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Exercises during pregnancy and after delivery: you need to know!

Pregnancy, if it is going well, is not the time to give up physical activity. Even if the expectant mother is busy adding weeks of pregnancy, reading in the development of the fetus, counting kilograms and centimeters, it is worth finding at least 30 minutes for a walk each day. In addition, physical activity well known before pregnancy will be indicated. Read about the most important rules for exercising during pregnancy.

Why is it worth exercising during pregnancy?

  • Exercise during pregnancy speeds up metabolism, which helps reduce the risk of obesity during pregnancy.
  • The risk of diabetes during pregnancy is reduced (muscles burn excess sugar quickly).
  • Increased muscle mass allows you to take care of the reserves needed for current fat burning.
  • Reducing physical activity in pregnancy can lead to a decrease in muscle mass.
  • Exercise in pregnancy is important in preparing the body for childcare (carrying, lifting and moving the child)

Remember: pregnancy is not the right time to take on new physical activities. Also, do not decide to increase the intensity of already known ways of movement.

Important tips for exercising during pregnancy

  • breathe regularly
  • do not hold your breath or strain it,
  • choose a comfortable outfit: especially elastic panties (not pressing the tummy) and a bra well suited to the shape of the bust, but not on it,
  • Drink a lot, also during exercise: thirst is a signal of dehydration, drink when you do not feel compelled to do so,
  • exercise with moderate intensity: do not allow shortness of breath, overheating, or a situation where you cannot talk normally,
  • do not exercise with an empty or full stomach. The best time is an hour or two after a meal.
  • avoid uncoordinated, rapid movements during exercise,
  • after the first trimester, do not exercise lying down on your back, or place a pillow under your right hip.
  • if you are breastfeeding: exercise after feeding.

How to exercise during pregnancy? Read!

What should bother you?

Exercises during pregnancy, if we follow the general rules, are safe and advisable. However, it is worth realizing what should bother us.

Consult your doctor immediately if you experience:

Given names: Cassis

Given names: Cassis

Sometimes used as diminutive for the name Cassandra, here is an original idea. Unlike Currant, this name was not in the revolutionary calendar, but was able to make a place ... we understand! His birthday: October 5th with Fleur.


Sometimes used as diminutive for the name Cassandra, here is an original idea. Unlike Currant, this name was not in the revolutionary calendar, but was able to make a place ... we understand! His party : October 5th with Fleur.

How to help your asthmatic child play sports

Sport is not contraindicated in asthmatic children, experts say, who believe that children suffering from this chronic condition can practice and enjoy energy sports, such as football, hockey, basketball, handball or volleyball, without any rigorous treatment. - with last generation drugs -, they are under the careful monitoring of the coaches and know their own physical limits. Educating the child about the child's medical condition is the main measure that helps him practice his favorite sport safely, although he is asthmatic.

The latest treatments

Asthma treatments have evolved greatly in recent years, and physicians can now choose from a wide range of state-of-the-art medicines and therapies to control this chronic disease.

Thus, if the child wants to play a sport, it is advisable to discuss with the pediatrician about the best therapeutic options to reduce the risk of asthma or complications. The advantage of these latest generation drugs is that they are given only once or twice a day, without interfering with the workouts and without the risk that the child will forget to take them.

Accurate compliance with the treatment prescribed by doctors and regular medical consultations are two mandatory conditions for asthmatic children who want to play sports.

Inhaler device, for emergency situations

Although regular treatment and adherence to coaches' instructions should be free of problems and complications when your child is playing sports, there is a risk that your little one will always have an asthma on the field. It is very important that the training bag be permanently equipped with inhalers loaded to provide first aid.

Coach's notification

After enrolling in a sports school, it is advisable to find out which coach is assigned to the child, in order to have a discussion with him on the medical situation of the little one. The coach will thus monitor the child more closely with the training, will follow the main symptoms that an asthma crisis announces and will handle it more than the other teammates.

In addition, knowing the medical situation will make him / her able to give you the appropriate first aid measures in case of emergency.

Recommended sports in case of asthma

Although the asthmatic child can do absolutely any kind of physical activity, as long as he or she adheres to a plan to keep the disease under control, there are some sports that are considered more "friendly" to your little one's medical situation.

These are practiced in spaces that allow adequate air humidity to keep the child's breathing under control and slightly lighter workouts, which reduce the incidence of asthma attacks:

  • swimming;
  • martial arts;
  • football;
  • artistic gymnastics.

Preparing and educating the child

Last but not least, it is important to make sure the little one is aware of the medical condition they are suffering from. Always remind him that if he feels he can no longer breathe during physical exertion, always tell the trainer and use the inhaler that he has to carry with him anywhere.

Do you know any asthmatic child who practices sports without problems? Do you think it is advisable to enroll your child in sports even if he has asthma? Tell us your tips and suggestions in the comments section below!

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Cheating in childhood

Fraud can occur not only in adults, but also in infancy. On average, 20% of children have at least one disease up to 12 years of age with this allergic disease.

Cheating in childhood

In the event that your child's body is swollen, blistering, and itching, you may be suspected of cheating. It is distinctive enough to be recognized relatively quickly on the body. In case our child is body excremental, blunted outbursts appear, and viszketŠ¹ssel If you are getting involved, you may be suspected of fraud. It is typical, so it can be recognized relatively quickly on the body. "goes," or a symptom disappears within a couple of hours, and other symptoms appear in other places. Dr. Hatvani Zsufia What can be an annoying fact is that cheating the reason for this is not always known. Although we know that if you have rashes on your skin, it is mostly allergic. However, the cause of chronic fraud in particular may be unknown. "In childhood, it can most often be associated with other infections (upper respiratory or gastrointestinal), but it can also have the effect of food allergy. some are typical external factors. You should definitely keep them in the fall. If your child is cheating, the following questions are worth asking:
  • Has the child consumed food that may be allergic to the appearance of rashes?
  • Have you taken any medication that may have caused her allergies?
  • Could your skin come into contact with household products or chemicals that could cause irritation in your body?
  • Is this a major stress situation?
  • Have you been out in the sun?
  • Specific Factors That Can Choose Fraud

  • Food: di, chocolate, fish, tomato, egg, citrus fruits, fresh berries, milk
  • Food Additives, Colourants, Preservatives, Flavorings, Stabilizers
  • Hot shower, strong sunlight, sweating
  • Cold, cool currency contact
  • Antibiotic, penicillin, aspirin, sedative, immunizations
  • Nervousness, stress, hyperactivity
  • Insects: bees, wasps, ants can cause acute cheating
  • Cold sore throat
  • Household cleaners eg. shower, toilet
  • Animal allergy to hair eg cat
  • Manage fraud

    Fraud can disappear quickly, even with a slight delay, after the announcements are made, but in the worst case, they last for a few days. If you find that your child has swollen, itchy or large areas of skin irritation on the body, they should seek medical attention immediately.What parents can do at home:
  • Lubricate your baby's skin with Fenistil Gel to soothe and relieve itching!
  • Let's cut the baby gum short so it won't scratch the blisters with it!
  • Let's wear baby-friendly cotton clothes to avoid drooling on the skin!
  • If you come to the conclusion that some detergent cleaner was the cause, then try using other skin-friendly products.
  • When should I consult a doctor about cheating?

    Of course, it is always worthwhile to show your child's bumps, as it is important to properly identify and eliminate the cause, which is key to the symptoms.If you notice the following symptoms:
  • When a toddler has a dyspnoea (dyspnoea, a spasmodic sound during the air)
  • He has a quick heart
  • Your skin is moist, colorless
  • "If you have swelling of the lips (eye swelling, swelling of the mouth, swelling of the soles of your feet), you need to be very cautious. the symptom, and immediate care, went on to call you for professional medical treatment as soon as possible! " Dr. Zsofia Hatvani's leather shoe, you can read her post on
  • Cheating: When it doesn't work
  • Tiny and red, what is it? Babies and outings
  • Infant and toddler disease
  • Poplar And Insecticides - Should You Take It Seriously?
  • Flaminia: origin and meaning of the name for girl Flaminia

    Flaminia: origin and meaning of the name for girl Flaminia

    Our name finder has thousands of baby names to help you choose a beautiful name for your baby. You will find in this article everything about the name Flaminia.

    It is an ancient Roman nomen gentilicium.

    Derived from flaminium: "belonging to the flamen (Roman priest destined for the cult of a deity)".

    May 2


    • Fiona Shaw, Irish actress (1958)

    Flaminia name coloring pages printable game

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