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Winter Baby Girl Names!! All About Baby Names

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Exhibition Ancient Egypt, an adventure full of surprises in the fascinating history of Egyptians

Children unravel the mysteries of the pyramids in Ploiesti Shopping City, at the exhibition "Ancient Egypt"

An impressive adventure in the universe of Egyptian civilization

In period April 7 - May 3, 2016, Ploiesti Shopping City brings, for the first time in the region, the exhibition Ancient Egypt, an adventure full of surprises in the fascinating history of the Egyptians, dedicated to children aged 5 to 12 years. The exhibition is for the first time in Prahova, during a national tour and aims to bring the mysteries of Egyptology to the little ones in an interactive and easy to understand form.

Every day, in the hourly interval 12:00 - 20:00, Kids in Pyramids team It welcomes the little ones with an interactive course of about 45 minutes, where children will find essential information about one of the most important civilizations of the ancient era. The lesson encourages interactive learning through play, while pyramid models, children's costumes and puzzles will turn the course into a fun experience. Throughout the route, the children will be supervised by specialized guides who will answer all the questions of the little ones.

The route is fun for Kids in Pyramids

The children enter the spirit of Ancient Egypt from the first minutes of the experience, when they are dressed in Pharaohs or Cleopatra, before the tour begins. Enter the new roles, the children begin a unique journey into a mystical world, where they can visit the pyramid and the small house, find artifacts, decipher fun puzzles and hieroglyphs, discover Tutankhamun's sarcophagus and find out details about the best known pharaoh. of Egypt.

Children will take part in the construction of a miniature pyramid and find out how they were built in antiquity.

The fun accompanies the curious little ones at each point of the exhibition - the children will get to know the mummies and learn more about how this frightening myth appeared, and the treasure room will greet the little ones with surprises. Funny pictures will complete the successful recipe for a fun learning portion.

The ticket for the Kids in Pyramids exhibition is priced at 10 Lei, includes a photo and can be purchased from the information office. Groups organized with a minimum of 10 children, can purchase the entrance ticket at a reduced price of 7 lei / child.

More details about the event can be found on or on Facebook,

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Teasing: How to nip it in the bud

Why 2-year-olds tease

Like it or not, teasing is a fact of life – or at least of life before adulthood. The good news, though, is that 2-year-olds rarely do it maliciously. "It's actually a sign of an important cognitive advance," says Claire B. Kopp, a professor of applied developmental psychology at California's Claremont Graduate University. Two-year-olds begin testing the boundaries of their environment to figure out what their parents will put up with. So your child might look you in the eye while he deliberately does something he knows he shouldn't, such as eating an extra piece of candy or kicking a ball in the house. Similarly, he learns how to push buttons by teasing.

Your child might call someone a "dummy" or a "stupidhead" rather than zero in with more specific taunts. A mature 2-year-old may also use teasing to define social groups ("Nya-nya, you can't play with us!"). And, as most children find out, it's equally hurtful to be on either end of teasing – the teaser or the teased.

What to do when your child gets teased

You can't do much to prevent other kids from teasing your child, but you can teach him how to cope with biting comments:

Feel his pain. Acknowledge to your 2-year-old that it hurts to be teased. "I kept telling my son to find different kids to play with, but that didn't help," says Joyce Abrams, a mother of two. "Finally I realized that he wanted me to sympathize with how he was feeling. Then we were able to talk about ways he could handle it."

Teach him to ask for help. It takes a lot of maturity to let teasing roll off your back, so don't expect a stiff upper lip from your 2-year-old. If he's really upset about the teasing – especially if it's relentless – he (and you) need to talk to his care provider or the bully's parents about the situation.

Don't practice what you're preaching against. Perhaps the teasing that so upsets your child doesn't come from playmates, but from you – and you may not even realize it. Affectionate joshing is a wonderful way to nurture a sense of humor, but let your child be the guide. If he doesn't react well, perhaps the subject matter has hit a nerve. So don't joke with him about an issue he's struggling with – such as learning to use the potty – which will only shame him. And never be harsh: No name-calling (even if it's meant affectionately) or snickering allowed. Perhaps the most important rule is not to razz your 2-year-old in public. Calling him "my little piggy" or "Pudding Face" in front of his pals can make even a 2-year-old cringe. By observing limits when you tease, you'll show your child how to clown around in a way that doesn't hurt people.

What to do when your child teases

Don't overreact. Although it upsets you to hear taunts escape your 2-year-old's tender lips, remember that at this age teasing is rarely mean-spirited. Kids are notorious for noticing everything, and are usually quite vocal about it. This is especially true of children nearing age 3, who often zero in on differences in the way someone looks or acts. Teasing can also be a way for your child to take control of a situation. He may tease a playmate so she runs off crying instead of taking her turn on the slide, for instance. Then he gets to go first. Finally, a child this age may simply be mimicing an older sibling, or testing you to see what kind of reaction he gets.

Emphasize empathy. Whatever the reason for his taunts, talking to your child about the effects of his behavior helps him put himself in another person's shoes, though not overnight. So remind him that he'd feel bad if someone said he was too loud or too short, for instance. Stress that how a person looks doesn't indicate anything about who they are. And be sure to refrain from making negative comments yourself about another person's appearance.

Reduce the rivalry at the root of the teasing. If your child's teasing his sister, it doesn't neccessarily mean that he's angry or upset with her – he could just want more of your attention. To discourage his taunts, make sure your 2-year-old has plenty of one-on-one time with you. And rather than pushing him aside, try to make him feel important by enlisting his help in caring for his sibling. Remind him that he's a big kid who knows games he can teach her. Talk about what he liked as a baby – playing peekaboo or hearing a silly song – and encourage him to entertain his sibling the same way. Being able to make her laugh will make him feel useful and important, and not feeling that way is probably what was behind his teasing in the first place. (For more tips, check out our article on sibling rivalry.)

3 cute children's poems about animals, the favorites of children

3 cute children's poems about animals, the favorites of children

Baa Baa Black Sheep + More Nursery Rhymes and Kids Songs - CoComelon

What names would you give the babies if you had quadruplets?

What names would you give the babies if you had quadruplets?

Men's feelings in early pregnancy: not into it?

You're having a baby: mixed reactions in early pregnancy

For some men, the news that you're going to be a dad can bring about a mix of feelings - some positive, some not so positive. You could feel panic, anxiety, shock or numbness at first.

It isn't wrong to feel this way - there might be reasons for these reactions, or you might just need time to adjust. Most men get into it eventually, but it might not feel real until your baby is born. This is when you can actually get involved and start being a dad.

'Left out' at pregnancy appointments

Some of your experiences with pregnancy services might not be what you expect.

Although services are getting better at including men in antenatal care, sometimes the system forgets that men are interested and want to be part of things. It's easy to feel invisible if a health professional talks as if your partner is the only one expecting a baby.

I was numbed by the experience… it was all a big shock. We thought, 'This will take a while. Let's just start, go off the pill and see what happens'. She was pregnant within about a week or something.
- Ron, father of two

Not getting excited about the pregnancy - yet

You might be waiting to make it past the 12-week scan that checks whether your baby is OK before you let yourself get into the pregnancy.

Many people 'go public' with the news of the pregnancy at 12 weeks. Others wait until the 20-week scan. If you're waiting to clear these checks before you let your excitement show, it might look like you're not interested in the pregnancy. In this case, you could reassure your partner by telling her that you're happy about the pregnancy but you want to know everything is OK before you get too excited.

When I was told we were expecting two sons, I wanted to hit the obstetrician! The next reaction was, 'Oh my god, I'm going to have to sell my car!' At the end of the day, that was a dose of 'step up to the plate' for me as well.
- Callum, father of twins

Really not into the pregnancy

Perhaps the pregnancy is unplanned - perhaps you don't want the pregnancy at all - but the mother has decided to go ahead.

This is a very difficult situation, and it's normal to have strong emotions. It's good to take some time to think about what you're feeling. It can also help to learn more about becoming a dad.

If you're no longer in a relationship with the mother, it's usually best for your child if you can still be involved. It might help to learn more about co-parenting.

But just reading and thinking probably won't be enough. Have a conversation with someone you can trust, like a friend, family member or your GP, or ring MensLine on 1300 789 978 to talk about your situation. It's a free, confidential service.

Things you can do

  • If you have mixed feelings about the pregnancy, try talking to other dads and expectant dads as a way of getting your head around the change.
  • Accept what you're feeling rather than ignoring it or trying to 'fix it'.
  • If your partner is upset that you're not getting into the pregnancy, reassure her if you can.
  • Discuss with your partner about how you can get involved in the pregnancy. For example, you can attend pregnancy appointments and scans.
  • If you're very unsure about your situation, talk with someone you can trust or ring MensLine on 1300 789 978.
  • Read more information to help you reflect on what being a dad means to you.

Fun salad with cherry tomatoes and sausages

Fun salad with cherry tomatoes and sausages

How to make Marinated Tomatoes

Candidiana: origin and meaning of the name for girl Candidiana

We highlight in our dictionary the name for a girl: Candidian. You will find in our meaning finder of all baby names.

History of the name Candidiana

Candidian feminine form.

Meaning of name Candidiana

Comes from candidus: "radiant", "happy"

Saints of the name Candidiana

January 11

Origin of the name Candidiana


Famous people with the name Candidiana

  • Leonora Carrington, surrealist painter and writer (1917–2011)

Candidiana name coloring pages printable game

Safefix Plus car seat from Römer

Struts and anti-tilt system make this Isofix Group 1 seat a stable product that holds the seat in the event of a frontal and side impact. We like its reinforced side walls, its protective pads, its wide and ergonomic shell. Its +: the adjustment of one hand of the harness and the headrest by the front of the seat. Its price: 389 to 399 €. More info here.

Struts and anti-tilt system make this Isofix Group 1 seat a stable product that holds the seat in the event of a frontal and side impact.
We like its reinforced side walls, its protective pads, its wide and ergonomic shell.
His +: the one-handed adjustment of the harness and the headrest by the front of the seat.
His price : 389 à 399 €.
More info here.

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