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This charming little beast is the host of non-domestic animals, in general. She may be responsible for Lyme disease.

How to avoid them? Recommend to your child not to pet any "farm" dog or cat. In a forest walk, protect him with long clothes and good shoes.

How to treat? The insect is clearly visible, stuck in the epidermis. Remove it with tweezers or your nails if you do not have one Do not use ether or any other product because the tick could release poison. Check the area and see immediately for erythema migrans, fever, joint pain.

Let your child walk barefoot. Especially in the summer

Let your child walk barefoot. Especially in the summer Summer is the perfect time of year to go barefoot. Just choose the right place to take off your shoes and it's ready. A child who often walks barefoot experiences more and develops faster. Not only when he is just learning to walk, but also later in preschool and school age. Why should you let your child walk barefoot? And why should we adults also drop shoes whenever possible?

Shoes ... the later, the better

Tracy Byrne, specializing in pediatrics, or rather podopediatry, believes that there's nothing to hurry with baby shoes. According to her, toddlers' wearing of footwear can hinder learning to walk and even negatively affect brain development (!). Children who wear shoes look less often under the feet, receive less information from the "ground", as a consequence of this more often they stumble, lose their balance and fall.

Barefoot walking also has a beneficial effect on muscle development, ligaments, foot arch, improves body position awareness, and also has a beneficial effect on posture.

Can shoes damage my foot?

Research published in the podological journal The Foot in 2007 suggests that footwear can adversely affect the foot. This is because the feet must adapt to the shape and narrowing of the footwear. The younger the rate, the greater the risk of damage.

Children's foot is not a miniature foot of an adult. It mainly consists of cartilage mass, which over the years, ossifies to create 28 bone structure in adulthood. This process lasts for many years until later youth, in other words, the child's foot is shaped for many years, hence more and more experts recommend that you wear bare feet as often as possible and pay special attention to choosing good footwear.

According to many experts, shoes, paradoxically, instead of helping, they too often damage the feet, prevent the fingers from spreading correctly, hinder the proper functioning of the foot, especially poorly selected shoes make children more susceptible to injury to the legs and feet. Adam Sternberg in New York magazine in 2008 cites research according to which wearing shoes causes more harm than good. According to him, use every opportunity to walk barefoot.

"It took us 4 million years to develop our unique human foot and mobility. In just a few thousand years, with one carelessly designed instrument, our shoes distorted the pure anatomical form of human gait, harassing our legs with tension and stress and denying them the natural grace of moving in harmony with nature "podiatrist, Dr. William A. Rossi

Why should children walk barefoot as often as possible?

  • walking barefoot strengthens the feet and lower legs,
  • the body becomes more agile and less susceptible to injury,
  • walking barefoot strengthens your body awareness
  • walking barefoot is comfortable, allows more coordinated movements, better climbing, turning, balancing and turning,
  • Dr. Kacie Flegal points to the beneficial effects of walking barefoot on brain and nervous system development,
  • barefoot children receive signals and stimuli from the feet, thanks to which they better adapt to the space in which they move,
  • walking barefoot encourages natural, healthy movement,
  • it's also great fun for the senses, it allows you to experience a relaxing relaxation walking on warm sand, refreshment while walking on wet grass in the morning, slippery mud while playing in the garden and rough bark during climbing.

The feet have up to 200,000 nerve endings, in this respect they are one of the best innervated areas of the body.

Milk diet

Milk diet

The milk diet is a rather restrictive and rigorous weight loss plan, but it is an emergency solution when you have to lose a few kilograms in a relatively short period. It is not as nutritionally restrictive as the diet with pickled cabbage and the results do not appear so quickly, but you can drop about 3 kg in 7 days.

How does milk help to lose weight?

Milk is a staple food in any balanced diet. Rich in calcium and healthy fats, milk helps in the rapid establishment of satiety and provides the body with the energy and nutrients it needs to cope with daily activities.

Satiety is the main quality of milk in weight loss, as it delays the appearance of hunger and reduces the daily caloric intake provided to the body through food. When you consume less calories from day to day, your weight naturally decreases.

Specialists have found that people who consume low-fat milk regularly are more likely to lose weight than those who exclude this food from the diet.

7 day diet with milk

There are several variants of the diet with milk, but the most popular is the 7 days, which involves observing a predetermined daily menu, and supplementing sports nutrition.

The main rules in the 7-day milk diet aim to exclude fried, fatty and unhealthy foods, sour juices or bakery and pastry products. Otherwise, the diet menu looks like this:

Day 1

Breakfast: a glass of warm milk and a few tablespoons of whole grains;

Snack: 2-3 fruits (apples, strawberries, pears, grapes, etc.) - try to consume more citrus or fruits that favor lean and do not have many calories;

Lunch: Steamed fish with boiled green beans;

Dinner: 2 cups of warm milk, sweetened with a little honey

Day 2

Breakfast: a slice of toasted bread from whole grains, a glass of fresh fruit juice and a cup of milk;

Snack: a fruit of your choice (this time, the slightly more saturated and calorie fruits are recommended, to maintain the satiety until lunchtime - banana, peach, melon);

Lunch: cauliflower prepared with steamed summer salad of tomatoes and cucumbers;

Dinner: 100 g of rice milk, sweetened with honey and flavored with cinnamon.

Day 3

The third day of the diet is dedicated exclusively to milk. Only drink hot or cold milk whenever you feel hungry. Only if you feel that you can no longer cuddle or consume it is recommended to consume a banana or other satiated fruit among the portions of milk.

Day 4

Breakfast: summer salad consisting of cucumbers, tomatoes, onions, peppers and a cup of milk with sprouted wheat.

Snack: 2 fruits, preferably apples;

Lunch: grilled chicken breast with vegetable stew cooked or steamed;

Dinner: 2 cups with warm milk.

Day 5

Breakfast: a cup of milk and a fruit salad;

Snack: tea with biscuits from whole grains;

Lunch: cold vegetable soup;

Dinner: a cup of warm milk.

In the6th day, only milk is consumed, as in the 3rd day of the diet, and in the 7th day, the menu for the first day is resumed.

Have you ever had a milk diet? Do you think a good weight loss regime? Tell us your opinions in the comments section below!

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Harmful habits in pregnancy

For the pregnancy to develop normally, it is essential that the mother is aware that there are harmful habits, both for her and the baby. Smoking, drinking or ingesting any type of drug can be harmful for your future baby, since they are substances that cross the placenta.

We will tell you why you should stop smoking or drinking alcohol during pregnancy and how these (unhealthy) habits affect the baby.

Tobacco use is a major health problem, since the association of its consumption with the appearance of many of the most prevalent diseases in our environment, such as certain types of cancers, respiratory diseases, etc. is more than proven.

- Low-birth-weight babies: In addition to these relationships, there are a large number of publications that associate tobacco use in pregnancy and adverse effects in pregnancy. Among the most documented is the higher incidence of low birth weight in babies of smoking mothers. Likewise, there are no significant differences between the weights of the babies of nonsmoking mothers, with those of those smokers who quit during the first 4 months of pregnancy.

- Problems with the placenta: There also appears to be a relationship between tobacco use and the appearance of placenta previa. An increased risk of some of the complications of childbirth, such as premature placental abruption, has also been described.

- Other risks associated with tobacco: There seems to be a relationship between tobacco use in pregnancy with a greater possibility of spontaneous abortion and premature rupture of membranes and premature delivery. Others less well known but of great importance are the association of sudden infant death syndrome and tobacco, the consumption of the latter, both prenatally and postnatally, being a risk factor for its appearance.

Take caffeine in amounts greater than 300mg - the equivalent of on average, at two cups of coffee a day- can also be harmful to health. It can also harm the course of pregnancy. Its high consumption has been linked to fertility problems, increased risk of miscarriage, low birth weight babies and premature births. It has not been estimated from what amount we put the baby at risk, so the general recommendation is that the less amount, the better.

It is important to underline that caffeine is not only present in coffee but in a large number of foods such as some soft drinks and energy drinks, so it is important to consult the ingredients of them.

Alcohol is considered it is one of the most dangerous substances of abuse for the baby, which crosses the placental barrier without problems. Drinking alcohol can be very harmful for him, having consequences that can manifest themselves at birth or in later development.

- Problems for the pregnant woman: It is related to problems in fertility and menstrual disorders, risk of miscarriage and premature delivery.

- Fetal Alcohol Syndrome: In all periods of pregnancy it is harmful, but the first trimester stands out especially, which is the one that can produce more anomalies. There is a syndrome specifically related to high alcohol consumption, called Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, which is characterized by a series of facial, cardiac, and other viscera malformations as well as psychomotor retardation. In the vast majority of cases, the syndrome does not appear complete, but isolated alterations and malformations appear, which is called 'disorders related to fetal alcohol syndrome'.

- Problems for the baby: Alcohol use during pregnancy is the leading non-genetic cause of mental retardation. It also produces a higher incidence of epileptic conditions, attention deficit with / without hyperactivity, autism and pervasive developmental disorder, and various types of learning disorders. In adolescence they can develop various types of personality disorders and drug addictions.

You can read more articles similar to Harmful habits in pregnancy, in the category of Diseases - annoyances on site.

Best and Worst Sleeping Positions during Pregnancy


After being thrown from a speeding car as a baby, Norbit grows up at Mr Wong's (Eddie Murphy) Chinese restaurant and orphanage. He is befriended by Kate who is also an orphan, and later by a young girl called Rasputia, who becomes his protector from the local sandpit bullies.

Several years later we find the adult Norbit (Eddie Murphy) married to, and totally dominated by, Rasputia (also Eddie Murphy) and her three muscle-bound extortionist brothers - Big Jack (Terry Crews), Earl (Clifton Powell) and Blue (Lester Speight). One day Norbit comes home early and is devastated when he finds Rasputia in bed with her aerobics instructor Buster (Marlon Wayans). Norbit's devastation is short-lived when a grown-up Kate (Thandie Newton) re-enters the picture. Kate is back in town to buy the old orphanage from Mr Wong and marry her fiance Deion (Cuba Gooding Jr).

Deion intends to cheat Kate out of her orphanage and turn it into a strip club with Rasputia and her three brothers. Norbit and Kate renew their relationship but must work out how to thwart Deoin and Rasputia's plans.


Orphans; domestic violence; obesity


Most of the violence in this film is intended to be comic. Several scenes depict more realistic and disturbing violence, including several scenes of domestic violence. For example:

  • A baby wrapped in a blanket is thrown from a speeding car and it bounces along the road.
  • A young Norbit is playing with a duck under a table when the duck is snatched from him, beheaded (not shown) and the severed head tossed back to Norbit.
  • Mr Wong makes his orphans hold a wooden whale, which he harpoons with a whaling spear. The spear goes through the wooden whale, scaring the children who run away screaming.
  • Two young boys attack young Norbit, smashing his sandcastle, pushing him to the ground and punching him in the face and body. The two boys are then attacked by a young Rasputia who lifts the two boys off the ground, knocks their heads together and then throws them to the ground.
  • A playground swing knocks young Norbit off his feet and sends him flying through the air.
  • In an effort to extort money, Rasputia's three brothers physically intimidate shop owners with clubs, pushing one shop owner's head into a pot of bolognaise sauce.
  • One of Rasputia's brothers threatens to attack Norbit with razorblades and lemon juice.
  • Rasputia slaps Norbit hard across the face.
  • Rasputia knocks over a mailman, sending him flying, and he is later seen wearing a neck brace.
  • Rasputia runs down a small dog with her car. We hear a thump and a dog yelping when the car collides with the dog. The audience is told that the dog is in hospital, and later the dog is seen with wheels attached to its hind quarters with both back legs bandaged.
  • Rasputia's brothers shoot a sideshow attendant with BB guns.
  • After children steal Rasputia's hat she threatens, 'Give me that hat or I'll tear your heads off'. Later Rasputia attacks the children on a jumping castle, sending several of the children flying through the air to land on the ground. One girl is thrown hard against the castle's wall and is knocked unconscious.
  • Rasputia pushes a heavy speaker onto Norbit's head, knocking him unconscious and hospitalising him.
  • While having a bikini wax, Rasputia kicks the attendant in the face, knocking her out.
  • While recovering in hospital, Kate jokingly threatens Norbit with defibrillator paddles.
  • Rasputia drives her sports car in a dangerous and reckless manner. She eventually crashes it into other cars and becomes pinned against the steering wheel.
  • Rasputia throws Norbit through a glass window and he ends up lying unconscious on the ground.
  • When threatening Norbit with violence against Kate, Rasputia pours acid over a potato shaped in the image of Kate's head and states, 'This is what will happen to the bitch'.
  • While Norbit is riding his bike next to a car, Rasputia reaches out and grabs him, forcing him against the side of the car and pulling his head into the car. He almost rides his bike into an oncoming car and is then forced off the road down the side of a hill and crashes into a pond.
  • A man's fingers are slammed under the lid of an organ.
  • One of Rasputia's brothers punches a man in the face while in church.
  • Rasputia fights two men using a shovel. One man defends himself with a pizza shovel, while a second defends himself with a prosthetic leg. Rasputia picks up an elderly woman, spins her around in the air and then throws her through the air to land onto a pile of flowers.
  • Mr Wong hurls a whaling spear into Rasputia's buttock. Mr Wong then states, 'Right in the blow hole'.

Content that may disturb children

Under 8

Children in this age group might feel scared by the threatening appearance and manner of Rasputia and her three brothers.

Over 8

It is unlikely that any scenes or images in this film would disturb children in this age group.

Sexual references

Crude sexual references are made continuously throughout this movie. Jokes are made in relation to women, gay and lesbian relationships, car sex, condoms and prostitution. The number and level of sexual references in this movie make it unsuitable for children under 15.

Alcohol, drugs and other substances

  • At a wedding scene, a man drinks an unknown substance from a flask and other people drink champagne.
  • In a restaurant Norbit and Kate drink wine together.
  • Rasputia and Buster smoke cigarettes in bed.
  • Two men smoke cigarettes.
  • Kate and Norbit drink wine coolers together while dancing.
  • Rasputia's brothers discuss acquiring an alcohol licence.
  • People are depicted consuming alcohol in a strip club.

Nudity and sexual activity

  • Rasputia, wearing skimpy and fetish lingerie (cleavage, legs and abdomen are visible), jumps onto Norbit knocking him back on to the bed, which breaks under their weight.
  • During a dance class Buster lies on the floor with a woman straddled across his chest and her crotch in his face.
  • One scene contains a painting of a nude woman with spinning propellers attached to her nipples.
  • Norbit comes home early and hears noises coming from his bedroom. He opens the door and finds Rasputia naked in bed with Buster. Both are covered to their shoulders with blankets. When Buster gets out of the bed we see his bare chest, buttocks and legs.
  • Rasputia, wearing revealing clothing, dances on stage in a strip club and sits in a chair and pours water seductively over her body.
  • While Norbit is lying in a hospital bed, Kate leans over him. Norbit looks down into Kate's top, which makes his heart monitor increase.
  • When Rasputia goes to a pool she wears a bikini, but it appears as though she is not wearing any bikini bottoms. Questioned by an attendant, she lifts a large roll of stomach fat to show her bikini bottoms.
  • Rasputia gets into a bubble bath, showing her bare back and the side of one breast.
  • Rasputia washes a car and presses her body parts against the glass. Wearing skimpy clothing and covered in soap suds, she simulates an exotic dance. The scene is an imitation of Paris Hilton's car-washing commercial.
  • There are several images of women wearing swimsuits that reveal cleavage, bare abdomens, legs and backs.

Product placement


Coarse language

This movie contains continual mild coarse language, put-downs and racist comments.

Other material that may offend

  • Norbit and Kate (aged 7) sit on a toilet next to each other with their pants around their ankles. The audience is told that they learned to 'poo poo' together.
  • There are a couple of scenes depicting Rasputia passing loud flatulent gas.
  • Mr Wong tells Norbit that when he was living in China he sold his two-year-old daughter for a yak.
  • Rasputia's brothers pass Mr Wong a piece of paper with an offer written on it to purchase the restaurant. Mr Wong replies that he will make a counter offer. He then picks up the paper, puts it down the back of his pants, as if using it to wipe his buttocks, and hands it back to Rasputia's brothers.
  • Mr Wong refers to a time when Norbit was bitten on the buttock by a snake. He says, 'Bite Norbit on arse very close to hole'. Mr Wong then refers to how he considered sucking the poison out of Norbit's buttocks.
  • At one point Mr Wong refers to a Chinese snuff film.

Ideas to discuss with your children

Norbit contains predictable crude, sexist and racist humour, and disturbing comedic violence. The movie's main message is about persevering through adversity and fighting back against those who dominate and oppress you in order to find true love and happiness. You might like to talk with your child about the negative stereotyping of African-Americans and overweight people, and the sexism and domestic violence shown in the film.

Babies often begin to become familiar with the stairs as they climb, trying to climb up to them, just like the furniture. And once you've learned the wheel, you're definitely interested in climbing the top of the stairs.

Lapping like a honeybee

12-18pm: With the help of a stepping stone

During this period, the little ones it flies more uncertainlyso if you want to go up the stairs you need to help him. Grab both of your hands and slowly whip it up the ladder. In the beginning, it will probably look like we raise one step over the other, but over time one foot will make the individual step by step, and we will be able to help the other. Soon the balance will get better, and if we feel smarter, we may try to let go of our hands - if we shake, we can get it.

18 Thu - 2 Év: Grabbing the rocks

During this period, the little one learns how to hand two to the barrier or to the wall clinging how to climb the ladder alone so that you can climb the entire ladder slowly, one at a time. You can only slowly climb the stairs until the age of 2, and you dare not let go of the barrier or the wall - during this time you still need extra attention, so if you need help with the stairs.

Use our Baby Development Calculator to keep track of your baby's development!

2-3 yrs: easier to flip up than down

The little kid at this age you can climb down like thatwhether you hold the wall with only one hand or on the bar, and occasionally release it. You may notice that the upward climbing is much smoother, and you can take the steps at an ever faster pace. However, stepping down is still a deliberately slow process, carefully descending from one step back to the other. Confirm that you are doing this well, you do not have to worry about being slow: tell him it is safe and keep going at that pace. From the age of 3, you will notice that he is up and running with a change of foot.

Step by step with changed legs

Until the end of Year 3, the little one will surely go up slowly with the change of foot, but it may even be really only 5 years old. Until you feel that you are stepping on it with complete confidence, do not leave it alone, let it be safe.

Appropriate safety precautions

Learning to climb is a long process that has many different stages. It is very important that we do the appropriate safety measuressuch as the installation of gates or other interlocks to prevent the child from stepping down without supervision. Unless you are confident, let's go for the little one or go up the stairs. Make sure that the ladder rail does not swing and is mounted at a height that is comfortable for the child. If you are climbing the ladder with you, do not carry heavy objects on the ladder: for example, when picking up, bring the baby home first and pack the luggage only afterwards.Related articles on Child Development:
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  • You are disturbed by your child's development
  • When's the baby coming?
  • When does a small child need to play with other children?
  • How many days are babies starting to sleep?
  • Free meaning of free play
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