Difficult night sleep poorly? (X)

Difficult night sleep poorly? (X)

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Cosmetics have been withdrawn from the market

Six products were withdrawn from the market because of the amount of preservatives they contained.

Cosmetics have been withdrawn from the marketBeauty products have been withdrawn from the market for consumer protection purposes. The controls found two-shampoo and natural cosmetics, as well as liquid soap and toilet soap, that they did not meet the requirements: they contained microbiological impurities, Index.A total of 120 cosmetic products and hair dryers have been inspected nationally by the Ministry of Innovation and Technology (ITM) and have been withdrawn from the market. In the case of cosmetics, the control of the microbiological characteristics of the products and the amount of preservatives that they contain,
Mom, who's the real Santa Claus?

At the fifth Santa in the same shopping street, you think that your child will eventually doubt his existence. Besides, he starts to frown ...

The problem

  • At the approach of Christmas, Christmas Fathers, young, old, young, old ... walk the sidewalks of your city. And your child begins to wonder. "We do not come to meet another Santa Claus, there, earlier, already?", He asks. Uh, if ...

Who disturbs it?

  • Your child. He begins to ask questions. And the embarrassment that you show does not help the situation ...
  • You. Admit it. You like, you too, believe a little in this wonderful being he immerses you in your own childhood. And it's not unpleasant. You think that one day you will have to tell the truth. But when ?

Several Santa Claus: he wonders

  • He just met a Santa who even asked him what he had ordered. And yet he has already sent him his letter! He passes in front of another. And so on. Finally, during the day, he will have seen some of them. Even if he captures "disorders", he will not analyze them: he will settle and nothing will move.

What has to be done

  • Follow the evolution of your child: if you still feel gullible, you do not have to break his belief, he has the right to believe. Santa Claus is one of the myths of collective life. He is a reassuring being. We must tell him a truth: that Santa Claus shopping centers are comedians, people who disguise themselves.
  • What to tell him. "These are not the real Santa Claus.", "They are actors who are there, very often, to buy and push for consumption", "The real one, it comes only when the children are lying down."

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Allergy to cockroaches

Allergy to cockroaches

Born grandson of Gyorgy Nbas, Olivier. We talked with my son, Zoltán Nádas, and Szandra Szanto, before we were born.

It was not easy to coordinate with the married couple even at the time of the interview. But not because of their bushy activities, but the laughing stock that caused speechlessness ... "Don't be sorry!" He called back to Sandra after ten minutes and explained a line: "My son laughed so I couldn't breathe, I had to hang up!" The interview succeeds, and the young people talk in one word about their common experiences, their passion, their humor, their irony.
Sandra Bar was born on the 13th, and their first date with Zoli was also on the 13th, and they were lucky. They moved in two days, and the wedding was over ten days later, and they joined in five months. At that time, the baby was on the move and could be held in the hands of the first turn of the year. Prospective parents are almost happy in happiness.
- How did you get to know each other?
Zoltán: - I knew Sandra from the theater. I gave birth to my dad that this girl is interested, ask him if he is willing to come to see me.
Sandra: - With Zoli's dad, George Nddas, we are colleagues on the Microscope Stage and have been very fond of each other. During a live performance, he asked him two seconds before stepping on the stage to see if he would meet the boy. I had no time to think, I said yes.
- The events were lightning fast ...
Sandra: - We were both in a phase of our lives that we didn't end up with more parties, bends. At the best of times, we drip into each other's lives. During the first half of the first date on the first date, everything is gone. Zoltán: I'm not a spiritual person, but if one feels the other is completely open, then the information flows in unspoken words.
Sandra: - One month after my first meeting, I visited Zoli in Rhodes, and then we decided to get married. And the baby's coming if he wants to come.
- Why was the wedding organized in Rhodes?
Sandra: - Zoli has been back to work for the summer season for six years, managing two ensembles, one of them playing piano and singing. I didn't go to a big wedding for myself, which is probably because I'm on stage every night. The ceremony was held in Rhodes in the most romantic setting possible, yet in an intimate atmosphere. Although the administration seemed to overcome obstacles that seemed insurmountable, we only managed to get the last seal one week before the wedding.
- Did you eat a lot of jogging?
Sandra: - It was so nice that it was kitschy! Our family arrived early, it was as if the celebration had lasted for a week. On the sixth day we roughly crowned the whole with the ceremony. This was our reward for the organizational distress.
The storm knocked soon.
Zoltan: The kid didn't come by accident, as many people think. We wanted to. Sandra: - There are hardly any people in the world who are familiar with the idea of ​​not having a child. I'm crazy about the baby getting pregnant so soon.
- Everything happened so fast - didn't you just want to leave some time for yourself?
Zoltab: No! For three months we were in a small apartment for a total of 21 hours a day - the biggest thing about getting to know each other. We talked a lot, actually ended the year.
Sandra: - Mlyvinz, just for the sake of rickshaw!
Zoltan: We're figuring this will work and there's nothing we can do about it.
Sandra: Not a thought, but the baby is coming! Obviously the priorities change, but he or she has to fit in the middle.
Zoltan: We'll be three! We are happy family!
- What caught you in Zoli?
Sandra: That I still have better humor. I can laugh at them very well. And on it.
Zoltan: It's hard to be sad with a snail! When I sent Sandi for a bloodthirsty, he was also barking at the blood - like a kid with a stomach.
- How did you find out you were baby?
Sandra: - We took a test that was quite positive - because we didn't know how to use it. We were desperate for the first chunk, and then read the user manual. We checked again, and we just found another, more indefinite chunk! We called my parents on Skype.
- And how would the grandfather, Gyorgy Nbdas react?
Zoltab: Very crazy!
Sandra: - He looks almost better than we do! We only dared to tell him when he was absolutely sure that everything was fine, because we knew he would not love the good news.
Zoltan: I sent him the first ultrasound image and we waited for the reaction!
Sandra: - By the time you called us to congratulate you, you were gathering yourself, but you were very impressed. And by the time I got home, everyone knew!
- What grandfather will Gyorgy Nbdas be?
Sandra: It's such a pleasure. From all points of view, she is very interested in the baby.
Zoltan: Yes, but he also said that it was good for your granddaughter to take her home in the evening!
Sandra: - He is very much looking forward!
Zoltán: You'll do him good if your grandchild brings you to life on a regular basis.
- What kind of father will Zoli be?
Zoltab: Yeah!
Sandra: - It seems to a man, in a situation of life, how caring for a baby is.
Zoltan: As I make potatoes, it looks like it!
Sandra: - Between the two of us, I will be more worried. I was overwhelmed by everything.
Zoltán: I'm more rational, I'm going to be relaxed. Yeah, and I'm going to diaper the way I did my sister and baby!
- Zoli, will you be in the baby room?
Zoltab: Yes!
Sandra: There was no need to speak, which is very sad, as there is no greater support than the presence of the male.
Zoltan: True, I don't even want to see someone fuck with a needle, but I try to keep myself! I'm fantasizing more and more about the moment I can hold it. Well, I want to be there!
- Are you ready for birth?
Sandra: Yes, up. In bed. I'm open to anything. It helped a lot that my doctor, dr. Tibor Szakonyi explained everything in detail. David (Brother of Sandra, spot reporter) was born twice before, so now I'm going to the Kubrol Clinic as if coming home. For natural childbirth, anesthesia can only occur in the event of a need.
- Will you help me after the birth?
Sandra: - I can definitely count on my moms. We have a wonderful family! We are so brothers and we grew up in a jacket! My parents have provided us with the kind of childhood I want for my child.
- Don't you worry about your career?
Sandra: - I don't plan ahead, it is extraordinary to plan anything. I just left the theater for a while, I'm not worried about it for now.
- Siblings are so brothers, Triple Zoli. I guess you're not stopping a baby!
Sandra: No, but it won't be now!
Zoltan: Now the break is coming.
- Do you have any funny or touching stories about baby kittens?
Sandra: The last one. It was December 16 when I last played on stage in a one-man play directed by Gyuri and he was also one of the actors. We were in the bow when Gyuri announced to the community that this was my last show for a while because I would have a baby. My daddy came up with a big bouquet of flowers on the view and Zoli was there. I gave them the bouquets, and, lightly, I told them that my baby had both grandfather and father. Love awakened in my eyes, it was a wonderful experience!
Decalogue of the mistakes of a new mother

Babies don't come with an instruction manual under their armTherefore, even if you have read everything that has fallen into your hands about the care of newborn babies, the firstborn will always have to pay the hazing. If you want to tune in with your baby from day one, it will help you to know what are the most common mistakes made by new moms so you don't fall for them too.

1. Doubting your ability as a mother. Your maternal instinct is natural, it arises spontaneously and you must trust it. Although at first, you may feel tired and uncomfortable after delivery, most women are capable of perfectly taking care of our babies, but we need help with other things, such as shopping, making food, cleaning, washing the clothes ... Keep your baby by your side and take care of him, it will give you security to overcome the postpartum hormonal revolution and it will keep you away from depression. Ask for help for the rest.

2. Let you advise. It is very typical for everyone to tell you about their pregnancy, their delivery, and then how they raised their children. With the best of intentions, they will give you advice, not knowing that what worked a few years ago does not work now. Before trying home remedies or grandma's tricks, always consult your pediatrician first.

3. Keeping your baby in a bubble. Trying to prevent others from touching your baby is an effort that can discourage anyone. At first, we think that our newborn is so tender that any sudden movement can break it, and later, we think that his immune system is so fragile that anyone can give him a disease. Relax and make it clear to your friends and family that whoever is sick refrain from approaching the baby, it is common sense.

4. Extreme hygiene. Sterilizing everything the baby touches is good, especially during the first three months. From the second trimester you can relax a bit with the topic of sterilization, always keeping the objects with which it is in contact clean. It will help you build your own defenses and protect you from future allergies.

5. Bathe him daily by system. Regarding his personal hygiene, it is not necessary to bathe him every day because the lipid layer of his skin is altered with the bath, although you hydrate the skin well afterwards. At first, bathing two or three times a week is enough.

6. Wrap him in blankets. It is not good for the baby to be cold, but neither for it to be hot. Heat and sweating in the newborn are related to sudden death and the risk of suffocation. To know if he is hot, you just have to run your hand over your baby's neck to see if he sweats. If, on the other hand, you think he may be cold, touch his hands and feet to see if they are cold or to see if they have a purple color.

7. Watch your sleep. Keeping the whole house quiet while you sleep is a mistake. Teaching him from the beginning to sleep with the noise of the washing machine or dishwasher running, with background music or with the conversation of a gathering in the living room will make your life much easier. Getting used to sleeping with the everyday sounds of a house will help you differentiate between day and night. For this reason, it is also important not to lower the blind during the day and to leave it in the dark at night so that its sleep cycles can catch up with that of adults.

8. Go to the ER at the first change. In the home of new parents, the alarm usually sounds earlier than in the rest of the homes and in the ER they know it. Little by little, the emergency health personnel will teach you to observe your baby to tell what is happening, to lower his fever and wait, to go to his pediatrician ... and to go to the emergency room only when necessary.

9. Respect meal times. Feeding your baby on demand means feeding him whenever he wants without watching the clock. Although it has long been established that the baby should eat every three hours, it is possible that your child claims his food early. To establish adequate breastfeeding it is important to respect their times and ensure that they suck and empty both breasts at each feeding, since the milk at the end is more satiating since it contains more fat and, therefore, calories.

10. Take you to the hairdresser. The characteristics of your baby's hair will not be final until his first birthday. At birth, they usually have a fluff that can stand on end, sometimes, sometimes have a licked appearance and other times frizzy. The custom of shaving their heads so that their hair grows stronger has no arguments. You can fix it, but if you shave it, it will lose body heat through its head and, of course, it will not grow stronger.

Marisol New.

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Let My People Go - The Ten Commandments 110 Movie CLIP 1956 HD

Guess riddle

The snake

I can sizzle like bacon
I am made with an egg
I have plenty of backbone
but lack a good leg
I peel layers like onions
but still remain whole
I can be long, like a flagpone,
yet fit in a hole.

Guess, guess ... Riddles for kids are a great way to stimulate the intelligence, logic and creativity of your little ones. Furthermore, this children's game provides a wonderful opportunity to spend time with the family.

For this reason, on our site we have created a fun application to play riddles as a family, with thousands of riddles to stimulate children in their learning and help them learn vocabulary with a fun game.

You can search children's riddles from different categories, pick a random puzzle, get clues, and enjoy an afternoon of family leisure, in the company of our mascot. Go ahead and try your luck!

Are there more children born where the mother works?

Following the elections, the government set its main goals of halting poverty. What influences whether more children are born in a particular country or have very low fertility?

Are there more children born where the mother works?You can read it on the Index Anna Lovszsz (MTA KRTK KTI), Weber Andrea йs Zawadowski Бdбm (Central European University) article, which attempts to answer the question of what are the reasons for having more or less children in one country. If we focus solely on Europe, however, it can be concluded that it is not development that is deciding, but whether women are working or not. That is, more children are born where women work higher. A fertility rate of at least 2.1 is required to maintain a nation's high level of productivity. Low productivity not only means fewer children to be born, but also an aging society. If there are few people working, it will seriously jeopardize the pension system and the health of the individual. That is why it would be important to know what factors influence fertility, that is, how many children are born.How many children in a country are influenced by the culture, economy and religion of that country. There are many children in Christianity and in the poorest countries of the world, fertility is between 4 and 6. In the most advanced countries, however, productivity is low, not even 2.1. If you look only at European countries, productivity is low everywhere, and there is little correlation between the level of development of that country and the number of children.The researchers also examined the productivity of European countries from the point of view of the percentage of women who work in women (this is not counted by women who are childbearing). The data show that in those European countries, where women work, there is higher productivity. Women in the Nordic countries and France have relatively high labor market activity and productivity, as opposed to Italy, where both are low.The difference lies in the strong support of the Nordic countries mothers returning to home and the labor market in currency, lots of wits and dads get more out of their homework. In contrast, the opposite is true in the South: social support for mothers is lower, and family income is lower, and women who work have fewer children to pay for their lives. All of this leads to the conclusion that women's presence in the labor market has a major impact on their childhood. it provides flexible, generous support for work, secures wages, supports part-time or other flexible forms of work, and gives you the freedom to decide whether or not you want to work with your child.Related articles on work and kids:
  • Only three jobs from Tzz are family friendly
  • Work and / or child
  • Our family and the currency
Name Jaures - Meaning and origin

Origin of first name:

Spanish, Latin

Meaning of the name:

Being able to be used like surname, this name etymologically close to Suarez comes from the Latin "suerius" meaning "porchers". This masculine given name may also refer to an inhabitant of Suarez in Spain or the descendant of "Suero", "the army of the south".


There are no celebrities yet named Jaures ... so the place has to be taken! Your wonder may change things ...

His character :

Having a holy horror of injustice, inequality, lies, Jaures puts herself on the side of the poor and the orphans to help them find their way and improve their daily lives. This generosity and altruism are part of his personality from an early age. In the playground, this little boy is the first to share his snack and to defend the weak. While very generous, he is neither easily fooled nor stepped on the feet. His ability to analyze things from different angles and his great intelligence allow him to dissociate the false from the true. Anticipating and insightful, he is the type to establish specific action plans to achieve his objectives.


Juare, Juarez, Juara, Jauregul, Jauregulbarrie and Suarez.

His party :

There is no party for this name.

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If you and your partner want to do fertility treatment, you may want to try artificial insemination. This can help you increase your chances of conception, as it helps you to place sperm directly inside the reproductive tract. A lesser-known artificial insemination technique, called intra-tubular insemination, places sperm directly inside the uterus, where they can fertilize the egg. Although this procedure is rarely performed, it may be an option worth considering if you are considering artificial insemination.
Artificial insemination
Artificial insemination is a class of fertility treatments used to help couples improve their chances of conceiving.

In artificial insemination, sperm are placed inside the reproductive tract by methods other than sexual contact. If for some reason the male partner has problems with ejaculation during sexual intercourse, artificial insemination may be helpful in having a pregnancy. There are currently 4 types of artificial insemination:
  • IUI (intrauterine insemination)
  • ICI (intracervical insemination)
  • IVI (intra-vaginal insemination)
  • ITI Intratubal artificial insemination
    Intratubal insemination
    ITI is the least frequent type of artificial insemination. This is because it is more invasive than other types of artificial insemination and is associated with much higher costs. ITI is currently performed by placing the sperm of your partner or of a donor directly into the uterus. Here, sperm have a better chance of fertilizing the egg and producing pregnancy.
    ITI is not for all people who have difficulty fertilizing. It is best suited for couples who have had difficulty conceiving using other types of artificial insemination such as IUI. Women who have cervical mucus that impede conception can also choose this procedure. ITI is sometimes used even in the case of:
  • unexplained infertility
  • ejaculatory dysfunctions
  • ovulation problems.
    How to do it
    The appointment
    Like other types of artificial insemination, ITI should be performed in such a way as to coincide with the time of ovulation. You will perform urine and blood tests to measure the amount of luteinizing hormone in the body. When this hormone reaches a peak, the procedure will be performed on the first or the next day.
    Intra-tubular insemination procedures
    There are currently two main types of ITI. Depending on your existing fertility problems and preferences, you can choose one of these methods.
  • Intrafalopian insemination:
    Intrafalopian insemination (IFI) is a fairly invasive procedure, which should be performed in the fertility clinic. It is performed by an endocrinologist who specializes in reproduction:
  • sperm are collected from your partner or donor
  • at the fertility clinic you will be given local anesthesia
  • a catheter is inserted through the vagina and cervix, inside the uterus and then into one or both uterus
  • semen is ejected from the syringe through the catheter; it is stored in the fallopian tubes.
  • Intrafalopia sperm transfer (SIFT):
    SIFT is a much more invasive and time-consuming procedure that needs to be done in the fertility clinic or in a hospital. It involves the use of laparoscopic surgery to insert a catheter into the uterine tube:
  • the semen sample is collected from your partner and prepared for transfer
  • You will be given local or general anesthesia before surgery
  • make a small incision in your abdomen through which a small chamber is inserted into the pelvic cavity
  • Using a sterile syringe, the sperm sample is pushed through the catheter and stored inside the uterine tubes.
    There have been some debates about how effective ITI is today. ITI seems to offer a success rate similar to that of IUI - usually between 5% and 30% per cycle. However, some fertility specialists claim that this procedure is much more successful. More research is needed to confirm the current success rate.
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