The era of baby destruction

The era of baby destruction

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My child won't sit still at circle time. What should I do?

My child won't sit still at circle time. What should I do?

You may not have to do anything. Lots of parents ask about this. But it's not necessarily the best thing to require preschoolers, kindergartners, and first graders to sit still at specific times. Many preschoolers in particular just can't do it. You might want to talk to the teacher about your child's being particularly active and explore ways she might deal with his restlessness during quiet periods. If the teacher punishes or disapproves of children who are too active, then you will want to intervene and advocate for your child. But try not to approach the teacher as an adversary. Start by mentioning the things you think she does well, and tell her how much you appreciate the work she does. Then bring up the issue of sitting still.

Children vary tremendously in the amount of activity they seek, and if you have a child who needs to be going all the time, then you have a special job at home in helping your child be ready for school. Play with your child, every day if possible, in an active, physical way that includes lots of laughter. Try roughhousing, romping, wrestling, or just rolling around together. You may worry that this will wind up an already energetic child, but it's really a release. Children need this kind of contact, and active children need to interact with an adult who is just as active and playful and creative as they are to help expend that energy. If they don't, these children get more and more antsy, restless, and scared.

Physical play fills up a child's reassurance tank, that place deep inside that makes him feel safe and loved. It's a large tank that needs to be refilled often. So roughhousing, horsie rides, chase games, hide and seek — any game in which the child is the guaranteed winner — all help a child feel as if the world is a safe and wonderful place. It seems paradoxical because you're hoping your child will relax and be quiet in school, and what helps that happen is playing hard, in a way that gives your child freedom to experiment — to leap off the couch, jump on the bed, run around the house, make noise. The harder and more physically you can play at home, the more relaxed and less antsy your child will be in school. Teachers have to look after so many students, they can't provide all the reassurance and physical contact that children need. This is your job as a parent, and it's great fun to be close in that playful way.

Food supplements for children

Food supplements for children

5 great details that do matter to get pregnant

For To get pregnant we need something as simple (and at the same time so miraculous if you think about it) as the union of two cells, one from the man and the other from the woman. The natural thing is that this union occurs after a coital relationship, and fertilization takes place in the fallopian tubes. We are going to see some things that we could consider when it comes to look for a baby.

If the idea of get pregnant or you are trying but you are not getting the desired results, this interests you! 5 important factors when conceiving a baby.

1. The best moment
First of all, for To get pregnant, it is necessary to have sex on the days when the woman is ovulating. It seems logical, but precisely for that reason, it is very important that women know their ovulation cycle and control which are their two or three fertile days of the month to conceive a baby.

Sex should be practiced every day when the woman is most fertile, as this would make it easier for her to stay in a state during this period of time. However, it is recommended that the man not ejaculate, if possible, 4 to 6 days before the most fertile days, so that the sperm has better quality.

The sperm can live between 3-5 days in favorable conditions, with which fertilization does not always occur just at the time of ovulation, but we have a window period in which the union between a sperm and the Ovum.

2. The myth of sizes
The next point is, perhaps, one of the most controversial and on which more theories have been poured: does size matter? We are going to see some curious data regarding the size in different aspects.

Penis size does not matter when it comes to To get pregnant. It is considered normal to have a penis with a length between 11 and 16 cm in erection (and we would speak of a micropenis when the length is below 7.11 cm); however size has nothing to do with ejaculation and the quality and quantity of sperm.

Regarding the size of the vagina, it ranges between 6 and 8 centimeters without arousal, while those that had been sexually stimulated, the measurements increase from 10 to 11.5 centimeters. However, the vagina is considered a virtual cavity, which in resting conditions is closed and it is during intercourse and childbirth that it can adapt to the size that is required.

3. Postures
Of all the infinite possibilities of practicing intercourse with our partner that the Kamasutra presents to us, those positions in which the penetration is deeper and the woman is in a horizontal position (the missionary, the spoon, the quadruped or the trapeze) or with the slightly inclined pelvis are the most conducive to getting pregnant. The reason? We must think that fertilization will facilitate everything that helps the sperm to reach the egg earlier.

4. Fertility
To get pregnant to the first it is difficult, but impossible, in fact it happens to some women. But what do the statistics say? These speak that fertile couples take an average of five months to achieve pregnancy or achieve it after having sexual intercourse 104 times.

And, another fact that may interest you, a woman has between 400 and 450 periods or periods throughout her life. In each of these menstrual cycles, the chances of conceiving a baby are 25%.

5. Second pregnancy
Why does it cost me so much second pregnancy if I had no problem with the first one? This is a very common question asked by many couples who see that, despite attempts, the arrival of pregnancy is delayed in time.

Possible causes could include being overweight, excess stress, the age of the spouses, a possible problem related to ovulation or ejaculation, or the existence of polyps in the woman's uterus. And all this without counting other circumstances that can be generated such as abnormalities in the sperm or injuries in the pelvic area.

Keep these five details in mind to get pregnant and the arrival of your baby will be closer than you think.

We have told you the 5 great details that do matter to get pregnant but, among all of them, there is one in which since we can help you in a significant way. Do you know our ovulation and fertile days calculator?

It is a system by which you can find out which days are when you are ovulating and, therefore, your chances of getting pregnant increase. For some women it is something simple because they notice certain discomfort, such as feeling a small pain in the abdomen area, having breast tenderness or experiencing a certain increase in libido, but for others it is a more complicated task.

For all of them, our ovulation calculator and fertile days it is perfect. You just have to enter two pieces of information: your first day of your last period and the length of your menstrual cycles. Have you seen how easy?

You can read more articles similar to 5 great details that do matter to get pregnant, in the category of Getting pregnant on site.

Fair for starting school

Campaign running from September 1 to 8

Mega Fun organizes a school fair between September 1-18, in front of Cinema City so that the return of a new school year to the little ones will be as pleasant and financially accessible as possible. Thus, within the fair you will be able to find school supplies, books and equipment at affordable prices, and every day will mean a new pleasant experience for schoolchildren due to the series of events and surprises prepared for them.

Every day, between 1 and 18 September, starting with 5:30 pm there will be dance performances, mini basketball championships, aikido courses for children, street dance, ballet, theater and film courses, artistic gymnastics and aerobics, karting competitions, slam dunk demonstrations, children's physical development games and more.

"We know that the beginning of a new school year means for both parents and children moments of excitement and long searches for new supplies and many other items, which is why we have organized a 'back to school' fair from which products can be purchased. at very good prices, and the pupils will have the opportunity to still enjoy activities specific to the holiday: games, shows, contests, etc. ", said Aura Dinu, Marketing Manager AFI Palace Cotroceni.

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What types of toys are best for developing the child's creativity?

What types of toys are best for developing the child's creativity?

The researchers studied the game, how children interact with toys and how they can stimulates the development of creativity. Studies have shown that traditional toys can be the most beneficial toys that stimulate a growing child's mind and body.

Electronic toys can inhibit the development of creativity and they can also limit the child's ability to think beyond the limits of toys, because they have only one predefined purpose.

Traditional wooden toys are less restrictive, allowing the child to think about their own uses of toys. They stimulate role play, interaction, general cognitive development and creativity. Wooden toys allow children freedom of imagination. The different ways of playing with wooden toys is only limited to how well they can use their own imagination. The more a child exercises his imagination, the better it becomes.

We do not believe that every child should be the next Picasso or Beethoven, but we believe that every child should benefit from the development of creativity with the help of creative toys.

Creativity can improve life satisfaction and success in school or career, regardless of what job the child will ultimately choose.

Creativity is not just about works of art drawn with pencils on paper or on walls, it can be expressed in different ways. Here are the best toys to encourage children's creativity:

Cubes made of wood

With the help of wooden cubes we can best develop the creativity of the little ones. The children are faced with the challenge of making their own constructions through combinations of shapes and colors. This satisfaction of building an object with its own handcuffs fully enchants and helps them develop their thinking creative. Moreover, wood is a natural material with a specific aroma, texture and color, which activates all senses.

Toys to wear

Toys to wear ensures the development of creative thinking. For example, teddy bears have different pieces of clothing that can be combined in many ways, so teddy bears can become almost any character born in the minds of little ones. The necessity of combining the different pieces of clothing puts the imagination to work. Little girls love to wear toys because they mimic their environment.

Wooden puzzles

Wooden puzzles, being simple, but at the same time challenging, are the ideal toys for the little fingers of children. The wooden puzzle helps to develop problem solving skills, skills that underpin creativity. The shapes and colors of the puzzle pieces serve to stimulate the brain and imagination. The wooden puzzle develops logic, awareness of the importance of order.

Play is the means by which a child becomes a master of the surrounding world, this being the most important source of learning. Children imitate by playing situations in the real world.

To ensure healthy development, creative toys must allow the child the freedom to explore. Creative toys must be simple, secure and allow the imagination to flourish.

The more natural and vividly colored the creative toys are, the more they will captivate the attention of the little ones. If you want your little one to take full advantage of the benefits of a creative mind, choose the right toys. In the online toy store Lester you can find creative games for all ages.

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Christmas names for twin boys and girls

Christmas names for twin boys and girls


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