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Happy childhood memories, healthier life?

Heart-warming happy childhood memories have a positive impact on our lives for decades, reducing stress, depression and the risk of chronic illness, among others.

Researchers at Michigan State University analyzed data from about 22,000 individuals and concluded that those who have beautiful memories of childhood are happy to remember the time they spent with their mother or father, including adults. William J. Chopik, Ph.D., the lead author of the study said, was particularly surprised by how much these memories mean to people and continues to "stick" to them for decades. Previous research has shown that positive adulthood memories are surprisingly powerful for young adults' lives, for example, they can be linked to better privacy and workplace relationships, fewer depressive episodes, and less frequent health complaints. Now, however, we have found that they are important even after 40-50 years.Spending time and working together is nothing to waste "We expect that childhood memories will fade over time, lose significance, but middle aged and even older people play a very important role, and positive memories also mean better physical health of Health Psychology. Chopik and his colleagues wish to continue the study in the future and, in particular, wish to see how they may be related in cases where subjects suffer from a chronic disease. (Via)You may also be interested in:
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3 weeks pregnant

3 weeks pregnant

Should we be friends with our children?

It is possible to have a baby after a thrombosis

After a deep thrombosis and after a pulmonary embolism, many people do not dare to enter into the family, as the risk of thrombosis is increased by chance.

It is possible to have a baby after a thrombosisDr. Zsuzsanna Szélessy, the Thrombosis Center Hematologist collected the most common questions and concerns in the topic.

I'll have thrombosis again

The biggest fear of having a baby for having a baby is having recurrent thrombosis or pulmonary embolism during pregnancy or after childbirth. Unfortunately, we hear about many deaths in the topic, so their concerns are completely understandable. However, it should be known that with proper prevention, the risk of blood clotting can be minimized. Fortunately, there is an anticoagulant blood coagulation injection (LMWH) that can be used safely during pregnancy and breastfeeding, so you can also cheat on someone who has a history of thrombosis.

I'll give you away in the middle of a baby

Because blood clots, as their names indicate, reduce blood clotting, they are more afraid of losing blood during birth. Of course, this is not to be avoided, as in order to prevent thrombosis, the baby is given a small dose and should be reminded of the occurrence of newborn symptoms. ) .If you detect the foxes soon after the check-in, then there is no problem as the fetal phase takes some time. At the time of delivery, you should tell your doctor when to give yourself the last injection, how much and the name of the injection. In very rare cases (early lettering, bleeding), you may need it. an antidote, which stops the effect of the injection and restores blood clotting to the site.

Head and swollen feet, do I have to be scared?

During pregnancy, it is a common complaint that the mother's feet are swollen and swollen. Many people then think they have thrombosis again. If the subject uses the blood coagulation correctly, the quality of the coagulation is very low. Dr. Zsuzsanna Szélessy, chief hematologist at the Thrombosis Center, advises her pregnant mother to shave her legs and wear compression stockings in the sun, especially if she is suffering from varicose veins, if she can watering the feet. Of course, if the complaints increase, you should seek medical attention, and usually an ultrasound examination is required to rule out thrombosis.

I have to screen myself by injection

It is true that you should stop taking the non-coagulant tablet when planning a family and stop injecting those who could not have stopped coagulation before. For those who may have missed taking anticoagulant tablets after thrombosis, a positive pregnancy test indicates that they need to be screened for LMWH injection. Oral medications pass through placenta and, when written on the baby, can cause serious damage. This is why low molecular weight heparin (LMWH) is needed, which can only be absorbed by injection.

How long do I have to use blood coagulation

LMWH injection should be given after 6 to 12 weeks after childbirth, as the risk of thrombosis is very high during childbirth (6 weeks)! Whether or not to continue treatment is a function of the individual's weaning, as if the expectant mother had received anticoagulant therapy before pregnancy, she should definitely continue taking it. If you are not breastfeeding, you may take any other medicines you have previously taken, if you are breastfeeding, you will only be allowed to take the vitamin K antagonist (coumarin derivatives, old coagulants)!
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Controlled crying: how-to guide

Meals filled with meat

The meat-filled gooseberries are a delicious treat from which to merge in the cold season. Goulillas can successfully take the place of summer tomatoes, peppers and pumpkins in recipes with meat fillings, in an absolutely tasty recipe.

Preparation time

60 min.




4 goals

700 g minced meat

chicken or mixture of beef and pork

2 strains

60 g of rice

1-2 eggs

200 ml cream

100 ml milk

3 tablespoons sunflower oil

2 links of minced dill



Method of preparation

Clean the leaves from the leaves, peel them, then cut them in two, vertically. Dig every half to make room for the filling. Prepare the filling: Heat the chopped onion in the oil, then add salt and pepper.

Pour the rice and let it fry with onion for another 2 minutes. Put the meat in a bowl, add the egg, a link of chopped dill and the spinach and mix the onion and rice. Mix the ingredients well. Fill the gullies with the composition of the meat. Put the bottom of a pot in the bottom of the holes, then place the stuffed vegetables.

Pour in water enough to cover the gutters by half. Cover the pot with aluminum foil and place it in the oven. With 10 minutes before the end, add a sauce made of cream, milk and dill rest.

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Name Graham - Meaning of origin

Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

The name Graham comes from the Anglo-Saxon. Anglicized form of Gerard, it is composed of the words "gari" which means "lance" or "hard" and "hard" which means "strong".


Alexander Graham Bell, scientist, engineer and inventor of British-Canadian origin, inventor of the telephone, Graham Hill, English car driver, Henry Graham Greene, British writer author of numerous novels, short stories and travel stories ...

His character :

Graham is a sensitive boy. However, he tries to hide this aspect of his personality under a mask of authority and domination. Very friendly and generous, he is very pleasant in society and likes humor.

His party :

The Grahams are celebrated on October 3rd.

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Few people are fortunate enough to be born with perfect teeth, but orthodontic treatment can make a big difference for children or adults, if they have problems with aligning their teeth. The dental appliance is an amazing human invention that can arrange and straighten properly aligned teeth.

Dr. Reza Sadighian, dentist at Sadighian Dental Clinic explains the role of dental appliances and how each type of device works in order to correct dental problems.

The classic dental device

The dental appliance has progressed since the first days of its appearance, and now there are many types of lighter appliances in weight and structure. They are made of high quality stainless steel and have metal arms that are attached to each tooth, using a special type of cement.

"The bracelets are linked together by a thin spring that puts pressure on the teeth to cause them to move slowly in the correct position. The arches are connected by means of small elastic bands known as the connecting rings that the orthodontist has to change each. when they tighten too much the dental device ", says the dental doctor Reza Sadighian.

The ceramic dental appliance

The ceramic dental appliance is preferred by most who want to correct the position of their teeth, especially by adults who dislike the idea of ​​seeing the dental appliance, as is the case with the classic one.

"It works in the same way as conventional appliances, but the bracelets are made of transparent ceramic material. They are less visible to other people, which makes them a favorite choice for adults who have orthodontic problems. types of devices may occasionally discover that the elastic becomes discolored, which can cause traces on the teeth, "says the dentist Reza Sadighian.

Dental device without elastic

This type of dental appliance is currently enjoying great popularity because it offers a gentler treatment and requires fewer visits to the dentist. This type of device does not have links, but uses a sliding mechanism instead of the elastic that connects the bracelets.

"This device produces faster results, because the teeth can move on their own, without having to adjust them. This results in a much easier rubbing and reduces the pressure on the teeth, so the correction is less painful. This dental appliance is also easier to clean, ”explains dental dentist Reza Sadighian.

Dental appliances can be complemented by transparent accessories

This involves a series of transparent, plastic accessories, which look like gutters. They are removable so you can eat and sanitize your teeth. These accessories are used after the removal of the dental device, to protect and maintain the correct teeth.

"Transparent aligners or dental liners, as many people call them, are recommended for use during or after completion of orthodontic treatment. These accessories maintain the results obtained after the correction with the dental device and at the same time protect them from the bacteria in the oral cavity ”, completes the dental doctor Reza Sadighian.

Palatal expansion

For patients with overgrown teeth, there are two options to address this problem: dental extraction or palatal expansion. Dental extraction has been the preferred solution in the past, but modern orthodontists recommend wearing a special device for a period of time.

"It is a device that attaches to the sky of the mouth and thus applies pressure on the back of the upper molars, which gradually moves the teeth further out. This device is fixed only on the sky of the mouth and makes it possible to apply a dental appliance at the same time, to correct the position of the teeth ”, says the dentist Reza Sadighian.

Dental clinic Sadighian Dental is located in the north part of the capital, on Pipera Boulevard and offers consulting and treatment services starting with prosthetics, endodontics, surgery, implantology, radiology and even dental aesthetics, being one of the few dental clinics with integrated services. complete, which offers quality services at low prices, as well as the offer to the dental device, at the price of 350 euros. More information on and on 0319484.

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