How to make up a children's story in a minute

How to make up a children's story in a minute

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Prevention against anemia in pregnancy

Well, think about the name you give your kid

It doesn't matter what name we choose for our child, because the names stick to some sort of social stereotype. Research proves that over time we identify with our name.

Well, think about the name you give your kid

The name is part of our personality, and even identity training, not just a name that could be anything else. This is also supported by research in which the subject had a good chance of guessing the name of a photo seen in a photo. According to the research there is a relationship between the name and the person bearing the name.Yonat Zwebner And his team's research results tell that the research team had several hundred responses who had to be told which one of the following 4-5 names matched the name of their subject. With a 25-45% chance to guess the real name of a person belonging to the arch, even if they were to guess by chance, there would only be 20-25% chances. cultural stereotype or social imagethat we have associated with a name. Just think about the type of person we used for the name of Sylvia and what for the Magdalen. These stereotypes are difficult to formulate, or what we mean by something that can be thought of as a round face, a stricter appearance, etc. Everybody is more than capable of naming something else in their own culture: experiment by specifying names and faces belonging to your own nationality, as well as other country names and faces. People with their own faces and their names are only able to guess the name after their face image, their guess on foreign names was the same as the random one - and why is that so? Because it is unconscious adapt to the image that our name stands for, over time we begin to behave in a way that is consistent with the stereotypes associated with our name. We also made the experiment with these permanent and special nicknames. They showed pictures of people who were not born by anyone's own name but by their nickname. Research shows that these people with their own nicknames have no effect on their original official names. Outside, their faces do not fit in with the original name. It does not matter what name we have chosen for our child, as he will try to adapt to this social requirement over time.
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Your 34-month-old: Potty mouth

Your 2-year-old now

You're so proud of your angel's burgeoning vocabulary – until words like "poopie head," "stupid," "dummy," and worse creep in. "Bad" words are all around your child: They hear grownups cursing at traffic, pick up foul language from TV, and trade exciting words (the ones that seem to get a rise out of their parents) with playmates and siblings. Alliterative silly words ("poopy doopy") are favorites because they are so fun to say and hear. The quickest way to make this kind of language disappear is to ignore it. If you make a fuss, you're only showing her how powerful certain words are, which makes her want to say them all the more.

Your life now

You used to be able to dress your child in the adorable items of your choosing, and so long as she didn't decide to strip naked, that was that. Now she seems to have opinions about everything she wears: This shirt is too "scratchy," or "I want my blue top (again)." A budding fashionista? No, just a typical preschooler exerting her independence.

Try not to get hung up on what she looks like. Unless she's being formally photographed, it really isn't worth a power struggle. One tricky situation is refusing to wear a coat in the cold. Instead of insisting, try giving her a little face-saving space: "Okay, I'll just bring it along in case." If it's really cold out, she'll put it on. If she doesn't, she'll get cold and may need to leave the park earlier – a natural consequence for her behavior. Exception: dangerously bad weather. Then you just have to make proper dressing a household rule: "No going outside to play in the snow (or walk in the rain) without coats."

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Johny Johny Yes Papa Parents Version. CoComelon Nursery Rhymes and Kids Songs

Meaning of the name Aziz. Name for boys

Among all the names for boys we highlight Aziz. You will find in our search engine all the meanings of baby names.

It is one of the most frequent names among Muslims, as "being powerful" is one of the attributes of Allah.

Invincible, powerful.


  • Philip Aziz (Canadian artist), Aziz Ansari (American comedian and actor), Shaukat Aziz (Prime Minister of Pakistan.

Aziz name coloring pages printable for kids

Aziz: pictures of the names coloring page printable game

Aziz name coloring page printable game

Drawing with the name Aziz coloring page printable game

Drawings of names. Aziz name to color and print

Name Carl - Meaning and origin

Name Carl - Meaning and origin

Father Gaspard (Zabouille)

Your baby in the crib, park or playpen

Your baby in the crib, park or playpen

When your baby can remain seated without help, it is time to move to the playpen or playpen, an invention for many moms, who see this children's accessory as a great invention that allows them to keep the baby safe while they can end their chores.

In the playpen, the baby can rehearse how to stand up by climbing through the ropes or nets on the walls, he can start crawling and throw and pick up his toys without danger of hurting himself with the pick of a table or the edge of a table. a chair like when it's on the floor.

In addition, placing the baby on his tummy on a hard or semi-rigid surface is good for strengthening his spine, helping him in training to hold his head and getting started in the race of his movements. This fluency of movements also allows your baby to experiment with the different toys that you offer him and to devise new forms of play.

On the other hand, I consider that the playpen crib was one of the best gifts they gave me when my baby was born due to its versatility and its small size when folded. New models of crib fold and unfold effortlessly And, in the summer, I took her on vacation. At night and at nap time it served as a crib and the rest of the time, my baby used it as a playpen and play area.

However, although it seems to me an excellent solution to leave the baby under surveillance doing a different activity for a little while in the day, I have friends who are totally against this system. They consider that the baby in the playpen is in a kind of cage from which it cannot get out and it is very overwhelming. "My daughter falls asleep when she is there for a long time and nobody pays attention to her," one of them commented to me. And is that You cannot leave it alone for a long time, nor should the baby be left in the playpen without paying attention to it..

The playpen or the park crib is one more resource to change the baby's place throughout the day. Raising the baby with affection and attachment means that the baby must spend time in the arms of mom and dad to receive food, hugs and pampering, moments in the stroller to go for a walk, intervals in the baby carrier, time in the hammock, nights in the bassinet or in the crib and minutes in the highchair always with the suitable support to avoid and undesirable blows. Changing the baby's place, allowing him to observe different places and carry out different activities, is good to motivate his intellectual development.

Marisol New

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Italian names: Alessandro

Italian names: Alessandro
Gottfried Meaning - Origin and Names

Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

Originally Germanic, the name Gottfried comes from godo and Frido meaning "God" and "peace".


The German philosopher, scientist and jurist Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz, the Swiss bobsledder Gottfried Diener (1926-2015) as well as the Swiss novelist, novelist and poet Gottfried Keller.

Saint Geoffroy was a French priest. In 1104, he was appointed bishop of Amiens at the Council of Troyes. Vilposed by the nobility and the bourgeoisie of the city whose behavior he stigmatized vis-à-vis the poor, jostled by the revolt of the inhabitants against the feudal, worried about the threat of civil war, Geoffroy preferred to withdraw to the Grande Chartreuse to to lead a life of penance. However, on the claim of the inhabitants of Amiens, he had to return to the head of his diocese, in 1115, where the same difficulties awaited him. He fell ill and took refuge in the abbey of Saint-Crépin de Soissons where he died on November 8, 1115.

His character :

Of a playful nature, Gottfried is an endearing person, particularly pleasant to live. Charming, he likes to grab the attention of his entourage and can be a real teaser. He stands out for his intelligence and his ability to express himself. Gottfried knows how to set the mood by animating conversations. He has a good sense of humor and likes to make people laugh. Thanks to him, you are sure not to get bored!


Geoffroy, Godefroy, Godefroi, Godfrey, Godfrey, Goffredo, Godfried ...

His party :

The Gottfried are celebrated on November 8th.

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