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Tatú and the party cape. Legend of the Andes for children

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10 Mandalas of peace to print and color

Print and paint these mandalas with your children and stimulate their attention and creativity


Print this mandala drawing and invite your children to choose the colors and then color it in the most joyful way possible, and thus celebrate peace in the world. invites us to develop with our children one of their favorite activities, painting or coloring.

There is no doubt that the dove is the bird that symbolizes peace in the world. Thus, He has chosen it to illustrate this mandala drawing for children. Mandala to print and color with the children, to celebrate Peace Day, at home or at school.

Mandalas are useful to increase children's attention and at the same time to raise their level of memory and concentration. invites us to print this beautiful mandala drawing, with hearts, so that children can color or paint with the children they like the most. An activity to develop as a family.

Print this mandala coloring with kids for free. Mandalas are useful for concentration and to increase the memory capacity of children. offers us a curious, fun and original activity, so that we can spend a fun time with our children.

This tender Mandala drawing is very suitable for children who are learning or coloring or taking their first steps in painting. our site proposes you to print this drawing and then choose the colors with the children to paint it. A very stimulating activity in every way.

To paint this mandala drawing, children may have a little more difficulty, but if you print it out and help the children color it, you can have a great time together. offers us a beautiful drawing to awaken the imagination and stimulate the creativity of children.

This mandala drawing demands more skill from children. For your child to exercise painting, proposes you to print this mandala for free. Coloring mandalas is a very suitable activity to stimulate attention and concentration, and awaken the creativity of children.

This mandala drawing is aimed at all children who already know how to paint or color. Print this mandala for your children to discover the colors and paint according to their abilities and skills. offers us a simple and very beautiful drawing for children.

This beautiful mandala teaches children that we all have to be united to achieve peace. The dove is a symbol of peace in the world. Print and color this mandala with your children if you think that peace building depends on our attitudes. You can print it for free.

Children can build peace in the world through union and cooperation. With this mandala, children will not only have to choose the colors with which they will bring the drawing to life, but they will also learn that the world revolves around our attitudes. The world is in our hands.


A ring, good idea!

A ring, good idea!

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Silver and mother-of-pearl ring: 89 € (Mademoiselle Zaza).
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Coloring summer: we are having fun in the water

Coloring summer: we are having fun in the water

I download coloring

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Meaning of the name Micah. Name for boys

Among all the names for boys we highlight Micah. You will find in our search engine all the meanings of baby names.

He is the sixth of the prophets in the Bible.

It comes from the biblical proper name mîjãyãh, "who is like Yahweh?"

December 21.


  • Millán Salcedo, Spanish comedian (1955-)

Drawings of the name Micah coloring page printable game

Micah: pictures of the names coloring page printable game

Drawing of the name Micah coloring page printable game

Drawing with the name Micah coloring page printable game

Drawings of names. The name Micah to color and print

30 Biblical Names for Baby Boy starting with A together with their meaning and pronunciation

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