Πώς απασχολώ τα παιδιά στο σπίτι: Πειράματα 1ο Μέρος. GoodLife by Gina

Πώς απασχολώ τα παιδιά στο σπίτι: Πειράματα 1ο Μέρος. GoodLife by Gina

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This is the moment of expulsion of the placenta following the birth of the baby.

All stages of childbirth

Andreea Marin, problems with pregnancy?

Andreea Marin, problems with pregnancy?

In front of the villa of the couple Marin-Banica Jr., were captured by the reporters, images with a rescue.
It seems that the doctors came to that address immediately after a call made by the TVR star.
Until this moment the task of Andrei Marin-Banica Jr., has passed without problems. Despite the shocked images, both the future mother and her doctor, denies speculation about the occurrence of pregnancy problems.
Asked about these rumors, the host of the show "Surprises, surprises" said he has no problems with the pregnancy, but is only a little tired after Saturday's show, denying that the ambulance came to his residence.
Also contacted by him, Bodgan Marinescu, the doctor who supervises Andreas's pregnancy, said that everything is okay with Andreas's pregnancy.
Gabriela Hotareanu
November 12, 2007

Things We Don't Think About Being Parented

Things We Don't Think About Being Parented

Pregnant expectant mothers can spiritually prepare for the pain and confusion that arise during childbirth. However, there are a few lesser-known things that can happen during childbirth.

Things We Don't Think About Being Born During Your Birth (Fotу: iStock) Among these, there are many things that are harmless, but there are some that require immediate relief.

Uncontrolled movements

Since the same muscles used during childbirth work as during birth, all ## 8211 ## and this may be completely normal in childbirth. Epidural insensitivity, which rewards the lower part of the body increases the currents of uncontrolled movements of the body. Dr. Nita Landry noodles called attention to the fact that if a pregnant mother feels the need to nurse during childbirth, she should not be patient, but let it go. According to some theories, this also contributes to the baby's access to good bacteria.

Hahninger and hahn

Nausea and vomiting may not only occur during morning sickness, but may also occur during childbirth, especially during the active parturition phase when the baby is born. Sherry Ross says that when women get epidural anesthesia, their blood pressure can drop, which can cause them to lose weight. For some reason, it's not worth eating in the midst of birth, and, in part, because in the event of an emergency emergency cup, it may increase the risk of the food going into the stomach.

I was in trouble

The first stage of childbirth includes the early childbirth, the active and the transitional stages. But sometimes they don't change as quickly as they should. The subacute latent stage means that mothers who give birth to the first child have more than 20 ounces, while mothers with the second child have more than 14 ounces. The fatal latent stage can be very exhausting, but rarely leads to complications. When the center reaches 6 centimeters, the active phase is officially started.

Too fast

Not only can childbirth be fatal, but it can happen soon. The rapid birth of the baby in less than 3 hours after birth begins with concussions. Most expectant mothers may find it a positive thing to have a fast birth, but Dr. Landry said it could be a concern. The main concern is the lack of time for a pregnant woman to enter the hospital, get painkillers, and be born under sterile conditions. It can also cause mental distress. since it is so difficult for the mother to control the birth process, she cannot prepare herself properly. Other problems include the risk of cervical and vaginal cracking, bleeding of the uterus or vagina, or failure of the infant in the non-sterile environment due to the risk of infant birth.


It is a common occurrence that the perineum, the region between the gland ## 8211 ## and the throat ## 8211 ##, breaks down if the throat is not wide enough. Most women experience some fractures, including first-degree fractures only for a few weeks, causing some discomfort, however, healing of third- and fourth-degree cracks can take several weeks. That is why we often recommend a buttocks to widen the vagina.

It's a rupture

When a baby is pressed, there may be a rupture at the end, which cannot always be prevented. Fortunately, this is the least common intermittent problem during childbirth, according to Dr. Ross. The chance of a rupture can eventually be reduced the surrounding area is covered with warm shaving, massage or rubbing with a water-based cream, which improves the elasticity of the area.

Stuck in bed

After the baby is born, it is normal for the contractions to continue because the baby will have to print out the bedding and the baby will need to be restrained because of the postpartum bleeding. Usually, the placenta lasts for 30 minutes after the baby is born, and if it does not happen automatically, we talk about a stuck placenta. This may be due to excessively weak adhesions, early closure of the uterus, or placental attachment to the muscular wall of the uterus. Doctors usually recommend breastfeeding in this case, as this can cause the uterus to collapse enough to clear the bed. If you do not manage to get it out, it may take place, since this condition can be life-threatening if not handled properly (VIA)Related links:   

Promotions for parents and children

Promotions for parents and children

How is the relationship of Capricorn mothers with the children of the Cancer sign

Cancer children are difficult and sensitive children, who must be treated with tact and care, on the other hand, Capricorn mothers are not exactly the most subtle educating their children, but they are demanding mothers who do not like their children navigating between dreams and diffuse realities .

If you want to know what the Capricorn mothers relationship with their Cancer children, here we tell you.

Capricorn mothers are mothers who know how to give security to their children, who sacrifice like no other to form warm and comfortable homes so that your little suckers grow with ease.

They are lovers of effort and work, and when they visualize a goal they do not stop until they achieve it. Are persevering and they are capable of overcoming all the problems that stand in the way of their goal.

As mothers they can be a littlerumbling and heavy, since they are demanding, maniacs of order and work, excessively controlling and little given to daydreams.

They love to offer routines and their life is based on traditions, ensuring that there are as few alterations and changes as possible.

As against, they are mothers quite distantThey lack affection and it is difficult for them to show their affection.

Cancer children also like to enjoy home and quiet games. They are great readers and do not usually like adventures, but prefer the environment safety.

Their high sensitivity makes them suffer a lot. They are very susceptible and it is not difficult for them to feel threatened, and even deeply hurt in their ego for any reason, no matter how insignificant it may be.

Cancer children are very dependent on their mothers, since they are very insecure and need constant approval from them. They demand to be respected, and if they feel that this is not happening, they have a very bad character that they tend to take out when the adversary least expects it.

They are children who must learn to adapt to others, prone to loneliness, that they never forget the offenses, which usually causes them many inconveniences on an internal emotional level.

They are children jealous, with a very good memory and a great lack of realism.

In general, Capricorn mothers have a good relationship with your children of the sign Cancer. They have many points in common: love for home and family, tranquility, security, and traditions; however the tendency of Cancer children to create your own unreal world it's something Capricorn mothers don't understand. They prefer that their children put their feet on the ground and strive to achieve their dreams, but it is enough for Cancerians to imagine those dreams even if they never reach them.

They are children undemanding, prone to loneliness, and with a high sensitivity that tends to separate them from the crowds, preferring familiar corners where they are comfortable.

Capricorn mothers should be especially careful when giving them orders that are too strict, since their high sensitivity can make them feel damaged easily and tend to move away from them little by little.

They need constant love and affection, and although Capricorn mothers have a hard time giving it, they will have to make an effort if they do not want their children to suffer a nervous breakdown caused by the influence of the moon on them, the satellite that dominates the character of this sign.

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Κλάδεμα επιτραπέζιας ροδακινιάς σε μονόκλωνη διαμόρφωση

Good mood at the table!

Good mood at the table!

While Léo (on the right) does not seem to like the smell of cabbage, Raphaëlle and Corentin have fun: "In the first session, it was not so obvious but today, the children know us and we they understand the principle and are very open to novelty, "explains Dorothée, one of the facilitators.

While Léo (on the right) does not seem to like the smell of cabbage, Raphaëlle and Corentin have fun: "In the first session, it was not so obvious but today, the children know us and we they understand the principle and are very open to novelty, "explains Dorothée, one of the facilitators.

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