Nina lived in the early fourth century. Brought as a slave to Georgia, she contributed to the evangelization of this country. Healer, she saved the life of the queen. In exchange for this cure, the young Christian asked the queen to convert, which she did, followed shortly by the whole country. His birthday: January 14th. Its derivatives: Nine, Nino (masculine).

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Harvested wheat is known for its beneficial effects both in treating male impotence and sterility, as well as in improving the overall health.
Method of preparation:
Wheat grains are washed well with cold water several times, until the water remains clean, then put in a bowl with water to cover.
After about 24 hours, the wheat will sprout. It should be washed again, carefully and without using the strong jet of water, and given by the grinder or coffee grinder.
The paste thus obtained is mixed with boiled milk and honey according to taste.
Take 2 tablespoons 3 times a day.
Harvested wheat must be kept for at least 2 weeks.

Harvested wheat is contraindicated in people with imbalances caused by excess estrogen hormones in the body.

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Why younger siblings look up to older ones

Why younger siblings look up to older ones

Fights between siblings are a constant in all families. On many occasions generated by rivalry, competitiveness, jealousy or by getting the attention of parents.

For younger siblings, the figure of the older brother is fundamental in their development. Despite these daily disputes, your role is very important in your personal development. On our site we tell you why the little ones admire and imitate their older siblings.

1- The older brothers have that feeling of protection towards his little brothers which he also transmits to them, giving them a certain security.

2- Older siblings have more experience and baggage in some fields: academic, family, social, ... so they become references for their little brothers.

3- The younger siblings turn to help of his older brothers on many occasions and circumstances.

4- Younger brothers have blind faith in their older brothers since they see them as experts and they trust what their older brothers transmit to them.

5- The older siblings become a fundamental support in the lives of their little brothers because with them they share all the experiences within the family nucleus which makes them more united.

6- The little brothers consider their older brothers brave because they have to face many things for the first time, while they already have the experience of these.

7- The older brothers become teachers of his little brothers since they imitate all their behaviors.

8- The older brothers they become confidants of their younger siblings since they are often more confident due to their closeness to their older siblings when transmitting certain insecurities or concerns.

9- The older brothers help minors to be more sociableas they have the support of their older siblings.

10- The younger siblings they learn to share not only games but also experiences with his older brothers.

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The Differences Between Eldest Middle And Youngest Siblings. Viral Video 2021

Varicella Prevention: The Most Important 72 HoursVaccinated by the third day after infection

At least 400 people are hospitalized every year for varicella in the home, even though they can be vaccinated against the disease in 72 ounces following the infection to prevent the occurrence of cancer.

Pancreatic vesicles are difficult to disappear from the skin

The professionals have since been recommending to everyone with two-dose vaccination protect yourself against the disease. According Gyermekpszicholуgusok kьlцnцsen important megelхzйs esetйben the kerьlх ъjonnan kцzцssйgbe children because hosszъ betegsйg disrupt the amъgy also rendkнvьl megterhelх bцlcsхdei, уvodai beszoktatбst.Az elmъlt hуnapban many csalбd йlete revolved bцlcsхdei, уvodai йvkezdйs йs of this jбrу beszoktatбsi idхszak kцrьl. At the same time, pediatric infections are an ideal field for rapidly spreading infections; caused by varicella. A 10-21 day incubation period of varicella is a sneaky disease: 1-2 days before the appearance of rashes, it is contagious It also contributes to the development of major diseases. Varicella is extremely virulent: spreads by drip infection, but 15-20 minutes prior to transmission of infection in the local area - for example, in a nursery school group - to spend time with the patient. Children who are not protected by the vaccine are likely to catch the infection, but there is still a chance that the parents will try to avoid the patient. "Few parents know that if it turns out that somebody in the wilderness, ovi, or school has become tetanus, it is still worthwhile to vaccinate more infected children in the next 72 hours. the onset of the disease may be earlier than the disease itself. If you develop varicella, a the course of the disease will still be milder And the currency of the transaction is also lower, "he said. Dr. Pytta Gyцrgy, President of the Home Pediatricians Association.In Hungary, on an annual average 35 to 40 thousand cases of tetanus report, but the number of actual infections is actually close to hundreds of thousands. The disease is mild in most cases but accounts for about 2-6% of patients requiring medical attention. 100 out of 1 cases, different events - can cause bacterial infections, encephalitis, pneumonia, neurological changes - can cause the disease without disease: It may take up to 2-3 weeks It also comes with fever, depression, itchy, stinging bumps. Statistics show that infection is most common in 2-8 year olds.

It's bad for everyone!

Delaga Йva according to a child psychologist, early autumn autobiography can be delayed for up to 2-3 months, and most successful if not disturbed by the child. " back to the community. After a week of illness, not only parents, but little ones, can begin to become accustomed to it at this time. - Explained.On mental burdens, according to the pediatrician, the weakened immune system of the patient will become more susceptible to infections. "We find that chicken pox puts a great deal of strain on the immune system of children, so they are more likely to catch other infectious diseases after they return to the community," she said. dr. Poet Gyцrgy. For parents, it is not only psychologically but also financially stressful, as they can be out of work for weeks. " a single parent who may have a child often has no other choice.Dr. Pütta says that it is ideal for a child or a parent to have a guardian before moving to the community. toddlers get it by the age of 16-18 months two-dose vaccination against varicella.If the child is afraid of the child, the parent can prepare it for vaccination at home and szerepjбtйkkal you can also show us what will happen in the order. "If the parent guides the child ahead of the situation, he or she will be aware of the potentially frightening situation and relieve anxiety. If you have a headache for a little while, your child will feel right about being cheated. This will cause the parent to lose credibility, "warns Delva. Pain, swelling, redness, skin rash, and fever may occur most frequently at the injection site. According to a child psychologist, prevention is also more appropriate because parents, especially mothers, find it difficult to prevent a child suffering from itchy bladder. THE little kids can't explain itthat exits should not be obscured - the parent, even in this situation, is disciplined, forbidden, which creates another conflict situation.

Pox pox at home, Pox pox in the world

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), there are 4,200 cases of chicken pox infection in the world each year, resulting in 4,200 cases of chicken pox infection, including vaccination against WHO. 3-4 million patients a year in Europe seek medical help for varicella, the number of patients in need of hospital treatment is between 18-24 thousand, and 80 people die of the disease and its outcomes.Related materials:
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  • 9 Popsicle Stick Crafts To Make With Kids

    11 Easy Usefull.. DIY Craft Ideas for kids. Best Out of Waste Ideas

    The dirt that hides in a bottle or non-drip cup

    The dirt that hides in a bottle or non-drip cup

    Penny Powell was among the first to post photos of what kids' bottles and sippy cups actually hid. A good friend told him in anguish that her baby was always sick. One day the father thought he knew where the thing that was causing his son so many illnesses was, it was ... his bottle!

    They took photos of what they found and since then many other parents have shared similar snapshots. If you have any of these bottles, You should know why all this commotion.

    There are bottles and cups that have an anti-drip device, it is about preventing the water from spilling through the bag if we go for a walk. However, this device is usually formed by two plastic parts joined together, that is where moisture can accumulate, which is nothing other than breeding ground for fungi and mold.

    When the complaints from the parents started, some manufacturers ran to explain that it only happened when the bottles were used to put juices or juices in them, since they were prepared to contain water. However, several theories contradict this, the main one is that where there is accumulated moisture, it is a favorable place for bacteria and fungi to roam freely.

    What can exposure to this mold cause my child? These bacteria can cause throat irritation, nasal congestion, runny nose, cough, skin irritation, conjunctivitis ...

    You may have made a gesture of disgust while reading this article, but get to work, if you have a cup or bottle and do not usually open the anti-drip device to clean it, do not wait a second more.

    You can read more articles similar to Dirt that hides in a bottle or drip cup, in the category of child hygiene on site.

    Brushing your teeth during pregnancy: good, but not enough!

    Hormone levels change significantly during pregnancy. Therefore, during pregnancy excess hormones increase the risk of serious dental problems. Brushing your teeth during pregnancy can help, but it is not enough to prevent these potential complications.

    "Do not be surprised when both the dentist and the obstetrician ask you to intensify your oral care during pregnancy. Tooth brushing cleans the outside of their teeth, but future moms need to have a thorough checkup periodically, to know if any other tooth disorders have occurred, ”says Dr. Andra Custura, dentist at Andra Smile's office.

    Dr. Andra Custura tells us what are the dental problems during pregnancy and how to prevent them!

    Gingivitis and periodontitis in pregnancy

    Hormonal changes can cause swelling and gingival bleeding more often than before. Specialists call it pregnancy gingivitis and it might be a sign that you need more accentuated oral care, which means not only the correct brushing of your teeth, but also the use of dental floss and regular checkup.

    "If it occurs, gingivitis should be treated as soon as possible. If left untreated, this may worsen, leading to a much more serious condition called periodontitis, which can lead to the loss of tissue around the teeth, "says Dr. Andra Custura.

    Tooth loss

    This may seem surprising, but even if your gingivitis or periodontal pregnancy does not develop, hormones can affect the ligaments and bones that keep your teeth in the correct position. When this happens, your teeth can easily fall out.

    "If your teeth begin to move, or even fall, you should alert your dentist immediately. He will recommend a specialist consultation to treat this condition as soon as possible. There are situations in which the future mother avoids Saturday at the dentist, but the longer this moment is prolonged, the more serious the situation will be, ”says Dr. Andra Custura.

    Dental cavities and erosions

    According to the American Congress of Obstetrics and Gynecology, pregnancy increases the level of acidity in the mouth, which makes it more vulnerable to dental caries. Many women know that pregnancy cravings can lead to violations of the rules they once kept, often consuming clumps and sugary foods.

    "Unhealthy eating combined with inadequate oral hygiene can also lead to dental caries. Moreover, the teeth are exposed to the risk of erosion of the enamel if they are the future mother facing gastric reflux or permanent vomiting ”, explains Dr. Andra Custura.

    Keeping teeth and gums healthy

    You are probably very excited about the task and super-motivated to do what is best for the child to come into the world. After regular gynecologist visits, the next step is to make an appointment with your dentist. Both the dentist and the obstetrician will help you solve all the dental problems.

    Here are some of the tips that Dr. Andra Custura recommends for an oral health in pregnancy:

    - First, thoroughly brush your tooth at least twice a day and use a dental floss once a day. This is very important for the care of anyone's teeth, but it is more important than ever when you are pregnant. Rinse with mouth water antimicrobial will reduce bacteria in the mouth and as a result of a nutritious diet with foods containing sugar is always recommended.

    - In case of frequent vomiting, the solution that will reduce the acidity level in the mouth is rinsing water and bicarbonate. Last but not least, visit your dentist during pregnancy for detailed checks and cleanings.

    Today, many dentists and obstetricians work together to make sure that women go to the dentist during pregnancy, but it is also an important part of prenatal care. As a routine of good oral care develops, the dental problems that the pregnancy can cause will be managed, thus, both the future mother and the baby will be healthy.

    Dr. Andra Custura believes that our life can become more beautiful with a healthy smile, which is why it helps us with the best tips and treatments to regain and maintain our dental health. Andra Smile is the firm that offers implantology, dental aesthetics, orthodontics, prosthetics, endodontics, periodontology, preventive, pediatric, restorative and dental-alveolar surgery services. For more information on dental conditions you can visit www.andrasmile.ro and the Facebook page.

    Tags Gingivitis pregnancy

    Children's oral health. The parents' guide

    One of the most difficult issues for parents of twins, twins, is the power to individualize each of them. At home, a routine must be adopted so marked as a whole that it rarely gives way to realize the peculiarities of each of them.

    In these cases, more than ever, it is necessary for parents to spend some time exclusively with each of them. In Guiainfantil.com We give you some guidelines so that you can enjoy and enhance the personality of each of your children.

    1. Spend time with each of them separately: It is rarely the case where we can break the routines, but try to take even half an hour to separate the siblings. Make sure each parent makes a plan with one of them, and give them your full attention. That will make the child feel like the protagonist, he finally has his father to himself! He will open up and share his feelings and stories with you.

    2. Do not speak to them in the plural: It is very normal that when having several children at home they say things like: take a shower! Or pick up!, ... However, in many cases it has only been one of them who has messed up and you will be unfair to the other. We need to know that they do not form a single unit, and that they are totally individual.

    3. Find activities for each one: Many times it is convenient that siblings do not play together. That each one develops their own abilities and tastes, for this they look for activities that they can do separately. Let them choose freely and individually what each one is going to do and not as twins.

    4. Do not scold or punish together: Although this is something difficult to achieve because sometimes we do not know who of the two is to blame in the fight, we must try not to act the same with both, since they do not react the same to the same event. Look for individual punishments for each one, and also individual rewards if they have done well.

    5. Put their own clothes on: Surely, even if you are tempted to dress them the same, they will have very different styles. Try that each one dress according to their tastes, although this does not mean that they always have to choose the clothes they are going to wear, but when buying them ask about the preferences of each one, this way they will highlight their personality.

    6. Different friends: That they are twins has nothing to do with them having to have the same friends. They may have some commonalities, but they shouldn't feel obligated to get along with their brother's friends. If you invite them home to play, try to have one of the twins chosen each time by the friend.

    7. Don't compare: A bad habit that must disappear if we want to promote your personality. Each one is as it is and follows a different rhythm, has a different character and must be respected.

    Patricia fernandez. Editor of our site

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    Do you also benefit from training your baby during pregnancy?

    According to a new study, toddlers who train during pregnancy reveal their baby with improved motor skills.

    The baby also benefits from training during pregnancy? The study included 71 healthy, pregnant women under surveillance for aerobic exercise and a control group. Exercising toddlers are trained three times a week, through an umbrella, and have the option of exercising on the treadmill, exercise bike or elliptical trainer or aerobic. Members of the control team could only perform very mild intensity movements, such as gait or stretching exercises.

    The babies were more advanced

    Later we examined the 1 month old infants and found that babies whose mothers underwent some form of aerobic exercise during pregnancy are better off with motor skills possessed, like babies whose moms haven't trained. But all of the infants involved in the research had movement within the healthy range. "Moving exercises with babies, for example, included elements such as turning the head," said Linda May, an assistant professor at East Carolina University, a researcher. Why are these first motor skills important? May says based on previous research babies who develop their motor skills earlier will have a higher currency rate children living an active lifestyle. So exercise during pregnancy is likely to help. Pregnant women have previously been advised by physicians to relax during pregnancy, but now they are advised to their condition is adequate for this. According to May it is a movement that is active enough to increase heart rate and blood pressure, but it is not intense enough for the pregnant mother to be barely breathable and unable to speak during training. Walking, lighter walking, exercise bikes, or lower-intensity aerobics are exactly that.

    There are also benefits

    The study also highlighted a number of other benefits of exercise: a baby's weight gain may be healthier, and the risk of premature birth and excessive fetal weight may be reduced. According to the researchers, this is a movement that took place during an accident The baby works by helping the blood flow to the fetus, oxygenating the brain, as well as the general growth, with the release of the white called growth factor white.In the study, most of the benefits of exercise were from baby dolls. Infants were, on average, taller than girls, but in some cases there was less difference between those whose mothers were moving and those who did not. The cause is unknown to the researchers yet, but they think the exercise is more beneficial for the baby who is expecting the girl. However, the researchers pointed out that it is also uncertain whether physical activity alone played a role in the individual or perhaps factors such as diet that were not taken into account. On average, little kids taking part in exercise put on more weight during pregnancy, about 5 kg, which the researchers have not yet explained. According to the researchers, the message of the study to pregnant women is that if they move, they should not stop during pregnancy or if they are not trained, they should start. 150 minutes per week of medium intensity exercise, which can be divided into 3 days (VIA)Related links:

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