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Santa Claus coloring pages

Christmas drawings of Santa Claus to print and color with children


Santa Claus is one of the best known figures of Christmas. Every year, riding on his magic sleigh, he distributes the toys to children around the world. Now you can print and color this drawing of Santa Claus with your children.

Drawing of Santa Claus with his sack of gifts, print it out to teach children the santa claus tale. A fun Christmas drawing to color on one of the most popular symbols of the holidays.

Santa Claus, or Santa Claus, is one of the most important characters of Christmas. Print this drawing to color with the children of Santa Claus, it is ideal to decorate the house during the holidays.

Color with your children this funny drawing of Santa Claus building a Snowman. A beautiful winter image very representative of Christmas, print this drawing so that your children can paint it.

Color these fun pictures with the children with traditional Christmas characters like Santa Claus. Print and paint this drawing of Santa claus laughing, an original image to decorate the house with the children.

Every year at Christmas, Santa Claus receives a list of the children who have behaved well during the year, which are the ones who will receive the gifts they have asked for in letter. Color with your children this drawing of Santa Claus reading his list.

Santa Claus is one of the most popular Christmas characters, a true superhero who, as in this coloring page, can distribute gifts to all the children of the world in one night.

If there is something that children look forward to Christmas, besides the Christmas carols, the stories and the recipes, are the gifts. You can print with your children this original drawing of Santa Claus with his bag of gifts.

Tradition tells that Santa Claus distributes gifts to all the children of the world in a single night thanks to his magical sleigh pulled by some reindeer very friendly. Print and color this drawing of Santa's sleigh with the children.

My pen thing

Security at home, how to ensure?

Since the arrival of your baby, some objects, yesterday harmless, have turned into new sources of risk. Kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, living room ... It's time to revisit your house room by room to thwart all traps.

A well equipped kitchen ... security side

Here is a piece that sometimes contains some stinging experiences! 80% of domestic accidents could be avoided with simple precautions and early education of children at risk. Our tips for securing your kitchen efficiently.

Our recipes security.

What security for the bathroom?

Each year, there are 1.5 million child victims of domestic accidents. At bath time, there is no question of relaxing supervision. Our advice to offer your toddler a safety bath.

Our safety tips.

A bedroom and a living room under high security

For security, do you think mostly kitchen and bathroom? Your toddler's room is not easy, just like the living room! Windows, toys, bed, electricity ... all our advice to offer him a secure home and sleep on your two ears!

Our safety tips.

Video: how to protect it as soon as it moves?

At the time of the discovery of their autonomy, the young children are always in search of new adventures. Never short of imagination, they love to explore every corner of the house without being aware of potential dangers! How to protect them from the risks of domestic accidents? Lucile, the mum of mischievous Valentine, 2 years, shows you in pictures.

I watch the video.

On holiday too: think security

You have decided to rent or spend your holidays in a house that is not yours? Do not neglect security. In this house that you do not know or do not know, or in family members unaccustomed to the presence of toddlers, it is important that you become aware of the dangers to which your children are exposed.

Security in the program.

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Cord Blood Center offers a wedding gift to newlyweds

Honeysuckle is a common occurrence in early pregnancy, with a number of possible causes. Although the excess is not serious, there are times when medical attention is warranted.

Early pregnancy pain: what can cause it? (photo: iStock) Honeysuckle is one of the most common symptoms in early pregnancy. The most common causes of anemia in the early stages of pregnancy are the following.

Round lumbar pain

The reason is that as the bee grows, the straps that support the body have to move. This pain is usually a sharp, sensation that can occur on one or both sides of the uterus. It may come off suddenly, usually very short. There are some who show up at midnight, at holy days, or when we get up from outside. Not pleasant sensation, but not dangerous.

Swimming pool pain

Many women with pelvic floor experience pain during pregnancy. Symptoms can occur early, especially in the second pregnancy. Growth, stretching lung is one of the causes of pain, but hormonal changes can also affect pelvic floor muscle pain. The fбjdalom mйh kцzelйben occur in the hуlyagban the hьvelyben, pregnant mothers or hбtбban hasбban is.Sokan have weak medencefenйkizmokkal, which tovбbbi tьneteket, pйldбul hуlyagszivбrgбst cause ugrбskor or tьsszentйskor.A medencefenйk fбjdalma not kбrosнtja fejlхdх the fetus, but the terhessйg elхrehaladtбval sъlyosbodhat.


In the early stages of pregnancy, many women experience spasms that are similar to menstrual spasms. Fatigue, growing bees, or growing progesterone levels may be responsible for these symptoms. May be a sign of miscarriage if you are more arthritic, your spasms are getting stronger, and your blood is becoming painful too.

Ovaries distorted

Ovarian torsion occurs when the ovaries or fallopian tubes are twisted. Although pregnancy does not cause ovarian torsion, it can occur during pregnancy. Ovaries require distorted medical attention. Ovaries are abruptly followed by severe pain which can become permanently severe. Pain does not cease, it does not improve. In some women, the pain is strong enough to cause vomiting or even fainting.

I'm getting a heavy pregnancy

Factors that increase the risk of extra-uterine pregnancy include:
  • She is 35 years old
  • previous pool
  • dohбnyzбs
  • history of uterine pregnancy or pelvic inflammation
  • endometriуzis
  • sexually transmitted infections
  • in vitro fertilization (IVF)
Uterine pregnancy can cause non-fatal, life-threatening bleeding.

Other causes of pain

There are a number of health problems that do not have an immediate proximity to the condition of the pregnancy, even though the pain occurs during pregnancy. These may include:
  • epekх,
  • liver problems (can go dark with urine)
  • kidney problems, kidney stones (intense pain in the middle and upper part of the back, painful urine, fever)
  • bladder infection (can cause painful or difficult urine)
  • szйkrekedйs
  • stomach pains
Proper treatment, of course, depends on the cause of the pain. Many women can be helped by resting, changing posture, consuming fluids, eating high in fiber.All should consult a doctor if
  • intense cramps appear
  • the pain is increasing
  • with stomach pain, blood stool
  • severe bleeding up
  • the pain is unbearable, suddenly disappears, does not disappear
  • besides the pain fever, blood urine occurs
  • intense backache and lumps.


  • No bleeding
  • Pelvic pain during pregnancy
  • Abdominal stomachs during pregnancy - will I have abortion?

Food intolerance and food allergies: how do you make a difference?

Not all children whose body reacts to certain foods suffer from allergies. For some of them, the diagnosis may be a food intolerance that, unlike food allergies, is not a reaction of the body's immune system, but the inability of the digestive system to digest certain compounds in those foods.

Although the symptoms of allergies may be similar to those of children or adults suffering from food intolerance, the treatments for them are different. Stomach cramps, soft stools, nausea and vomiting it is a common symptom for both medical conditions. But to prevent them, doctors recommend avoiding foods that cause these symptoms.

What is food intolerance and what foods are dangerous for it?

The most common food intolerance is lactose intolerance. In this case, the digestive system of the person suffering from it cannot digest the sugars from milk and certain dairy products. These sugars are also known as "lactose", and their digestion requires the presence of certain enzymes in the gastric juices, enzymes that in the case of certain people may be completely absent from the body from birth.

Although people suffering from lactose intolerance cannot consume milk due to the gastric discomforts it can cause, there are still dairy products that patients tolerate better, depending on the transformation processes they go through with processing and how lactose decomposes during this process.

Another common intolerance is gluten. People who suffer from it cannot digest the gluten found in it wheat, barley and rye. This means that for the rest of your life you must avoid the bakery and pastry products that have these cereals.

But there are also people who are sensitive to certain ingredients that are often found in most processed foods, such as sulphites or food dyes.

The symptoms of food intolerance may occur every time your child consumes foods that he cannot digest or may occur less often, only in cases where he consumes those foods in large quantities.

Unlike allergies, food intolerances are strictly related to the functioning of the digestive tract and do not represent a danger to life, with anaphylactic shock being excluded from the list of possible symptoms.

Even so, doctors recommend avoiding these foods, which can cause the following symptoms:

- cramps;

- intestinal and abdominal pain;

- nausea;

- vomiting;

- diarrhea.

The differences between food allergies and food intolerances

In the case of children suffering from food allergies, their immune and digestive systems perceive certain foods as a health threat. Thus, the reaction is one of rejection of these foods perceived as potentially toxic.

These exaggerated reactions happen, however, in the case of foods that are totally harmless, such as nuts, crustaceans, fish, etc. Allergies usually appear before reaching the age of 4 and most often remain active for a lifetime.

Food intolerances can occur at any time, even if certain foods have been consumed in the past and have not created any problems. Most of the time, however, they occur from the first ingestion of a particular food.

The difference between these and allergies is that, in the case of food intolerance, the immune system has no role in generating symptoms. In fact, the digestive system is the culprit for any inconvenience, ie the absence of certain enzymes responsible for the breakdown of the respective proteins or sugars.

Fortunately, the only danger of food intolerance is physical discomfort, the symptoms of which are not a threat to the health of patients, as is the case with food allergies.

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