Birthmarks, spots, discoloration on the baby's skin - are they dangerous?

Birthmarks, spots, discoloration on the baby's skin - are they dangerous?

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Meaning of the name Alderico. Name for boys

Γνωστά αρχαία ελληνικά ονόματα και τι σημαίνουν.

Bumps and kicks are part of any child's upbringing. They usually result in bumps and juices of all beauty, but in more severe cases the child may choose with a broken bone. They are called bone fractures and are common among children, especially those who play sports.

What are bone fractures?

Fractures occur as a result of trauma (external impact or stress) or other medical conditions and represent the interruption or discontinuity of a bone.

What are the causes of bone fractures in children?

Accidental trauma is most often responsible for the occurrence of bone fractures in children.

In very rare cases, bone fractures can be caused by abuse. But they should be associated with other injuries.

There are children who have a higher risk of producing them due to medical conditions or susceptibilities: those who suffer from malnutrition, rickets or hereditary diseases such as osetogenesis.

How do you realize that the bone is broken or not?

Not every child's accommodation ends by breaking a bone. You must follow some classic signs that indicate the breaking of a bone:

  • very great pain;

  • swelling of the area;

  • bone displacement (sometimes it can penetrate through the skin and go outside).

However, there are fractures that it is very difficult to see with the naked eye, which requires an x-ray. Some signs that the bone is broken may still be:

  • a sound produced when the trauma occurred;

  • bruising, swelling or increased sensitivity in the injured area;

  • it is extremely painful for the child to withstand any kind of pressure, no matter how small, on the area, even the simple touch being a pain.

What are the first aid measures you need to take?

If you suspect your baby has a broken bone after a fall, it's important to call the ambulance. It is essential to NOT move the child if the fracture is severe enough, bone displacement through the skin, bleeding etc.

In less severe cases, try to stabilize the wound as quickly as possible:

  • removes clothes from the injured area;

  • apply an ice pack;

  • immobilizes the area (through improvised atheists) until the arrival of specialized medical help.

Particularities of bone fractures in children

During the case, the instinct tells them to tell the children, and in general people, to stretch their hands forward to cushion the impact with the ground. This intuitive behavior increases the risk of bone fractures in the hands: fingers, wrists, shoulders, elbow, etc.

Fractures on the forearm, part of the arm between the elbow and wrist, usually occur in the child who falls on an arm, which is stretched. These represent about 50% of the fractures in childhood.

Elbow fractures are another common type of broken bone, accounting for about 10% of all broken bones in childhood. They also appear when the child falls on the outstretched arm.

Bone fractures of children differ by far from those present in adults. Their bones are more fragile, contain less calcium and more cartilage, which makes them less impact resistant and have a higher elasticity. This means that in most children it is not possible to talk about a complete rupture, but rather a deformity of the bone.

How is fracture treated in children?

Recovery from a bone fracture is much faster in children than in adults. The potential for regeneration is increased and most of the time it is sufficient to just install the plaster (over a certain period of time depending on the severity of the fracture) and some anti-inflammatory drugs.

If the fractures are more complex and have complications, surgery is required for the remixing of some bone segments. However, these are very rare cases, the most common being light to medium fractures during childhood.

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If you have rods "pipe cleaner crawlers", you can pass them through the tubes of the arms to create some fingers to the robot. It is then better to consolidate everything with a little tape or string depending on the result.

If you have rods "pipe cleaner crawlers", you can pass them through the tubes of the arms to create some fingers to the robot.
It is then better to consolidate everything with a little tape or string depending on the result.

Aries features

Aries features

Among all the names for boys we highlight Zosimus. You will find in our search engine all the meanings of baby names.

History of the name Zósimo

It comes from the Greek and its meaning is similar to Zotic, it was welcomed by Christians for its meaning of "a long life." This name is known to numerous saints, including a 5th century Greek pope.

Meaning of name Zósimo

"Alive, vital"

Santoral of the name Zósimo

December 26

Origin of the name Zósimo


Famous people with the name Zosimo

  • Zosimus, Pope of Rome 417-418

Zosimo name coloring pages printable game

Popular Christmas carols for children danced by Santa Claus

Η γυναίκα του Αϊ-Βασίλη. Χριστουγεννιάτικο Παραμύθι με τα Ζουζούνια

Child indulging in parenting

10 things you need to know about pregnancy cramps

10 things you need to know about pregnancy cramps
  • Contractions associated with the last stage of pregnancy often appear already in the first trimester. At such an early stage, they usually inform about changes in the body that are to prepare the woman's body for the challenges that she faces. Most often they are caused by stretching of the uterine ligaments, constipation and flatulence.
  • How do you recognize that you are experiencing cramps? All you have to do is lie down and put your hand on the womb. If it hardens in one place, then most likely the reason for this is fetal movement, if during contraction it is all hard, the reason is cramps.
  • If the doctor has not yet confirmed the pregnancy, and you feel painful cramps, go to a gynecologist, who after the examination will be able to exclude ectopic pregnancy.
  • Sometimes the reason for the cramps is dehydration or too little magnesium. It is worth drinking a lot of fluids during pregnancy (read what to drink during pregnancy) and enrich your diet with products rich in magnesium (white beans, chocolate, dark cocoa, cereal sprouts, spinach).
  • If the cramps appear in the second or third trimester and are accompanied by low back pain or diarrhea, they may be a signal of premature delivery.
  • Premature contractions are not Braxton-Hicks contractions, which are irregular and appear in the third and second trimester (not all women) - most often they are painless, but unpleasant.
  • If the contractions appear regularly every few minutes and their soreness increases, then most likely the cause is childbirth (a few weeks before the date of premature delivery).
  • Contractions (harmless) can also appear after sex and experienced orgasm.
  • Effective ways to soothe cramps are a warm bath, calm breathing, emptying the bladder, as well as, if necessary, No-Spa.
  • Tell your doctor about any pregnancy contractions.

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