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Milk pots don't have enough yogis

Many people eliminate cow's milk from their diet, but few know that they do not bring enough yoghurt into their bodies.

Milk pots don't have enough yogis

Cow's milk has its opponents, and a lot of research is against it and besides it. There are many people who choose to consume only milk, but there are others who cannot choose cow milk for a variety of reasons. Cow milk has a lot of useful ingredients, : Fetal and juvenile essential for proper physical and mental development. But a new study published in the British Journal of Nutrition, however, says that there are not enough jews in milk whiskers, so a serious juvenile deficiency can develop in those who do not consume milk. oats, rice and soy milk). The study did not include the study of milk whey specifically designed for newborns - the Index states. The results showed that the milk whiskers do not have the required amount of milkWe also know from research that the low judeo levels of pregnant women can be linked to the fact that their younger children perform poorly on reading tests. One adult needs 150 micrograms a day and one pregnant woman needs 200 micrograms, she said. Margaret Rayman, a professor at the University of Surrey.You have to sacrifice you for those who do not want or cannot consume cow's milk. Suitable for this are sea fish, cranberries, potatoes or Himalayan crystals, and, to a lesser extent, eggs and prunes.
- Let's kill the jedibe!
- Fish in the bowl!
- Addition: introduction of dairy products
- The blueberry is the new superfood

Adverse Reactions of Vaccines in Children

Adverse Reactions of Vaccines in Children

Do Vaccines Have Side Effects? - The Childrens Hospital of Philadelphia 12 of 14

Mushrooms on the bed of mamaliga

Prepare a healthy, cheap and tasty dinner for your family: delicious mushrooms on a bed of mama. This is a light meal, which contains few calories and is prepared very quickly.

Preparation time

35 min




250 g canned mushrooms

1 large onion

1 dill link

300 g Malay

2 tablespoons margarine

salt and pepper

Method of preparation

Chop the onion and cook for about 2 minutes. Add salt, pepper and minced dill and mushrooms, then set aside.

In a medium saucepan, boil four cups of water with a little salt and, when it starts to boil, add the malai and stir continuously for about 10 minutes, until the composition thickens.

Grease a baking tray with margarine, place in it a layer of mackerel, one of mushrooms. Then add another layer of mackerel, lightly level it and bake in the oven for 30 minutes.

Tags Mushroom recipes

He is 96 years old. And he enjoys life. For the second time he became the oldest father in the world. Two years ago his first-born son was born, and recently a second child.

Ramjit Raghav comes from India. He just broke his record two years ago when he first became the oldest father in the world. He points out that just born son is "God's will". Apparently, when the doctors receiving the delivery found out who the father of the newborn baby could not stop laughing.

Ramjit approaches the emotions that arouses, calmly. As reported, the media is modest. The oldest father in the world is a farmer, and for his children he dreams of a job in government institutions that can guarantee stable employment and a good income.

Journalists freely ask about the 96-year-old's way of sex and whether he uses potency measures. This invariably replies that he is trying to live a healthy life, especially composing a diet based on milk, butter and almonds.

Just born son is the fruit of love for the second wife of Shankuntala (54 years old), whom she met 22 years ago, 25 years after the death of her first wife.

Ambre Meaning and Origin

Origin of first name:

Arabs, Germanic

Meaning of the name:

From the Arabic word "ambra" which means ambergris, an odorous substance used in perfumery for its musk-like smell (unlike yellow amber which is a semi-precious stone), or ambron germain which refers to the name a Germanic people, the Ambrones. This name appeared in the second half of the 20th century.

Other linguistic sources attribute to it a German origin.


Amber Rose, rapper, supermodel and American stylist.

There is no holy Amber, but you can attach your feast to Ambrose. St. Ambrose was bishop of Milan in the fourth century.

His character :

Communicative, Amber expresses his ideas and defends them. Remarkable charm from a young age, Amber likes to seduce his entourage. Good living, she lives life to the fullest. In addition, the family and especially their parents are very important to them. Knowing that love deserves, she does her best to make her parents happy and proud.

If she turns out to be the eldest of siblings, she will strive to set an example for her siblings. Having a keen sense of observation, she will tend to analyze the behavior of those around her to act accordingly. This is a small malignant! This emotional intelligence reinforces his sociability by helping him develop harmonious relationships. Amber will also show loyalty, quality it will keep until adulthood.


Ambrose, Ambrine and Amber.

His party :

Amber is celebrated on December 7th.

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Do children feel safer after being born in hammocks?

Do children feel safer after being born in hammocks?

How do you know you're pregnant?

How do you know you're pregnant?

The first doubts begin after a few days menstrual delay. This is delayed
does not mean that you are pregnant. Stress, weather change as well as outside
factors are external factors that can make your period irregular. But this delay
If it is more than a week, it is also beneficial to have a test.

With this
The most common symptoms of pregnancy together, nausea, dizziness,
vaginal discharge and feeling of tension in the breasts.

the only thing you need to do is the urine test you get from the pharmacy.
It will be healthier to perform this test 12 days after the date. Hasty
the tests you make before 12 days will not give the correct result. 12
If you are not satisfied with the result after a day's waiting, after 3 days
can do it again. Go to your doctor for a blood test or ultrasound check
it will be a more accurate decision to reach the final result.


Pregnancy Symptoms












increase in temperature


symptoms may vary from person to person. Some expectant mothers
While some of the expectant mothers

Ectopic Pregnancy Symptoms


The symptoms of pregnancy are gradual. The first stage does not give any symptoms, what
can not understand that. It starts with menstruation and occurs during normal pregnancy.
symptoms are seen. But the pregnancy is progressive and the tube is regressive
pains begin to occur.

Types of ectopic pregnancy


Cervical Pregnancy


is a rare form of ectopic pregnancy. Tooth
pregnancy is settled into the cervix.



Abdominal Pregnancy

is a difficult and extremely dangerous form of ectopic pregnancy. External pregnancy
It is the condition of settling into the abdomen.



Heterotopic Ectopic Pregnancy


plural, in which case one embryo is intrauterine and the other is ectopic.
situation is.


Growth if ectopic pregnancy is not terminated
will continue and the embryo becomes too big for the existing place
It will rupture. If left untreated, the cord may rupture.
there is a risk of severe internal bleeding.

False Pregnancy Symptoms



Growing breasts

Getting fat


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