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Cheesecake without sugar

Cheesecake without sugar
Nut Job 2, The: Nutty by Nature


The Nut Job 2: Nutty by Nature is an animated movie in which Surly (voice of Will Arnett), a squirrel, leads a group of forest animals who have been living a life of luxury in a derelict nut shop. The animals have become lazy and fat, so Andie (Katherine Heigl) tries to make a difference by teaching the young squirrels to forage for their food. They're reluctant to learn, however, because it's so easy to get food in the nut shop. This all changes one day when the nut shop explodes and the animals have to learn how find food in the park.

Unfortunately for the animals, the Mayor of Oakton (Bobby Moynihan) decides to turn the park into an amusement park, mainly to please his spoiled daughter Heather (Isabella Moner). The animals are trapped by animal controllers and forced out of the park. The animals decide to fight for their park. Mayhem ensues when they attack the amusement park to win back their territory.


Conservation versus development


The Nut Job 2 has a lot of violence and accidental harm, mostly done for laughs. For example:

  • Surly is chased by kids and gets hit by a bicycle.
  • Surly and his friend Buddy (Tom Kenny) try to steal food and get run over by a police car.
  • Surly jumps off the back of a taxi and slams into a mailbox (a few times).
  • A tractor runs over Surly and he hangs on to a fuel line, which he cuts with his teeth. The he gets electrocuted.
  • A dog called Precious accidentally swallows one of the forest animals.
  • Golfers chase the animals and hit at them with golf clubs.
  • The animals fire ketchup and mustard at the Mayor and his guests in the amusement park.
  • The nut shop explodes in flames.
  • Heather has a catapult, which she frequently uses to shoot at Precious and Surly.
  • An animal controller puts a stick of dynamite into Mole's hole and blows him up into the sky.
  • The Mayor drives his vehicle onto the footpath because he doesn't want to wait in a queue. People have to scramble from the road, and a man is stuck to his windscreen. The Mayor wipes him away with the wipers. He also makes many cars crash.
  • Mr Feng is a cute-looking but vicious mouse. He punches Surly and throws him against a wall.
  • Heather plays violently with her dolls, making them fight each other.
  • The Mayor fires a crossbow at Surly and Buddy.
  • The animal controllers suck up the animals in large vacuums.
  • Andie is hit by a dart and knocked out.
  • Heather and an animal controller use a huge gun to fire darts at Precious and Frankie, and then Heather starts attacking them with a mallet.
  • Heather gets shot with a dart.

Content that may disturb children

Under 5
In addition to the violent scenes mentioned above, The Nut Job 2 has some scenes that could scare or disturb children under five years. For example:

  • The Mayor is a large, scary-looking man who shouts and rages when he doesn't get his own way. He also bullies and bribes people to get what he wants.
  • Heather is just like her father, and even a little worse. She is an evil and scary character. She screams and stamps her feet when she doesn't get her own way.
  • The cute mice turn into vicious creatures.
  • The animals are in constant peril, as they're chased and attacked by men and machines.
  • The animal controllers look scary in their protective clothing and large gas masks.
  • There are lots of explosions, crashes and things being set on fire, including the nut shop where the squirrels live.

From 5-8
In addition to the violent scenes and scary visual images mentioned above, The Nut Job 2 has some scenes that could scare or disturb children in this age group. For example:

  • Surly is caught in a trap.
  • Heather makes her dog Frankie perform tricks. One trick involves pretending to fire a machine gun at him to make him dance.
  • Surly and Buddy enter a dark alley, which Buddy is scared of. They see an evil-looking doll with staring eyes, one of which falls out. In the alley, they meet Mr Feng, a cute-looking but vicious mouse. They follow him into a den, where there's an army of other mice just like him. The den is dark and lit by candles, and the mice are quite violent. Mr Feng says they have become 'weapons of mass destruction'.
  • Surly goes into the Mayor's office and is scared by the animal head trophies on the wall.
  • Buddy falls from a ledge to the ground and seems lifeless. Surly carries him home and he's unconscious for quite some time.
  • Surly tells how he met Buddy during a hurricane. The wind is blowing and Buddy is blown out of his tree. Surly saves him, then Buddy has to save Surly.

From 8-13
Some younger children in this age group might be scared by the scenes mentioned above.

Over 13
Nothing of concern

Sexual references

The Nut Job 2 has some sexual references. For example, Frankie is attracted to Precious. His tongue hangs out and he starts to drool.

Alcohol, drugs and other substances

The Nut Job 2 shows some use of substances. For example:

  • The Mayor drinks champagne.
  • Heather looks as if she's 'high' after being hit with a dart.

Nudity and sexual activity

Nothing of concern

Product placement

Nothing of concern

Coarse language

The Nut Job 2 has some coarse language, including name-calling.

Ideas to discuss with your children

The Nut Job 2: Nutty by Nature is an animated comedy with some quite dark humour. It's also action packed but quite intense and scary for younger viewers. It isn't recommended for children under seven years, but older children will probably enjoy it.

The main messages from this movie are that 'individually we might be tiny but together we are giants' and that nothing in life is free - we have to work to live.

Values in this movie that you could reinforce with your children include:

  • teamwork and collaboration
  • loyalty
  • friendship
  • protection of the environment and animals.

You could also talk about Heather as an example of how not to behave.

Do harmful sun rays affect the unborn baby?


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Sickness and Breastfeeding

Sickness and Breastfeeding

Mild yellowing of newborn skin is a process that plays out in everyone after it is taken over. Sometimes, though, some extra help is needed. When is it?

Yellowness: Common in Newborns

"It was very unexpected when my baby was not sucked on the third day after giving birth. I said blue light had to be put on because it was dark. I was terribly scared, my milk just came in, it would be great if I could breastfeed Pete. I do not want to go into details about our affliction: they took blood daily to check the condition, and had small bumps on his little head. so used to the pacifier. When I was able to breastfeed, she swallowed two and she was like a fur coat received the ptlbstthat flowed into his mouth, he didn't have to be tired. We could only go home on the eighth day, and by then the yell had stopped, and I kept going to cry almost every day. it took me up to a week, by the time we arranged our rows, and what I could tell you, I have enough milk and my pet is breastfeeding well. He's also very interested in what I should have done. Could we have avoided that much gathering or counted on the second baby? "
J. KingaEgyбltalбn not regularthat there is so much tenderness and sadness in the situation of the babies who develop a physiological urgency. There is plenty of literature and professional guidance available to us, and it turns out that a healthy, mature newbie will probably last longer than ever. In Kinga's case, it may have been the first time for breastfeeding, and since the baby was placed on the baby's breast, not her mother's, she was just about half as likely to breastfeed in a day. to the thread. He also reads on the Internet what can be found about hyperbilirubinaemia (which is the official name for this symptom group), and after a lot of bribes, he or she can make the most of the domestic and foreign publications. Do you think Kinga would do the right thing if she were to feed her baby right from the start? Let's see what you got! Fetal йlet sorбn tцbb vцrцsvйrtestre is szьksйg the megfelelх oxigйnszбllнtбshoz as kьlцnbцznek keringйsi the conditions of attуl бllapottуl, which will emerge from ki.Az elsх lйgvйteltхl the ъjszьlцtt tьdeje takes бt the mйhlepйny szerepйt the babбnak must ensure цnбllуan, sajбt erejйbхl from szьletйstхl of oxygen. From this point on, the supply of fresh oxygenated blood from the used blood is different, and thus the efficiency of the process increases: it requires less oxygenated molecules, that is, hemoglobin. The excess is degraded, with one of the by-products formed being bilirubin. Depending on the values ​​at which they are measured, different varieties of "density" and degree of gravity are distinguished.

Physiological yellow

The process of maturing, born-to-date, healthy babies goes through such dimensions that yellowing It can be observed on the eyes and on the whole body. This is the physiological severity caused in part by the limited capacity of the liver to degrade. The bilirubin values ​​in this case, that the peak reaches the third and fifth day, generally do not increase from 12 to 15.7 mg / dl (200 micromol / l), and afterwards, it may be a temporary treatment for cataract start. This has been a great thing for our cats, and today we know exactly how to avoid it in the future. More and First Sips for the New Year the colostrum, the sooner you "get rid" of the strain, darken the massage. If, on the other hand, it is still on the fourth day, bilirubin may be re-circulated, thus further increasing blood values. Drinking sugar and drinking milk does not lower your bilirubin levels, on the contrary, according to various literature data, it is harder to control your condition. . But with the right amount of protein and calorie intake you will achieve the desired effect! Ideal, natural and spontaneous, provided that it is not provided with formula but with breast milk.Also, it is a fact that the treatment of the baby at the time of treatment increases the fluidity of the baby. If the mother is assured of frequent breastfeeding, the mother's milk will achieve just the right effect. the baby is. It is also important to recognize the situations when you need to get extra milk (or milk or formula) right away. Instead of looking at the amount of milk that is sucked in and the nervous ones, let us focus on the following:
  • the baby does not fall below the weekly rate and continue after the third day;
  • growth must begin at least on the fifth day;
  • reach birth weight by the end of the second week;
  • on the fourth day, produce "six" pisi and three pelis pelis per day;
  • breastfeed every time your baby is awake and showing early signs of illness, for example, searching the mouth, bringing her mouth to the mouth.

Yeah, yeah

In this case, even healthy adult babies will find that elevated bilirubin levels remain persistent for up to twelve weeks. In the past, it has been suggested that the mother stop breastfeeding for two days, as more than fifty percent have reduced her bilirubin. However, as these babies are perfectly healthy, and temporarily stopping breastfeeding can cause a range of other difficulties (milk swelling, breast inflammation, cow's milk allergy due to dietary formula, cum dysfunction, breastfeeding). Poorly High Values ​​for Healthy Breastfeeded Baby they never cause fetuses.We do not know exactly what causes the yellowing yellowing, but it is assumed that there is a substance in breast milk that promotes the release of bilirubin from the blood into the circulation instead. When a baby's milk is given to a baby whose own baby is not yellow, we find that the bilirubin begins to decline. Some observers suggest that subacute "breast milk" fat is particularly common in babies, who have been missed, on the second-third day, they had breastfeeding for the first time, so they had less colostrums (and less white and calories).

Yellowing: Curvature

High bilirubin levels are just a symptom and can of course be caused by a variety of causes. Because you may have a life-threatening illness, it is very important that you have a special fast-rising bilirubin values ​​in the neonate are mainly caused by different types of blood group incompatibility. In cases of extremely high values, metabolic disease or serious infections are also suspected. When the baby is vacuum-assisted, the head develops a conical hemorrhage, and its release increases the bilirubin levels further.
Abnormally high bilirubin is dangerous because it destroys nerve cells that reach the brain. However, parents do not need to worry, as the doctor knows exactly what period of time you need to be examined for further examination.

Why do we fuck the baby every day?

When a baby is in a state of well-being and when intervention is needed, it is decisive how much bilirubin rises, on which day it reaches its highest value, and begins to fall. Ezйrt feltйtlenьl justified that day, or in rare cases (in йrtйkek fast emelkedйsekor) per day tцbbszцr also ellenхrizzйk bilirubin koncentrбciуjбt baby vйrйben.A kуrhбz felszereltsйgйtхl fьggхen it or vйnбs vйrbхl tцrtйnhet - this time looking for the baby fejйn or kйzfejйn megszъrhatу vйnбt - or ъgynevezett capillary blood - in this case the heel is filtered because only a few drops of blood are needed. The third mуdszer mйg not spread Magyarorszбgon, bбr the kйszьlйk kaphatу the Bili-chek homlokhхmйrхhцz hasonlнt, the baby is fitted homlokбhoz, bocsбt out fйnyt and keresztьl нgy bхrцn, szъrбs nйlkьl hatбrozza the fйnyvisszaverхdйs alapjбn experienced bilirubin йrtйket.Ъjszьlцttek ellбtбsбban a pediatrician can also tell you exactly how much bilirubin is. But when it comes to some kind of intervention, no one relies on mere "eyes".

Blue from light to red

In most cases, physiological ambulance does not reach such a level that the neonate needs any treatment. Natural sunlight also helps break down bilirubin, even if the baby is stripped from the window. However, due to its terminal danger, the small ones should not be exposed to direct sunlight for long periods of time, and the wavelength range of sunlight is not ideal for reducing the luminous intensity. 300 micromol / liter). According to some experts, in healthy, preterm babies, when lung lungs are ruled out, only 20 mg / dL (350 micromol / l) is justified by this blight. wavelength (425-475 nanometers) is needed for the successful degradation of bilirubin. (A phototherapy lamp costs almost 400,000 forints). During treatment, cover the baby's eyes so that their eyesight is not impaired by a prolonged, powerful lightening effect. In this case, the baby lying on the bed gets the light from underneath, and for the rest they make a little downy. That's where the baby comes in. It has the advantage that the light directly touches the small body, but as a result of the wrapping, the liquid loss is smaller. It is easier to breastfeed: if the mother sees that the little one is awake and mumbling, she can breastfeed her breast. , from where they either do not take the baby for a long time, or strictly permit only breastfeeding. There is also a blanket of blue light, you just have to wrap the baby in it, and the special fabric shroud will immediately bring the right wavelength of light to your skin. Thus, treatment should not be interrupted during breastfeeding.If bilirubin values ​​are above a certain limit (25-29 mg / dl), most physicians consider a change of blood to prevent more severe malignancies. In the case of healthy, mature newborns, this is almost never the case.

How do you wake up your baby?

High bilirubin values ​​make the baby bright and, in addition, the use of black light can further enhance this. At the same time, it is especially important for these infants to have sufficient calories and fluids, ideally breast milk.
  • Let's take the baby, face it, give it a name, talk to it, and look it in the eye.
  • If you have not spent at least 15-20 minutes on continuous nutrition (visible, audible, palpable, swallowing), take the breasts off as soon as you go to sleep and do the same as in the previous section.
  • Many babies are very excited when their mother is lying naked on a naked pelus. The scent of milk-filled breasts awakens and excites
  • the viewfinder reflex, that is, begins to rotate the head, cuts, opens the mouth. We can put it on the breast!
  • Dummies do not have to be laid out in a room, especially in a crib, because they fall asleep too much. If the mother could sleep in the immediate vicinity or on the body, the mother would be awakened by the whirling, turning, voice, heartbeat and scent of her mother.
  • A pleasantly warm bath, lukewarm water to wash your face, can act as an alarm.
  • In case of severe weight loss or dehydration, the baby may become very weak. Breastfeeding can be better if you have a little baby's milk or a glass of milk before you get pregnant.
  • What not to do: cause pain to the baby, pinch, pull hair, shave, stretch out lips, force the head to the breast.
Expertise: Dr. Katalin Sarlai Neonatologic Pediatric Medicine, Breastfeeding Expertise IBCLCRelated articles:
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