Baby Baby: What to Buy?

Baby Baby: What to Buy?

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Riddle: What is repeated once every minute?

Guess riddle

The letter M

What is it that repeats itself once every minute,
twice every moment
and never in a hundred years?

Guess, guess ... Riddles for kids are a great way to stimulate intelligence, logic and creativity in your little ones. Also, this children's game provides a wonderful opportunity to spend time with the family.

For this reason, on our site we have created a fun application to play riddles as a family, with thousands of riddles to stimulate children in their learning and help them learn vocabulary with a fun game.

You can search children's riddles from different categories, pick a random puzzle, get clues, and enjoy an afternoon of family leisure, in the company of our pet. Go ahead and try your luck!

Learn How to Solve a Rubiks Cube in 10 Minutes Beginner Tutorial

Activities and leisure

Activities and leisure

Medieval names: Clotaire

Medieval names: Clotaire

Medieval names: Clotaire


An original name ... that comes from "Hlothari" from "hlod" (glory) and "hari" (army). The Merovingian dynasty counted four Clotaria: Clotaria I, Clotaria II, Clotaria III and Clotaria IV. It is the name of the son of the actor Jean-Paul Rouve.The actor Jean-Paul Rouve chose it for his son.

His party : April 7th.

Its derivatives:Clothaire and Lothar.

More information about first name Clotaire

Meningitis - probably everyone has heard this name in their lives. In many of us, it probably raises completely justified fear. However, to better understand what ZOMR is and to be prepared to deal with it, if necessary, we have prepared today's article. We try to approach this topic a bit in an accessible way. We invite you to read.

Meningitis - what is that?

Meningitis and cerebrospinal meningitis (ZOMR) is an inflammatory droplet-borne disease of various etiologies. Most often the cause is bacterial, viral or fungal. Covering the tires surrounding the brain, medulla and spinal cord.

It is estimated that the incidence of this disease is about 3 people per 100,000 per year. Rapid diagnosis and initiation of appropriate treatment is extremely important in the case of ZOMR. In severe forms, it can lead to serious health and life complications.

Symptoms of meningitis

The first signs of meningitis are usually headaches and fever. As the infection increases, vomiting, disturbance of consciousness in the form of increased drowsiness and coma occur. And also the most characteristic for this disease entity - meningeal symptoms. Among them we distinguish among others stiff neck (difficulty bending the head to the sternum) and Brudzinski's symptom (reflex flexion in the hip and knee joints occurs when the neck is bent). In addition, patients also complain of photosensitivity and auditory stimuli. In the course of ZOMR, it can also occur frequently muscle paralysis double vision, speech disorder and even seizure.

Types of meningitis

Meningitis can be caused by various factors, which is why among the types of ZOMR we can distinguish, among others:

  • Bacterial meningitis - of a rapid course, with a high risk of complications. Caused mainly by pneumococcal, meningococcal, E. coli, L. monocytogenes infections, and often tuberculosis
  • Viral ZOMR - the most common etiological factor. Viral ZOMR is caused, among others, by enteroviruses, herpes zoster virus, Coxackie viruses, EBV virus and ECHO viruses.
  • Fungal meningitis. Occurs almost exclusively in immunocompromised individuals or is a consequence of the injection of microbial contaminated steroids
  • Aseptic ZOMR - is caused by non-infectious causes such as cancer (leukemia, brain tumors, brain metastases), sarcoidosis, some medications, or lead poisoning.

Depending on the type of meningitis and the patient's condition, the doctor selects the most optimal treatment for him.

How do we recognize and treat ZOMR?

In addition to the clinical picture, which suggests the doctor to suspect an inflammatory process of the meninges, to diagnose ZOMR is performed cerebrospinal fluid (PMR) test. This study assesses, among others fluid color and clarity, cell number, protein, glucose and chloride concentration, and lactic acid concentration. Based on the differences in individual values, one can conclude on the likely cause of meningitis and choose the treatment accordingly.

Depending on the cause, ZOMR is treated as follows:

  • viral etiology - mainly symptomatic, antiviral drugs are used in more severe forms: acyclovir, ganciclovir
  • bacterial etiology - initially, antibiotics with a high degree of penetration into brain tissues are used empirically, such as: 3rd generation cephalosporins, aminoglycosides, vancomycin, which are then corrected for the results of PMR culture. At the same time, symptomatic treatment is also being optimized
  • fungal etiology - symptomatic treatment and antifungal drugs: amphotericin B and fluconazole
  • aseptic ZOMR - symptomatic treatment and treatment of the underlying disease.

Complications of meningitis

Fast and accurate diagnostics, as well as well-chosen treatment is extremely important in the case of ZOMR, because it allows you to minimize the risk of serious complications, which include:

  • status epilepticus and epilepsy,
  • brain swelling
  • hydrocephalus,
  • paresis or spastic paralysis,
  • hearing and speech impairment
  • cognitive impairment and intellectual disability,
  • brain abscess.

The risk of complications is highest in the case of ZOMR with bacterial, tuberculosis and fungal etiology.

The most important thing with meningitis is quick reaction. Whenever a loved one's general condition or our own begins to raise doubts, it quickly deteriorates, is accompanied by disturbed consciousness, a strange rash or muscle paresis - immediate medical consultation is needed. We should remember that capturing ZOMR at such an early stage significantly reduces the risk of serious complications and gives a better chance for a quick and full recovery.

10 things that annoy pregnant

10 things that annoy pregnant

... when you are asked "So, when is that?" For the third time in an hour

After Marc of the accounting, it is Carine of marketing then Adrien of the communication service which asked you the famous question "So, when is it for?". Except you told them last week when you crossed them. And the week before too. And next week, they'll probably do it again ... if you're not in jail for murder!

Inglesina Zuma highchair

With its aluminum structure, this chair offers an adjustable height of 8 positions and a reclining seat in 3 positions. Its unibody seat features comfortable padding and a 5-point harness. Also available in red.Sound +: its comfort.Its price: 240 € .Where to find it?

With its aluminum structure, this chair offers an adjustable height of 8 positions and a reclining seat in 3 positions. Its unibody seat features comfortable padding and a 5-point harness. Also exists in red.
His +: its great comfort.
His price : 240 €.
Where to find it?

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