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Symptoms that indicate that this will be a twin pregnancy

Symptoms that indicate that this will be a twin pregnancy Pregnancy is always there an extraordinary experience not only for the future mother, but also for all household members. Preparations for the admission of a new family member begin. And although most are ready for the baby at home, it can be different with twin pregnancy - they can appear special types of doubts and fears. Despite great intentions, we are not always ready for such a big responsibility, so it is better to know in advance what awaits us when one day two children are born and prepare properly for it. The question arises how to recognize whether this pregnancy is a twin pregnancy? What is the probability that we will become double parents and how does twin pregnancy manifest?

Twin pregnancy - that is, we will be double parents

Twin pregnancy in Poland happens once in 80 pregnancies. Their number is basically stable, although a slight increase has been noted associated with the increasingly used infertility treatment.

Identical twins they look almost identical, arise when the fertilized egg divides into two parts. Fetuses have one placenta, but two amniotic sacs. In contrast, twins differ significantly from each other, fertilization is carried out with two eggs, two different spermatozoa (it can happen that by two different fathers).

Twin brothers have two placenta, two amniotic sacs, may have a different sex.

Twin pregnancy - causes

It cannot be clearly stated what contributes to the development of twin pregnancy. However, there is a group of women who are more susceptible to twin pregnancy. To a large extent they matter genes inherited by our ancestors.

They show an increased tendency to twin pregnancies women who had multiple pregnancy in their families. Father's genes are unlikely to matter here. Usually, twin genes appear in every second generation passing from grandmother to granddaughter - which, however, does not always have to mean a multiple pregnancy.

Many studies confirm that women who become pregnant between 30 and 40 years of age are more likely to give birth to twins. It is associated with hormones with which eggs are more mature and released in greater numbers in one cycle.

Fertility support of various types of hormonal therapies also affects the onset of twin pregnancy. During such therapy, the ovaries are forced to work intensively, which causes the release of several eggs ready for fertilization. The fertilized women have a good chance of twins in vitro method. During the procedure, several eggs are placed in the uterus, which increases the likelihood of fertilizing more of them.

Other factors also determine the likelihood of having twin pregnancy:

  • numerous previous pregnancies,
  • twin pregnancies in the past,
  • taking contraceptives,
  • obesity and high growth,
  • two ovulations in one cycle.

Twin pregnancy - symptoms

The beginning of each pregnancy varies. Some mothers feel very good, others suffer from various ailments. When it comes to twin pregnancy, you should expect symptoms with doubled strength. However, each pregnancy is different and depends on many factors, so there is no rule.

There are several symptoms that may suggest that we are dealing with twin pregnancy. The most common symptoms of twin pregnancy and predispositions that may increase its likelihood are:

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Library activities: children 3-6 years

Libraries: why they're good for children

Visiting a public library with your child is a great way to encourage a love of books and reading.

You can borrow great children's books for free from your local library. Libraries often have audio books, dual-language books, ebooks and magazines too. This means you can have lots of books and things for your child to read - and it won't cost you anything.

Your child will have fun choosing her own books from the library. Library staff can recommend books for you and your child to enjoy too.

Libraries also offer story times, activities and school holiday programs for children.

What you need to visit the library

You just need to find out where your local library is! Phone your local council or look at its website.

If you live in a rural, regional or remote part of Australia, you can check whether your council offers a mobile or remote library lending service.

If you have access to more than one local library, you could ask around to find out which library has a good selection of children's books. Some libraries might be more child friendly than others.

When you join a library, the library staff will tell you how many books your child can borrow and when you have to return them.

How to make the most of visiting the library

  • Talk to your child about the library before you go. For example, 'It's a place where we can choose some books to borrow for a while. We take the books back when we've finished so someone else can read them. Libraries are quiet places. We can't run around or shout'.
  • Practise using quiet 'library voices' at home.
  • At the library, go to the children's section and encourage your child to browse the books. Give her some quiet time to look through the books.
  • Notice what books your child is interested in, and talk about the books that he looks at. For example, 'That looks like an interesting book - what do you think it might be about?'
  • Sit with your child and read some books together. Decide together which ones to borrow and which ones you'll put back on the shelf.

Trying different books is all part of learning. It doesn't matter if some of the books your child chooses turn out to be too hard or aren't as interesting as she thought they would be. You can just return them and get something else next time.

Adapting library visits for children of different ages

Most libraries run story times where a staff member or volunteer chooses a book and reads to a group of younger children. A little bit of noise and talk is usually OK at story time, so these sessions can be good for younger children.

Older children might enjoy looking for books in their areas of interest - for example, puppies, ballet or volcanoes. You could show your child how to use the catalogue to search for a topic area or a favourite author.

Rodolphe le renne au nez rouge. Christmas carol in French

Rodolphe le renne au nez rouge, is the Christmas carol in French that talks about Rodolfo, Santa's reindeer with the red nose. In We offer you the lyrics of this popular Christmas carol among children.

Through French Christmas songs, children can learn the language or simply new vocabulary. A great way to learn while having fun.

Quand la neige recouvre la verte Finlande

Et que les rennes traversent la lande

Le vent dans la nuit

Au troupeau parle encore by lui

On l'appelait Nez Rouge

Ah comme il était mignon

Le p'tit renne au nez rouge

Rouge eat a lumignon

They are p'tit nez faisait rire

Chacun s'en moquait beaucoup

On allait jusqu'à dire

Qu'il aimait boire un p'tit coup

Une faith qui l'entendit

Pleurer dans le noir

Pour le consoler

Lui dit:

"Viens au paradis ce soir"

Eat an angel Nez Rouge

You will drive dans le ciel

Avec ton p'tit nez rouge

Le chariot du Père Noël

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