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Pets. Cartoon movie with animals for children

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6 steps to help your child regain confidence Small children need it encouragement, support, additional motivation. They must know that what they do is right and will not be criticized for their attempts.

Why is this so important?

Because every day they face new challenges, tasks that often overwhelm them. Sometimes they have enough, they are bitter, and their faith in their own skills decreases. There are times when they put the crayons aside, because the drawing is far from ideal, they throw shoes in the corner with a shout that they will never be able to tie their shoelaces, they cry loudly, because the task exceeds them and they are confused whether it is worth trying.

What should the parent do then? Hug? Comfort? Do not react, leaving matters to your course?

What to do to motivate a child, but not to overdo it, depriving the child of the possibility of experiencing failure and learning based on an important life lesson?

Be an optimist

The child is watching how the parent perceives the world and often sees reality in a similar way. Therefore, instead of catching shortcomings and minuses at once, try to pay attention to the positive aspects of the situation. Emphasize that everyone learns at their own pace, that there is no person who would not encounter problems. You can also tell about your problems from the past, ending the story with a positive accent. In addition, try to direct your child's thinking to look for a solution and offer help on the way to achieving the goal.

Do not protect against pain

Naturally, as parents we want to protect children from the evil of the whole world - pain, anger, disappointment. Subconsciously, we want the toddler to be happy and we strongly experience each of his failures. Sometimes much more than the child himself, so paradoxically, instead of helping the toddler deal with the problem, we make him relive it, ponder and stress our stress.

The parent's role is not to remove any obstacles. The child should meet obstacles on his own path and learn to overcome them. A toddler must have the opportunity to take risks ... and lose. He must know that the parent accepts the rehearsals and accepts that his daughter or son are not always the best. Anxiety, anger, disappointment, and depression are natural when facing challenges. Escaping from them by force, at all costs, makes them gain strength, swell to the limit and it is difficult to deal with them during the confrontation.

Encourage self-resolution of problems

Even the youngest children can solve problems by themselves. It is worth that the parent encouraged them to do so. How? In many situations, it is enough to simply not give instant solutions, answer any questions, i.e. let the toddler look for a way out of the situation. Whenever possible, ask how they think they can handle the situation, what they can do to succeed.

Let me make a decision

When a child has the opportunity to make decisions from an early age, he or she feels more confident. Has a direct impact on what happens. The decision areas should, however, be adapted to the child's age. In addition, do not overwhelm your toddler with too much responsibility, preferably give 2-4 options to choose from. At the same time, it is important to ensure that the child is aware that some decisions remain with the parent and that he or she has no influence on them.

Let me develop my passions

Children who can find joy in spending time on passion and interests are more confident. When a toddler pays attention to what he really loves, enriches his interior, and at the same time in his eyes and other people's becomes more interesting, has more to say, has a certain area in which he knows best. A child with interests has the opportunity to take up subjects with peers in which he becomes an expert in a given field, he can talk with passion about the things that make him different.

Enable helping others

A child who is able to help others and can do it is more confident. Whether it helps parents, peers at school, kindergarten or anywhere. Therefore, whenever possible, let your child demonstrate. Make sure your toddler has chores. There is another benefit that comes from it. A child helping the elderly can experience the hard way that adults put effort and commitment into certain activities that may look "light" from the side, and really require a lot of sacrifice.

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