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5 fun (and distracting!) things to pack when traveling with a toddler

5 fun (and distracting!) things to pack when traveling with a toddler

Holiday travel is stressful. Holiday travel with a restless toddler? That's a whole new level. Make your trip a little easier by adding these five things to your bag:

Painters' tape

Look no further than your cabinets to find things your child will love to play with. Painters' tape can be ripped off and given to your child to stick all over his seat. You'll be amazed at how much fun your child can have taping the materials (and people!) around him. The best part is that you can easily remove it when he's done. Then consider challenging your child to create a tape ball to recycle his creations.


Tinfoil is another easy household material to pop in your bag. Wrap small toys (even ones your child owns) in tinfoil and have your child unwrap them. Then challenge your child to use tinfoil to make his own creations! You can smush the foil into animal shapes, make a big tinfoil ball, or even try to make foil glasses. Just watch your child and make sure she doesn't put the foil in her mouth. If you'd rather not use foil, try wrapping up toys and "presents" in cloth or wrapping paper for your child to open. Unwrapping is half the fun!

Invisible ink coloring books

A few special toys can go a long way on a trip. Try getting an invisible ink coloring book and showing your child how to use the marker to reveal colorful pictures. These are great for toddlers because they require very few coloring skills – even the most manic scribbling will reveal the hidden pictures.

Finger puppets

Toddlers love pretend play! Finger puppets are a versatile and space-saving toy to add to your supplies. Put on a performance for your child, then let her play with the puppets. You can each take a puppet and have them interact with each other, or take turns putting on plays.


Above all, don't forget the snacks! Try to pack snacks that will take a long time to eat and can be doled out over time, such as cereal and raisins. Consider storing the snacks in small containers that can be stacked and played with when snack time is over.

Get BabyCenter’s packing list for traveling with toddlers and share your story and tips in our Traveling with Children community group.

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Spanish names - Q

Sucking is an instinctive reflex for your baby. It reassures, soothes ... a bit like a blanket. Some children suck their thumbs, others have pacifiers, others nothing at all. And your baby?

Your baby :

Take his thumb. Has a pacifier.



The movements of the fetus in the tummy

The movements of the fetus and their evolution during pregnancy represents some of the most emotional and fascinating moments of pregnancy. You probably wonder, like many other pregnant women, at what point in pregnancy do the first strokes of the fetus occur and how often should they be? Here is the answer to your questions, but also other valuable information about movements of the fetus in pregnancy!

When are the first movements of the fetus in the tummy?

Each task is unique. There is no precise date when the first blows to the baby's tummy appear. But doctors say they should be present in the second trimester of pregnancy, specifically between weeks 16 and 22.

The face has hands and feet developed before this gestational age. Even if they move, they are not strong enough to be noticed. Only at 16 weeks it reaches a threshold of development that makes it possible to feel the first strokes.

How do fetal movements feel in the tummy?

Each pregnancy feels differently movements of the fetus in the belly. The specialists managed to create a picture of these states more based on the testimonies of those who have gone through this experience. Specialists claim that they feel like nervous spasms, but pregnant women have other descriptions of these sensations:

- air bubbles that "walk" through the belly;
- butterflies in my stomach;
- a sensation of bloating and gas;
- the sensation that something is misused through the stomach.

Most of the time, pregnant women do not even recognize exactly when the baby first hit the tummy. This is due to the fact that they confuse the sensations with certain physiological states: hunger, bloating etc. Only when it hits the second or third time does the pregnant woman recognize the sensation as the baby's stroke.

How active should the baby be in the womb during pregnancy?

Each girl has her own rhythm of movement. Yours may be more active than another in the uterine environment or, on the contrary, a little lazier. From the moment the first strokes appear in the tummy, the fetus should move more and more and more often. In the beginning, the movements will not be daily. As you progress in pregnancy and the baby gets stronger, he should not spend the day without getting into you and playing through your tummy.

The movements of the fetus they increase in frequency and intensity by the end of the nine months. Experts say that at the beginning of the third trimester, the baby moves about 30 times per hour. You do not feel absolutely every movement of him, since he swims through the amniotic fluid and does not touch the edges of the uterus.

As you progress in pregnancy, movements of the fetus they will be obvious, because he will be growing smaller, and his movements in the womb will be limited, due to the smaller space. Automatically, each fetal movement will reach the wall of the uterus and then you will feel it quite clearly.

During a day, the fetus alternates the moments when it sleeps with those in which it is active. It tends to be more active at certain times of the day. Usually, the evening is the period when it is most active, from 21:00 until around 01:00. If you choose the most inappropriate hours to play and consume your energy, this is caused by changing your blood sugar level.

Monitoring fetal movements

As you progress in pregnancy, you will notice a pattern of the times of day when the fetus moves, but also of the intensity with which it does. At some point, you will find a predictable behavior of his: you will be able to appreciate when the moment for the "play" of the tummy is approaching, as well as in which parts it hits more strongly.

If you find that your baby does not hit the same intensity for a longer period of time, or that he moves less than before, go to the doctor to make sure that the pregnancy is progressing normally. Monitor your fetal activity during the day when you know you are moving the most.

Count the strokes of the fetus within a certain amount of time. Check to see if every day it records about the same number of hits, to see if it develops normally or something is wrong with it.

How did you feel the first strokes of your baby's tummy? Tell us your experience in the comment section below!

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This winter, equip yourself with UV protection for the skin

This winter, equip yourself with UV protection for the skin

This year, the number of prison places in Bohemia is increasing by 3-4 thousand, the Ministry of Human Resources has also announced its State Secretary for Family and Family Affairs.

It's more of a witchcraft cage than a kidOn the day of worship, a celebration in Pest Vigado Katalin Novák he insisted on creating as many places of worship and places of worship as needed and to create these institutions wherever they are needed, even if it is a big challenge. The establishment of the new Bécscsé bílée grounds, among other things, justified the fact that the diploma, the beginning of the professional life and the dilemma of the family, with the childhood became more and more, by more than 50, by more than 50.According to the secretary of state, there should be access to wages for families in a variety of situations, especially single-parent families. The secretary of state said that the future of the Bihar area would remain central.Related articles in Böcscsde:
  • There will be more places for worshipers in Central Hungary
  • The procedure, date and rules of enrollment in Bihar
  • Go chick or keep it at home?

From 18 months: Woodours cubes, Ebulobo

Stack, assemble, create stories, invent a decor for Tizours and his friend the squirrel ... these original cubes have more than one trick in their bag. Its price: 45 €.

Stack, assemble, create stories, invent a decor for Tizours and his friend the squirrel ... these original cubes have more than one trick in their bag.
Its price: 45 €.

How we prepare the child for kindergarten. 7 tricks and ideas to implement from now on

How we prepare the child for kindergarten. 7 tricks and ideas to implement from now on

As if yesterday your little one came to the world, and his only occupations were sleep and meals, and now there is little and kindergarten will start. You ask yourself with fear and emotion how will it fit, whether he likes it or not in the community.

The first days of kindergarten can be intimidating for the little one, because he will suddenly wake up to other children of the same age, but without having his parents next to him. He will leave your small universe where everything is for him known, for sure, where he feels at home or in a completely new, unknown world, where he will spend with educators and others in the classroom.

Kindergarten is the first home departure of your child, so it will be a test not only for him, but for you as well. And that for any test, to pass it successfully, it is time to prepare for this special moment in time.

How do you prepare the little one for kindergarten? Here are 7 tricks and ideas to implement from now on:

Teach him as a kid to socialize

In order to make it easier for them to accommodate in community, the child must be taught by the child to socialize. When you go out with him in the park it is important not to just sit next to you and play alone together, but let him get in touch with other children.

Get used to going with you on visits to relatives or friends or on holidays with other families. Thus, when he is seen among other children, without his mother being next to him, he will not find a territory that is completely uncertain, as it will be easier for him to socialize with the other children, as opposed to a child who has been exclusively with mommies, dads and grandparents. Socializing teaches little ones to be more confident, more confident and optimistic.

A friendly child will know how to make new friends quickly in kindergarten, he will not feel abandoned by his parents.

Talk to her about kindergarten

A few months before the big event in his life - the first day of kindergarten - you should start talking about it. He will have to know in advance that there will come a time when he will spend several hours a day with other children.

Talk to her about what kindergarten means, tell her it's a nice place to learn new things about life. If you see that he does not seem too excited about the idea, you can give him your example, of the parents: you can tell him that as mommy and daddy go to work, so he will go to kindergarten, it is a place where you will learn a lot. of new and useful things, but also a place where he will play and make new friends for his spill.

Take a walk to the kindergarten together, so that the little one will get used to the road in time, but also with the place where they will spend their time over a few weeks.

He must know to follow the rules

Even if the age at which the little ones start kindergarten is an early one, at which the main activity of the children is playing, they must still be familiar with the rules when they reach kindergarten. It is important to know that meal time is meal time, that you are not allowed to do certain things. When your little one knows something about the discipline, that not all the Universe revolves around it, then the kindergarten will not find it so difficult.

It will be much easier to find a kindergarten child who is accustomed to having a sleep and meal program at home, because he will not find anything unusual. Instead, a child who is not learning with the program and who only does what he wants and when he wants could have a fork in kindergarten.

Teach him to give

Another trick that will catch him well in the community is to teach him to share his toys with the other children. At the kindergarten he will be involved in all kinds of activities and games where he will be with other children, and your little one will not be difficult if he is already learned with such activities.

Also motivate him to talk more. Ask him questions and wait for an answer from him. When he asks you something, he doesn't answer them quickly, but try to explain as much as possible. There are things that will catch him well in his new preschool life.

You can have along with the little activities you will do in kindergarten, such as coloring or learning some poems.

Go shopping for kindergarten together

The first day of kindergarten is an unforgettable moment for him, so he will need a tailored outfit. Do not choose the only clothing, but involve your child. Let him choose what he likes and you have the guarantee that he will wear clothes and he will feel special, knowing that he has chosen them.

You can also proceed with the backpack, colored pencils or other accessories that you must buy. Take it with you to the store, explain it with patience, but also with joy, which are the things he needs and let him choose them. Be excited, because it is a state that you will transmit to your child.

Tip: Go shopping a few weeks before, do not leave everything on the last hundred meters, when the shops will become a real ant.

Read them

As kindergarten children do not know how to read, it is important for you to read them every evening. This is how he develops the capacity for attention, he will know when he comes to kindergarten to listen to what he is told.

Discuss the new program

Kindergarten is a new lifestyle for the little one, because it involves a new program. That means waking up in the morning, going on a road to school, meals taken with the other children. It is good to prepare him early for this. Talk to him about everything that the new routine will create in his life.

Prepare a ritual for the first day of kindergarten

On the first day of preschool, your little one may cry or feel fear when he will be seen without you, in an unknown place, with many unknown girls. So get ready early, to make this day easy for him.

You can invent a ritual of separation or you can design one together. Before you leave, tell him how much you love him and make sure that when you finish the program you will be there to take him home. For the first days of kindergarten it would be good to wake up a little earlier, so that the preparations are carried out in secret, without agitation.

The quieter the child leaves home, the less likely he is to make a stage at kindergarten.

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