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What should be valued in a family Christmas? He has to speak with the Doctor in Psychology and former Ombudsman for Children of the Community of Madrid Javier Urra, which advises us how to enjoy Christmas with our children through these practical tips. Currently in our society there are different types of family, but this is not an impediment to enjoy the joy that these Christmas holidays represent. Merry Christmas!

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Benefits: Concerns and Concerns

Benefits: Concerns and Concerns

Let's summarize why it is so difficult to get accurate information about vaccination events.

It is not clear from the words of the vaccine specialist how often and exactly what events occur after vaccinations, but it is a fact that you hear about these cases again and again. We would have liked to have found a specialist who responded to this request, but we did not find a doctor with a name and a picture. What are you doing? Because they are afraid that they will be unable to do their job, they must seek permission. Because there was an example for this, I set it. In fact, when a small child becomes aware of a particular disease that may result in a vaccine, the diagnosis cannot be proved beyond all doubt. When litigated, the manufacturer of the vaccine may represent the same pivotal point as the first-party expert advised: there is no accidental coincidence. Who can prove the opposite? In addition, the vaccine benefit of vaccines, that is, the fact that it prevents the serious spread of serious diseases, is indisputable. The Robert Koch Institute in Germany, for example, provides almost thirty pages of information on vaccine reactions and events. Here, too, there is a case for autism and autopsy cases, but the comment is always the same; In addition, there are two things about autism and fatalities that have a lot of uncertainty around their exact definition. This is why it is difficult to draw conclusions from many cases, even though vaccine supporters do the same: according to the studies they mentioned, there is no correlation between autism and dying of the disease.
Finally, the Honorable Member of the Open Gate Public Foundation, Gabor Borba Hajdu, answered our questions with a professional assistance from a physician in need. So what is missing out on drug commercials and effective vaccination campaigns?
1. No accurate statistics
In Hungary, the risk of vaccination is low and "vaccination is high" - that is, almost all children receive vaccinations. This is a beautiful result, and the WHO has also acknowledged this. But the beleaguered zeros are not usually called by the vaccinees. It is true that there is no real domestic statistics on events. Low numbers are not about the safety of the vaccines, but mainly about the inefficiency and insensitivity of the feedback system. Even the officially recognized side effects and events of drug companies are not included in the statistics. Even in the West, feedback systems that are considered to be working well only record 5 to 15 percent in real cases. Even now, only a fraction of this is displayed. Not to mention that in this very few reported cases, they are only rarely officially recognized. Most disappear in the system loser. Long-term studies do not produce, even as obvious, known side effects as the allergic effect of vaccines given at one year of age.
2. The doctor has no interest in reporting the events
Whatever happens, the doctor is always responsible. Are you sure that your child still has no underlying illness that the doctor should have watched? Are you sure you kept the vaccine in proper temperature? Have you injected the correct injection site and site? If your doctor has to make a report on it, I'm no longer so interested in doing it. Rather, he discourages the parent.
3. What is an event?
Even in professional circles, it is unclear what can be considered as events and what is a "normal" vaccination reaction. Why only the event that comes in three days? If the parent or doctor experiences something that is not proven and officially described in the vaccine, is it a "coincidental temporal coincidence" or a new, untreated side effect? It is certainly not in the interest of the manufactured company to admit this, as it would open up serious litigation.
4. Freedom of scientific expression is severely restricted
In many countries, there is a public scientific debate about immunization, its application, and its possible modifications. In France, for example, this has just led to the abolition of BCG due to its unfavorable side-effect ratio. Many, many years ago in Austria and Germany are not recommended. BCG vaccination seems to be immovable for us, and there is no need for scientific debate.
What can be done?
In America, parents currently have about fifty recommended vaccinations for children up to the age of fourteen. This is before us, because the sense of well-being of our children is very good business. There is no disease that, in certain cases, may not lead to death or disability due to very rare, serious events. But there is no vaccine that can be said to be completely harmless. The gateway to the future may be the American pattern, where everyone is vaccinated and hoped to have six. Or it may be the other where the parent and the doctor consider the child's individual situation. This is not possible for us yet. In many places in Hungary, the BNTSZ is blatantly attacking those who do not want to vaccinate their children (or at other times and with less vaccine than the official vaccination system) and, for example, prosecute minors.
More detailed information
Dr. Martin Hirte: Vocabulary Pro and v. József Buda - Gaborbor Nyerges: Vocabulary Dr. Randall Neustaedter: Is Vaccination Defective?

Pregnancy with Ovulation Test

One of the biggest dreams of many of us is to find the right person, to unite our lives and to have a child when the time comes and to start a family.

When we think that the right time has come, we wish that our dream will come true immediately and we wish to have our little baby as soon as possible.

But there is one point that we are mistaken that we think that we will become pregnant the moment we stop protection. Therefore, many expectant mothers who have stopped protecting them with the intention of having children have a great disappointment when they are menstruated that month.

But there is no need for frustration; because the mathematics of the work is a little different than we think. Therefore;

If we want to get pregnant as soon as possible, we must play the game according to the rule.

Our biggest help at this point is ovulation tests.

We will also tell you this ovulation test Why it is easier to get pregnant with get pregnant with ovulation test What we need to do for you will talk a little about them. However, in order to better understand the logic of the work, it is necessary to have knowledge about ovulation.

What is ovulation? When does it happen?

In order to understand the rationale of getting pregnant with ovulation test, it is important to have detailed information about ovulation in women.

Basically, two separate cells must come together to get pregnant. One of them is a healthy sperm coming from a man and the other is an egg cell in a woman.

However, while the sperm cell can always be found alive in the male, the egg cell can only be found in the female body per month. 12-24 hours vividly It can be found.

In other words, the living egg cell, which will form the embryo, is approximately 1 day live Remains.

This explains why it is not possible to conceive as a result of sexual intercourse.

Knowing the day of ovulation, which is called the fertile day of women, will make it much easier to become pregnant.

Ovulation day, A regular menstrual cycle of 28 days For a woman who has menstruation, it is approximately 14 days.

But this is only an assumption. The day of ovulation can occur in every woman and every month on a different day. This may cause us to have difficulty predicting the fertile day and may delay our conception.

Click on the link below to calculate your day of ovulation.

// www. / Ovulation-the-hesaplamademo g /

What is the Ovulation Test?

Ovulation test, the female body LH hormone level This is a test for measuring ovulation tracking.

LH stands for luteinizing hormone, also known as luteinizing hormone. This hormone is produced by the pituitary gland and is one of the main hormones that affect fertility in both men and women.

Because,estrogen and testosterone It has an important role in the secretion of female and male hormones.

Women do not normally have a level of LH hormone that is positive for ovulation kits.

However, about ovulation 24-48 hours there is a significant increase in this hormone level.

This fluctuation triggers ovulation and egg release from follicle It takes place. When this oscillation occurs, it is the most productive time for a woman to conceive.

What is the Best Time to Use the Ovulation Test?

Women can follow some signs of ovulation and learn about the days of ovulation. These symptoms include;

  • Softening and changing the position of the cervix,
  • Pain or pain in the lower abdomen,
  • When the current becomes clear and slippery,
  • It is the increase of heat in the body.

However, some of these symptoms may not always occur at the level to be monitored in every woman or may be more difficult to follow. Therefore ovulation tests with ovulation tracking will be more reliable.

So when should you start using these tests?

You should find out when to start using the ovulation test by following your menstrual cycle. For this;

  • Determine how many days your menstrual cycle is. The duration of the menstrual cycle is the period from the first day of your menstrual period until the next menstrual period.
  • If your period is irregular, check your menstrual cycle in the last 3 months and base the shortest cycle.
  • Ovulation occurs approximately 14 days before your next period. If your period is regular (average 28 days), 12th day test you can start
  • This period from the beginning of menstruation for example; if your cycle is 21 days, it will coincide with day 5, or 32 days with day 16. So it is best to start the test a few days before the estimated ovulation day.
  • If you have menstrual irregularities and have doubts about which day to start the test, it is advisable to consult your doctor.

6 Nutrients to Help You Become Pregnant! You can review our article. Click on the link below for easy access to the article!

// www. / Fertility-stay-aid-6-nutrient /

Considerations Before Ovulation Test!

Ovulation test There are a number of substances that you should pay attention to in order to ensure the accuracy of the test before performing:

  • You should reduce your fluid intake a few hours before the test. Otherwise, your urine may dilute to prevent you from reading the correct LH level.
  • Testing with the first urine in the morning should sometimes be misleading and should not be preferred.
  • Do not use substances such as alcohol, cigarettes or medicines that may affect the results of the test.
  • Trying to do the test every day at the same time will improve its reliability.
  • Preferably, it is more convenient to be done after 10:00 in the morning and before 22:00 in the evening. However, these hours may vary according to your living conditions.
  • If two tests are to be performed per day, care must be taken to pass at least 8 hours between the two tests.

How is the Ovulation Test Performed?

We have given some information about ovulation and ovulation test. Now How to perform ovulation testLet's look at it.

Ovulation tests may vary depending on the brand of the product you purchase. While some digital tests show a positive result with a smiley face, tests with two separate line windows are more common.

In some tests, the urine stick is directly immersed in the urine container, in others, direct urine is flowing, and in some tests, by dropping a few drops of urine into the sample window.

The presence of a smiley face in the digital tests and the presence of the second line in the tests with line windows indicate a positive result. Sometimes second line faint It may be better to base the day on which the line is the darkest in the following days.

Ovulation Test Positive Output, What Should I Do?

Your ovulation test is positive, but what do you need to do now to increase your chances of having a baby?

Positive ovulation test 24-48 hours sperm cells in the female body. 24-72 hours Assuming that you can survive until the date of ovulation to get pregnant, it is best to start the relationship.

Since the egg cell can survive for up to 24 hours, ovulation test You will be much more likely to become pregnant as a result of sexual intercourse in these days.

Navy playsuit

Navy playsuit
Has he taken enough breast?

What a joy to breastfeed your baby! Only here, the breast is neither transparent nor graduated. Impossible to measure the quantity of milk drunk by your toddler! The advice of our specialist, lactation consultant, to find out if your baby has taken enough breast.


He lost weight

  • Just after birth, this phenomenon is normal. Some little wolverines regain their birth weight on the 4th day. But others can take almost ten days to recover.

What has to be done :

  • Do not make a fixation on his weight. Okay, this is an objective criterion: your baby takes between 150 and 200 g per week the first month. But there are other indicators to ensure that it grows appropriately, including stool. If, during the first month, it has at least 4 golden yellow and lumpy stools and 5-6 pills per 24 hours, everything is fine!

He does not suck very well

  • For various reasons, feeding is not always effective! Do not crush your milk which is always nourishing, but learn together the art of feeding.

What has to be done :

  • Adopt a good position. To breastfeed your baby, it is important to find the technique. Sit up, elevate your legs to tilt your pelvis forward and protect your back. Relax your shoulders. Put your infant right in front of you, his little nose at the level of your nipple. It is he who comes to get it! When he sucks, his tongue is below the areola. With an undulatory movement, he brings in the milk. His lips are turned outward. You hear him swallowing.

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Precious first names: Beryl

Precious first names: Beryl


For a little girl or boy, here is a name that comes from the Sanskrit "veruliya", name of a gemstone. In the Iranian vocabulary, the word "beryl" means crystal. To celebrate March 10th or 21st.


Its role is to keep a bandage in place, to immobilize a fractured or injured limb, to perform compression to stop bleeding.
It is better to use adapted equipment, but in an emergency, use everything you have on hand (ties, scarves, belts ...).

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