Raspberry and White Chocolate Cupcakes. Raspberry and White Chocolate Buttercream Recipe

Raspberry and White Chocolate Cupcakes. Raspberry and White Chocolate Buttercream Recipe

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Perioral cyanosis

Nordmann, spruce, artificial ... The tree is the opportunity to make the spirit of Christmas prevail throughout the house. But do you know where this fairy tradition comes from? Make this quiz to update your knowledge.

Question (1/5)

The tradition of the Christmas tree is of pagan origin?

That's right. It's wrong.


If it evokes the birth of the divine child, the spruce, a variety of fir tree, considered as the tree of childbirth symbolized the rebirth of the sun for the Celts. The latter were already in the habit of celebrating it on December 24, between 2000 and 1200 before the birth of Christ. It was not until the fourth century AD that December 25 was dedicated to the birth of Jesus by the Church.


4 chef recipes for your apprentice cook

The desserts ... your gourmand loves to eat them, but what if you also offered to make them? Chef Pierre-Olivier Lenormand offers 4 recipes of cakes for young cooks. It's easy, just follow the pictures of our slideshows. In the kitchen !

The cake with yogurt and apples

It's crazy what you can do with a yogurt ...! It is he who is used to measure the ingredients to make this well-known cake. Easy for your apprentice cook!

The recipe in pictures.

The strawberry charlotte

But what does this charlotte hide? Strawberries, of course ... but also all the talent of your apprentice cook who will be able to realize this delicious recipe with your help.

The recipe in pictures.

The half-cooked choco

A real treat these half-cooked deliciously flowing! To achieve them, you need chocolate of course and a good user manual. The steps in pictures. In the kitchen, little cook!

The recipe in pictures.

Madeleines with white chocolate

All cute, all good ... here are small madeleines with white chocolate to make by your young greedy. It's easy, just follow the pictures from our slideshow. Come on, put on the apron!

The recipe in pictures.

These recipes are from the collection The recipes of the Nutcracker, recipes of the chef Pierre-Olivier Lenormand, ed. Milan.


The child coughs only in the evening - what can it mean?

Learn the parts of the human body in Portuguese

Bear Ragged, the mascot of Guiainfantil, it has been proposed to teach languages ​​to the little ones in the house. For this, we propose this video where children will learn to read and pronounce the parts of the human body in Portuguese. A very educational activity and, above all, fun for your children.

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Stress during pregnancy has an adverse effect on the post-natal period

Stress in pregnancy triggers an immune response in the brain that can contribute to the development of postpartum depression, a new study suggests.

Animal studies have shown that during pregnancy, chronic stress elicits an immune response in the brain, which can potentially alter brain function and thus contribute to the development of postpartum depression. That is, stress during pregnancy can change the way your brain works so that it is effective in the later.Postpartum Stress Affects Pregnancy (Photo: iStock)
For years, research at the University of Ohio has been studying brain function in the postpartum depression period, and research has been conducted on rats - read the Science Daily. In experiments on rats, pregnant animals were exposed to chronic stress, and after the birth of the offspring, I studied how the brain works in rats. We have known that chronic stress is one of the signs of postpartum depression, but it has not been clear what the exact correlation is. Postpartum depression is characterized by extreme sadness, anxiety and fatigue, all of which can disrupt the ability of the mother to prevent the child from suffering from stress. Based on what is already known about stressed rats' signaling in the brain during pregnancy, it is suspected that immune cells in the brain may respond to stress. In this case, immune changes in the brain can trigger conditions that increase the tendency to depression. In contrast, signs of neuroinflammation in stressed rats have been identified. The study also showed that the immune response of stressed rats was not active in most parts of the body, suggesting that there is a link between the body and events in the brain, he said. Benedetta Leuner, Associate Professor of Psychology, lead author of the study. During the experiment, the rats were exposed to stress that psychologically endangered the animals, but did not physically or harm the mother or the offspring. Chronic stress during pregnancy measures activity in immune cells called primary microglial cells, most notably found in inflammatory compounds indicative of activity, and suggests that microglial cells also act.
Previously, researchers have found that chronic stress reduces the rate at which maternal dendritic spikes grow, and they provide hairpin-like actions on brain cells. Rats with this slower growth behavior behaved in a similar way to (human) mothers suffering from postnatal depression: they had less interaction with their children and showed signs of depression. the answer is whether the newly discovered brain activity can be correlated with slowing the growth of dendritic spines. to change, ”said Leuner.
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  • Postpartum Pain Relates To Postpartum Depression

What were you most afraid of?

Hungarian parents fear their future prospects, unsafe transport, drugs and crime most of the time, according to a survey.

An English research conducted last year by the Regulated Advertising Body (ЦRT) and the Hungarian Association for Advertising (IAA) found a similar study by the NRC and the TNS Hoffmann Resident in August, 18th August this year. is - says MTI.
A 2011 survey by Credos Market Research in England found that English parents are most concerned about education, drugs, children's futures, road safety, and sexual harassment. Advertising - the Internet and alcohol - is number 11 in the line.
The concerns of Hungarian parents show a similar pattern: the prospects for the future are 61 percent of the answers, 58 percent of the traffic safety, 57 percent of the costs of the drugs, and the ratio of 55 percent of the crime.
There are 24 percent of the respondents in the polls, so this is the twelfth in the list. Parents' anxieties are preceded by alcohol, a quick adult choice, premature sex life, school, the Internet and television programs. The ideal body image was identified as a problem by 24% of respondents in the survey, and 22% by childbirth.
Parents, in their conversations, were mainly concerned with material inquiries, group pressures, other parents' responsibilities, transport, public safety, their own responsibilities, alcohol, their responsibilities.
In the case of advertisements, 15 percent of the respondents named their over-purchase as a concern, 9 percent as irrelevant, 8 percent as good, 5 percent as alcoholic, highlighted a lie in advertising.

The relaxation of the mothers in water has become a method which is sometimes applied in modern obstetric clinics in the last 30 years upon the detection of decreased pain feeling.

There is controversy about the safety of water delivery. The prospects of the mother and fetus being infected and the danger of choking the baby are the focus of these discussions. A large-scale study was conducted in 2009. As a result, less epidural anesthesia was required in the first period of pregnancy and the side effects of epidural were decreased. In the last stage of labor, the lifting power of the water gives physical power to the expectant mother. The hydrostatic force reduces the mother's weight and provides freedom of movement. With the heat and lifting power of the water, blood flow to the uterus increases and more effective uterine contraction, better oxygenation is provided. Water reduces stress and prevents anxiety and fear in the mother. It was found that vaginal tears were less in water and the need for episiotomy was decreased.

In addition to the mentioned benefits of water birth, some very important risks are mentioned. These risks are especially important for the newborn. The risk of asphyxia, pulmonary edema, hyponatremia and seizures, brain damage due to hypoxia, infections, especially pseudomonas infection, may be the dangers that await the baby. An article published in the British Journal of Medicine in 1999 published the results of 4029 cases of water birth. This publication emphasizes that there is no difference in the results of birth on land and in water. In the UK, however, water delivery is only permitted for uncomplicated pregnancies. As a result of limited studies conducted in the United States, it was concluded that the birth of water relieved the mother candidate, many successful births were made, but in many cases the newborn experienced problems, it should not be a popular birth type. However, there are not enough scientific, evidence-based, randomized controlled studies to make a final judgment on this issue.

If the mother has a herpes infection, water is not given birth. This method cannot be used if the mother has high blood pressure and preeclampsia in multiple pregnancies, in maternal deliveries other than fetal onset, malpresentations such as foot arrival, lateral incidence, preterm birth, inutero baby meconium.

In water, special pools are used for birth. Water temperature, cleaning is extremely important. Water temperature should be around 37 degrees. If water is contaminated, it should be replaced intermittently. Birth must be in hospital environment. The heart rate of the fetus should be monitored intermittently during labor. The team should be ready for immediate evaluation of the newborn.

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